Welcome back to ICW NHB. It’s been a while since we covered the promotion of chains and cages but they’ve been busy building for this Florida double-bill. Two shows on one day starting with this, Pitfighter X6. We had a new look cage that was bigger and more secure, new faces in the debut of the metal-fuelled deathmatch extraordinaire Ruben Steel and a whole host of new fights to enjoy. We’d get to see AKIRA vs Brandon Kirk, Atticus Cogar vs Nolan Edward, Bruce Santee vs Justin Kyle 2 and much much more. Let’s get into the violence!

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Tony Deppen defeated Gary Jay via Chicken Wing Cage Knock-Out

The first people to grace the new look Pit were Gary Jay and Tony Deppen. Both guys are heavy strikers and grapplers so this one was going to be a tough opener. Both guys would be natural counters to each other so the violence was going to get intense. The pair started with fast grappling and Deppen tried to show he was a wrestler, not a striker. Jay disrespectfully slapped Deppen so Deppen raged and drove Jay to the floor. A strike fight broke out and Deppen ate stiff chops against the cage before dropping Jay on his head with a German. Deppen tried to rush the stunned Jay but Jay put him through a door with a DVD. Deppen kicked back and locked Jay in a surfboard, propelling him into the cage for extra damage. He beatdown Jay’s arm and a second sickening strike fight broke out. Both beat the absolute shit out of each other with forearms and chops, then Deppen went for a Guillotine. Jay Suplexed out of it but Deppen rolled back over and reapplied it. He transitioned to a Crossface Chicken Wing and after failing a bridging tap out, rammed Jay into the cage until he was out cold. A violent end to a technically violent match.

Ruben Steel defeated Satu Jinn via Gusset Door Cutter

Up next was Ruben Steel’s big debut for ICW. The Texas deathmatch superstar was coming to the Pit and his first fight was against the Uncivil Satu Jinn. Steel already had my respect for his metal addiction, he earned even more for wrestling this match in trunks. They started with stiff chops, then delivered stiff chops with gussets in their chests. Jinn was already bleeding heavily and after Steel let him get a couple more gusset chops, hammered him with a forearm. Jinn chopped back and threw a door at Steel and set the same door up on some chairs. The pair struck it out again and Steel put Jinn through the door with a bulldog. Jinn kicked out at one so Steel assaulted him with a carpet strip bat. Jinn caught the bat and kicked Steel in the dick, then broke the bat over Steel’s back. He grabbed a bottle cap bat and broke that over Steel’s head. Just when it couldn’t get any worse for Steel, Jinn grabbed a cane knife and started cutting away at Steels head and tongue. Jinn attempted actual murder by bringing the knife to Steel’s throat but Steel hammered free and pelted Jinn with chairs. He buried Jinn under chairs and crashed into him with a cannonball. Jinn gave Steel a tour of the cage and Steel broke a water cooler over his head as he set up an FU gusset board. He set up some chairs but Jinn powered up and dumped him through them with a uranage and kept hold to drive him through the FU board with a Falcon Arrow. Steel shocked everyone by kicking out and we got duelling carpet strips. They danced around a gusset door and Steel got the big win with a cutter through the door. What a fucking way to debut. This was incredible. Utter fuckery induced, hard-hitting violence at its finest.

Bruce Santee defeated Justin Kyle via Referee Stoppage

Who’s ready for a super-fight rematch? Bruce Santee was not happy about the loss to Justin Kyle all those months ago and now, he was getting his chance to make it right. It was time for another hoss fight. These two were going to throw bombs and no one was going to try and stop them. I don’t need to do play by play here. This was two and a half minutes of fists, slaps and kicks. Both guys ended up on their arse and at the halfway point they took out their mouthguards and hit each other even harder. Santee rocked Kyle with a punch to the jaw and continued to hammer him until the ref dragged him off. It was a vicious little fight full of very heavy strikes. If you wanted a fight? These two gave you one with no fuckery involved.

