Welcome back to GCW. It’s been a minute since the 24-hour stream of insanity and now the company was back at the Showboat for another classic. We were opening the show with a no-rope barbed-wire match between G-Raver and Jimmy Lloyd, chasing that with matches like Calvin Tankman vs Brayden Lee, Alex Colon vs Nolan Edward, and Tony Deppen vs Ken Broadway before ending the night with Rickey Shane Page vs Joey Janela in a fight for the GCW World Title and the control of Spring Break. Let’s get into the action…

No-Rope Barbed-Wire: Jimmy Lloyd defeated G-Raver via Barbed-Wire Piledriver

Up first was the hottest grudge burning right now. G-Raver was back after over a year on the shelf and was making Jimmy Lloyd suffer for everything he had caused. He’d already extracted a pound of flesh in a hellacious I Quit Match, now they were going to up the ante with a no-rope barbed-wire match. With Matt Tremont on commentary calling the action, this was going to be something wild. We had the barbed-wire nets, boards around the ring, and other devilish contraptions littered everywhere. It was time to get violent. There was no wasted motion as within seconds Lloyd had been sent into the wire with a Cazadora arm-drag. They both kept crashing off the wire and quickly worked to cut away some of the wire. Lloyd cut away one of the sides and Raver sent him crashing back to the floor with a Tope Con Hilo. Raver went after Lloyd’s arm with the wire and the cutters before crashing it into the mat. Things went from bad to worse as he crushed a barbed-wire board onto the arm with a senton. Lloyd swung back but Raver used the wire to hit a hanging flatliner and kicked him to the floor again. They fought around a Suplex and Lloyd dumped Raver out of the ring and through a wired board with a running Fire-Thunder Driver. Raver wasn’t out yet though and dropped Lloyd with a half and half. He pelted Lloyd with chairs and drove him crashing through the wire and wired doors to the floor with a step-up Meteora. They both fired up with strikes and Lloyd scored a two-count with a package piledriver. Lloyd matched Raver’s craziness and dumped Raver through the wire to the floor with a rolling DVD. Lloyd hit another piledriver and a DVD but couldn’t keep Raver down. Lloyd made one final wire pile and spiked Raver off of it with another piledriver for the win. This was insane. It was a great way to open the show and might just be one of the best no-rope barbed-wire matches I’ve seen. These two knocked it out of the park. At 1-1 in this feud, I’m scared to think what the rubber match will be.

Mance Warner defeated Charles Mason via Door-DT

Up next was something a bit more controlled. The ropes were back but we had two psychopaths in the ring. It would be the brawling master of light beers against the ultra-rich asphyxiation enthusiast Charles Mason. This was going to a fight and knowing how Mason acts, an insult contest too. Mason had already run down the crowd, now Mance was going to run him down, with lariats and doors. Mance worked to give the crowd what they wanted to see by breaking him off everything in sight from the floor to doors to chairs. When the bell rang, Mason had been smashed around the floor and finally got some knocks in on Mance. Both hit hard and got hit harder until eventually Mance took control and smashed Mason with chairs and chokeslammed him through a door. A door-DT later and Mason was out. The super-rich psychopath had been battered down and we got a win for the beer-loving everyman. Even if he is a dick, I’m always up for seeing more Mason in GCW.

Calvin Tankman defeated Brayden Lee via Top Rope Samoan Driver

Okay, this one was going to break people’s minds. Brayden Lee is capable of all kinds of freakish athletic feats and now he was going to be put in the ring with another man capable of all manner of freakishly athletic things, the Heavyweight Hustle, Calvin Tankman. Lee seemed to find it easier to bring the fight to Tankman than some but Tankman quickly reminded Lee who he was fighting by dropping him on the apron with an F5. Tankman took his time dismantling Lee whilst Lee tried to come back with his brand of flipping and flying but it wasn’t always effective as he either missed the mark or got caught in the ropes. To his credit, he rebounded every time and nearly put Tankman away with a Shooting Star DDT. As I said, this was an incredibly athletic bout between the two and despite some of the beats missing, it was still incredibly fun to watch as either guy could break out a big move at any moment. The end was a total car crash as both guys were fighting on the top and Tankman murdered him with a Samoan Driver Style move off the top. Tankman conquered here but if nothing else Lee showed how crazy he is in-ring and how willing he is to throw caution to the wind.

