Welcome back to ChocoPro Wrestling! It’s the start of Season 6 and once again, the Chocolate Square-based company looks to start things with a bang. With AEW bringing in new viewers and giving more of the ChocoPro performers an even bigger spotlight, it was once again time to up the ante. In this episode, we’d have two matches of tag-team excellence. The first, TropicaWild, the team of Saki and Yuna Mizumori taking on the Pencil Army, Lulu Pencil, and Emi Sakura. The second, The Best Bros defending the Asia Dream tag Titles against the Egg Tarts, Hagane Shinno, and Chie Koishikawa. Let’s get into this new season of action!

TropicaWild (Yuna Mizumori & SAKI) defeated Pencil Army (Lulu Pencil & Emi Sakura) via Tropical Camel Clutch on Pencil

The first match opened with a musical entrance from Mizumori and SAKI. TropicaWild seemed very much on the same page, would the Pencil Army be able to right their wonky win record for this new season or would it be the same old losing way for Lulu Pencil and her soldiers? It started with pure chaos as both teams attacked and countered. Pencil Army got the stun with forearms but TropicaWild were too powerful for their shoulder tackles. They cleverly played this to their advantage and tripped both into numerous Pencil rolls. Pencil tried for a slam but Mizumori overpowered her and slammed her into the mat, then locked on a Camel Clutch. Sakura broke the hold so Mizumori brought in SAKI who walked over Pencil and put her in another hold, driving a knee into her back. She drove both feet into Pencil’s back and transitioned to a Dragon Sleeper when she tried to make a tag. Pencil forced a break so Mizumori smashed her off the wall and took her on a Giant Swing into a Boston Crab. Sakura once again broke the hold, this time by pulling Mizumori’s hair so SAKI interjected to twist up Sakura’s hair. Mizumori re-applied the half crab as SAKI pulled at Pencil’s hair but yet again Sakura caused a distraction and Pencil broke the hold. SAKI came back in and KO’ed Pencil with a forearm and locked on another high-angle crab but couldn’t hold it for long as Pencil forced another break. Pencil was able to finally make her escape from the match by reversing a wall whip and tripped SAKI into a Pencil Roll before making the tag. Sakura came in hot with Riverdance kicks but tried to make another crouching start and ran face-first into SAKI’s boot. SAKI dragged her up by the hair and locked Sakura in a sleeper. Sakura bit free and tried for the underhook backbreaker but Mizumori kept firing SAKI up. She kicked away Mizumori and rolled SAKI through with a Sunset Flip but Mizumori was ready to interrupt with a crossbody.

TropicaWild continued to assault Sakura with low crossbodies and SAKI tried to follow on with a slam but Sakura reversed it into a crossbody of her own. She tried to taunt TropicaWild from the outside but SAKI dragged her back through a window with a Suplex. Both women tagged out and Pencil hit Mizumori with the stomps and chops. Pencil hammered her to the mat but missed the elbow drop and paid for it by eating a Coconut Crush. Mizumori continued with a low shoulder block for a two-count. Sakura broke up the pin and tried for the We Will Rock You Crossbody but SAKI caught her into a slam and Mizumori hit her with a leapfrog body attack. They played forearm ping pong with Pencil but she ducked a double charge and TropicaWild butted heads. Sakura hit the wall crossbody and Pencil scored a near fall with a Stabber. She locked in a sleeper through the window but Sakura sent her flying and SAKI dropped Sakura across her knee with an Atomic Drop. They hit Sakura with an assisted Suplex but Sakura reversed the follow-up and dropped Mizumori with the underhook backbreaker. Pencil Army hit Mizumori with double stabbers and Pencil tried to down her with clotheslines. When that failed, she knocked Mizumori against the wall with a rolling back elbow and dropkicked her knees. A roll-up war broke out and Mizumori charged Pencil against the wall. She tried to nail the Tropical Splash but Sakura dragged Pencil to safety. SAKI saved the match and knocked Sakura into Mizumori’s boots before catapulting her onto Pencil and catapulting Mizumori into the body pile. Pencil kicked out so Mizumori locked on the Tropical Crab. SAKI swatted away Sakura and locked on a Camel Clutch at the same time, prompting an instant tap from Pencil. It was another valiant effort from the Pencil Army but once again her opponent’s strength got the better of Pencil. It was an excellent opening match for the season full of fun and excellent wrestling. Another perfect example of what ChocoPro is.

