Welcome back to ChocoPro Wrestling. It’s time for day two of our three-day marathon of ChocoPro delights. This time we’ll see Lulu Pencil look to show Chris Brookes had made her stronger by fighting Baliyan Akki, Mei Suruga goes one-on-one with Tokiko Kirihara and Chie Koishikawa gains her second main event in a row teaming with Sayaka Obihiro against Beauty as Is. There was the potential for upsets on today’s shows and the ability to gauge the new threat of a stronger, Pencil Army. Let’s get into the action.

Baliyan Akki defeated Lulu Pencil via Deathlock

Up first today was Lulu Pencil, the general of the Pencil Army and the person who’d managed to turn Chris Brookes to the side of pencils, was looking to prove that she had gotten stronger by taking on the ace of ChocoPro in singles action. Akki wasn’t impressed by her actions so he definitely wasn’t going to give her an easy time here. He dominated the early technical opening and reversed most of her attempts at holds. Pencil finally broke this with a roll-up and landed some of the stomps and chops before Akki reversed. She fought through and locked on the Octopus. Akki struggled out and transitioned it to the Namaste Stretch. Pencil forced the break and reversed a wall whip to send Akki face-first into it. She took out both of his knees with a rolling dropkick and tripped him into an elbow drop to the back. She looked to end things with the Tornado DDT but Akki held on and slammed her into the mat. He used window magic to confuse her but the jump-scare backfired and she rolled him up again. She gave him the full barrage of stomps and chops and threw in some back elbows before trying to take out Akki with clotheslines. It didn’t work and Akki baited her into running into a backbreaker. He chopped her down, then dragged her back up for the finish but Pencil kicked off the wall into the Tornado DDT. He kicked out but Pencil was on him with another roll-up and a brutal basement dropkick. The pair went reversal crazy until Akki tripped Pencil into the Deathlock for the win. Whilst she may not have won, Pencil showed some newfound smarts and strategy here. She is really getting there as a wrestler and the allies she has built are definitely making her stronger. She just made the mistake of picking a fight with the ace.

Mei Suruga defeated Tokiko Kirihara via Apple Cut Mutilation

Next up was Mei Suruga also looking to prove herself as the big apple by getting a big win over one of ChocoPro’s most skilled and fearsome fighters Tokiko Kirihara. I don’t remember seeing these two fight one-on-one so this was going to be interesting. The pair battled through multiple technical exchanges until Suruga reversed a takedown into a hand stomp. The pair continued to trade and Kirihara reversed the window-sill arm-drag. Kirihara overpowered Suruga on a test of strength and went for multiple pinfalls but Suruga bridged out and hit the arm-drag on the second attempt. Suruga went for the Kawaii pin but Kirihara broke it by literally trying to kick out her spine. Kirihara quickly applied the straightjacket but Suruga took her over and barred an arm. This assault of the arm continued with multiple window smashes and window crushes, much to referee Akki’s dismay. She crushed Kirihara in the window again and grabbed a sponsor sign to attack with only to miss Kirihara and have the sign kicked through her chest. She smashed Suruga against the wall and tried to charge her into it after a camera stare down but Suruga kicked off it into a roll-up. The pair fought over a slam and Kirihara tripped Suruga into a Figure Four. Suruga reversed the pressure and Kirihara did the same until someone finally escaped. The pair traded kicks and Suruga caught Kirihara’s chest kicks into the bridging Deathlock. Suruga attacked with a second sponsor sign and slapped it off the back of Kirihara who then broke her knees off the wall and applied the Achilles lock. She transitioned to a double kneebar and gave her a diving knee stomp when she escaped. Suruga blocked a Judo throw and bounced Kirihara off the wall with a dropkick. She locked in the Apple Cut Mutilation and tried for the double stomp but Kirihara escaped both. A reversal train began and Kirihara locked on a grounded choke. Suruga escaped and stomped through Kirihara, then ended the match with the Apple Cut Mutilation. It had definitely been a big fight and Suruga came away victorious if not a little worse for wear. This was an amazing technical battle and it was funny to see Akki struggle with Suruga’s antics. Kirihara kicked ass too.