Atticus Cogar defeated EFFY via Skewered Brain Haemorrhage

This one had a lot riding on it. EFFY is the heart and soul of the company. Everyone loves EFFY and now 44OH! had set their sights on him once again. It would be SGC vs 44OH! with Cogar leaving a very special offer on the table, EFFY was invited to join 44OH! EFFY bitchslapped the offer away and pummelled Cogar. He looked to dive but Cogar threw a bundle at him, not handling the rejection well. Cogar went to work with glass and skewers to really make EFFY play for turning him down. EFFY took the punishment and continued to try and beat Cogar at his own game. An Air Raid Crash on a tube chair squashed that comeback. We got more tube action from EFFY as he continued to tank Cogar’s punishment and show the Silver Teeth Satan he could be a deathmatch guy too. Cogar kicked low and gave EFFY another skewering before killing him off with the Brain Haemorrhage. EFFY had been beaten in a bloody bout and 44OH! rushed the ring. Rickey Shane Page gave him one final chance to accept the generous offer they had given him. EFFY accepted the offer and betrayed GCW and the SGC to pick up the green and black goon squad colours with a massive hug to RSP. It’s a dark day for GCW. Cogar also killed it on the mic to call out MASADA.

Alex Colon defeated Nolan Edward via Camel Clutch

Let the violence continue with one hell of a killer match. Alex Colon is the kingmaker in GCW. If you get his respect, you’ve proved yourself. Now, it was Nolan Edward’s turn to face the kingmaker. Edward lives by the rules of No Flinch and KOBK. SHLAK was in the commentary booth after suffering a knee injury and we were going to get one violent spectacle here. it was glass panes of pain and Edward was going to feel every bit of that glass. Colon mercilessly cut-up Edward with glass, tubes, and miscellaneous plunder he stumbled across on the outside. Edward stayed true to his name and didn’t flinch, bringing the fight back to Colon and driving him through a glass pane with the Drill Bit. It was a savage glass-based killing as Colon murdered Edward and Edward murdered Colon right back in an effort to earn not only victory but everyone’s respect. Edward shocked everyone by kicking out of a glass pane double stomp and the glass pane double knees. The back and forth continued at a rapid pace as Edward kept up with Colon to everyone’s surprise. He even kicked out of the top rope Spanish Fly. Colon was livid and tapped out Edwards with the Camel Clutch seconds later but the message had been sent. Edward proved to be one tough son of a bitch and earned everyone’s respect. He impressed Colon and as such, he’s earned a spot at Planet Death against no Gods only SHLAK! What an amazing bloody match, incredible action from start to finish with Edward going all out to prove himself before being thrown into the meatgrinder.

Tony Deppen defeated Ken Broadway via Crossface Chicken-Wing Mutilator

After intermission, we got the return of some more traditional wrestling. Tony Deppen the non-deathmatch gatekeeper against the cashflow king Ken Broadway. This was going to be another excellent showcase of technique from Deppen and power from Broadway. Deppen ambushed Broadway and nearly killed himself on a dive, then Broadway did the same. The pair turned out to be pretty evenly-matched throughout the match as Deppen had to find creative ways to work around Broadway’s power advantage. Deppen tried to keep Broadway grounded and did his usual trash-talking as he did so. Now that he’s on ROH he seems to have been more vocal about his displeasure of his outlaw show bookings. Broadway tried to fight up and work his own counterplay until it came down to pure slugging. They both surprised one another with their technicality until they both got angry and went for pure striking. In the end, Deppen knocked Broadway loopy and choked him out with a Crossface Chicken-Wing Mutilator. It was a unique submission and took the last of the life out of the exceptionally talented Ken Broadway. Hopefully, these two get another fight against each other at some point.

