Welcome back to Paradigm Pro. This week, we have another battle for the Midwest Territory Championship chain as the interim champion Ken Broadway has to defend his new title against the original challenger, Calvin Tankman. Alongside that, Jody and his magic elbow pad defend the Battleborn title against Charlie Kruel, Nolan Edward battles Dread King Logan, Nikeem Avent finally gets a singles bout to show what he’s learned from Myron Reed against a murderous opponent, and Don’t Die Miles does battle with Flash Thompson. Let’s get into the action.

Alex Kane defeated Nikeem Avent (w/Myron Reed) via Mark of Kane

Don’t try to guilt-trip J-Rose into giving your young lion a match, this is what will happen. Nikeem Avent got his first singles bout of the series and it was against none other than the Suplex Assassin Alex Kane. It’s not that I don’t believe in Reed’s teaching but he was going to die here. Kane instantly launched Avent with an overhead belly to belly but couldn’t follow-up as Reed caused a distraction outside and Avent dived onto him. Avent continued to impress with a kick combo into an inverted slam but it only got two. Kane smirked, gave Avent a Taz-Plex, and ended the match with the Mark of Kane. Just like that, it was over. He remains undefeated thus far and Reed beat the hell out of him for it, smashing him in the back of the head with the title. Over the course of the series, I’ve really become a fan of Alex Kane, his work is damn fun to watch.

Don’t Die Miles defeated Flash Thompson via Top Rope Frankensteiner

Next up was Miles’ second contest on the way to his title fight. The Forgotten Fight Team Golden Gloves fighter, Flash Thompson. Miles had already beaten one member of the Forgotten Fight Team, could he do the same again here? The opening stretch was a nice mix of back and forth as Thompson refused to take Miles seriously and Miles proved him wrong. He grew tired of Thompson’s stalling and attacked on the outside, taking his jaw off with an apron superkick. However, this aggression would be his downfall as Thompson caught him out of the air and hammered him against the ring post before powerbombing him onto the apron. From there, Thompson took his time “respectfully” beating down Miles around the ring. Miles continued to show all the heart in the world and mounted another comeback, taking out Thompson with a diving crossbody but it only got two. Thompson quickly regained control and planted Miles again with a powerslam. He once again, went on a streak of overpowering Miles until he took too much time jaw-jacking at the ref and Miles rocked him with a springboard cutter. Thompson put a stop to this fire with a vicious gourdbuster and rising knee. He made the mistake of going to the top rope and Miles stunned him with a step-up enzuigiri. He brought Thompson crashing down with a top rope Frankensteiner and took the win. Miles had gotten revenge on the Forgotten Fight Team a second time and taken out one of the guys who continuously mocked and bullied him. Miles refuses to die and he is coming for that title whilst elevating everyone he fights in the process.

VERZUS Battleborn Title: Jody the Wrestler defeated Charlie Kruel via Rolling Elbow

It was time for another Jody title defence. J-Rose had grown suspicious of Jody’s magical elbow pad and had sanctioned another match since he could find nothing wrong with it. However, someone was close to revealing Jody’s secrets as she could sense the dark energy coming from the elbow pad. He now had to silence Charlie Kruel, the queen of Pop-Tarts and the keeper of Masuku. The being that had given him the elbow pad had decreed she be taken out. They had a Pop-Tart eating contest to start and Jody started choking. Kruel gave him the Heimlich and dropped him on his head with a hugging Saito. She assaulted him with corner knees and after a hellish war cry, charged him with double knees. He rolled into a seating position so Kruel blasted him with chest kicks and punctuated it with a vicious head kick. Jody kicked out and Kruel realised she had no more Pop-Tarts left. She told Masuku to get some more and turned into a massive elbow from Jody. Kruel was knocked out and Jody had followed his orders from the original owner of the elbow pad. This was just plain mean, all she wanted to do was give you Pop-Tarts and take your title.

Nolan Edward defeated Dread King Logan via Liability Headbutt

Okay, I feel bad writing about this one. Nolan Edward is on the warpath at the moment. He’s attacked J-Rose obliterated his Detroit Punks and now he was about to battle the Dread King Logan. Only it wasn’t a long epic battle, it was a total brawl. Even J-Rose didn’t have the energy he normally does for this one as Edward’s presence just drained him. Edward booted J-Rose out of the ring, brawled around the inside and outside of the ring with Logan, then Logan attacked Edward with a door piece. The pair traded broken door shots and Logan went berserker mode with overhand strikes. Edward threw him into the steps and after tanking some hair-pulling, Logan threw Edward off them too. He chopped down Edward on the steps and tried for a running senton but Edward moved and Logan nearly broke the steps crashing onto them. Edward dropped him on his back with a Drill Bit on the concrete and dragged him back in the ring. The bell rung and Edward lawn-darted Logan onto his own entrance chair. He killed off Logan with the Liability headbutt and took the win. Logan had given Edward the exact violence he seems to crave right now but he hadn’t come away the winner this time. I don’t know what has gotten into Edward as of late but he wants to kill everyone, especially J-Rose.

Midwest Territory Championship Chain: Calvin Tankman defeated Ken Broadway via Tankman Driver

Last but not least the main event. It was time for a kaiju battle, two monsters of the ring clashing for the Midwest Territory Championship Chain. Broadway had won the Chain in last week’s battle royal but now, he needed to keep it against the original challenger, Heavyweight Hustle Calvin Tankman. This was going to be something else. Broadway tried to play with Tankman but it was all business for Tankman as he chopped the soul out of Broadway. He came back into the fight by dropkicking Tankman to the outside and made the mistake of trying to land on him. Tankman hoisted him into a powerbomb position and slammed him against the railing before bombing him on the apron. He continued to smash Broadway into the rails and tried to break his spine with stomps. This beatdown continued with Tankman systematically and sadistically breaking down Broadway’s spine whilst trash-talking him. Unfortunately, he got too comfortable and Broadway started striking back, catching Tankman in the back of the head with a rewind enzuigiri. He threw his back out trying to Suplex Tankman and Tankman floored him with a forearm. Broadway rocked Tankman with a back elbow and caught him with a Hurricanrana. He charged the stunned Tankman but ran into a brick wall as Tankman didn’t budge. The pair traded further and Broadway finally got Tankman with the backdrop. The one-legged moonsault followed but Tankman still proved indestructible. Broadway threw more strikes but Tankman launched him with a misdirection pounce. Both men fought to the top and Broadway hit that Bread-and-Butter combo. He followed up with another moonsault but Tankman kicked out again. Tankman caught the Cashflow kick, blasted Broadway with multiple lethal back elbows, and won the match with the Tankman Driver. He is your new Champion chain holder and won it in an exceptional match full of as he so eloquently said Big man shit. This was a happy way to end the show… it didn’t happen. Seconds later in audio form, we got Tankman’s post-match comments and Broadway attacked to steal the chain back. J-Rose told the investigator the promotion upholds the rules of the streets and we finally learned who the mysterious investigator was, Vin Gerard of IWTV. This mystery just keeps getting weirder and weirder as J-Rose learned everything had been in front of him the entire time. Support your favourites and ask the questions.

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