Welcome back to ChocoPro. Season 6 is getting fired up, and after yesterday’s exceptional opening episode, we continue to build with an extraordinary episode. Not only is it Yuna Mizumori’s third anniversary, but the Choco Square is also getting a legendary visitor for the main event match. In this episode, we’ll see Baliyan Akki take on Tokiko Kirihara, Hagane Shinno battle Sayaka Obihiro and due to a minor Mei Suruga injury tweaking the card, perhaps in the biggest shift of all Chie Koishikawa joins the main event as she teams with Yuna Mizumori against Emi Sakura and one of the world’s best wrestlers, period, Aja Kong. This is a massive episode so, let’s get into the action!

Baliyan Akki defeated Tokiko Kirihara via La Magistral

Up first today was a rematch for the ages. Two deadly kickers going to war in another battle for supremacy. Kirihara came up short in the last encounter so she was all business this time. The fear she had of Akki was gone and she was here to kill. She instantly went for a roll-up and trapped Akki on the mat. The pair battled to pick an ankle so Kirihara moved up and tried for an armbar. Akki fought up and started manipulating Kirihara’s wrist. Kirihara transitioned to a Triangle and got the armbar. Akki tripped her back to the mat for the Deathlock and pulled her into a back-bending double armbar, then a rear-naked choke. Kirihara escaped them all so Akki’s kicks came out as he tried to keep Kirihara down. She tried to fight through the strikes and answered back with some vicious kicks. Akki winded her with a chop but she came right back with forearms and even more devastating kicks. She slammed Akki into the mat and drove her boot into his gut. He blocked the Judo throw and drilled an elbow into her back but Kirihara recovered and locked in another choke. Akki blocked another Judo throw so Kirihara slammed him against the wall and tried for an abdominal stretch. He blocked that too and fought out of a roll-up but Kirihara was relentless and peppered him with more kicks. Akki tanked them and downed her with the wall-run kick. Kirihara caught Akki during the Spider run-up and dragged him into a kneebar, then pummelled him with another round of kicks. Akki fired back with a kick of his own and put Kirihara in the Deathlock again. He dropped a knee and bit the dust on a Namaste Splash. Kirihara took advantage with a Judo throw but only got two. She tried for the abdominal stretch again but Akki rolled through into La Magistral for the win. What a heated opening match. Both brought their best and Akki had to use his wits to trap Kirihara for a three-count.

Hagane Shinno defeated Sayaka Obihiro via Heel Hook

After that, was another heavy match. It would be the heavy kicks of Shinno taking on the heavy chops of Obihiro. ChocoPro’s workhorse was originally scheduled to fight Chie Koishikawa but due to card changes, she was now fighting the ice warrior. Once again, we opened with a quick technical exchange as both battled for wrist control. Shinno tried to win with a Guillotine but Obihiro broke free and worked an arm. The technical trading continued as Shinno scored another near win with a cloverleaf and continued to punish the legs with stiff kicks. She tried to walk off the damage but Shinno carried her back to the mat and continued to mangle her legs. Obihiro went back to the arms and after fighting for a Cross Armbreaker, locked Shinno in a headlock. Shinno broke free and hammered Obihiro against the wall with chops and jabs. She rolled him up off a Boston Crab attempt and finally struck down Shinno with a sliding double chop. She tried to hobble to the top but Shinno was already back on his feet and shoved her out the window before elbowing her in the head through it. Obihiro chopped back and leapt through the window for a diving double chop. She lit up Shinno with chops but he once again caught her leg and locked it up. Shinno continued to lash out with harsh leg kicks and Obihiro answered back with chops until she caught his leg and chopped him to the mat. Obihiro locked on the Boston Crab but Shinno broke free of that and fought through Obihiro Magic to tap out Obihiro with a heel hook. Shinno had claimed another victim in ChocoPro, working a limb to absolute death and tanking the heavy hands of Obihiro. This was another technical gem from this episode as both matches had been very aggressive and very focused.