Brandon Kirk (w/Kasey Kirk) defeated AKIRA via Death Lariat

Ah, it was time for a natural good vs evil fight. Everyone loves AKIRA, he’s the honour-bound death samurai and here, everyone was going to cheer him on against the guy who can definitely fight but also likes to get his wife involved, Brandon Kirk. AKIRA stole the show instantly by monkey clapping Kasey Kirk with trashcan lids as she made Kirk’s introduction. He quickly unloaded on Brandon and dumped him on his head with a Saito. He continued to try and knockout Kirk with strikes until Kirk fought back and a proper strike fest broke out. AKIRA got the better of it and drove Kirk into the mat with a half and a half, then drilled him with a PK. Kasey tried to cause a distraction but AKIRA wasn’t falling for it and delivered a head kick to Brandon. They fought over a Suplex and Kirk dumped AKIRA on his neck with one. Brandon cracked AKIRA in the head with a trashcan lid and cut him up with a cheese-grater. Things got worse for him as Kirk dropped him across an open chair with a DVD and pried at his jaw and face. Kirk thought he had AKIRA stunned against the cage when out of nowhere AKIRA nearly KO’ed him with a Koppu Kick. They fought around another open chair and this time AKIRA got the better and dumped Kirk back and shoulder first on it with a slam. Kirk gave AKIRA the finger so AKIRA bit it and drove a gusset into his head. He kindly removed it with another head kick an scored a two-count with a double stomp. AKIRA pummelled Kirk with a trashcan lid but Kirk came back quick with a nutcracker. Kasey tried to interfere again but AKIRA locked her in a Deathlock and dropped her husband next to her with a bridging Northern Lights. Alas, it didn’t get the win and despite more strikes and the Sudden Death, Kasey succeeded in causing a distraction and Kirk stole the win with a lethal lariat. AKIRA may have been the hero of the show but he was not the victor. The match fucking rocked though.

Atticus Cogar defeated Nolan Edward via Skewered Brain Haemorrhage

Speaking of good vs evil, the next fight also captured this well. The villainous skewer usurper Atticus Cogar was taking on the KOBK master of no flinch, Nolan Edward. After a little musical taunt, the pair were in the cage and ready for war. They dragged each other around the cage and tested the other’s jaw. Cogar drove Edward through a barbed-wire door but it didn’t even phase Edward as he was sat in the wreckage still throwing hands. Edward seemed pissed and kept matching Cogar strike for strike, never dropping the intensity. He blasted Cogar with a combo of shots into a Backdrop Driver and tried to keep it up but Cogar bounced him off the cage into a German and superkick. He tortured Edward with a tack bat and skewered his shoulder. The Air Raid Crash followed but only got two. Edward countered the Brain Haemorrhage and nailed Cogar with the Drill Bit for the two-count. He put Cogar in a trashcan and put another over his own head and charged him with a running trashcan to trashcan headbutt. Cogar reversed a second Drill Bit with a nutcracker and pounded skewers into his head before hitting the Brain Haemorrhage for the win. Edward had given Cogar a lot of punishment but as is often the case, Cogar found a way to survive and pull out the win, much to the audience’s distaste.

Reed Bentley defeated SHLAK via Regal-Plex

This one was going to be fucking wild. Reed Bentley, the most sadistic of the Rejects against Public Animal Number One, SHLAK. These two would tear each other apart without a second thought and had a cage of fuckery at their disposal. SHLAK instantly drove Bentley into the cage and clawed at his face. SHLAK charged and Bentley shanked him with one of Cogar’s skewers. The pair pelted each other with fuckery, SHLAK getting the better of it with a gusset frame. SHLAK continued to dig into his head and suplexed him through a fuckery door. SHLAK didn’t go for the pin, instead of locking in a Camel Clutch and grinding the face further. The pair donned masks and fought into the crowd, showing more mask regulation consideration than the crowd there as they brawled. A barfight broke out with Bentley KO’ing SHLAK and tossing him into a table. They returned to the cage and fought around a carpet strip door. Bentley tried to choke out SHLAK against the cage but SHLAK turned it into a powerbomb through the strip door. He continued to bully Bentley with plunder and scoop slammed him onto open chairs. A second bar fight broke out and once again Bentley took the edge, then broke a trashcan over SHLAK’s head. He dumped SHLAK onto a barbed-wire frame with a Regal-Plex. SHLAK shook this off and nearly scored the win with a fuck you clothesline. Bentley gave him a second Regal-Plex and took the win putting down yet another big name in the process. Once again, what a fucking match. This was a vicious brawl from start to finish.