Asia Dream Tag Titles: Best Bros (Baliyan Akki & Mei Suruga) defeated Egg Tarts (Chie Koishikawa & Hagane Shinno) via Best Bros Sault on Koishikawa

Our main event would be the next defence of the Asia Dream Tag Titles. Baliyan Akki and Mei Suruga had fought off stiff competition in the past but were they ready for the Egg Tarts? Hagane Shinno had gotten the best of both members before and Chie Koishikawa has been proving her worth for multiple seasons now. This would be her biggest match to date and her biggest chance to shine. She wanted to show the world and especially Suruga that she deserved this. However, her partner wasn’t ready to put up with her and locked her outside. Shinno and Akki started things with a technical exchange with Shinno getting the better of Akki. Shinno let Koishikawa back in and both men tagged. Koishikawa took Suruga on a run as the pair fought for wrist control and hit Suruga with a back chop when she tried to go for the window-sill arm-drag. Shinno continued the beating on the back and dropped an elbow, then brought in Koishikawa who tried for the run-up Bow and Arrow but Suruga tripped her. Suruga hit her with multiple running back stomps and crushed her with a double stomp. Shinno hit Suruga in the back and rushed Akki, slamming him into the mat and stomping him down. Koishikawa went on another run, then let Shinno slam her onto Akki too, multiple times. Suruga broke free of Koishikawa’s clutches and stomped her foot for the window-sill arm-drag, catching Shinno with a head-scissor on the way down. Akki followed for the Best Bros crossbody combo and locked Koishikawa up with multiple holds. Best Bros worked to damage her arm and shoulder and Suruga hit her with the window-trapped flying double chop. The assault on the arm continued as Akki and Suruga tried to take away her greatest weapon. Koishikawa tried to fight back with forearms but Suruga just kept kicking her down. She got her escape at last by reversing Akki’s slam into a Guillotine and dropkicking away. Shinno came in pissed and smashed Akki’s midsection with knee strikes and swept him into a back kick. He dodged Akki’s wall-run kick but Akki also countered another kick into a backbreaker. He climbed to the window and snapped Shinno’s leg over the window-sill. He also dumped Koishikawa outside so Suruga could throw her into the elevator outside.

Shinno recovered and booted Akki in the head but an ill-fated standing moonsault saw Akki trap him in a Deathlock. A kicking contest broke out with both guys dodging and countering until they knocked each other down with head kicks. Akki got the hot tag as Koishikawa had been locked outside again. Suruga locked on the bridging Deathlock and kicked away a returning Koishikawa. Shinno tried to reverse a wall whip but Suruga smacked him in the mouth with a Supergirl Forearm. She fought Shinno on the sink and rolled him into the Swanton combo. She caught a comeback kick and trapped it in the window so Akki could destroy his knee with a coast-to-coast dropkick and lock on the Lucifer Deathlock combo. Koishikawa made the save and leapt off of Shinno to hit a leaping X Chop. She tried to fire Shinno up but Suruga took both of them out with a wall-run crossbody. Koishikawa saved Shinno from the Best Bros Sault and tried to dive onto Akki but got caught into another backbreaker. He threw Koishikawa outside again and kicked Shinno in the head to save Suruga. Shinno shrugged it off and downed both Best Bros with lariats before collapsing. Koishikawa called for the tag and powered up to dropkick Suruga and chop the soul out of Akki before giving him a dropkick too. She X-Chopped Suruga and dragged her down to hit a demonic chop. Demon Chie had been unleashed and she was angry. She dragged Suruga up by the hair and continued to hammer her with chops even ignoring a Suruga scare. She nailed another dropkick but missed a diving and wall chop, giving Suruga the chance to push her into the wall and dropkick her face into it. Suruga locked in Lucifer and bridged into the Apple Cut Mutilation but Koishikawa escaped. Shinno saved Koishikawa from the Propellor pin and booted both Best Bros in the face. Koishikawa scored another near-fall with a diving X Chop and locked in the Stretch Muffler. Suruga escaped and tripped Koishikawa into another pin. She tried for the Apple Cut Mutilation again but Koishikawa reversed into a leg choke. Akki freed her with a knee drop and a roll-up war broke out. A Namaste splash took out Shinno after he fought off another combo and the Best Bros Sault on Koishikawa sealed the deal for the Best Bros.

What a main event. This really was a big reveal match for Koishikawa who took her storytelling and aggression to a whole new level. She might have lost the might but holy hell did she show off what she is capable of. This was nearly half an hour of rapid-fire tag action where either team could have feasibly won. Koishikawa is my MVP of season 5 and if she keeps having matches like this, she should be the season 6 MVP too. The next episode is Mizumori’s third anniversary and will see her team up with Mei Suruga against the devastating team of Emi Sakura and the legendary Aja Kong. Plus, Chie Koishikawa takes on Sayaka Obihiro and Baliyan Akki has a rematch with Tokiko Kirihara. Season 6 is starting strong hopefully, the trend continues.

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move Twitter, FlyingVTrigger, Mattsdl Video Courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube

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