Welcome back to MLW Fusion. This week, CONTRA attempts to take the spotlight once again as they have not one but two title matches. They still rule the Heavyweight division through Jacob Fatu but now, they were looking to rule the tag division too as they sent CONTRA soldiers Daivari and Simon Gotch after Los Parks. Alongside that, they will have to fight off Jordan Oliver as he gets his shot at the MLW World Heavyweight Title. Plus, we’ll see Calvin Tankman battle Laredo Kid, the return of Parrow, and the fallout of Filthy Island. Let’s get into the action.

MLW Tag Team Titles: Los Parks (LA Park & El Hijo de LA Park w/Salina de la Renta) defeated CONTRA Unit (Daivari & Simon Gotch) via Spear on Daivari

Up first was the MLW Tag Title match. Los Parks would look to keep Azteca Underground stocked with titles as they did battle with the power-hungry CONTRA Unit. It would be LA Park and El Hijo LA Park battling Daivari and Simon Gotch in a battle of tag team supremacy. The match started with a war of words and Daivari imposing his technical will on Hijo. Daivari got his legs locked up so Gotch made the save and Park sent him tumbling to the floor. The distraction paid off and Daivari worked the legs of Hijo with stomps and a Figure Four. Hijo once again regained control but Gotch was there to ruin it. He took another tumble to the outside courtesy of LA Park and ran back to his corner as Daivari once again took advantage. Gotch broke up a third technical battle, breaking up a bridging stretch with a stomp and Park took him to the outside for a brawl. CONTRA beatdown Los Parks outside and continued to push the numbers game inside the ring too. Park took out both CONTRA members and Hijo hit both with a double dropkick. They rolled outside and got hit by double dives. Hijo and Gotch got into a strike battle and used his high-speed high-flying kicks and dives to send Gotch outside again. Park and Daivari got into a unique striking bout of their own and Gotch broke up yet another submission attempt. CONTRA took full control and dodged another double dropkick. LA Park Jr came out to distract the ref and Injustice snuck behind to turn a double-team on Hijo into a double bulldog on CONTRA. Hijo tagged and Park KO’ed Daivari with a spear for the win. This was a nice bit of storytelling as we got a fun match that saw the anti-CONTRA factions band together.

Parrow defeated Jason Dugan via Murder Bomb

Something fearsome this way comes. The one-man Demolition Machine Parrow is back, and he is out for the MLW roster’s blood. His first victim, a quick snack in the form of Jason Dugan. He climbed into the ring and swatted away Dugan as the smaller guy tried to attack before the bell. He rushed Parrow again but was met with a clothesline. Parrow caught Dugan out of the air and lobbed him into the turnbuckles with a fallaway slam. Dugan struggled to his feet but Parrow was waiting and drove him back into the mat with a chokeslam. He dragged him up a final time and ended things with the Murder Bomb. He had killed one person, now he was coming for someone more his size, Mil Muertes. Things just got even more stacked in the MLW heavyweight division.

Calvin Tankman defeated Laredo Kid via Tankman Driver

Laredo Kid might no longer be the AAA Cruiserweight champion but he’s still here to fight and make a name for himself. Unfortunately for him, MLW seems determined to try and kill him as they put him in a match with the Heavyweight Hustle, Calvin Tankman. He had the speed advantage and the experience advantage but could that trump the raw power of Tankman? They started with lock-ups that Tankman obviously won and Laredo went to the legs. He sent Tankman flying with a head-scissor and Tankman sent him flying with a pounce. Tankman took advantage and started throwing Laredo around the ring. Tankman hammered him down, then after a breather outside, Laredo fired back. Tankman continued to maul him and dropped him with a brainbuster. Laredo battled out of the corner and downed him with a missile dropkick. Tankman rolled out but Laredo followed with a diving crossbody. He rolled Tankman back in but the big man threw him off at two. Laredo dropped elbows but still couldn’t keep Tankman down. Tankman got angry and nearly took Laredo’s jaw off with a back-elbow. He drove Laredo into the mat with a powerbomb and tried for the hidden blade elbow. Laredo dodged and assaulted him with forearms before blasting Tankman with a diving forearm. Tankman kicked out again and hit Laredo with a spinebuster into the hidden blade and Tankman Driver for the win. Once again, Tankman had an excellent match against another high-grade luchador. He wants the big fights and thanked everyone who showed him love. He’s gunning for the World Heavyweight Title to feed his family and take that glory.

