It’s time for show two of ICW’s Florida double bill. This show took place a few hours after the first so everyone involved was wearing the old wounds of battle as they prepared for war once again. The chains were up and it was time for more devastating deathmatches. This whole event was in memorial to the Pawn Shop owner, Heath Schneider, where these Florida events had been filmed. We’d see the return of deathmatch Shane Mercer against Neil Diamond Cutter, Alex Ocean becomes the next victim of SHLAK, Ruben Steel takes on AKIRA all building to Brandon Kirk getting the main event slot against the Duke, John Wayne Murdoch. Let’s get into the violence once again!

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Nolan Edward defeated Tony Deppen via Liability Headbutt

Up first was another hard-hitting wrestling contest. Nolan Edward had come up short against Cogar earlier in the day but he was about to give Tony Deppen everything he had. Both guys don’t tend to know when to quit and both guys hit hard. Let’s watch them collide in a wrestling match, no plunder, no weapons just wrestling. So decreed Tony Deppen as he threatened to give a dickhead fan a prostate exam with a microphone. They did just that, opening with a smooth technical exchange. Edward got the better of Deppen as he rolled him up, then sent him into the chains and out the ring with a dropkick. He dived after Deppen and landed on a fan in the front row. He continued to work Deppen, slamming him into the mat multiple times. He charged but Deppen tripped him up and double stomped his knee. Deppen became laser-focused on the knee, trying to cripple Edward with knee breakers and submission holds, all while trash-talking. Deppen got a bit too cocky so Edward struck back and pushed Deppen off the ropes again into a Blue Thunder Bomb. Deppen shook this off and destroyed Edward with another combo, then made him suffer with an STF. The fans tried to trash-talk Deppen but Deppen fired back and used their insults to hit Edward harder. Edward woke up and hit back but Deppen came back again and went right back to the knee. Edward dragged Deppen into a crossface and dropped him with a Twisting Suplex. He retrieved the door, but Deppen smashed it off his head, and both went down off running strikes, Edward getting the three-count with a running headbutt. Edward just got a massive win over a massive name without weapons in a compelling wrestling match. Despite the fan’s best efforts to derail it, the pair stuck to their story and told it incredibly well. This was an excellent way to start the show.

Justin Kyle defeated Gary Jay via Inverted F5

Up next was the second heavy-hitting match in a row as Gary Jay and Justin Kyle looked to rebound from earlier losses and both would probably not stop until one was knocked out. It was time for more hard striking action. They started with stiff forearms and Kyle powerbombed Jay through a door. He launched Jay with a German and threatened to throw him into the crowd with a Military Press but Jay wiggled free. He elbowed Kyle to the outside and dived onto him through the chains. Gary chopped him around ringside and crowd members became obstacles as the pair threw plunder at each other. Kyle took control and threw Jay into a dumpster before sauntering back to the ring with Jay on his shoulders. Jay cracked him with a broken door and unloaded stiff forearms on Kyles’s jaw. He scored a two-count with a rolling elbow and tried to break his neck with a chair. He scored another near fall with a double stomp but couldn’t keep Kyle down. Jay started a chair riot and tried to cave in Kyle with more chair shots. Kyle grabbed him by the throat and chokeslammed him into a chair pile, then ended it with an inverted F5 for the three-count. Justin Kyle had killed another competitor despite some truly sickening punishment. Bar Bruce Santee, no one has managed to keep him down and Jay was sadly no exception.

Ruben Steel defeated AKIRA via La Magistral

Ruben Steel had made his successful debut in the Pit, now it was time to step up to the chains. Could the Heavy Metal-powered Satanic Hispanic best the Death Samurai AKIRA in AKIRA’s own playground? Things were going to get chaotic and I was all for it. They started with a great technical exchange as the pair went hold for hold. Some tool in the crowd complained about there being no weapons after three minutes but fuck him, this was some good wrestling. They got off the mat and AKIRA nailed his second brutal Koppu kick of the day. He threw Steel into the corner and blasted him with a helluva boot and hesitation dropkick. The tubes came out and AKIRA broke a bundle across Steel’s back with a diving double stomp. Steel fell outside so AKIRA followed him and assaulted him with cookie sheets. The crowd got a close-up tube stab and Steel headbutted a bundle into AKIRA. He attacked AKIRA with a tack-covered flip-flop and broke another tube on him. Back in-ring AKIRA ate a tack-covered chair and had a can-board driven into him with a double-knee drop. It didn’t end there as he forced a barbed-wire frame into AKIRA’s head and drove a gusset into his chest as AKIRA tried to cut him up with a can. AKIRA fired back with gusset Kawada kicks and dropped him with a Saito. It went from bad to worse as he crushed the tack-chair over Steel with a senton. The Kenzans came out and both guys got stabbed, AKIRA especially after being dropped onto one with a DDT. Steel went to a bundle but AKIRA kicked it into him with a Pele kick. Steel speared AKIRA through multiple fuckery boards and smashed him in the head with a cymbal. The pair fought around a barbed-wire door and after damage from a Dragon Screw, Steel fell through it. He continued with a chair scoop slam and the step-up Switchblade kick to a lit bundle. He tried to end things with Sudden Death but Steel countered and a roll-up war broke out. Steel got the win with La Magistral and took the win. He was two for two in his debut weekend whilst AKIRA was two for two on sad losses. Victories aside, this match fucking rocked, and honestly, I cannot wait for the rematch should it ever happen. Ruben Steel is fucking legit, I need more of the guy now.

