Welcome back to No Peace Underground! We’re back in the Soundbar for another night of no-ring deathmatch action. It’s been a while since we’ve seen the broken glass shine on the Soundbar stage so you just knew the company was going to go all out. On tonight’s tableau of terror we’ll see, Parrow vs Tony Deppen, Ruben Steel vs Neil Diamond Cutter, Shane Mercer vs AJ Gray, tag team action from the Rejects, and more on the way to the main event showcase between Atticus Cogar and G-Raver. Plus, Jordan Oliver was hovering about doing whatever he felt like. Let’s waste no more time and get into the violence.

Parrow defeated Tony Deppen via Car Fire Thunder Driver

We start with the big bad Gay Agenda. By that, I mean Parrow is about to kill someone again. This time, his victim was Tony Deppen. I have a feeling this wasn’t going to be as easy for Parrow as some of his other murders have been but Deppen was going to have to claw his way to victory here. Oh, and Jordan Oliver had come in to be the guest ref. Deppen once again ran down the no-ring and weapons, claiming he and Parrow were going to wrestle. Deppen went for a lock-up so Parrow grappled and threw him through a door. Deppen attacked Parrow with tubes, breaking his own code but it had no effect and Parrow powerbombed him against a wall. Parrow continued to throw Deppen around the Soundbar and gave Deppen his wish by putting him in a torture rack. He dumped Deppen on the stage and set up some doors. He chopped Deppen against the wall and locked in a bearhug. Deppen broke the hold will a tube to the head and carved it into Parrow’s head. He leaped at the stunned monster and drove him off the stage, through the doors onto the floor with a crossbody. Deppen bounced plunder and forearms of Parrow’s back but couldn’t keep the big man down. He avoided being thrown again and chopped down Parrow before blasting him with a door. Parrow caught a chair thrown at him and smashed it into Deppen’s back. The fight went to the streets as they brawled around the bar, Deppen getting bounced off a cameraman. A car pulled up and Parrow threw Deppen onto it.  He nearly killed Deppen with a keg but Deppen dodged and smashed it into Parrow’s back. He tried to run Parrow over but Parrow dragged him out of the car and chokeslammed him on the hood. He hit Deppen with a fire thunder driver on the car roof and Deppen collapsed to the floor for a three-count out there in the streets. This was a wild start and great fun to watch. Deppen put up one hell of a fight but Parrow killed him the same as any other opponent.

Ruben Steel defeated Neil Diamond Cutter via Fuckery Rail Rolling DVD

Up next was a battle of the musical madmen. It would be heavy metal vs Sweet Caroline as Ruben Steel took on Neil Diamond Cutter. Steel had been on a Florida hot streak breaking his way through all other opponents, could he best the resilient Honey Badger Cutter too? Cutter had stepped in because SHLAK had been injured. They had a slugfest, then Steel broke a bundle across Cutter’s ribs. He carved up Cutter and crushed a TV onto him with a double knee drop. He continued to dump the TV on Cutter and gave him a gusset to the head. Cutter stunned Steel with a jawbreaker and drove a gusset into his head, then did the same with tubes. Steel chopped tubes onto Cutter and after a strike battle, Cutter kicked Steel down for the tube senton. He took out the staple-gun and started stapling dollars to various parts of Steel’s body. He set-up a door but Steel put him through it with a Butterfly Suplex. He dodged another bundle strike and kicked it into Steel, then headbutted him to the floor for more tube shots. Cutter threw a guardrail at Steel before setting it up on some chairs and nailed Steel with a double stomp tube senton on the stage. The aerial antics continued with a moonsault off a chair and after another barrage of strikes a Cutter onto the guardrail. Cutter set it up a second time and added tubes to it. He took too long and Steel suplexed him onto it. He set the rail up for the third time and added a LEGO™-covered TV and tubes to it. They had one final stage fight and Steel took the win with a rolling DVD onto the guardrail and fuckery. It was a spectacular end to a spectacular fight. Steel is 3 for 3 in Florida and Cutter once again has to pick up the pieces of a loss after coming so close to victory.

