Last week, Bobby Lashley finally became WWE Championship after a long 15-year ride. A rematch is set against The Miz tonight. We should also hear about the old friends Sheamus and Drew McIntyre as, for sure, Sheamus will want revenge from last week. Also, Bobby Lashley and The Hurt Business will host a championship celebration and Braun Strowman will demand an apology from Shane McMahon. With so much to talk about (irony), let’s not waste any more time and see what went down as we check out Monday Night RAW. Tonight is Monday Night Nygma (which night is not Nygma…).

Big RAW things happening this week:

  • The Hurt Business was walking backstage. Sarah Schreiber stopped WWE Champion Bobby Lashley for comments. MVP stayed with him while RAW Tag Team Champions Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin walked on. Lashley talked about how he’s now happy, and how for 16 years he’s dealt with politics and busted his ass to get this title. He punished The Miz for delaying the inevitable last week, and now he will set an example in Miz’s rematch tonight, showing what will happen to anyone who steps in his way. Lashley went on and said he’s walking into WrestleMania 37 as champion. He held the title up and declared that The Almighty Era has begun.
  • In the ring, The Miz said he’s empty-handed because of Bobby Lashley. He admitted he expected to get his ass handed to him last week, but not lose the WWE Title. Miz said he lost the WWE Title because Shane McMahon pulled a fast one. Miz went on ranting about how he never takes vacations and was always there for the company. He said when he tells someone his body doesn’t feel well, they should listen to him. Miz said he had stomach cramps last week and he still went out there and successfully defended the WWE Title. The bell rang, there was a match, and he got counted out. He lost. How everything was unfair last week… He said WWE did one thing right and that’s giving him the rematch tonight. Miz wanted everyone who has celebrated Lashley’s title win or interviewed him in the last week to stay tuned to their computers as a new hashtag “#AndNew” will be used tonight because he is The Miz and he’s awesome.
  • Bobby Lashley retained the WWE Championship, he trapped The Miz into the Hurt lock and rag-dolled him.
  • Backstage, Sarah Schreiber was asking Drew McIntyre about being the presumptive challenger for the WWE Title. McIntyre got heated and went on about being the only challenger there is. He ranted about Bobby Lashley and said he could’ve gone after the biggest challenger, but he attacked Drew after Elimination Chamber instead to help Miz win the WWE Title. He went on about beating Brock Lesnar but Sheamus suddenly attacked outta nowhere. Sheamus unloaded on Drew and they brawled around the backstage area. Sheamus was tired of living in Drew’s shadow and will make the rest of his life full of misery. Sheamus headed off and declared that this is not over yet. Drew stormed off.
  • Another Rhea Ripley vignette.
  • Backstage, a furious McIntyre stopped Adam Pearce, he told him he will set up a No DQ match against Sheamus tonight.
  • Backstage, Strowman was walking backstage now when R-Truth stopped him. R-Truth had a poem. He apologized for a bunch of things and it sounded like he wants Strowman’s help, possibly with getting the WWE 24/7 Title back. Strowman interrupted him and said he doesn’t want an apology for anything, he’s about to go out and demand an apology from Shane. Truth did some more bad comedy and walked off.
  • In the ring, Strowman took the mic and addressed Shane McMahon. First Shane kept him out of the Elimination Chamber and he gets why, he’s over that. Strowman went on about what’s happened recently and asked Shane if this is all a joke and if he’s getting some kind of laughs out of this. Braun wondered if Shane is laughing at him. He said that can’t be because they both know Braun would snap Shane’s neck like a twig if he wanted to. Braun wasn’t looking to get fired, he was looking to get respect. Shane entered the ring, got right in Strowman’s face, looked up at him, said he apologizes and left the ring. He stopped at the top of the ramp, was about to say something but changed his mind. Braun yelled out, asking if he has something to say. Shane kept walking but stopped again. Strowman wasn’t happy.
  • Backstage, Sarah Shreiber asks Shane if he’d like to say anything about what happened with Braun Strowman. Shane said maybe later and walked off.
  • Sheamus vs. Drew McIntyre No-DQ match ended in a no-contest. After the match, other officials rushed down to tend to Sheamus. Drew was seen stumbling around on the other side of the barrier but he couldn’t get up.
  • New on-air talent Kevin Patrick was with AJ Styles and Omos. AJ wanted to talk about Randy Orton first. We haven’t seen The Fiend since Orton burnt him to a crisp, and since then he’s been haunted by Alexa Bliss. That was the worst thing Orton could’ve done, and now they’re tearing him down, and he has to deal with that in addition to the voices in his head. AJ and Omos laughed and cracked jokes until Orton appeared. Orton asked what’s funny about a grown man having his mind messed with. AJ said it’s not funny, it’s weak. Orton proposed they have a match tonight so he can show AJ just how weak he is, first hand.