Jordan Oliver defeated AJ Gray via Jack-Knife roll-up

Up next was Jordan Oliver once again looking to prove how good he is. He was out to beat one of the GCW aces, the MF’N Truth AJ Gray. Both guys have power, we know that but Oliver was still out-sized by Gray. This was a rematch from a previous show as Oliver lost to Gray last time but he was a new man now and was on a hot win-streak. They started with a technical war and traded between grappling, bridging, and power games. It continued to go back and forth as the two heated up and started targeting body parts. Hard strikes met harder counters as Gray even bust out a Moonsault. Both guys beat the absolute hell out of each other as Gray unloaded all the hard strikes we know him for and Oliver kept coming back for more. Oliver started really working the legs and tried to high fly but Gray had an answer, dumping him with a superplex. Oliver did the same with a top rope German. Gray scored a near-fall with a devastating lariat and Oliver used all his back and leg work to try for the Boston Crab. In the end, a jack-knife pin got the win and Oliver continues his winning streak. This was an exceptional pure wrestling match. It had a brilliant mix of technical, power, and just vicious striking. I could have happily watched more of this. Though Jordan Oliver called out Lio Rush and now, I really want to see that.

Allie Kat defeated Levi Everett via Laricat

This was originally meant to be SHLAK vs Allie Kat but as I mentioned earlier, SHLAK is currently dealing with a bad knee so Levi Everett had stepped in to take on the Laricat herself. The Amish champion of churning answered her open Meowlenge to battle the Kat. We got a fun little match from the pair as we saw Amish raw power meet Lucha cat and then hard-hitting cat style. It was one of Allie Kat’s more dominant performances that had nice mixes of slow-dancing, power, and athleticism. Everett did come close to winning with the Butter Churn but he made the mistake of going up top. A minute later, the Laricat connected and Allie Kat had racked up a big win on a mystery challenger. It was just a pleasant little match to break up the high drama that had come before it and the horror show that was about to follow.

Rickey Shane Page (w/44OH!) defeated Joey Janela via Chris Dickinson Interference

Last but not least, the main event. Joey Janela had put everything on the line for a shot at the GCW World Title. He was giving up the rights to control Spring Break if he lost. He would have to go all out if he wanted to best RSP at his best. 44OH! might not be able to touch him per the match stipulation but they were still lurking there at ringside, EFFY there to rub salt in the wounds. RSP started with his usual stalling and showed off his distinct power advantage. The pair went through a series of technical exchanges and RSP sucker-kicked Janela out of a knockdown exchange. The strikes came out and Janela took out RSP and the first and second row of chairs with a dive. They brawled into the crowd and Janela dove over the bar onto RSP again. He looked to hit RSP again around the merch area but RSP launched him across a merch table and Suplexed him onto a second. RSP brought the fight back to the ring and beat down Janela further with stomps and the turnbuckles. He launched Janela around the ring and after a series of chops nearly decapitated Janela with a lariat. The murder continued for both as RSP continued his mauling but Janela also dropped him with a superplex. He continued to pull out all the stops with an Asai Moonsault but it looked to hurt his leg on the way down. Janela put his back at risk with a chair senton but RSP answered back with a massive enzuigiri and set up a door. He then showed off his athleticism with a rope walk frog splash that crushed Janela through the door for a two-count. The two continued to fight through the exhaustion with slaps and running attacks until both were flat on the mat. A chair duel broke out and Janela Sabu’ed RSP with another. He set up a plunder pile and superkicked a bloody RSP after sampling his blood. He went to the top but RSP followed and dumped Janela onto the plunder pile with an Awesome Bomb. Another door entered the equation and a super-sized ladder was slid in alongside it. Janela dumped RSP with a DVD onto a chair and laid out RSP on the door, then scaled the ladder for a splash.

That still wasn’t enough to end this match so Gregory Iron threw powder in Janela’s eyes and RSP hit a choke breaker. EFFY looked to get involved but he turned on RSP and kicked him in the dick. It had been a ruse; EFFY was never going to join 44OH! Chris Dickinson appeared to help Janela and he gave RSP another superkick. He hit the elbow drop and looked to win when Dickinson dumped Janela with a German and the Pazuzu Bomb. RSP had lived to stay the champion and now had the power to control Spring Break with help from an unexpected ally. The show didn’t end there though as after that epic of a match, an all-to-familiar theme hit. The King was back, Nick Gage and he was ready for war. He fought through the mosh pit to start laying out 44OH! goons, saving the piledriver for Gregory Iron. RSP ran away as you would expect and Gage addressed the crowd once again. He was coming for that title once again at The Collective. GCW knocked it out of the park with this show. Every match delivered, the shocks were aplenty, the no-rope barbed-wire match kicked ass and that main event has left us all questioning Dickinson’s motives in all this. Tampa is going to be wild.

All images courtesy of GCW, FITE TV, IsThisWrestling, HeyyImRob

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