Welcome back to ChocoPro Wrestling. It’s time for another three-match spectacle of studio-based insanity as the company has given Chie Koishikawa her next main event slot. The hyperactive demon chopping machine would have one hell of a fight though as she was going against someone who is equally as hyperactive, Kaori Yoneyama. Also, on the card we’d see, Baliyan Akki taking on Sayaka Obihiro in a rematch for the ages, and Apple and Honey reunite as Antonio Honda returns to action, teaming with Mei Suruga against Beauty as Is. There’s a lot to dissect so let’s get into the action.

Baliyan Akki defeated Sayaka Obihiro via La Magistral Labyrinth

The first match of the show was a big rematch between two of ChocoPro’s top strikers. It would be Baliyan Akki vs Sayaka Obihiro. The chops vs the kicks. It started with a technical exchange as the pair battled for wrist control. They reached a stalemate and went into round two on the lock-up exchange. Obihiro threw Akki with an arm-drag so Akki locked up her legs. She tried to pull his hair to escape but it didn’t work and earned her a wall chop into a snapmare sleeper. Obihiro forced a break so Akki went back to trying to break an ankle instead. He whipped her into the wall but she dodged his elbow, lit him up with chops, and stomped his feet into a slam. She murdered Akki with low double chops and stopped Akki throwing her from the window with a roll-up. Akki kicked out and whipped her into the wall again, using the rebound to nail a backbreaker. He kept the spree going with The Spider and attempted the Namaste Splash but Obihiro got up and spiked him in the throat. She lit Akki up with more palm strikes and threw him overhead with the Bridging Suplex but still only got two. Akki returned fire with the wall-run kick but he too only got two. The pair collided on more chops and roll-ups until Akki won with a unique La Magistral variant. This was another hotly contested battle between the pair that came down to who had the better roll-up.

Beauty as Is (Emi Sakura & Yuna Mizumori) defeated Apple & Honey (Mei Suruga & Antonio Honda) via Supergirl Pin on Honda

Next up, we’d see Beauty as Is continue to team up against Mei Suruga. This time though she wasn’t joined by her Best Bro Akki, it would instead be the return of Apple and Honey as she teamed with Antonio Honda. The Best Bros had toppled Beauty as Is at the last show, could Apple and Honey do the same here? Suruga and Mizumori started things with some countering until Suruga gave Mizumori a fright and flung her with the window-sill arm-drag. Honda was tagged in and threw Mizumori into the wall but his attack on Sakura failed and the pair dodged his wall charge then posed in front of him. Honda was blown away by the pose and needed a timeout after seeing such beauty,. He hit both with timeout strikes and Akki nearly disqualified him when he refused to stop striking Sakura. He threw a basketball at Mizumori and tried to show off his dribbling skills but the ball was taken away from him. He tagged out and the pair gave Mizumori a double back club on the way out. A hair-pulling chain broke out as everyone pulled the other’s hair, except Honda who doesn’t have enough to pull, though Sakura did rake into his scalp. Suruga locked on the body-scissor and tried to choke out Mizumori with the AEW sign. She rolled Mizumori into the Kawaii pin but only got two. Honda came back in and tried to attack Mizumori with the bell hammer but Akki saw him and he attacked her with a hairbrush instead. After another failed mallet attack, he tagged out and Suruga dropkicked Mizumori against the wall. Mizumori fired back and turned her dancing distraction into a face crusher, then crushed Suruga with the Tropical Splash.

