Welcome back to ChocoPro Wrestling. It was time for some tag team fights. There were two action-packed fights to kick off the next lot of shows. We’d see the dragon Chon Shiryu team up with Sayuri against the heavy-hitting team of Tokiko Kirihara and Chie Koishikawa, then the main event where the Best Bros would once again come against Emi Sakura as she teamed up with Yuna Mizumori to reform Beauty as Is. It was time to watch the Choco Square erupt with more frantic tag team turmoil. Let’s get into the action…

Chie Koishikawa & Tokiko Kirihara defeated Sayuri & Chon Shiryu via Chopping Cradle Pin on Sayuri

Up first was the battle of Shinobis vs the Hyperactive Striking Machines. It would be Sayuri and Chon Shiryu teaming up against Chie Koishikawa and Tokiko Kirihara. Koishikawa has really been on a tear lately, win or lose and this would be another great chance for her to test herself against some tough competition. Shiryu and Kirihara began with a technical exchange and battled around the mat. Sayuri and Koishikawa locked up next and Koishikawa took Sayuri on a run. Koishikawa rolled-up Sayuri and hit her with the demon chop before trying the bow and arrow. Sayuri tripped Koishikawa and tried for a slam but Koishikawa reversed into a back chop. Kirihara tagged in and snapped Sayuri’s leg with a twisting neckbreaker. Koishikawa quickly came back in and Sayuri dragged her to Shiryu for a back chop. Shiryu continued to punish the back and a chop off broke out between the pair. Sayuri returned and locked on the bow and arrow, then Shiryu went back to work on her back, throwing Sayuri into a wall chop. Koishikawa dropkicked free of more punishment and Kirihara gave Shiryu a kicking. She avoided a double-team effort and locked Sayuri and Shiryu in a double straightjacket. Shiryu and Kirihara had another back-and-forth exchange prompting Shiryu to drive her into the mat with a Gory Bomb. She kicked out so Shiryu dived out of the window and missed a double stomp. Kirihara recovered and threw Shiryu away with a Judo Throw. She tagged out and Demon Chie gave chase for the devastating ground chop. She landed the chop and tried for the Stretch Muffler but Shiryu rolled her up. Shiryu kicked his way to freedom and Sayuri joined him to pummel Koishikawa with Kunai edge chops. Shiryu kicked Koishikawa to the window and Sayuri locked on a sleeper through it. She slammed Koishikawa off the ledge and Shiryu launched from the window with a Yakuza kick.

Koishikawa woke up and chopped back but couldn’t hit the dropkick as Shiryu pulled Sayuri out of the way. He tried for another Gory Bomb but Kirihara kicked him out of it. Kirihara kept Shiryu locked up as Koishikawa bullied Sayuri with more chops. Kirihara kicked Shiryu out of the window and Koishikawa locked on the stretch muffler. Kirihara came back in to punish Sayuri but once again, Sayuri fired up and drilled Kirihara with a Yakuza kick. Kirihara locked on the heel hook and tried for a Cobra Twist only to get caught in a sleeper. Sayuri refused to budge despite being rammed against the wall and only broke the hold to transition it to a crucifix. She tried for a second but was out of bounds and Kirihara made her pay for it with a wall slam and twisting foot stomp. Shiryu made the save and quickly got sent flying back outside with another barrage of strikes. Kirihara put the nail in the coffin with a Cobra Twist and Koishikawa chopped it into a cradle for the three-count. This was an excellent match to watch as Koishikawa and Sayuri got excellent showings as Shiryu and Kirihara kept the action going. It was another fun opener from ChocoPro.

Best Bros (Baliyan Akki & Mei Suruga) defeated Beauty as Is (Yuna Mizumori & Emi Sakura) via Double La Magistral on Sakura

Next up was the main event, Best Bros were back in action and their next opponents would be the ever-lurking threat of Emi Sakura and the Tropical Powerhouse Yuna Mizumori for the reformation of Beauty as Is. This was going to be another challenge for the Asia Dream Tag Titles as Mizumori is always a challenge for Suruga and Akki. Mizumori and Akki started the action and ran the gambit of technique, power and counter. The pair tagged out and Sakura posed to the camera as she strolled into the camera, trying to wind Suruga up in the process. Suruga showed her bridging ability on a test of strength so Sakura used her as a seat. Beauty as Is both gave Suruga a giant swing and Suruga cartwheeled out of a Biel and gave Sakura a scare. Sakura kneed out the arm-drag and tried to hit Suruga with it but she took too long and Suruga kicked her for it. She showed Sakura how it’s done and the Best Bros nailed her with the crossbody combo. They posed and Suruga threw both into the wall but her charge was dodged and Beauty as Is posed as Suruga slid down the wall. Suruga angrily broke up the pose and tagged to Akki. He locked up with Sakura but she raked his back and tagged out to Mizumori. She twisted up Akki’s hair and rammed him into the wall for some elbows. Akki booted her out of the Mango Papaya charge but she caught him with a Tropical back body drop and jumped onto him with a body attack. Sakura came back in and went to work on Akki’s legs as Mizumori joined her to continue twisting the legs. Mizumori worked an arm too and tried to snap Akki’s shoulder apart. Beauty as Is tossed Akki against the wall and Sakura locked on the Romero Special. Suruga made the save but gave him a kicking for not tagging her in sooner. It didn’t end there though as seconds later Mizumori had him locked in a Boston Crab and Sakura started chopping him down. This beatdown continued until Akki countered a crossbody into a backbreaker and finally made the tag.

Suruga came in hyped and instantly ran Sakura into the wall. She smashed Sakura’s head off the wall and took Mizumori on the window-sill arm-drag, catching Sakura into a head-scissor on the way down. Sakura caught her off the wall and locked on the Lion-tamer before throwing her into the wall. She threw Suruga through the window and crushed her in the frame with a splash. This damaged her too though and Suruga was up first, attacking her with a sponsor sign. Sakura caught her again and snapped her with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, then pie-faced her with the sponsor sign. Mizumori picked up the pace with a tropical splash and started a chain of splashes until Suruga dodged and dropkicked her. The pair had a roll-up war and Akki tried to help score a double roll-up. The Best Bros continued to try and score a double-team win but Mizumori wouldn’t stay down. After four attempted combos, Akki and Mizumori slugged it out. Akki trapped Mizumori in the Deathlock and Suruga locked on the Apple Cut Mutilation but once again Mizumori wouldn’t tap and Sakura saved the match. Mizumori reversed a Fisherman Buster into a Coconut Crush and kicked her way free of Akki. Sakura came in with a dropkick and tuned up the band for We Will Rock You. Akki caught but Mizumori gave him a shove and the crossbody connected. The Best Bros tried to double-team further but Beauty as Is reversed and turned the pair against each other. Mizumori charged both against the wall and Sakura hit The We Will Rock You. Best Bros dodged a double splash and Akki used Suruga as a battering ram to knock both away. A frantic closing stretch broke out with Akki getting taken out again and the Best Bros scoring the win with a double La Magistral.

That put the finishing touches on another exciting episode of ChocoPro. The main delivered another frantic and fun whilst also working as a proper tag match. Both teams have an arsenal of combo moves to show off and it just gave us more fun things to watch. The next show promises to be even wilder as we have three matches of fury. Beauty As Is will strike at Suruga again as she teams with Antonio Honda, Baliyan Akki battles Sayaka Obihiro and Chie Koishikawa gets another main event slot against Kaori Yoneyama. Things are only going to get hotter as season 6 continues.

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move Twitter, FlyingVTrigger, Video courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube

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