Aja Kong & Emi Sakura defeated Yuna Mizumori & Chie Koishikawa via Backdrop Driver on Mizumori

Last but not least, the main event. Aja Kong finally made her way to one of Emi Sakura’s promotions. After years of missing each other, Kong and Sakura were about to team up against the celebrating Mizumori and her new tag team partner, Chie Koishikawa. Could Mizumori score a massive win on her third-celebration or would Aja Kong once again prove why she is one of the best in the world? Sakura and Koishikawa started things with a shoving contest and quickly went into a technical exchange as Koishikawa took Sakura on a wrist-lock run. She gave Sakura a quick stomp and the pair tagged out, well Sakura was dragged out by Kong. Mizumori tried to knock down Kong with shoulder tackles but Kong seemed disinterested at best by her efforts, barely moving in response. She downed Mizumori with a single tackle and gave her a kicking. She chopped Mizumori hard and ragged her about by the hair, mocking referee Shinno’s admonishment before elbowing her in the head and tagging out. Sakura also threw her by the hair but Mizumori wasn’t having it and slugged her into a slam. She tried to pose at Kong but Sakura raked her back. Mizumori tagged and Koishikawa came in, full of energy, and snapped Sakura around the mat. She tried for the Bow and Arrow, gave up, and screamed at Kong before hitting Sakura with a rolling senton. Kong kicked her out of a second Bow and Arrow attempt so Koishikawa gave Sakura a deadly back chop. She tagged and Mizumori tried for a quick win with a Tropical Splash. Sakura had to fight out of a Crab and Kong saved her from a second with a stiff chop to Mizumori. Koishikawa came back and rolled Sakura into a Guillotine, then Mizumori catapulted her into the wall. She locked Sakura in a Camel Clutch whilst Koishikawa thanked someone for sending flowers to the studio.

This beatdown on Sakura continued as Mizumori started to target the legs, snapping them off the wall and locking up ankles. Koishikawa did the same with the friction burn stretch muffler as Mizumori attacked Kong with the flower basket. Sakura escaped by dropkicking Koishikawa and Kong came in to play. Koishikawa chopped Kong but this had no effect and Kong just bitchslapped her to the wall for a stiff double chop and pose. Koishikawa escaped certain doom and went on a run, angering Kong before chopping her down. She tried for the Stretch Muffler on Kong but Kong turned it into an Armbreaker. Kong gave her a final kick and brought in Sakura to pick the bones. She got a revenge chop in and tuned up the band for We Will Rock You but Mizumori derailed her with a tackle. She fired up Koishikawa and watched her dropkick Sakura to the tag. Mizumori tried to charge Sakura and fought through her block to dump her with a back body drop. She gave Kong a tackle and knocked down Sakura again with a ripcord tackle after a series of shoulder blocks. She hit a diving tackle and put Sakura in the Tropical Crab but once again, Kong made the save with a stiff chop. Mizumori ran herself into the wall and ate a chop-line from Sakura prompting Kong to make the tag and try to will on Mizumori by no-selling her forearms. Kong withstood the offence of both Mizumori and Koishikawa and rammed both against the wall by the throat. Sakura hit We Will Rock You and both women finally knocked down Kong with dual dropkicks. Mizumori went to the top but Kong threw her out of the window and locked her outside. She trash-talked Koishikawa’s chops so Koishikawa dropkicked her in the knee and let Mizumori back in so she could hit the diving Coconut Crush.

Mizumori assaulted Kong with splashes but Sakura cut her train off with the underhook backbreaker and Kong started a lariat fight. Mizumori started to break through Kong’s defence but ended up running into a decapitating lariat prompting Koishikawa to make the save. Koishikawa dropkicked Kong out of the Spinning Back-fist and Mizumori capitalised by kicking Kong against the wall and clobbering her with another lariat. The wall-run splash followed but Sakura broke up the pin. She missed a second and Kong booted her in the ribs, hard. An elbow drop followed but Mizumori got her shoulder up. Everyone had to talk Kong out of the Backdrop Driver so she sent Mizumori and Koishikawa flying with a Double Suplex. Kong dumped Mizumori on her head with the Backdrop Driver and took the win. Whilst not as fast-paced as usual as ChocoPro main events, this bloody rocked. Kong and Mizumori went wild against each other and everyone involved built up an excellent little match that will have definitely helped Mizumori grow stronger. We even got the heart-warming sight of Kong giving her advice and explained how well she’d done. This ended off a much more technically charged episode of ChocoPro. The next episode’s matches are unknown at the time of writing so we’ll all be waiting as anything can happen in ChocoPro.

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move Twitter, FlyingVTrigger, Dogglesnake Video courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube

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