Welcome back to MLW Fusion. This week we’ll see the theme of revenge take the centre-stage. ACH looks to get revenge on Team Filthy as he battles Kevin Ku. Gringo Loco looks to get revenge on Gino Medina for all of the disrespect he has thrown his way the past few weeks and the main event will see the continuation of Salina de la Renta’s revenge against everyone as LA Park helps try and score another title for Azteca Underground by taking on Alex Hammerstone for the National Openweight Title. There’s a lot to look out for so let’s get into the action.

Gino Medina defeated Gringo Loco via Question Mark Kick

Up first was a Luchador showcase. Gino Medina and Gringo Loco locked horns a few weeks back and Medina won, then took to mic backstage to rake Loco over the coals for not being a real Luchador and embarrassing the Loco title. Now it was Loco’s chance to get some payback and prove Medina wrong. The pair started fast with arm-drags and trips as the pair looked to keep up with each other. Loco dragged Medina down by the hair and superkicked him to the outside for a springboard senton. Medina caught him out of a second springboard into a gutbuster and went to work trying to ground Loco. He continued to cockily bully Loco and postured to the camera when he could, never being shy to trash-talk too. Loco started fighting back and after a top rope tumble, nailed Medina with a double jump springboard moonsault. He peppered Medina with chops and launched off the ropes to hit a handspring back elbow. He continued with a fireman’s carry inverted DDT and tried for a springboard stunner but Medina caught him with a massive enzuigiri. The pair continued to counter and went to the top rope. Loco scored another near fall with a top rope Spanish Fly and a roll-up war broke out. Medina threw Loco into the turnbuckle with Snake Eyes and blasted him in the jaw with a knee. He bounced Loco off the ropes with a wheelbarrow guillotine and ended it with a Question Mark Kick. Medina was now two up against Loco and once again proved why he was the more worthy successor of the Loco name. Medina wanted to continue his untouchable streak by taking out “little dick” Richard Holliday after all the keyboard warrior antics.

ACH defeated Kevin Ku (w/Dominic Garrini) via Buster Call

The vengeance continued as ACH looked to payback Team Filthy for attacking him and aid the Von Erichs in their ongoing fight against the filthiest of stables. Was ACH back to 100% and would he be able to withstand Ku’s assaults? We started with a technical exchange and Ku quickly trying to show off his power with a Gutwrench Suplex. He lashed out at the injured ribs and hammered ACH with elbows. He trapped ACH in an abdominal stretch and started ripping away the tape on his ribs. ACH chopped back and tried to win with a quick cradle. He continued to strike out at Ku but Ku cut him off with a flurry of leg kicks, rib strikes, and a vicious head kick. ACH tried for a Suplex but Ku blocked it and slammed him down with his own Suplex. if Ku could hit ACH with something he did, including headbutts. ACH got his big escape with a leg trip into a double stomp and after Ku tried to block another Suplex, dumped him with a gourdbuster and superkicked him in the head. Ku kicked out and with blood leaking from his mouth, dropped ACH on his face with an Inverted Olympic Slam. A slugfest broke out and Ku reversed a Tiger Driver with a back body drop. He scored a near-fall with a backbreaker but couldn’t keep ACH down. ACH rolled to the apron so Ku distracted the ref and Garrini attacked on the outside. The Von Erichs came out to even the odds and helped ACH get back in the ring. Ku charged so ACH dumped him to the floor and dived onto the body pile with a massive splash. He rolled Ku back in and tanked a knee strike to put Ku away with a superkick into Buster Call. ACH went through a hell of a beating and came away the winner with the Von Erichs at his side. This war is far from over but ACH scored another nice victory for Team Texas with this match. Plus, the fans won with this excellent bout from the pair.

Between the matches:

  • Calvin Tankman was interviewed about his attack on CONTRA and as he laid out his intentions, Injustice popped out to not only hype him up but dragged him away to do business. Injustice would also challenge Los Parks for the tag titles in a respectful manner. CONTRA also issued warnings to Jordan Oliver and Tankman later in the show through a video package.
  • Filthy Tom Lawlor was suing The Von Erichs for all the damage done to Filthy Island and his reputation.
  • PWI Top 5 Middleweights: Brian Pillman Jr, Bu Ku Dao, Myron Reed, Daivari, Laredo Kid.
  • Lio Rush had left an open contract for a match next week. Someone had accepted this contract but we didn’t find out who.
  • We got a highlight reel of Mil Muertes murdering people just before the Dynasty was interviewed. Hammerstone wasn’t scared of Muertes and promised to stop him just as he had anyone else as Holliday echoed his sentiments. Salina de la Renta interrupted the interview to trash-talk but Hammerstone couldn’t care less and promised to bury Park.
  • Never Say Never had its first announcement as Calvin Tankman vs Jacob Fatu was confirmed as the main event of this March 31st special event.

National Openweight Title: Alex Hammerstone defeated LA Park (w/Salina de la Renta & Los Parks) via Hot Beef Injection Elbow

Last but not least, the main event. Alex Hammerstone is a very marked man. Not only is CONTRA gunning for him through Mads Krugger but now Azteca Underground is out for his gold too. LA Park had stepped up to the plate to try and take the national Openweight Title from him and add it to the stockpile being held by Azteca Underground. With rumours of a masked man floating around the building though, was this match going to be as straightforward as it seemed. The match opened with some suggestive posturing from Park and the pair throwing hands. Hammerstone downed Park with a dropkick as Salina caused a distraction. The rest of Los Parks showed up but Hammerstone was unphased and kept running down Park with shoulder tackles. Park distracted the ref and Los Parks attacked Hammerstone outside. Park took advantage and started choking Hammerstone out in the corner. He kicked out Hammerstone’s leg and beat him down around the ring, even taking off his belt to whip Hammerstone with it. The fight went to the top rope and Hammerstone got some revenge with a devastating superplex. Park stunned Hammerstone with a headbutt and took the fight outside, bouncing Hammerstone off the ring. He got back in to distract the ref again but Hammerstone fought of his sons and blasted Park with a missile dropkick.

The comeback continued as Hammerstone lit up Park with forearms and chops, then downed him with a leaping clothesline. A T-Bone Suplex followed but he only got two. Hammerstone had no help coming as Holliday had been thrown out of the building for fighting with Medina and Park came back at him with lariats into a vicious knee. He went for a corner tackle but Hammerstone dodged so all he collided with was ring post. The end was near but Hijo and Park Jr were ready to distract so their dad could land a DDT. Park cracked him with another knee but it only got two. He went for the spear but Hammerstone kicked him out of it and dropped him on his head with a German. He didn’t go for the Nightmare Pendulum and instead finished Park with an arm-choke elbow to the back of the head referred to as the Hot Beef Injection. This new move ended an enjoyable match and secured Hammerstone’s title for another day. Hammerstone had seen off another challenger and overcome the numbers game to send Azteca Underground packing… for now.

It was too early to celebrate though as Salina wasn’t done with Hammerstone just yet. As he celebrated Mil Muertes rushed the ring and attacked. So, it wasn’t Krugger who had been the mystery masked man, it was the man of 1000 deaths. Muertes hammered Hammerstone with punches and clocked him with the belt before handing it to Salina. Azteca Underground had another title but it wasn’t theirs to claim so they sent their merc and stole it. Hammerstone is going to want revenge and it’ll be interesting to see if this impacts the big Parrow vs Muertes match next week. We’ll find out then.

All images courtesy of MLW Twitter, Lio Rush Twitter, Video courtesy of MLW YouTube

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