Welcome back to the weird and wonderful world of Paradigm Pro. With the mysteries continuing to mount and new players entering the game, it’s time for more No Hook action. In this episode we’ll see a six-man tag between good and evil, Jody ask Kayla Kassidy out on a date during another title defence, EMS vs Creature Feature and more as we build to the main event where two samurais go into an honourable battle. However, maybe not everything is as it seems. There’s oddity galore as J-Rose’s project continues to drive him mad, let’s get into the action.

Alex Kane, Don’t Die Miles & Calvin Tankman defeated Nikeem Avent, Myron Reed & Ken Broadway via Sunset Flip on Reed

Up first was the first six-man tag of the series. It would see all the warring competitors in the title scenes teaming up with friends to murder each other. Alex Kane was joining the number one contender Don’t Die Miles and Midwest Territory Chain winner Calvin Tankman to battle the Heavyweight Champion Myron Reed, his young lion Nikeem Avent and the champion chain thief, Ken Broadway. These guys were all being a problem for J-Rose so, on Kayla Kassidy’s advice, he let them all fight each other. I’m not going to do my play by play for this one as it was wild, both teams kicked ass and the action was wild. Kane got on well with Tankman as the pair worked on some devastating combos and Miles stole the show with a risky as hell assisted dive. Even Tankman was surprised and he was the one who threw him. The villains got their time to shine too as Reed and Broadway teamed up to bully Miles. Reed was in full-on dickhead mode as Tankman tried to be a motivational speaker for the team and revelled in the beatdown of his upcoming challenger. Avent got his time to shine too and exceptional comedic timing when he realised Tankman was about to kill him. Miles got to cause the upset too by rolling up Reed for the win. He now has one win over the champ, can he do it again for the title? This was a great opener full of creativity and story with everyone getting that shine.

Charles Mason defeated Dylan Derringer via Guillotine Driver

Up next was Dylan Derringer returning after that Detroit Punk war to battle the savant of suffocation Charles Mason. The Hannibal Lector of wrestling was still chasing a win in this series so Derringer was not in for a fun time. Derringer started hot, taking advantage with some high-flying offence but Mason cut him off with a water spray and dropped him on his head on the apron. Derringer tried to come back and succeeded in stalling Mason but Mason caught him out of the air and slammed him down hard. Mason sadistically beat him and Derringer continued to fight back, landing a beautiful diving elbow. In the end, Mason caught Derringer again and planted him with a vicious chokeslam before stomping his head and choking him out with a Guillotine. Mason was ruthless here, snuffing out the heart of Derringer before choking him out with glee. It was a nice little match with Derringer’s heart being killed off by the sadism and hate of Mason.

VERZUS Battleborn Title: Jody the Wrestler defeated Kayla Kassidy via Magic Elbow

After giving J-Rose the six-man idea and reporting Alex Cluckey being choked out, Kayla Kassidy has given herself a title match against Jody. She wanted the attention of Paradigm as the head bad bitch and Jody’s magic elbow pad was undermining that. They started with some opening flirting, where Jody shot himself in the foot by comparing her to a dump truck. Kassidy knocked Jody down with bitchslaps and choked him out on the ropes. She demanded he asks her on a date after rocking him with a corner uppercut so Jody suggested Appleby’s after the show. This wasn’t good enough so she nearly KO’ed him with an uppercut. The pair traded chokes and Kassidy feigned sportsmanship to assault Jody with kicks. She degraded him in front of the camera and gave him another hard slap before launching him with a Snap Suplex. Jody staggered to his feet and landed an elbow strike with his magic elbow pad and knocked out Kassidy. After being treated like a bitch, the magic elbow pad saved his life and his title again. Kassidy definitely dominated the match and showed off more than she’s had the chance to but even the bad bitch couldn’t best the black magic elbow pad.