John Wayne Murdoch defeated Neil Diamond Cutter via Chair Brainbuster

Last but not least, our main event. The Duke John Wayne Murdoch again the Honey Badger, Neil Diamond Cutter. This was going to be a good one as Cutter excels at taking the fight to bigger guys. He had earned another main event slot and was going to make the most of it. Cutter instantly brought Murdoch down by attacking him with his staple-gun. The pair swung at each other with Cutter going full force on cross-faces. He smashed Murdoch with a trashcan and senton but only got two. He continued to punish Murdoch with a Russian Leg Sweep onto a razor board but Murdoch dragged him into a neckbreaker and beat him in with a gusset bat. The murder continued with a throw through a can-board and a trio of other fuckery boards but Cutter just kept coming back. Murdoch stabbed Cutter in the back with steak knives and cut away at his back and head. He exploded another razor board over Cutter’s head and beat him down with a trash can and fuckery board. Cutter got a reprieve by throwing Murdoch into a cap board and hit the step-up senton with another fuckery board across his back. They traded headbutts and Cutter avoided the Deep South Destroyer to nail a Cutter. He hit Murdoch with another senton and nailed a Moonsault off a chair but it still wasn’t enough. Murdoch angrily bounced Cutter head-first off the chair and killed him with the Chair Brainbuster. Cutter had relentlessly fought and kicked out of a ton but in the end, the Duke had his number. What a fucking fight form the Honey Badger. Murdoch couldn’t celebrate either as Brandon Kirk attacked ahead of their main event later in the evening. Kirk has given himself an easier time tonight now.

Best of the Bloodletting

  • Deppen/Jay was another great example of why sometimes the most violent weapons we own are our hands. These two brutally beat each other down and ended it with sickening cage bumps. A perfect example of limited weapon fighting.
  • Ruben Steel just got one of the best debuts of ICW. Not only did he win but he and Satu Jinn had an incredible bloodbath. I don’t smoke but that’s the type of fight you’d need a cigarette after.
  • Besides the absolute comedic gold at the start of the match, AKIRA vs Kirk delivered on all fronts. It was a great bout, handled the interference well and once again AKIRA goes so hard, he loses focus and loses. It’s not the result I wanted but when it’s handled this well, I can’t complain.
  • Neil Diamond Cutter is one tough mother-fucker. That main event match was a straight-up car wreck and I loved it. The Honey Badger never takes the easy road in these matches, if he’s going to be murdered, he gets murdered in style.

What Comes Next?

  • Ruben Steel had an excellent debut in the Pit, can he carry that momentum on with his first match in the chains with the Death Samurai AKIRA?
  • Justin Kyle and Bruce Santee are now 1-1 in fights, you know neither is going to be happy with that so we have a third war awaiting us between the pair.
  • With everyone already fighting, who is going to survive tonight’s matches. So many guys have already fought and SHLAK will have to battle an entirely fresh Alex Ocean after the beating he took from Bentley.
  • John Wayne Murdoch is going in injured to tonight’s main event. Brandon Kirk cleverly targeted the leg in his post-match assault. Can this soften up the Duke enough for Kirk to leave Florida victorious?

All images courtesy of Red Shoes Media, ICW NHB Twitter, HeyyImRob, Queen of the Indies Tiffany

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