Welcome back to VxS. The aesthetically pleasing indie promotion is back with another belter of a card to kick off their first month on IWTV. After the warm reception to the last card, the company is upping the ante with more matches and some new talent to introduce. We’ll see the VxS debuts of Jayce Karr and Nicholi White as they battle one another, Gabriel Skye takes on Jordan Oliver, Ken Broadway takes on Treehouse Lee, Daniel Garcia battles MV Young, and more precede the main event that sees Jimmy Lloyd take on Tony Deppen in a battle of indie superstars. Let’s get into the action.

Treehouse Lee defeated Ken Broadway via Twisting Elbow Drop

First, on the card today was the money master Ken Broadway taking on the Soundcloud-styled wrestler Treehouse Lee. We saw a mean streak from Lee last time he was in a VxS ring and it led him to victory. Would we see it re-surface here against Broadway? They started technically with Broadway showing a strength advantage and Lee showing his quick reflexes. Lee hopped on Broadway’s back for a choke but Broadway rammed him into the buckles and lit him up with strikes and chops. He whipped Lee into the ropes but Lee ducked and dodged, then nailed him in the head with a spin kick. It was Lee’s turn to hit a corner assault and stepped off Broadway into a Samoan Drop. The rebound elbow drop followed for a two-count. They brawled around the outside with Lee giving Broadway a piece of his mind and Broadway giving Lee more stiff shots. The fight returned to the ring with more Lee trash-talk and Broadway catching him out of the air into a massive tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. He showed off his agility with the one-legged moonsault and trapped Lee in a chin-lock. Lee fought up but Broadway quashed his comeback with a back elbow and continued to pummel him around the ring. He went for the Bread-and-Butter combo but Lee elbowed free and leapt away. He tried to hide on the apron but Lee kicked him off with a step-up dropkick and shot at him with a suicide dive. He tried to finish Lee with a backdrop but Lee reversed into a ripcord elbow and a flip kick before dumping him with a flipping Frankensteiner. Lee tried for a hammerlock bulldog but Broadway raked the eyes and got the Bread-and-Butter. Lee somehow kicked out so he tried for a step-up Moonsault and got nothing. Lee got the Hammerlock Bulldog and hit the twisting elbow drop for the win. Once again, Lee brought the mean streak and comes away the winner. The playfulness has been replaced with aggression and cockiness and right now it’s paying dividends because, to use Broadway’s catchphrase against him, if it doesn’t make dollars then it don’t make sense. Yet again both guys put on a banger of a match.

Jordan Oliver defeated Gabriel Skye via Pumphandle Driver

Next up was a battle of the young and hungry. Jordan Oliver has set the indie scene on fire and now ranks as one of the top heavyweights out there. His next challenger was one of those that want his top spot, Gabriel Skye. It started with fast hands between the pair and both guys going for early knockouts with a big German from Oliver and a killer running knee from Skye. Oliver bailed so Skye followed him out for an apron PK and got dragged face-first onto the apron off a springboard. Oliver tried for a dive but Skye leapt to the top for a dropkick and kip-up before diving onto Oliver. They fought on the top rope and Oliver caught a diving Skye into a powerbomb and the Boston Crab. Skye made the ropes and a slug/chop fest broke out. Oliver took control with a back-body drop but Skye kicked out again and more hands were thrown. The pair battled over the Three Amigos and Lloyd hit an Osaka Cutter only to be met by a running knee. Skye continued to smash down Oliver with kicks and a facebuster but couldn’t keep him down. Skye went to the top again but Oliver threw him back down and booted him into a brainbuster. He threw Kawada kicks at Skye’s head and caved in Skye’s chest with even more heavy kicks. Skye slapped back with defiance but was forearmed back down. He climbed to the top and dodged a double stomp to deliver the Clout Cutter and ended the match with a Pumphandle Driver. This was one hell of a stiff fight. Both guys brought the fire and came away with a ton of war wounds. Skye might not have won but he definitely left his mark.