Jordan Oliver defeated Nolan Edward & Wolfe Taylor via Fast Count Roll-Up on Taylor

Nolan Edward and Wolfe Taylor are both quite similar. Both come from rough environments and have a lot to prove. Taylor had been gone for a year and now he wanted to show what he could do whilst Edward just keeps trying to show how tough he is. They were now going to have a one-on-one battle to show No Peace what they were capable of. Edward already shocked people by coming out to the Carnies’ music, could he also shock his opponent too? Taylor and Edward started by grappling around the pit and got into a striking bout. Taylor speared Edward into the guardrail and hurt his hand hitting him in the face. He tried to fire up the jabs but Edward grabbed an arm and launched him into the railing. Edward stomped his arm as it was trapped in the railing and the striking exchange heated up again. The fight went to the stage and Edward stomped Taylor’s hand into the wood. Taylor tried to fight back again but Edward trapped his arm in a chair and dropped a knee. He suplexed Taylor onto the chair and the pair fell to the pit where Taylor threw Edward into the rail and stage before trying for a schoolboy. He used the stage for an Acid Drop and another strike fest broke out. Things went from bad to worse for Taylor as Edward stunned him with a headbutt and lawn-darted him into a pillar. He followed up with a Sleeper Suplex through a door and set up a second door in the crowd. The pair brawled into the crowd and Taylor rocked Edward with a rolling elbow, then smashed him off a cage wall. He set Edward on the door and climbed to the balcony. He hit an elbow drop through the door and here’s where Oliver came into it as he snuck in and tried to pin both, making the match a triple-threat. Oliver smashed tubes on both, gave them a crotch chop, and tried for the pin again. He retrieved his ref shirt, put it on, and fast counted a roll-up on Taylor.  Oliver had hijacked an excellent match and given himself a cheap win. He said he’d do whatever the fuck he wanted in No Peace and he’s really living up to that. Can we get a proper Edward/Taylor match at some point?

AJ Gray defeated Shane Mercer via Fuckery Pile Chokeslam

Time for a big man battle. I love the powerhouse deathmatch style and these two perfectly personify that exact style. Mercer has killed most people who challenge him to deathmatches, as has Gray. This was going to blow minds and break bodies, but who would be left standing when the spooky dust settled? We started with a big boy chop off and started throwing bombs. They got in each other’s face and Mercer launched Gray with an Exploder. He threw Gray to the floor and broke a bundle on his back. He dragged Gray along the guardrail and bit into Gray’s head as Gray tried to claw at his eyes. Gray caught him with a cartwheel kick off the stage and gave Mercer a bundle to the head and back. Mercer smashed back with another tube to the head and threw Gray into the crowd. He picked up Gray into a Stalling Suplex and bashed him off the wall into a gourdbuster on the railing. Gray tried to battle back again but Mercer picked him up into a Military Press and dumped him on a barbed-wire bundle board. Mercer punched a tube into Gray’s head and Gray smashed another bundle on him. He carved Mercer up again and powerbombed him through a door. A glass pane was set up and a second was stacked on top of it. The two tanked door shots and more forearms to fight back to the stage. Doors were added to the glass structure and Mercer tried for Moonsault and Battery. Gray broke free, smashed Mercer with a bundle, and ended the match by chokeslamming Mercer through the fuckery tower. This rocked. As I said, I have a love of the powerhouse style and these two just beat the shit out of each other for ten minutes or so. It was brutal, it was physical and it gave Gray one of his toughest No Peace fights yet.

The Rejects (John Wayne Murdoch & Reed Bentley) defeated Nondescripttagteamname (Lucky 13 & Conor Claxton) via Reject’s Combo Glass Pane Regal-Plex