SHLAK defeated Alex Ocean (w/Riley Madison) via Flaming Fuckery Murder

ICW doesn’t seem to like Alex Ocean too much. The Can’t Die Kid is always having his motto tested and now SHLAK, the master of murder was really going to test it. Could Ocean survive SHLAK’s onslaught and pull out a win or was SHLAK going to rebound from his earlier loss and bury Ocean? He instantly bailed and SHLAK followed, only to be pelted with a chair. Ocean rushed back in and flew back out with a bundle dive and trash-talked the crowd. SHLAK popped him in the head with a tube and carved the glass into his head. He backdropped Ocean onto a bundle chair and did the same to a second with a brainbuster. He tried to do the same again, but Ocean put the block on it, so SHLAK just tossed him the other way with an Xploder, then Suplexed him onto another chair. He smashed two tack bats into Ocean and backdropped him across another bundle chair. Madison made the save as SHLAK looked to end the murder and Ocean saved her from certain doom with a head kick. It was Ocean’s turn to go bundle wild as he broke and drove SHLAK through multiple tube fixtures. SHLAK lobbed a pallet at him but Ocean tanked it and hit SHLAK in the balls, then hit him with a backdrop. He took too much time setting up fuckery so SHLAK threw him through a light-up board with another exploder. Madison tried to make the save again but SHLAK murdered her with a powerbomb. The fight returned outside and the pair fought up to the top of the removal truck. As they brawled, a super fuckery structure was set-up and set alight. Ocean was thrown through it and the match was called off. SHLAK just murdered Alex Ocean. It was a pretty one-sided match but Ocean got some licks in. It was certainly entertaining to watch and I’m glad Ocean got some respect at the end of it.

Shane Mercer defeated Neil Diamond Cutter via Moonsault and Battery

The Deathmatch Demon returns to ICW and this time, he was out for a win as well as blood. His victim, the ever-gutsy Honey Badger Neil Diamond Cutter. We’d seen Cutter go through one car-wreck, were we about to see the same again, or would Cutter defy the odds and come away victorious? Cutter charged and was instantly thrown through a glass pane. He shook it off and charged again, only to get thrown through a second glass pane with an overhead belly to belly. Cutter kept swinging but Mercer dropped him with a lariat and threw him onto another bundle one-handed. It just kept going as he tossed Cutter onto another bundle with an X-Plex. Cutter gave him the finger and reversed another slam into a Tornado DDT. Cutter took the plunder to Mercer but Mercer quickly retook control with a snap powerslam. Cutter once again kept swinging and hit the step-up senton with a fuckery board. Mercer shook this off and lawn-darted Cutter onto a road sign. Mercer willed him up and pelted him with a bundle but Cutter held on and smashed the remnants into Mercer. He bailed and caught Cutter out of a dive, slamming him into another door on the outside. They brawled around the outside until Mercer tossed Cutter back into the ring and onto another contraption. Cutter caught Mercer on the way back in and stapled money to him. Cutter flipped out of Asmodeus’ Wrath and dumped Mercer with a Backdrop. Mercer threw him onto another door and looked to end the match with a glass frame bomb but Cutter sent him through it with a Hurricanrana. He tried to win with the Cutter but only got two so he dropped an elbow and hit the moonsault off a chair through a U Tube board. Mercer knocked him off the top and followed him up to end the match with Moonsault and Battery. The Honey Badger had fought like hell but he couldn’t stop the raw might of Mercer. Cutter is the toughest bastard in deathmatches and this was just another example of it as he had two car-crash matches in one day.