Jayce Karr defeated Nicholi White via Implant DDT

It was time for some new blood. Two new names to me were about to do battle on the VxS stage for a whole new audience. Jayce Karr and Nicholi White were both hungry for the opportunity and both were about to show out. The pair started with a technical exchange that ended with White popping out of a head-scissor and dancing. Karr wasn’t impressed and tried to mimic White but just got insulted by the crowd. White scored on a knockdown and kept Karr down with a springboard arm-drag. He hit a second by flipping off the ropes and tripped Karr for a slingshot knee-bounce senton. Karr bailed and snapped White across the ropes, then pushed him off the ropes for a German. He stomped down White and choked him across the ropes. White kicked back from the corner but Karr kept him grounded with a buckle faceplant. Karr kept on White with a big Suplex and grounded punches, then got kicked into the turnbuckles off a failed punch. White hit a face wash and dodged Karr to hit a kip-up Zig Zag. He continued to power up and downed Karr with clotheslines before showing off more athleticism with a handspring back elbow. White went for the kill with a corner uppercut and hit a “Flow like Water” twisting low elbow strike. Karr kicked out but missed a Moonsault but managed to rebound and hit White with an inverted X Plex. The pair traded a final time and Karr got the win with a big Implant DDT. This was an excellent slice of competitive action from two new faces with a lot to prove. Both impressed in different ways and Karr got the big win after dealing with White’s showmanship and high-energy offence.

The Mane Event (Jay Lyon & Midas Black) defeated Young Dumb ‘N Broke (Charlie Tiger & Ellis Taylor w/Griffin McCoy) via Pop-Up Facebuster on Tiger

Up next was some tag team action. The Mane Event was here to bring their wild brand of wrestling to VxS against the tried-and-true YDNB. Tiger and Taylor would have a lot on their hands trying to pick up a win over Lyon and Black. They even had the numbers advantage as Griffin McCoy was in their corner. The company was building its tag division and man, did they start strong. Black and Tiger started things with a fight for technical dominance. Tiger used his power advantage to pick up Black and drove him into the YDNB corner. Taylor tagged in and choked out black with his hoodie after a chop. Black tried to fight off YDNB but they hit him with a trip/senton combo. Tiger continued to beatdown Black and smashed him into the ring apron outside as Taylor drilled him with a PK. The beatdown continued with YDNB utilising quick tags, numbers advantages, and submissions to subdue Black and keep Lyon out of the match. Black finally got his escape after jumping over the pair and brought in a very angry Lyon. He charged YDNB with a lariat and spinning leg lariat combo and catapulted Black into Taylor and Tiger for a double corner spear. They continued with an arm-drag cannonball and Black put on his ringmaster hat to hit a trust fall and held up the hoop so Lyon could dive onto the pair too. YDNB struck back with double superkicks and double-teamed Lyon into a gutwrench bomb. Lyon and Tiger continued the battle of the beasts with both guys trading technicality and power. Taylor tried to do the same by targeting the arm and the neck. Lyon fell victim to more double team and Tiger’s power but they finally made a mistake and the Mane Event made them pay. Black stunned Tiger with a kick and Lyon took both out with a clothesline and spinning Uranage. Lyon made the tag and Black came in like a rocket, killing both Taylor and Tiger. He took out Tiger with a massive Tornado DDT and directed Lyon into a handspring kick combo on Taylor. They took out Tiger with another kick combo and scored a two-count with a Lionsault/Frog Splash combo on Taylor. Tiger speared away Black and YDNB hit a double-team kick/slam combo on Lyon. They hit Black with a superkick into a Blue Thunder bomb but Lyon made the save. The Mane Event smelled blood and finished off Taylor with a senton crush backbreaker and got the win with a pop-up facebuster on Tiger. After being the underdogs for much of this match, The Mane Event fought through hell to get the win. What an excellent start for the tag division. YDNB took the loss badly and a brawl featuring Bobby Orlando ended the segment.

