Quick Results:

Rey Fénix (w/ PAC) defeated Matt Jackson (w/ Nick Jackson)
Cody Rhodes (w/ Arn Anderson) defeated Seth Gargis
Ethan Page defeated Lee Johnson (w/ QT Marshall)
Hikaru Shida, Ryo Mizunami, & Thunder Rosa beat Nyla Rose (w/ Vickie Guerrero), Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. (w/ Rebel), & Maki Itoh
TNT Championship: Darby Allin (c) defeated Scorpio Sky

The show:

The Dynamite after Revolution was always going to be something to see, mainly to hear what excuse AEW would give for the Explosion botch at the conclusion of the Exploding Barbwire Deathmatch. Tony Khan in his AEW media scrum (read that article here), said that it was Omega’s incompetence in building the bomb and that is the reason why it was more sparklers than fireworks. How would that translate into TV? Would there be a new TNT Champion as Scorpio Sky faces Darby Allin, let’s gets reviewing…

Rey Fénix (w/ PAC) vs. Matt Jackson (w/ Nick Jackson)

“Was it a sharpshooter or was it a scorpion deathlock?” “Or is it a Sasori-Gatame?” –  Discussion between Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone and Excalibur

The match began with Fénix in control, connecting with a dropkick, a springboard arm-drag as well as a Tijeras on the floor. This was nonstop action by Fénix who then hit a springboard headbutt that sent Jackson propelling to the floor again, where Fénix struck with both a diving arm-drag and tope con giro.

Jackson finally got back into the match as he countered a hurricanrana from the top turnbuckle into a powerbomb of his own from the top turnbuckle. He followed up with a slingshot senton, a Cazadora face-buster and then a sharpshooter. Jackson’s attack was focused on the back and continued to press this advantage hitting a destroyer, and as Fénix rolled to the outside, Jackson hit a second destroyer on the floor. Fénix barely made it back into the ring by the referee’s count, but Jackson continued his attack with an elbow from the top turnbuckle and re-applying the sharpshooter.

The conclusion of the match saw both men trading strikes and super-kicks until Fénix found the energy to lift up Jackson and hit the Fire Thunder driver to get the win.

My Take: Superb match, and builds nicely to the Tag Team Championship match, during the match the cameras turned to SCU who were sitting in the audience and looks like they will be the next contenders to whoever wins between Champions The Young Bucks and the Challengers, Death Triangle. Logical booking and a clear line of what’s to come, awesome storytelling and excellent matches, love it.

Eddie Kingston & Jon Moxley Segment: Both men spoke candidly about the end of Revolution. Kingston stated he may have had a panic attack because the last time he felt like that was when he was in jail. Both Kingston and Moxley bantered that Impact may have paid for the bomb and mocked Omega for its construction. Moxley then said that he may have lost the match but he did win his drinking buddy back, before signing off with “if you (Omega) had a weapon, you better use it.”

My Take: This was great, the partnership between the two was excellent and that excuse by Kingston in anyone else’s hands would have come off as crap and unbelievable but Kingston is such a skilled promo guy that you could believe it.

Cody Rhodes (w/ Arn Anderson) vs. Seth Gargis

“He has everything to gain and nothing to lose.” – Jim Ross

The commentators began discussing Cody’s shoulder, however to the match itself. Cody hit a scoop slam, followed up by the figure four and that was it. Seriously it took me longer to type this sentence than watch this match.

Suddenly, Penta El Zero Miedo along with his interpreter cut a promo to Cody:

“He’s a thousand times better than you. If you’re the prince of wrestling then he (Penta) is the Lord of Lucha Libre.” He followed up with “you can be lucky I didn’t focus more on your arm because if I did, you wouldn’t be able to pick up your newborn baby girl.”

Cody then charged at Penta and then a barrage of wrestlers parted the two.

My Take: If this felt like it came out of nowhere, don’t worry you’re not the only one thinking that. These two men will have excellent matches, but this promo seemed like a promo too soon, and not to mention the pull-apart exchange. I get the anger and the fury, but this was done like it was Cena/Lesnar, C’mon now, behave.

Tony Schiavone interviews Sting: Sting discussed the Revolution PPV, adding nothing new to be said that hasn’t already been said. This was until Lance Archer arrived interrupting the promo but that’s when Schiavone said that this was Sting’s time leaving Archer and Jake Roberts to sarcastic apologise while leaving closing the segment.