Atticus Cogar defeated Reed Bentley via Tiger Driller trap pin

Now, for a rivalry as old as time. These two have had multiple wars in ICW now. Every time, Reed Bentley has come away the winner. With a 12-0 streak at stake, could Bentley do it again or would Atticus be the one to cause an upset and break the streak? It was time to find out. Cogar attacked during Bentley’s entrance and a bundle over him before tossing him into the steps. They brawled around the outside as Bentley started throwing hands. He broke a tack board over Cogar and drove a smaller tack weapon into his ear and back. Cogar drove a gusset into his arm and smashed another bundle over his head. Bentley no-sold some chair shots and attacked with another bundle, then drove him throat first into the ring post with a chair. He donned an eagle mask and broke dual bundles over Cogar like wings. He went to the stove again and tried to bury Cogar under it but Cogar rolled away and drove Bentley onto it with a DDT and Bentley returned the favour with a piledriver. They fought to the ring, the bell rung and Cogar punched another bundle into Bentley’s head. Bentley tried to crawl to the chains so Cogar bent his fingers and stomped him mouth-first onto them. He skewered Bentley’s shoulder and hammered them into Bentley’s head. Bentley tried to fight back but Cogar drilled him with a superkick. Bentley tried to fire up but Cogar smothered the fire with carpet strips to the head. However, Bentley used the strips against them and smashed them into his foot, then drove him through a tube pyramid. He tried for a barbed-wire cutter but Cogar reversed and slammed him through a tube/wire pentagram. He dropped him on it again with an air raid crash for a very close two-count. They fought each other with the toughest pane of glass known to man until Cogar finally broke it with the Brain Haemorrhage for another two-count. Bentley fired up and dropped Cogar with the Tiger Driller but Cogar rolled over and pinned Bentley for the win. Cogar had stolen the win and broken the streak. Everyone was livid but at the end of the day, Cogar got the win. Brains beat brawn and it’s back to square one for Bentley. What a fucking bloodbath.

John Wayne Murdoch defeated Brandon Kirk (w/Kasey Kirk) via Flaming Glass Deep South Destroyer

Last but not least, our main event. Brandon Kirk had demanded this slot, called out management to give him his shot at the King, and now he had it. John Wayne Murdoch was coming in hurt, Kirk personally seeing to it by crippling him with a chair at the end of Pitfighter. Would the Rogue become the king or would Murdoch send him away like he had every other challenger? Murdoch was limping badly, so Kirk had a very clear target to go for. He went right after it and threw a bundle at him for good measure. He continued to strike at Murdoch and break tubes on him, kicking the knee every now and then to keep him down. Murdoch caught him with a twisting neckbreaker and used a bundle as a walking stick to break more glass over Kirk. Brandon kicked the bundle out from under him and broke another tube on him. He upped the ante with a tube fan and Murdoch reversed a whip to send him careening into a glass pane. He hit the punches into the elbow and caught Kirk with a huge kick. Kirk went back to the knee and drove him through a light-up tube board. Kirk cockily went for the chair brainbuster but Murdoch blocked him. Kasey came in and low-blowed Murdoch then set up a glass pane. Brandon was down in the corner so Murdoch gave Kasey the chair brainbuster. Kirk took advantage with the ripcord lariat but Murdoch kicked out. They both set the glass pane on fire and Murdoch got the win with a Deep South Destroyer through it. It had been a hard fight for the Duke and Kirk had been very smart about his game-plan but too much posturing had led to him taking the L here. Once again, I also feel sorry for Kasey Kirk getting another devastating attack during a match.

Best of the Bloodletting

  • Nolan Edward just got one of the biggest rubs you can get by beating Tony Deppen in a pure wrestling match. Despite the crowd being assholes both guys stayed the course and put on a technical belter.
  • Ruben Steel continues to be an amazing gift to ICW as he has his second amazing match in a row. He took a pummelling from AKIRA and found a clever way to win whilst also working well with AKIRA’s brand of fuckery manipulating wrestling.
  • SHLAK murdered Alex Ocean in a very definitive manner. It was a highly one-sided match but honestly, this seemed good for Ocean and made people respect him more as he took this beating and walked away afterwards.
  • Neil Diamond Cutter is the fucking man. Few people can take the bumps he does and give it back just as strong. He didn’t just lay down and die for Mercer, he made him fucking work for it. There were nightmarish spots everywhere yet he kept on struggling until the very end.
  • Brandon Kirk showed he’s more than just a punk tonight. He was calculated, clever, and nearly successful in his dissection of the Duke’s legs. If he had stuck to the game plan and not been so cocky, he’d have probably won. That being said, the match rocked and he proved he was a worthy main eventer.

What Comes Next?

The main thing here is Mania weekend. I could talk about how I want Ruben Steel to revisit ICW but that should be a no-brainer. We know Reed Bentley wants more of Cogar’s blood as he tries to rebuild his streak but again, that probably starts at Mania weekend. Murdoch’s comments towards Alex Colon, Eric Ryan, and GCW, all relate to Mania Weekend. ICW just tried to start a war. Was it smart, not in the slightest? Are they going to go through with it, I don’t doubt it. Alex Colon already gave Murdoch an answer telling him to come to him, away from the politicking bullshit so that one is still a mystery. As for Ryan, we’ll see that at the next show. Until then, it’s a case of looking out for all those Mania announcements. See you all then.

All images courtesy of ICW Twitter, Red Shoes Media, HeyyImRob

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