  • Xavier Woods defeated RAW Tag Team Champion Shelton Benjamin.
  • Backstage, Sarah Schreiber was with WWE United States Champion Riddle. He was not worried about RETRIBUTION ahead of his match with Slapjack. Riddle was only worried about where he’s going to park his scooter. The New Day came through the curtain, celebrating Xavier Woods’ win. Riddle ends up asking them to watch his scooter and they agreed. Riddle and The New Day celebrated before Riddle headed to the ring.
  • Riddle defeated Slapjack. We saw Ali yelling at Slapjack at ringside after the match.
  • Backstage, Shane McMahon was wrapping up a phone call when Adam Pearce walked in and comments on how busy it’s been. Shane said there is something else he wants to say to Strowman. Shane ordered Pearce to go get Strowman and tell him to meet in the ring.
  • In the ring, Shane admitted he had fun last week because that’s what he does in life, Braun should too. He did have fun at other’s expense sometimes but that’s OK, as long as it benefited him. He is not the only person that thinks like that, many others do but he can tell Braun is not one of those. Braun got nervous. Shane said one thing they have to get done is… He changed his mind and said he doesn’t want to talk to Braun about this. Braun asked why they’re out there. Shane turned back around and said he wants to talk to Braun about getting things done. Shane says one thing he needs to get done is to come to an understanding with Braun. Shane walked closer to the ring, then backed off. Braun asked if Shane is trying to make him look stupid. Shane said that’s something he would never do. Shane said that he is very upset with him. Braun ranted about Shane talking to him like one of his little pets. Shane repeated how he would never want to make Braun look stupid. That continued and Shane once again repeated that he’d never call Braun stupid. Shane said “B-b-b-Braun” and made a face at Strowman, then ran off up the ramp to the back. Strowman chased him. Shane let Braun think he left in the white SUV. He waved behind Strowman’s back and called him so stupid. Tom Phillips called this a “fascinating situation” between Braun and Shane…
  • Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler defeated Naomi and Lana to retain the WWE Women’s Tag Team titles, thanks to interference from Reginald. After the match, Jax scooped Reginald on her shoulder and carried him up the ramp to safety.
  • Backstage, Randy Orton told Sarah Schreiber he never would’ve thought so many WWE Superstars would be concerned about his well-being because none of them has ever come to his face with the concern. Orton went on and said the only thing AJ Styles needs to be concerned with is tonight when he becomes re-introduced with the three most deadly letters in sports entertainment – RKO.
  • Another Rhea Ripley vignette.
  • Backstage, Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke were still serious about a shot at the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles. Charlotte Flair walked up and acknowledged that she also wants a title shot at WrestleMania 37.
  • Backstage, Kevin Patrick asked AJ if he regrets his comments about Orton. AJ didn’t regret them but didn’t think Orton would challenge him to a match. AJ said Orton is crazy in the head but that’s not his fault, it’s The Fiend’s, or Alexa Bliss. Orton shouldn’t be focused on him, he should be focused on The Fiend. AJ added Orton is about to take another loss with him into WrestleMania. He wondered what the voices in his head would say about that.
  • AJ Styles w/ Omos defeated Randy Orton.  Orton was in complete control when Alexa Bliss suddenly appeared on the big screen, sitting in her pentagram again, with her jack in the box. She called Orton’s name and turned the box to play a tune. Bliss then stroke a match and blew it out, which caused flames to explode out of the ring posts in the arena. Orton started coughing up the thick black liquid. He stumbled around while spitting up. AJ took advantage and nailed the Phenomenal Forearm for the win.


We are ten days before Fastlane, five weeks before WrestleMania… I could end the review up here because enough is already said. We had 3 great matches, a few good matches, only one women’s match, and a wave of backstage/in-ring blah-blah segments. And zero matches set for any of the coming PPVs.

The beauty of the violence of the Drew vs Sheamus match was completely blown away by the rest of the show and this absolutely terrifying Braun/Shane segments. I will just say Shane definitely wants to be reminded where his hole is because Braun is fuming like a bull in a corrida.

I will joke and say the explosions were better in Tampa than in Jacksonville (easy one)… That doesn’t change the fact that the episode was not great. Even the Alexa Bliss magic didn’t make me thrill… Truth hurts, in WWE that even becomes a business.

The Nygma Note: They could make me start to hate wrestling… Really…

All pics and videos courtesy of WWE

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