My Take: I get this from Archer, the fans have heard so many interviews from Sting and this was nothing we haven’t heard before. Archer is a Championship contender, and apart from matches, fans have heard nothing from this monster but they have heard four maybe more weeks of Sting interviews. If this sets up a battle between Archer and Sting I can get behind that, but you do have to wonder, what type of match would they have, to stop Sting from suffering any injures, we used the cinematic style of match already.

Ethan Page vs. Lee Johnson (w/ QT Marshall)

Both men traded attacks from the start, but it was Page who would get keep the advantage by focusing on Johnson’s shoulder. This would continue throughout the match as he hit a barrage of shoulder blocks, slams and several backbreakers.

Fans haven’t seen a lot of Johnson in the ring individually and he showed that he is one to keep an eye on as he fought back with a back elbow, a neck-breaker and The Blue Thunder Bomb, near-fall.

Page fought back into the match with a cutter and a slam, then showed the fans that he is the bad guy by connecting with a bicycle kick while the official was attending to Johnson who looked to have injured his leg on a leapfrog attempt. But the match was all Page’s as he hit the Ego’s Edge for the win.

After the match: Page attacked Johnson, ruthlessly the leg and showcasing that aggressive attitude that he has displayed in many other promotions. Marshall, who was in the corner of Johnson, simply walked away and Dustin Rhodes ran out to make the save.

My Take: Bar the bizarre Basketball audio during the match, it was a suitable debut and clearly establishes that the Page isn’t gonna be a fan favourite. The storyline developing within the destruction of the Nightmare Family is excellent, which will lead to Rhodes vs Marshall at the next PPV hopefully if they build it up properly.

Hikaru Shida, Ryo Mizunami, & Thunder Rosa vs. Nyla Rose (w/ Vickie Guerrero), Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. (w/ Rebel), & Maki Itoh

“This is the most surreal moment I’ve ever seen on a wrestling show, she is entertaining you have to say that” – Tony Schiavone

It was Shida and Mizunami who dominated Itoh early on before both sides made the tag to Rose and Rosa respectfully. Rose was in control of Rosa as she connected with a suplex and Itoh who was tagged in struck with her falling head butt. Rosa was dominated as all three members of the opposition make their mark, but she managed to tag Mizunami.

The conclusion of the match included a fantastic Cancun Tornado from Rosa off the top turnbuckle to the outside on Baker, and Rose but a distraction from Guerrero allowed Itoh who was left in the ring to strike. But Rosa countered this assault and hit the Thunder Driver for the win.

After the match: Baker smashed Rosa with the crutch to the back, then applied the Lockjaw as Rebel dug the crutch into her face as Rose and Itoh restrained Shida and Mizunami.

My Take: I’m not gonna lie, I couldn’t stop laughing as Itoh kept singing her entrance theme and unadulterated chaos was occurring in the ring. Now, this is where the problem occurs by booking Itoh as a heel, she is a natural face, her charisma will overshine everyone else she is facing much like in this match. Also, the AEW Women’s Champion was once again a secondary character in this match, booked to be overshadowed by the Rosa/Baker rivalry, and Itoh as well. Can you imagine Omega or Allin or even The Young Bucks portrayed like this? I think not. Every review I’ve written I wish the booking of the AEW Women’s Division would get better but it doesn’t. The incredible talent that is within the Women’s Division gives everything they can, and Excalibur, credit to that man, tries to give the fans and his co-commentators for that matter an education on who they are watching but again, the booking consistently let them down. Yes, there is the Rosa/Baker rivalry…one rivalry out of a Division? You see the problem here?!

Matt Hardy with The Private Party Segment: Hardy said he still has lots of more money, more money in fact that he can add more members to his faction, step forward The Butcher and The Blade with The Bunny. He then stated they are targeting the Dark Order.

My Take: What was the point of the Big Money Match at Revolution if it basically meant nothing to Hardy? He has so much money that he can afford to add members as well. Basically saying that the match with Page meant nothing.

Christian Cage addresses the AEW fans for the first time:

“A second interruption? Really” – Tony Schiavone

Before Cage could make his entrance, it was Kenny Omega with Don Callis and The Good Brothers who made their arrival. Kenny Omega wanted to make memories and to take away Moxley’s moments.

“If that ring had blown up, we win, Moxley is gone and Kingston is maimed and you (Kenny) are the AEW Champion and King of the Deathmatch. But, if the ring somehow, doesn’t blow up we win even bigger! Cause Moxley and Kingston looks like a pair of idiots and we walk out with this!” – Don Callis

As they continued to brag about winning the match and stealing Moxley’s moment, Kingston came out to the ring and he was then berated by Callis for his time in Impact and for helping Moxley. The AEW Champion then mocked Kingston as well this time for having a panic attack.

