Impact Plus monthly special events have shown us they can become some interesting game-changers in the IMPACT routine. From the classic weekly shows and 4 PPVs a year system, we now have a monthly addition when a title can change hands, feuds can find an end or a beginning.
Of course, we’ll have the chance to see a match that, for me, should have been Rebellion main-event, Moose vs Rich Swann for the World Title Unification. I’ve been waiting for that one even before Hard To Kill. As soon as Moose embraced the darkness (thank you, EC3), he has raised the bar for every possible World Title match coming. Control your narrative, EC3 said… He has never been more right… Tonight, all the titles are on the line. The danger can come from the past, the present, the future, and the unexpected.
Let’s dig into it. 

Decay (Crazy Steve & Black Taurus w/ Rosemary) vs Reno Scum (Adam Thornstowe & Luster The Legend)

Before the match, we saw Rich Swann enter the arena with a big smile on his face. For the second time in a row, Decay was opening the PPV… and, once again, we had technical issues. But, the magic of Impact Plus is to have replays so, no worries, if you didn’t see the match live, the show is still waiting for you.
The addition of Taurus to Decay has been pretty fruitful for the reformed stable. The Lucha Libre AAA monster is strong, powerful, savage… He will never be Abyss, but he definitely fills up the blank left by the Hall of Famer as the “Big Man” of Decay.

Adam Thornstowe and Crazzy Steve began the match with wristlock counters. Thornstowe went for a toehold takedown. Steve attacked the neck and head of Thornstowe. He dragged him over to make a tag out to Black Taurus. Taurus flew in with an arm drag. Taurus worked on Thornstowe’s arm and tagged Steve. Taurus and Steve connected with a tilt-a-whirl splash. Luster tagged in and connected with a few shots before making a quick tag out to Thornstowe. Taurus and Steve came together again with a double backbreaker on Thornstowe. He surprised Taurus with a double stomp and a senton. Thornstowe hit a dropkick and a standing moonsault.

Taurus used his athleticism to knock down Luster and tag in Steve. Thornstowe met him but ended up in a back and forth exchange. Steve hit a low-angle flatliner. Steve forced Scum to collide and stunned them. Taurus came in but got flattened by Thornstowe. Once again, Reno Scum misfired and Rosemary sprayed the green mists on Luster on the outside. Back inside, Decay hit a cannonball and Taurus Driver combo for the win. One solid opener for the show. If Steve and Taurus seem to be doing pretty good together, Rosemary showed she can be the difference-maker for her team.

Intergender Match – Havok & Nevaeh vs Kaleb with a K & Tenille Dashwood

They cheated, of course. What can you expect from Tenille, Miss Me & Me, and Kaleb? Tenille and Nevaeh kicked things off. Nevaeh went straight for a waist lock. Tenille countered with a standing switch. Nevaeh countered with a hammerlock. Tenille tagged out to Kaleb. He landed a powerslam on Nevaeh. Havok dropped Kaleb and tagged back to Nevaeh. Both women charged towards Kaleb with running forearms. Nevaeh ducked out of the corner and chops away on Kaleb. Kaleb yanked Nevaeh down by her hair and made a tag back to Tenille. Kaleb took a picture of Tenille while she was grabbing hold of Nevaeh by her hair again on the apron.

Kaleb helped keep Nevaeh in the corner. Tenille taunted Havok by stomping away on her partner. Tenille hit a front face chinlock. Nevaeh countered Kaleb with a clothesline/neckbreaker combination. Havok tagged in and landed a series of clotheslines and big boots on both Tenille and Kaleb. Havok wrecked Tenille with a backbreaker. Nevaeh was back in but Kaleb distracted the referee, so Nevaeh couldn’t get the pin. Havok tried to step in, but the referee stopped her. Kaleb helped Tenille counter Nevaeh’s rollup with one of her own for the win. Next match, please…

Meanwhile, backstage…

Eddie Edwards came to support Rich Swann.

