It’s time for a deathmatch spotlight. Casanova Valentine has been a staple of the deathmatch scene for years and is the pioneer of the no-ring deathmatch. With New Fear City at his side, he has now pursued something new, making his own series. He has run events in the past from the Temper Trap bar, home of some of his best matches, and now, will be doing matches for Fite TV under the New Fear City Banner. His first match to reveal this all, a big game deathmatch against the wrestler with the switch and big game move, Big Game Leroy. This was Leroy’s first no-ring deathmatch, would he be able to best the king of the no-ring? Let’s find out!

Casanova Valentine defeated Big Game Leroy via NES® Controller Muta Lock

Get your Nintendo® Switches® and Satan Cocks at the ready people it’s time for a no-ring showdown. Pat from the BLVD Bullies was taking the ref duties as we went to the undisclosed location in Brooklyn New York. It was time for a violent shit-show. Big Game Leroy was ready to beat the final boss in the first level but Valentine had rated this game M for murder. Leroy ducked two swings of the Satan Cock and concentrated on his game, leaving a frustrated Valentine wondering what was so good about it. He snatched the Switch® off Leroy and gave him Satan Cock, trying to work out how the Switch® worked. Leroy snatched it back but Valentine was being persistent so Leroy threw the cock back to him and superkicked him in the jaw. Leroy resumed his game and bounced Valentine off a railing, then delivered a hurricanrana all whilst never taking his hands off the Switch®. He threw the Switch® to Valentine and gave him another superkick. He left the Switch® on the ground and hammered down on Valentine, trying to choke him out so he could get back to his game. Leroy grabbed a Nintendo® Gamecube® and smashed it into Valentine’s back. This is a cool spot but I’m conflicted on seeing such a classic game console treated so poorly. He repeatedly smashed Valentine with the Gamecube® and Goomba Stomped him onto it. Leroy smashed light tubes over Valentine and tried for a stage dive but Casanova caught him and hung him out over the guardrail.

It was Valentine’s time to hammer Leroy and lifted up his shirt to give him a stiff chop, calling him a Weaboo fuck in the process. He rammed Leroy into a load-bearing post and broke a tube over his head, then another over his bareback. The Garden Weasel returned and was driven straight into Leroy’s back. He slipped a tube down Leroy’s shirt and booted it into his back. Headbutts followed as Valentine tried to stun Leroy and he locked on the Satan Cock crossface. He threw Satan Cock to Leroy but Leroy tossed it right back and superkicked Valentine in the knee, then the face. He found a gusset on the stage and drove it into Valentine’s head, using his Switch® to push it in further and play more of his game. A running knee followed but he still only got two. Leroy found another gaming peripheral in a Rock Band guitar and smashed it, rock star style into Valentine’s back with a sickening thud. Valentine caught Leroy off the stage again and slammed him through a trashcan with the Text Message Break-up. Leroy kicked out so Valentine grabbed a NES® pad and wrapped it around Leroy’s knee, choking him out with a Muta Lock for the win.

Well, this was a fun little way to kick off a series. Casanova Valentine has been a master of booking for a while now and here, he and Leroy put on a brutal little deathmatch full of gaming references, good humour, and graphic violence. Both guys got their shots in and the production quality was great. The best thing of all is, you can watch it for free on Valentine’s YouTube channel. I’ll leave that below. Whilst details are kind of scarce right now on the New Fear City Fite deal, I know what Valentine is capable of planning and the deathmatches he’s put together in the past. I’m very optimistic about what it could bring and basing my assumptions on this match here, it’s going to kick ass.

All images courtesy of Sophiealltimelow, Big Game Leroy Video courtesy of Casanova Valentine YouTube

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