Beauty as Is (Emi Sakura & Yuna Mizumori) defeated Chie Koishikawa & Sayaka Obihiro via Tropical Splash on Koishikawa

Last but not least, the main event. Beauty as Is are currently one of the top tag teams in ChocoPro. The combination of power and smarts has seen them battle the best in the company. Now, Mizumori and Sakura had set their sights on the heavy-hitters, Chie Koishikawa and Sayaka Obihiro. Could Koishikawa win two main events in a row here? The bell rung and Koishikawa instantly blasted Sakura with no less than five dropkicks, smashing her into the window. Sakura threw her into the wall but missed the wall chop and ate a sixth rapid dropkick. Clearly annoyed, Sakura tagged out so Koishikawa did the same. Obihiro and Mizumori battled over lock-ups, Obihiro working to keep Mizumori grounded before punishing her with chops and elbows. The heavy hitters went on a run and crushed Mizumori with numerous rolling sentons before ending the chain with Takayuki Ueki-style kokeshis. The chops continued but an ill-fated guillotine gave Mizumori the chance to escape with a slam to Koishikawa. Sakura paid her back for the dropkicks with a barrage of Mongolian chops into a dropkick. She stomped her down and Mizumori gave her a giant swing. They both threw Koishikawa into the wall and Mizumori locked her in a crab. Sakura continued to bully Koishikawa’s back and Mizumori got carried away in a posing Camel Clutch. Mizumori attacked Koishikawa against the wall but took too long firing-up and smashed herself into the wall and ate an arm-drag and dropkick.

Obihiro rushed Beauty as Is with chops and stabbed Mizumori in the throat with an X throat thrust. She climbed to the top but Mizumori stunned her with a headbutt and dragged her into the Coconut Crush. Obihiro kicked away a Tropical Splash so Mizumori hit her with a shoulder block and tagged out. Sakura came out chopping so Koishikawa came to Obihiro’s aid with a leapfrog X chop and the pair ran around Sakura to dropkick her into the wall. Obihiro downed her with a diving throat thrust and Koishikawa tried for the bow and arrow. After a rolling leg drop, she got it on the second attempt. Demon Chie emerged and chased Sakura around the mat to deliver a thudding floor chop. Well, she would have but Sakura grabbed her by the face and put her in a hanging submission. Koishikawa leapfrogged her again and chopped out her back. She thought she had Sakura stunned but in reality, Sakura was playing possum and furiously attacked her in the window. Beauty as Is went for a Doomsday Cutter through the window but Obihiro made the save and Koishikawa dragged her along the mat. Mizumori saved Sakura from the muffler and beat the hell out of both Koishikawa and Obihiro. Koishikawa struck back but Mizumori caught her out of a dropkick. She missed a body attack and narrowly avoided disaster at the hands of a chopping pin. They both chopped down Mizumori again but couldn’t follow-up as Beauty as Is double-teamed Koishikawa. Sakura tuned up the band for We Will Rock You and nailed it before the two teams went counter crazy. Sakura saved Mizumori from chopping Obihiro magic and Koishikawa locked her in the muffler. Mizumori powered out and avoided death by chop to lock on the Tropical Crab. Koishikawa escaped and kicked out of a reverse press but a final Tropical Splash sealed the deal and gave Beauty as is the win. it had been an excellently hard-fought battle but once again the powerful veteran edge was too much for the heavy hitters. What a main event battle and once again what a showcase from Koishikawa and Mizumori.

Thus, another ChocoPro episode had come to an end. It was another excellent showcase of the wrestling talent the roster had and a nice continuation of the Lulu Pencil and Chie Koishikawa story. Both are strong talents who will only get better. We’ll see more of them tomorrow for the final day of the marathon as Emi Sakura and Chie Koishikawa take on Chon Shiryu and Sayuri, the Best Bros battle the Hardcore Pencil Army, and Yuna Mizumori battles Tokiko Kirihara. The road to #100 continues as the stakes get higher and new matches to reveal themselves. Let the fun continue.

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move Twitter, FlyingVTrigger, Dogu, Tokiko Kirihara, Video courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube

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