Welcome back to ChocoPro Wrestling. Time to strap in as there are not one, not two but three shows coming this weekend. Up first is #95 and we’ll see Sayuri battle Antonio Honda, Best Bros vs Emi Sakura and Sayaka Obihiro, and three returns as Lulu Pencil is back in action alongside Minoru Fujita against Chris Brookes and Chie Koishikawa. There were going to be some big moments and what would happen when Pencil Army’s evilest member Minoru Fujita met Pencil Army’s former evilest member and hat thief Chris Brookes? Let’s get into the action.

Antonio Honda defeated Sayuri via Roll-Up

The first match of the show was ChocoPro’s resident shinobi Sayuri taking on Antonio Honda. Sayuri is usually all business when it comes to her fighting so how would she fare against Honda’s comedic distractions? They started with a lock-up and Sayuri nearly made Honda give up with a Hammerlock so he talked about anchovies to distract himself. Honda got injured and begged for a timeout. But it was a ruse and he used Sayuri’s sympathy against her with a timeout strike. He performed a dancing stomp on her face and attacked with a mop, using comedy to hide what he was doing as he distracted Akki. When the mop plan finally ran its course, he slammed her into the mat and winded her with a nasty chop. Sayuri escaped another slam and came back hard with a whole load of Kunai edge chops into the wall-run takeover. She hit the rolling wall slams for two and locked on a sleeper. They struggled to the window where Sayuri reapplied the hold and bounced him of the window edge. Honda dragged her back into the studio and hit an airplane spin into a backbreaker. He applied a Cobra Clutch but Sayuri escaped and reapplied the Sleeper. Honda looked like he was about to pass out when… Gon the Fox appeared to break the hold. Sayuri stopped Gon in his tracks with ninja magic and took control of him, making him attack Honda with a Gon splash. She unloaded more chops and tried again for the sleeper but Honda just rammed her against the wall. A dancing jab off broke out and Sayuri used that energy to dodge the elbow and nail Honda with a Yakuza kick. She blasted him with a second and locked in the sleeper one final time but Honda rolled through into a pin for the win. Sayuri really showed out here. She was more than capable of dealing with Honda and even took control of Gon. She’s really improving and I hope to see that trend continue throughout the season.

Best Bros (Mei Suruga & Baliyan Akki) defeated Emi Sakura & Sayaka Obihiro via Labyrinth Pin on Obihiro

Next up was the Best Bros taking on their arch-nemesis Emi Sakura and Sayako Obihiro. After losing to Akki last episode, Obihiro seemed determined to murder him this week. Would the Best Bros be able to cope against the heavy hands and devious wits of the foes before them? Suruga and Sakura started with Sakura wasting no time, attacking Akki and dropping Suruga with a backbreaker and Biel. She gave her evil laugh and drove Suruga into the wall. Suruga dodged a wall chop and the pair went counter for counter whilst striking. Sakura tagged and Obihiro wanted Akki so Suruga shushed Akki and tried to keep fighting. Akki wasn’t having it so she relented and tagged. The pair picked up where they left off and went through a quick technical exchange into a quick pin and armbar attempt. Akki locked in a head-scissor and the pair went through another technical counter chain. The pair both got bounced off the wall and Akki threw Obihiro away after she tried for an abdominal stretch. A chop battle broke out which Akki countered into the Namaste Stretch. Sakura broke up the hold so the pair went back to trading and Obihiro scored a near-fall with an inside cradle. She assaulted the Best Bros with chops and brought in Sakura, who also chopped Akki and tuned up the band for We Will Rock You. Akki dodged and hit the wall-run Swanton before tagging out. Suruga launched in with a Supergirl forearm and used the wall to lock in Lucifer. She bridged into the Apple Cut Mutilation but Sakura reversed it into a double armbar and tried to hit the same submission but she couldn’t bridge properly.

Sakura threw Suruga onto the window and nailed the window crush but Suruga dodged the follow-up and stunned her with a forearm. Suruga attacked with a sponsor sign and rolled her with a Cazadora into an assisted double stomp. She landed a second but only got a two-count. Sakura reversed a double-team wall whip and slammed Suruga onto Akki. She held the Best Bros in place and Obihiro hit both with a diving throat thrust. Sakura looked to fly too but Suruga cut her off by smashing her head into the window frame. She twisted herself on a Propellor pin attempt and Sakura threw her into the wall off an attempted crossbody. Obihiro and Akki picked up the fight and almost ended it with an Obihiro magic counter. Obihiro assaulted Akki with chops and launched him into the wall for Sakura’s We Will Rock You. Suruga delayed a second Obihiro magic and the pair survived an onslaught to hit the Best Bros crossbody combo. A pinfall trade broke out and the Best Bros hit a double team Kawaii pin but Sakura broke it up. She was thrown away and the Best Bros threw Obihiro into the Labyrinth pin. Once again this was an excellent little tag match, no comedy just ChocoPro style tag team action at its finest.