Who’s ready for tag action? It would be everyone’s favourites the Rejects taking on nope not writing that one again. it was Conor Claxton and Lucky 13, two deathmatch veterans taking them on. This would break out everywhere as all of these guys love to throw down. Both teams started by throwing hands and Claxton broke Bentley on a bundle-covered stage. Claxton continued to glass Bentley whilst Murdoch went careening into the guardrail and ate 13’s fists. Momentum shifted and The Rejects went to work killing Claxton with fists and stabbing up 13. Claxton got a stabbing too and 13 got glassed. Bentley looked like he wanted to kill Claxton as he shanked him and cut him all over with a knife. They hung him out with a Magic Killer on the guardrail and 13 tried to jump Bentley with a tube knee but Murdoch cut him off before he could do too much damage with a tube to the head. Claxton took a trip through a construction barrier as Jordan Oliver took over commentary, again doing whatever the fuck he wanted. 13 became the ball in light-tube ping pong, then took out both Rejects with a Tornado DDT through tubes and onto tubes. He upped the ante by double stomping Bentley’s head into a chair as Claxton pelted Murdoch to keep him at bay and superkicked Bentley through the chair stuck to his head. Murdoch came back with a vengeance and Bentley attacked 13 with a double tube buster sword. They then used the hurting 13 as a tool to DDT Claxton onto the hardwood of the stage. Claxton kicked out and 13 hit Murdoch with a corkscrew senton off the stage. Murdoch swatted him away and joined Bentley in fighting Claxton on the stage. They dropped Claxton through a light-tube hammock and fought off 13’s last gasp to beat him with a Deep South Destroyer into a Regal-Plex through a glass pane. This was a hurricane of total fucking anarchy. The Rejects had a fairly dominant showing but we got to see some creative destruction from the veterans. It was just great fun all-round to watch.

G-Raver defeated Atticus Cogar via Fuck Your Backbreaker

Last but not least, the main event. G-Raver has been on a tear since coming back to wrestling. He has set his sights on 44OH! and now he would get a chance to single-out Atticus Cogar. It would be a battle of tattoo needles vs skewers in the battle of the painful pointy objects. This was going to bring the bar down. After what felt like the world’s longest stare down the pair finally threw hands. Raver threw Cogar into the guardrail and blasted him with a kick. Cogar kicked back and bit into Raver’s skull. He attacked Raver with cake trays and Raver rained down the forearms. He set up a stabbing chair contraption and launched Cogar up to the stage. Cogar slid a chair into his leg and superkicked a second into his head, sending Raver tumbling into his contraption. Cogar set up a door and bit into Raver again but a cocky skewer attempt saw him get kneed in the face. He kicked Cogar into the crowd and tried to stab the skewers into the door. Cogar recovered and kicked the skewers away to put Raver through the door with an Air Raid Crash. He brought a ladder into the equation and bridged it between the stage and the guardrail. Raver tossed Cogar aside and rearranged the ladder again. They fought on the stage and Cogar launched Raver onto the ladder, watching as he crashed off it to the concrete below. Cogar brought out another door and balanced it on the guardrail. Raver reversed a Suplex attempt and unloaded more violent elbows on Cogar. He shunted Cogar onto the door and pulled off the biggest daredevil trick of the night with a running Swanton off the stage through the door, scraping past the guardrail. They struggled to their feet and Raver set up another door. He hit Cogar with another sickening knee and Cogar fought off a Tiger Driver with a spin kick. He skewered Raver and Raver crawled across the stage to retrieve a pack of needles. He suckered in Cogar and stabbed the needles into Cogar’s head before the pair removed both with a headbutt. Talk about mutual masochism. Both men collapsed after more headbutts and a slugfest broke out. Raver reversed the Brain Haemorrhage, hung him out on the stage, and hit the twisting fuck your backbreaker through the final door for the win. Cogar had been eliminated and Raver came away with another big win. This wasn’t the bloodbath some of the matches were but it was a well-paced hardcore bout with a lot of character and nightmare spots. What an excellent main event.

That wasn’t it though. Raver was stood on the stage, recovering from the war he had just taken part in when the lights went out. A jaunty piano tune played and a robed figure clutching roses came out. The figure, a woman with a painted face, got on one knee and offered the roses to Raver. Father James Mitchell, who had already delivered a sermon on death, appeared on the screen ahead and told Raver that Su Yung, the Undead Bride had chosen him to be her next victim and that the two would meet at the Collective. Raver happily accepted and we will see a dream fight most of us never considered before. Thus, ended one hell of a show full of violence, suffering, and excellent wrestling. We also had excellent promo work for Kit Osbourne, commentary work by Larry Legend, SHLAK, and Joey Janela, and obviously, all the wrestlers putting a shift in. All signs point to Tampa and I cannot wait to see everything that goes down there.

All images courtesy of No Peace Twitter, Drew Russ, IsThisWrestling, ThatRoseTattoo

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