Between the matches:

  • The Von Erichs addressed all the wrongdoings of Team Filthy and set up a dream card where Filthy Tom Lawlor was ripped up by a hammerhead shark.
  • Salina de la Renta and Alicia Atout were having an interview. Well, no Salina took control of it and demanded that Promociones Dorado were coming after the Middleweight Title. She later talked to the Dynasty, taking offense at Salina calling Holliday her boy toy. Hammerstone didn’t want to hear any of it and promised the Dynasty would take care of Salina’s army. Though Holliday was quick to dismiss any feelings for Alicia.
  • Filthy Tom Lawlor complained about the fallout of Filthy Island and the attack by the Von Erichs and Low Ki. He dared one of the little posse to challenge the king of the jungle fights, Kevin Ku in singles action.
  • Bu Ku Dao challenged TJP to a match after finally snapping at TJP’s bullying ways.
  • PWI tag team top 5: Dirty Blondes, Injustice, Violence is Forever, CONTRA Unit, and number 1, The Von Erichs.
  • Gino Medina had some advice for Gringo Loco about changing his character. He mocked Loco for not being a real luchador and tainting the Gringo Loco name. He was coming for Gringo “rip-off”

MLW World Heavyweight Title: Jacob Fatu (w/Daivari) defeated Jordan Oliver (w/Myron Reed) via Moonsault

Last but not least, the main event. Injustice was coming to take out CONTRA and the heavyweight Jordan Oliver was going to be the man to try and do it. The two groups had sniped at each other since the world locked down and now was the big match to see who would come away with the gold. Oliver instantly dived onto Fatu and pummelled him around ringside and in the corner, then escaped a powerbomb to knee him in the back of the head. Fatu bailed, and Oliver went for another dive, but Fatu caught him into a Samoan Drop on the floor. Fatu stomped Oliver and downed Oliver again with a vicious forearm. He dropped elbows and continued to knockdown Oliver like he was nothing. Oliver craftily took out Fatu’s knee but Fatu just got pissed and threw Oliver over the top rope into a camera. Reed tried to fire up Oliver but Fatu killed that fire instantly by biting at Oliver’s fingers. Fatu continued to maul Oliver and tanked another comeback flurry to superkick Oliver out of a float-over. Oliver clung to Fatu for dear life but Fatu just continued to beat him down. Oliver finally got a break with corner kicks and dodged a body attack. Daivari caused a distraction but it only aided Oliver as Reed grabbed Fatu’s leg and Oliver superkicked him in the jaw. He kicked Fatu outside again but Fatu caught him out of another dive and dumped him on the apron with a backbreaker. Fatu took himself out attacking Oliver in the corner again and he teetered trying to pull off the moonsault. Oliver took advantage and threw him to the mat with a top-rope German. He hit Fatu with a pop-up cutter and landed the Clout Cutter. Fatu stood back up, and Oliver gave him more kicks, but Fatu caught another Clout Cutter into a powerbomb and drilled him with another Samoan Drop into the Moonsault for the win.

Jordan Oliver had put up a hell of a fight and taken a hell of beating at the hands of CONTRA and they didn’t stop post-match. Both Reed and Oliver were put in body bags and carted away by the Sentai Death Squad. At least they would have, only Calvin Tankman came out to beatdown CONTRA. He took out the Death Squad, Daivari, Gotch and even sent Fatu flying with a pounce. Heavyweight Hustle is coming for CONTRA and it’s going to be glorious. Next week, we’ll see the fallout of all this and we get another massive title match as LA Park will battle for even more gold against Alex Hammerstone. That is going to be wild.

All images courtesy of MLW Twitter, Video courtesy of MLW YouTube

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