Chris Sabin & James Storm (w/Jake Something) vs Violent By Design (Deaner & Joe Doering) (w/Eric Young)

It was James Storm’s 999th match in the TNA/Impact Zone, what a milestone for The Cowboy… Everyone interfered in a match that was not supposed to be a no-DQ one… Ok, I may have missed a chapter.

Deaner and Sabin kicked it off. Sabin hit some arm-drags, Deaner was frustrated and shuffled to EY for some coaching. Doering got the tag and Sabin was outsized. Sabin used his quickness to neutralize the big man. Sabin tagged in Storm but Doering took them both out with a clothesline. Deaner came in and continue wearing down Storm. The Cowboy hit a belly-to-belly suplex and tagged in Sabin. Storm and Sabin worked together on Deaner with stereo kicks. Doering worked from the apron to take Storm down with a clothesline. Doering and Deaner were relentless in beating Storm up on the mat.

Storm was heavily damaged, still taking big shots in the opposing corner. Storm broke free to hand the tag to Sabin. He unloaded kicks on all VBD members. Storm nailed an elbow from the top rope. Doering stopped the momentum with a huge crossbody. Deaner hit a diving headbutt but got clocked with an enzuigiri. EY interfered but Jake fought that off. The ref was taken out, allowing EY to storm the ring. Jake destroyed EY with a clothesline. Deaner and Sabin collided with a clothesline inside the ring. EY hit a neckbreaker to Jake outside. If there was not enough chaos, Rhino stormed to the ring and hit a huge Gore on Sabin. Deaner picked up the win for VBD. If you saw Heath’s tweet after the match, I think none of us saw Rhino’s heel turn coming. Don’t forget he still has the Cup, so a World Title shot… A wilder match than the previous ones but that worked and opened the gates for new storylines.

Meanwhile, backstage…

Brian Myers, with Hernandez, told Gia Miller is sick and tired of seeing Edwards pick up the victories over him. He was ready for their grudge match.

Hold Harmless Match – Brian Myers vs Eddie Edwards

Hold Harmless Match, let’s make it simple… It’s hardcore time. Of course, Brian Myers can find that very unprofessional and he is right because a stipulation like that was not going to help him at all. We all know the glitter in Eddie Edwards’ eyes when kendo sticks are involved… Ok, will Eddie meet Kenny tonight?

They brawled immediately to start it off. Eddie hit a belly-to-belly suplex. Myers fought back but couldn’t keep with Eddie’s fire. Eddie continued to lay it in, hitting a suicide dive. Eddie revealed the steel steps which he ended up getting tripped onto back first. Myers gained the upper hand, pounding away on Eddie. The Most Professional Wrestler grabbed a trash can lid he bashed over Eddie’s head. Myers kept Eddie floored until hitting a brainbuster and a Michinoku Driver. Myers then grabbed a plethora of weapons. He placed Eddie onto a pile of steel chairs, lids, and cookie sheets. Eddie met him up on the top rope, hitting a superplex onto the pile.

They stood up and traded shots. Eddie laid in some chops and a Blue Thunder Bomb. Eddie went for a table as Myers was begging for mercy. Hernandez came to the ring and snatched Eddie. Matt Cardona came to save him. And then, a magic moment happened… Eddie found Kenny (a tear was rolling on my cheek… beautiful). Myers baited Eddie into stabbing himself in the throat against the ring and nailed a flatliner on the ramp. Eddie met Myers up top and delivered a Backpack Stunner through the table. An excellent summary of the situation by Sami Callihan here below… I would say, fragile-ass pillow for the two, please.

Eddie tossed Myers inside and launched him with a Tiger Driver. Myers dropped an illegal object in his elbow pad Eddie placed in his knee pad. He delivered a loaded Boston Knee Party to put Myers away. That was absolutely professional but I expect Myers to make his voice be heard in the coming weeks. That was good because when Tommy Dreamer is not there, who do we call for some good old hardcore? Mr. AIP. Myers was entering a place he would never the master of and he paid a heavy price for it. Storyline wise, Myers can be the professional he says he is, it’s time for him to find a new target.