Omega then challenged Kingston to punch him and he struck him. The Good Brothers and Omega attacked Kingston but then Moxley run to the ring and made the save, leaving Omega in the ring, alone. Cage’s music played and drove Omega away but he held the AEW Championship in his hands leaving the image that he will be Omega’s next challenger.

My Take: This made no sense. Firstly AEW should have just said the conclusion to Exploding Barbed Wire Deathmatch was a botch and moved on. The fans would have, but this segment with that promo I left in made no sense at all. Sure have Moxley and Kingston team up, that was signalled in the earlier promo, but to have Kingston out in the ring, take a verbal beating and mocked as well, did nothing for him. Christian signs with the promotion and is immediately in the Championship picture when you have perfectly creditable challengers at the ready screams old school TNA. I’m not dismissing Christian by any means, he is an incredible wrestler and carved a legacy in WWE and TNA but in AEW, he’s a new star and having him thrust into the Championship picture takes any momentum he could have had in chasing the moment to become AEW Champion. Also, Cage never addressed AEW fans.

TNT Championship Match: Darby Allin (c) vs. Scorpio Sky

This match showcased that Allin isn’t just about death-defying stunts but he is an accomplished wrestler and worthy Champion as he hit a stunner and a sunset flip bomb, near-fall. But the Challenger attempted several german suplexes only to be stopped every time, however, Sky was relentless and managed a german suplex into the corner.

The action was all Sky as they spilt to the outside and the Champion was in trouble as Sky hit a cutter on the floor. Keeping control of the match, Sky then hit a brainbuster for a near fall but just as he attempted the TKO, Allin endured the onslaught to sneak the win with a small package infuriating the defeated challenger.

After the match: Allin watched to show respect and offer his hand to Sky only for the defeated challenger to attack and lock in the heel hook. As the referees prised Sky off the fallen Champion, Allin was injured and Sky started at his hands and smiled at what had transpired.

My Take: Exactly what I said in my last review, Sky can be the one to give Allin a Title rivalry that can be remembered. Not just one challenge and onto the next but a feud that fans can see benefiting both men. By the way, where the hell were those referees when Rosa was getting her ass kicked in the last match?

The Inner Circle War Council

“He’s no good and a turd, but he’s as shrewd and conniving as they come.” – Tony Schiavone

So the members of Inner Circle stood in the ring, no Wardlow though, keep that in mind. Jericho stated, maybe the group needs a new member but MJF interrupted stating maybe it was time to let somebody go.

Suddenly Sammy Guevara’s walked out and begged Jericho to watch a recorded video. The video showed MJF planning to oust Jericho from the Inner Circle. MJF demanded that The Inner Circle members who looked to have joined him, Hager, Ortiz and Santana, to attack Jericho and Guevara, but they all turned around, united with Jericho. Jericho shoved MLF into the corner and fired him. MJF then begged them not to beat him up, but then said he was building his own faction.

Suddenly again, the lights went out and who stood behind the Inner Circle who had surrounded MJF at this point, were FTR, Tully Blanchard, Shawn Spears, and Wardlow. As the battle lines were drawn, Harwood smashed a bottle over Hager’s head, Spears annihilated Guevara with a chair in the corner. Wardlow hit Jericho with the chokehold knee-lift and FTR handcuffed Santana and Ortiz then hit the spike pile-driver. The onslaught continued as MJF hit Jericho with the Dynamite diamond ring, and his own bat before dragging him up to the stage so Wardlow could powerbomb him off the stage through two tables.

My Take: So I get that we finally get rid of MJF from the Inner Circle, but he still doesn’t get his comeuppance. He has now formed his own faction, with Wardlow, Shawn Spears, FTR and Tully Blanchard, which if you look at interviews and pictures from last year. Those are individuals he did want to team with. However, if you were just watching the AEW episodes, this came from out of nowhere and seemed so rushed. If as Jericho said, Inner Circle always talks to each other, what was the point of Sammy leaving? What was the point of the Inner Circle turmoil? This is one of the reasons why this last AEW article because wrestling does have to have logic somewhere. For fans to be invested in storylines it does have to make sense at some point, you can’t just say, it’ll be explained next week because after the surprise shock of whats transpired fans will ask the question, Why did it happen? Why has this alliance happened? And at the end of the day, there are only so many times you can answer that question, because of Wrestling!

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