EMS (Big Beef Gnarls Garvin & Austin Connelly) defeated Creature Feature (Adriel Noctis & Lazarus) via Doomsday Device

EMS were back. The world’s oddest couple tag-team was back in action against the monster madness of Creature Feature. Noctis and Adriel are currently undefeated in this series but Big Beef and Connelly could quickly change that since they too are undefeated. EMS attacked during the introductions and tanked the Creature Feature comeback to single out Noctis. Connelly rabidly beat down Noctis and brought in Beef to do the same with headbutts. EMS continued to use Noctis as a punching bag and ragdoll as both clearly overpowered him as Lazarus screamed from the apron. Noctis made a comeback with a stiff kick but tried for a choke and got destroyed by a backpack stunner. Lazarus made the save and Noctis kicked back again, knocking Beef loopy with a springboard kick. Alas, it wasn’t enough and Beef dropped him on his head with a bridging German. Connelly quickly came back in and carried on the murder. They continued to play against the rules as Lazarus lost his patience on the outside. Noctis landed another comeback against Beef but he focused too much on fighting and not enough on tagging out so Beef dumped him with another throw. Noctis finally made his escape with a Pele kick but Beef tagged too and it was a battle of the fresher man. Lazarus fired-up on both and took out Connelly with a headlock driver but Beef broke up his pin. Noctis took out Beef with a dropkick but they couldn’t end things with another double-team move. Beef saved Connelly from the bed of nails and murdered Noctis before EMS hit Lazarus with the Doomsday Device for the win. This was a mauling. Creature Feature may have gotten some licks in but they bore the brunt of the violence in this match. EMS look to be the newest threat to any tag team in Paradigm as they have no morals and a lot of power.

AKIRA defeated Nolo Kitano via Sudden Death

Last but not least, the main event. AKIRA and Nolo Kitano, the modern-day samurais were about to go to war. Both guys fight with honour but now was a time for superiority to show. It would be Ghetto Samurai, the master of unique offence taking on the Death Samurai, the one born of catch wrestling and broke glass. This was going to be a fight for the ages. The pair opened with the same offence and knocked each other silly with strikes and kicks. The pair frenzied into a hockey fight and once again went back to horrific kicks. AKIRA took advantage with a monstrous knee and shattered Kitano’s spine with a back kick. Kitano tried to do the same but AKIRA couldn’t feel it, demanding more from him. Kitano kicked him in the chest and AKIRA got to his feet to smash down Kitano with another barrage of strikes and kicks, stunning him with a vicious spinning back-fist. Kitano thought he’d caught AKIRA’s next kick but AKIRA was one step ahead and transformed it into a Meteora, driving double knees into his opponent’s face. The chops came out and once again, AKIRA demanded more from Kitano. Once again, Kitano made a mark but AKIRA quickly snuffed him out with a combo into a senton. Kitano finally knocked AKIRA off his game with a stiff head kick and rocked him with corner double knees. Another standoff broke out and AKIRA locked up Kitano with an STF Deathlock. The pair locked wrists and traded shoulder tackles, then Kitano turned that into a Pele kick but AKIRA stayed upright and drilled Kitano with a collapsing rolling elbow. The pair fought with their swords until both were disarmed and traded more elbows. Kitano got the advantage with even more impressive kicks and planted AKIRA with a straightjacket driver. AKIRA fired back with another rolling elbow and stunned the Ghetto Samurai one final time with a Tiger Feint Elbow into Sudden Death for the win.

AKIRA had gotten the win in the battle of the samurais but man, Kitano just keeps on impressing. He had really made the most of his spots and these two put on one hell of a main event match. Plus, the mutual respect from both guys was a joy to see. Both have bright futures in the business. That ended another odd episode as the phantom strangler is still at large, Jody continues to get wins from magic and J-Rose continues to try to keep it all together. There had been a weird morse code message to open the show and the ending was glitched as Paradigm’s stream and socials were taken over by the mysterious hacker with a simple warning, don’t let him talk to Glitch. Things have gotten even more concerning as Glitch was meant to compete but now a hacker was using his and Chase’s location to interfere with the show. Next week is the finale, hopefully, all our questions may finally be answered.

All images courtesy of Paradigm Twitter, YasshiVersace, Jocay19

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