IMPACT Knockouts Tag Team Championship Match: Fire ‘N Flava (Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz) (c) vs Jazz & Jordynne Grace

Fire ‘N Flava have won and defended the titles the very bad way because they cheated their way to the top. They screwed their opponents every time they could. Jazz proved on Tuesday we don’t teach an old monkey how to smile (yes, we French don’t teach old dogs new tricks…) and she could not let Tasha and Kiera play their usual games.

Jordynne and Kiera started the match. Some back and forth, but Kiera expensed a lot of energy and Jordynne left her rocked. Jazz and Tasha in now. Jazz planted Tasha with a driver and tagged in Jordynne. Tasha followed her partner’s strategy and rolled to the outside. Ref Brandon Tolle checked on Tasha who sparked up with a codebreaker. Kiera laid in some kicks but Jordynne was fighting strong. They managed to slow her down, sticking to the plan with some quick flashy kicks and frequent tags. Jordynne’s power drove to her corner, allowing Jazz to come in. Kiera helped from the apron and Tasha hit a cutter. Kiera strangled the eyes of Jazz. A slugfest broked out between Jazz and Tasha who displayed great chemistry.

Jordynne got the hot tag. Tasha and Kiera hit a double stomp neckbreaker combo but Jordynne grabbed the ropes on the pin. Jordynne completely planted Kiera with a wheelbarrow, then Jazz came in locking in an STF. Jordynne tagged in and went for the muscle buster but got outnumbered. Tasha hit a crucifix bomb and Kiera connected with a fisherman neckbreaker for the win.

It’s good to be proven wrong. Everything I was reproaching Fire ‘N Flava is exactly what they didn’t do. They tried to cheat, I saw it, like you, but when it doesn’t work… They wrestled like Champions, they behaved like Champions and they won that match as Champions. This match exceeded all my expectations with great action and good teamwork. I now ask myself who will dethrone them from their pedestal…

Meanwhile, backstage…

Moose told Gia Miller he is done talking and will prove himself tonight.

IMPACT X-Division Championship Match: TJP (c) vs. Ace Austin w/ Madman Fulton

Ace Austin vs TJP, X-Division Championship, a modern classic, a must-see match… I can add Austin won his way to this opportunity but a little less conversation, a little more action, please (who followed?)…

Ace grounded the champion feeling out the match. TJP stomped the hand, trapping it and chaining it with a submission. Ace tried to match the technical ability but got caught with a dropkick. TJP hit Fulton on the outside, but Ace followed with a Fosbury Flop.

TJP countered Ace’s every move and eventually caught him with his double springboard kick. Ace locked in a Dragon Sleeper. The Champ frantically escaped and quickly worked to fight back. TJP nailed a springboard DDT and followed up with a diving kick to the outside. Back in the ring, TJP hit a crossbody and a big boot. A Tornado DDT spiked Ace but he kicked out. They traded quick pin attempts and ended up colliding with bicycle kicks. Ace went off on TJP with a rolling kick and a Fame-Acer. He set him up for The Fold but TJP collapsed. TJP slowly woke up as Ace looked to make him tap now. TJP locked in the kneebar outta nowhere and Fulton tried to help his bud.

TJP dragged him away from the ropes but Ace found the other side for a break. A counter exchange ended with a kneebar and a trap suplex. TJP looked for the Mamba Splash but Ace used the ref to distract the champ. Ace caught TJP with The Fold after spiking him with his feet for a title victory.

That may have rocked but, damn, that was too short… This match had so much potential and the two wrestlers barely scratched the surface of it and of their repertoire. At just 24, the whole world is in the palm of Austin’s hands. Ace Austin is now a two-time X-Division Champion, sitting next to his Super X Cup win from early this year.

Meanwhile, backstage…

At Swinger’s Palace, Tenille and Kaleb came to pay a visit to Alisha’s Queendom. She challenged Tenille Dashwood to a match.