Daniel Garcia defeated MV Young via Achilles Lock

Okay, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited for this one. The MF’N Polyam King against Red Death Daniel Garcia. This was going to be hard-hitting action at its best. Garcia is still trying to prove himself whilst MV has all the confidence in the world. They started with a battle of waist-locks and Garcia tried for a quick submission so Young went to the ropes. The fight reset and Garcia went to the arm, breaking it across his shoulder. Young showed he could go for submissions too and dropped Garcia into a crab, forcing Garcia to the ropes. Garcia drove Young into multiple corners and had to be pulled away by the ref. Young had had enough of Garcia and hit him with a forearm as the ref forced a break. Young spotted Garcia’s back was a weak-spot and kicked his soul out for an Exploder. He launched Garcia into the corner with an elbow and tried for a second but Garcia answered back with a lariat. He drove his knees into Young’s back and continued to beat him down with chops and strikes. The knees re-entered Young’s back and ribs as Garcia vented his frustration but Young rebounded off a corner whip and dumped Garcia on his head with a German. Unfortunately, he tried to go to the well again and Garcia chopped his knee out. Garcia went after the knee and leg with a vicious fervour and after kicking the ring ropes into it, dumped Young with a Snap Suplex. After making the ropes on an Ankle Lock and surviving a corner whip, Young kicked Garcia away and threw him into the corner with another German. He rocked Garcia with a forearm and climbed to the top for a missile dropkick. He tried to drag Garcia up but Garcia dropped Young into the Ankle Lock again and forced Young to the ropes again. He held on and tried for a German but Young switched and drove Garcia into the mat with a duo of Germans before having his leg snapped again. MV kicked free of another lock and hit a Dragon Suplex and the running knee but Garcia kicked out and put on an Achilles Lock for the win. He held on the hold for way longer than necessary and once again let his anger get the better of him. MV had clearly gotten under his skin and for it, we got this hard-hitting affair. Once again, per Polyam Cult Rules, this match got seven stars.

Jimmy Lloyd defeated Tony Deppen via Teabag Driver

Last but not least, the main event. Tony Deppen, one of the greatest wrestlers on the indie scene right now was going to war with the VxS ace Jimmy Lloyd. We’ve seen Lloyd beat all challengers to his top spot but could he pull out the win against Deppen here? Deppen tried to show he had a technical edge but Lloyd tried to win with a quick pin. They ran the ropes and traded arm-drags as the pair showed some agility. Lloyd took Deppen by surprise with a Huricanrana and a dropkick, then blasted him with a corner forearm and running knee. Lloyd tried to hit an early Assault Driver but Deppen pushed him away and booted him out of the corner. He stomped down on Lloyd’s leg and started picking it apart as he insulted Lloyd. He tried to catch Deppen off-guard with a Sunset Flip but Deppen rolled through and kicked at the leg again. He tried to kick out the knee in the corner but Lloyd caught him with a back elbow. Lloyd hopped to the top but Deppen rocked him with an enzuigiri. He climbed up but Lloyd slipped through and hit Deppen with the Cheeky Nandos kick. He tried for a Psycho Driver but Deppen flipped free and lit up Lloyd with kicks before walking into an enzuigiri. Lloyd kept kicking at Deppen and dragged him down with a neckbreaker/twisting Suplex combo. Deppen forearmed free of the Tiger Driver and rocked Lloyd with a rolling elbow but Lloyd kicked back and the pair traded running forearms. Deppen slid through the ropes and dodged another forearm to hit the slingshot codebreaker. He locked on an STF and tried to weaken him for a half and a half with a high knee and backslide superkick. Lloyd avoided the Suplex and nailed Deppen with a Dragon Suplex. The Tiger Driver followed for two and Lloyd tried to drag Deppen to the top but Deppen chopped free and the pair went counter for counter until Lloyd picked up the win with the Teabag Driver. An excellent match capped off another excellent show. Deppen let Lloyd show off more of his technical side and gave him another credible win. Come back again very soon as VxS has another show coming very soon with even more manic matches.

All images courtesy of VxS Twitter, Nick Karp, Jocay19 

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