Chie Koishikawa & Chris Brookes defeated Hardcore Pencil Army (Lulu Pencil & Minoru Fujita) via Grounded Torture Stretch on Pencil

Last but not least, the main event. It would be the Drunken Chop Kings or ChieDK taking on the Hardcore Pencil Army. Brookes and the Pencil Army have a storied history of violence. Would Fujita finally be the person to help the Pencil Army get their first win and help Lulu Pencil get revenge on Chris Brookes? Plus, Masa Takanashi was watching on as Koishikawa did an impression of him. Fujita had come with his titles and a cat bag as the pair laughed in pencil. The Pencil Army charged and Fujita threatened Koishikawa with the world’s smallest cheese-grater and a taser he’d pulled from his cat bag. He threw pencils at Koishikawa and accidentally caught Lulu who was holding her in place. Pencil went for a Figure Four but Brookes dragged her away to show her how it’s done. Fujita stopped this and stabbed Brookes in the head with pencils. Pencil tried to lock in an abdominal stretch but she got confused so Fujita helped apply the hold. Brookes broke out easily and slammed Pencil into the mat. Brookes held Pencil in place for a chop and Koishikawa dragged her around the mat. They hit a posing double submission and Koishikawa gave Pencil a nasty ground chop after Fujita broke the hold. Brookes hit a step-ladder double stomp and dragged her into a hanging crab. Pencil forced a break so Brookes tagged and Koishikawa got the bow and arrow on the first attempt. Fujita saved Pencil from a second attempt so Koishikawa locked on a guillotine as Brookes kept Fujita at bay. Pencil forearmed free of ChieDK and baited Brookes into chopping Koishikawa. Pencil fought to freedom and Brookes got into a striking exchange with Fujita, going shot for shot on shoulder tackles, forearms, and chops. This transitioned to kicks as Brookes bounced Fujita off the wall with a step-up enzuigiri. He tried for the Praying Mantis Bomb but Fujita reversed into a Russian Leg Sweep. Fujita tried to charge so Brookes drilled him with a high knee and got locked up by him as he tried to escape. ChieDK launched Pencil Army into each other and Brookes did a lethargic leapfrog to throw Chie onto Fujita. He hoisted Pencil up by her overalls and dumped her onto Fujita too.

Brookes tried to pin the body pile but Fujita kicked out so he brought Koishikawa back in. She rushed Fujita with dropkicks and went on a run as Fujita marched after her. She signalled for another dropkick but Fujita marched at her and downed her with a shoulder tackle. The Army missed double stabbers and Koishikawa locked in the stretch muffler on Pencil. She avoided a demon chop and hit the stomp chop combo but Koishikawa dodged the final hit and stung Pencil with a nasty chop. Pencil tried to block another but Koishikawa overpowered her and knocked her to the mat. We got a jousting match and Koishikawa once again knocked down Pencil with a chop. Brookes came in and mocked Pencil’s attempts at offence so she kicked him in the gut and tripped him into the wall. Pencil looked to end it with a tombstone but Brookes fought out and looked to end her with one when Fujita made the save again and turned it into a Tornado DDT. The Army set up their tables and looked to hit dual slides but Koishikawa chopped Pencil off hers and ChieDK dumped Fujita and his table outside. Fujita tried to come back but Koishikawa chopped him away and followed him outside with an X Chop. Pencil nearly scored a roll-up out of the grounded Octopus and put Brookes in the Octopus. Brookes powered out again and dropped Pencil with another stiff chop. He continued to chop her down as Fujita struggled against the window. She refused to quit and nearly downed him with pencil strikes so he floored her with a shotgun dropkick. He folded her up on the mat and with nowhere to go she finally tapped out.

Once again Brookes had managed to best the Pencil Army. Pencil had no choice but to give up as her subordinate was gone and she was trapped. Once again it was a valiant fight but just not enough. Koishikawa had managed to get another win this season and Brookes proved once again why he’s one of the deadliest players in ChocoPro. After the Janken Tournament, Brookes returned with Pencil’s pink hat after she’d given him it and after a speech from Pencil looked like he’d joined Pencil Army… could this be another ruse, or has Pencil Army just gained another top villain? As it stands, ChocoPro just gained its first 4-person faction. The next episode might answer that question as Lulu Pencil battles Baliyan Akki, Chie Koishikawa, and Sayaka Obihiro vs Beauty as Is and Tokiko Kirihara battles Mei Suruga. The road to #100 continues as we now have the newly formed Pencil Army has been added to the card. Things are really getting interesting now.

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move Twitter, Sayuri, FlyingVTrigger, Video courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube

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