IMPACT Knockouts Championship Match – Deonna Purrazzo (c) w/ Susan and Kimber Lee vs ODB

Knockouts are like diamonds, once they start being named as, they are forever. Whatever the ages of the ladies who were in the ring, all of them are Knockouts, the brightest jewels of the TNA/Impact Wrestling crown for more than 18 years. ODB is still in quest of a fifth Knockouts Champion but Deonna Purrazzo is one hell of a competitor… So BAM!

Deonna looked sharp early on, showing the clear difference between both styles. ODB used her strikes and power to surprise the champ. ODB hit a fallaway slam, sending Deonna outside. Kimber hit a spinning back kick in front of the ref’s eyes, causing him to eject Kimber and Susan. Deonna stomped ODB into the mat as frustration sets in. ODB threw some shots but got outworked into an armbar.

Deonna went after a triangle in the ropes but must break quickly. ODB tossed Deonna from the top rope, grabbing a breather. They traded shots. ODB slammed Deonna to the canvas. ODB hesitated to come off of the second rope and got caught in a submission. Deonna locked in the Venus de Milo forcing ODB to tap out.

We can say Deonna was really too strong for ODB but, to be honest, that was not the case. We barely saw what ODB is about. The difference in styles was so noticeable it was impossible for any of the ladies to develop any kind of storytelling. That didn’t work pretty well, chapter closed, next match, please.

Meanwhile, backstage…

Tenille, Kaleb and Alisha were in Scott D’Amore’s office to get this match granted for Tuesday. He said it will happen; however, they will be part of a huge tag team match. He said more information will be revealed later on.

IMPACT World Tag Team Championship Match: The Good Brothers (c) vs FinJuice

The tree that was hiding a massive forest… When we were all on Omega vs IMPACT Champion, we tended to forget an NJPW team could win the IMPACT Tag Team belts tonight. And, for my part, I absolutely didn’t know what FinJuice were about because I’m not into NJPW at all.

Anderson and Finlay started the bout. Juice came in and hit some eccentric offence. The Big LG tagged in and delivers some heavy blows. Gallows floored Juice with a clothesline and tagged in Anderson. Anderson tripped Finlay on the top rope, as his head whiplashed against the top rope and turnbuckle. He knocked Finlay straight to the mat with a big boot and handed the action over to The Machine Gun. Gallows grabbed the tag, preventing Finlay from getting Juice in the ring. Gallows dropped him with a right hook and followed up with a leg drop. Gallows and Anderson continued to dominate but Finlay evaded Anderson and got the tag.

Juice landed some punches on Anderson, hit a full nelson slam but missed a cannonball. Gallows in landed a big roundhouse kick. Anderson came in, knocking Finlay down. The Brothers looked for The Magic Killer but Finlay broke it up. Gallows landed a sidekick but Juice recovered. Anderson delivered a spinebuster and went for the Gun-Stun but got countered. Finlay got the tag and unloaded a backbreaker/elbow drop combo. Gallows got taken out and FinJuice hit a Doomsday Device for the win.

David Finlay and Juice Robinson were absolutely impressive. If one of you saw this title change coming, well done because that was probably the least predictable of them all. Now, the flip side of the coin, just take a look at the NJPW schedule for the next few weeks… I ask myself when they will be able to defend the titles in the Impact Zone…

World Title Unification Match – IMPACT World Champion Rich Swann (c) vs. TNA World Champion Moose (c)

Commentators lowered their voices as if they were announcing the mass when both men were making their entrance. That sounded strange but showed how important the match was, Kenny Omega or not at the end of the line. We have been waiting for it for such a long time, with or without the TNA belt on the line or a Unification. Moose has developed a perfect stone-cold character around his fantastic wrestling skills. He has built himself as a Champion. When Swann was building his legacy as the Champion…

Swann hit a dropkick immediately. Moose was sent outside where Swann attempted a flip. Moose caught him but Swann found his footing on the apron. Moose caught him again but got sent into the post. Moose found his way back into the match and tossed the champ around. Moose was in full control, but Swann attacked the legs. Moose back-body dropped Swann, who landed chest first. Swann began fighting back but got drilled with a uranage. Moose now checked under the ring, grabbing a chair. Moose wedged it into the corner, ref Brian Hebner interposed.