She tagged out and Sakura rushed in with a dropkick. She threw Suruga by the hair and tuned up the band for We Will Rock You. Suruga fled so Sakura threw her back into the wall with a giant swing. She gave an evil laugh and tried for the underhook backbreaker but Suruga broke free and knocked her down with a wall-run crossbody. Honda tried to join the fight but Sakura threw him into Suruga and used him to roll her up. Honda was beside himself with sadness as Sakura bent Suruga across her knee. She climbed to the top but Suruga dragged her leg out and smashed her face of the window-sill. She slammed Sakura into the mat and dove through her with a wall-run double stomp. Sakura dragged her away from the tag and snapped her spine with another backbreaker. They both tagged and Honda and Mizumori struck it out. Both got their licks in until Honda took Mizumori out with a massive knee and nearly got himself distracted by throwing punches. The double jabs came out but the double palm strike was countered with another pose. They beatdown Honda with a tropical charge and the We Will Rock You, then tried for the double splash but Suruga pulled Mizumori’s hair and Honda grabbed Sakura’s leg. Suruga took out both members of Beauty as Is and Honda dropped her onto the pair with a cyclone slam. He chopped Mizumori but ran into a spin kick and had to turn his running attack into a swinging neckbreaker. Beauty as Is locked in sleepers on both members Suruga and Honda but Gon the Fox came to the pair’s rescue and they broke free. They nailed the double palm strike and tried for a double Gon attack but Beauty as Is dodged and Mizumori took advantage of the confusion with a Supergirl Pin on Honda. This was great fun and had a nice blend of goofy comedy and straight-up fun tag-team wrestling. It’s a nice win for Beauty as Is and a sad display of Gon’s power gone wrong.

Kaori Yoneyama defeated Chie Koishikawa via Fold-up pin

Last but not least, the main event. Kaori Yoneyama was back in ChocoPro and she was out to battle the hyperactive chopping machine, Chie Koishikawa. This was going to be the ultimate battle of too much energy and another big test for Koishikawa as she continues her wrestling journey. They started by battling over chants and broke into a shoving contest. The pair locked up and Koishikawa took Yoneyama on a run however, Yoneyama did the same and took Koishikawa on a run too. Koishikawa went on another run and took Yoneyama over with an arm-drag. She tried for the bow and arrow and locked it in after a run-up and rolling leg drop. Yoneyama fought up and threw Koishikawa across the mat by the hair. The dirty tricks continued as she dragged Koishikawa face-first along the window sills and locked on a body-scissor. A screaming battle broke out and Yoneyama dug an elbow into Koishikawa’s spine to set up for a Camel Clutch. She raked at Koishikawa’s nose prompting ref Sakura to step in and break the hold. Yoneyama looked to play dodgeball but Koishikawa retrieved two mops and the pair had a fencing battle. Sakura declared both could happen so Yoneyama won the dodgeball game and Koishikawa won the fencing match. Yoneyama wasn’t happy about this and attacked Koishikawa with the mops, then whipped her into the wall and threw cameraman Akki at her. She filmed herself getting a two count and relinquished camera control back to Akki. A chop battle broke out as Koishikawa’s deadly chops met Yoneyama’s thudding Mongolian Chops.

Koishikawa blocked a throat chop and dropped Yoneyama with another stiff chop across the chest. Yoneyama dodged the dropkick and drilled an elbow into Koishikawa’s back, then locked in a single-leg crab. Yoneyama locked up more limbs and locked in her own bow and arrow on Koishikawa. She escaped and leapfrogged for the dropkick and unleashed demon Chie, chasing Yoneyama until she hit the grounded chop. She dragged Yoneyama around the mat for the stretch muffler and hit her with a running X-chop when she forced a break. She missed a second diving chop and got kneed against the wall. Yoneyama crushed her with a senton and elbowed her back to the mat. Koishikawa tried for a roll-up muffler but Yoneyama rolled her off the wall into a fold-up pinfall. Koishikawa had given it her all and given the veteran one hell of a scare but Yoneyama’s veteran savvy scored her the win here. Koishikawa may not have won but this was a really fun match and it once again proved how good she is in main event situations. The next show will be another two-match special as we’ll see Antonio Honda battle ChocoPro’s ninja Sayuri and The Deathmatch Pencil Army Minoru Fujita and Lulu Pencil will battle mystery opponents. All of this will happen as we build to the two-day ChocoPro #100 that will see Egg Tarts battle RESET, Sayaka’s in-ring return and so much more to be announced along the way.

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move Twitter, FlyingVTrigger, Sayaka Obihiro Video courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube

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