Moose launched Swann instead into the guardrail, breaking the outside count in the process. Moose yanked Swann’s hair against the rails, causing a scream from the champ. Moose slowed things down with an abdominal stretch, placing the fist into the ribs of Swann. Swann used some joint manipulation and a bite to break free and landed some elbows. Moose landed a gutbuster, flooring the champ in his brief moment on top. Moose hoisted Swann up to the top. Swann connected with a hurricanrana, sending Moose across the ring.

Swann started tossing jabs, escalating to back fists and roundhouse kicks. Moose hit a bicycle kick on Swann in the spine, but Swann responded with a back spring cutter off of a Moose springboard attempt. Swann measured a kick and connects. Swann hit a second rope 450 Splash. Back to the top, Swann knocked Moose down but he answered back with a marvel of Moonsault Fallaway slam from the top rope. Moose lined up Swann for a Lights Out Spear but hit the buckle. He attempted again but hit another buckle. He went for once more and hit the chair wedged earlier. Moose got caught in a crucifix and roll through, allowing Swann to score the win outta nowhere.

That slap in the face… That was fantastic, without interference, incredibly tense, again a bit too short. If I’m happy for Swann, Moose gave so much in this match I feel bad for him. Moose really shinned and did everything he could but Swann is the Champ for a reason and his surprise victories get the job done. Moose loses here but will only become greater from this, and will step up in the coming months. Swann is now the Unified Champ and I’m interested in where that goes.

To be eNYGMAtic…

There were matches that we want to see every week, but also PPV-calibre bouts. With 3 matches, the Knockouts showed once again they are absolutely essential to the company. I won’t say it was a great PPV because the flow of it was not perfect.
The big winners of the night, Ace Austin, FinJuice, Kiera and Tasha who showed the world they have the soul of Champions, Moose even if he lost, Havok and Nevaeh because they didn’t really lose. And, obviously, Rich Swann who is going straight to the main-event of Rebellion… The Knockouts Championship match was disappointing, Tenille and Kaleb were infuriating as they are used to, Rhino’s turn was a big surprise.
Once again, I have to say it but, and then? Impact Wrestling is taping the next few days and once again, what an array of question marks… Also what is going to happen if Rich Swann wins the AEW Championship or Kenny Omega the IMPACT one? Too much…
I will soon be compelled to take a break from this review for health reasons and I start to think that will be for the greater good. For the moment, all I know is there’s a new episode on Tuesday night. Will I be there? Maybe…

Sacrifice Complete Results:

  • Decay (Crazzy Steve & Black Taurus) defeated Reno Scum.
  • Tenille Dashwood & Kaleb with a K defeated Havok & Nevaeh.
  • Eddie Edwards defeated Brian Myers in a No Hold Harmless Match.
  • Violent By Design w/ Eric Young defeated Chris Sabin & James Storm (w/ Jake Something).
  • IMPACT Knockouts Tag Team Championship Match: Fire ‘N Flava defeated Jazz & Jordynne Grace to retain the titles.
  • IMPACT X-Division Championship Match: Ace Austin defeated TJP to become the new X-Division Champion.
  • IMPACT Knockouts Championship Match: Deonna Purrazzo defeated ODB to retain the belt.
  • IMPACT World Tag TeamChampionship Match: FinJuice defeated The Good Brothers to become the new Champions.
  • IMPACT World Championship Unification Match: Rich Swann defeated Moose to become the Undisputed IMPACT World Champion.

All pics, videos, and screenshots courtesy of Impact Wrestling and AXS TV. Photocollage custom made by @frenchnygma exclusively for @steelchairmag. 

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