Welcome back to ChocoPro Wrestling. Cards are always subject to change and unfortunately, three matches became two due to an injury to Tokiko Kirihara during warm-up. Thankfully it’s nothing too serious but it did mean she was out of action today recovering. With that match gone, the two remainders were going to go all out to impress. Those matches were Emi Sakura and Chie Koishikawa taking on Sayuri and Chon Shiryu and The Best Bros taking on the Hardcore Pencil Army. The Pencil Army has grown to four members but its core unit was in action today as Minoru Fujita came back for his second match during the marathon. Were things finally going to turn Pencil Army’s way? Let’s find out.

Chon Shiryu & Sayuri defeated Emi Sakura & Chie Koishikawa via Kangaroo Clutch on Koishikawa

Up first was the Dragon Ninja squad Sayuri and Chon Shiryu battling Emi Sakura and her hyperactive student, Chie Koishikawa. We have two of the rising stars of ChocoPro in Sayuri and Koishikawa doing battle as the veterans watch on. I have to say something was unsettling about seeing Sakura mimic Koishikawa’s sportsmanship and hyperactivity. Koishikawa and Shiryu started by going on a run as the pair fought for wrist control. A standoff was reached and a hyperactive Sakura was tagged in. She rushed the ring and instantly ran into Sayuri’s boot. The pair hit Sakura and Koishikawa with the rolling wall smashes and chopped the pair down. Sayuri tried to slam Sakura but she clawed free and Koishikawa snapped her over for a bow and arrow attempt. Sakura aided in a crush and chopped the trapped Sayuri. Sakura tagged in and punished Sayuri with Mongolian chops and a wall slam. She threw her by the hair and both went on a run around Sayuri but Sakura was quickly gassed and couldn’t keep up. A for effort though as she kept up with the rolling sentons and Kokeshis. Koishikawa applied a crab and a guillotine before Sakura put her in the torture rack. Koishikawa screamed for Sayuri to give up but the ninja refused. The pair took out Shiryu and slammed Sayuri into the wall. Sayuri powered out of a slam and turned it into a small package for a two-count, then dropkicked her way to Shiryu and freedom.

Shiryu kicked down both and after chopping Sakura in the back, tripped her across the window ledge. He cut down ref Akki and used him as a stepping stone for a step-up stomp. He hit her with a leaping yakuza kick and a strike battle broke out. He couldn’t muscle Sakura into the Gory special so Sakura laughed at him and Koishikawa deafened him. Koishikawa tuned up the band for We Will Rock You but got too into it so Sayuri disrupted and took out Sakura with the wall-run takeover. She got the tag and murdered Sakura with a clip of Kunai Edge chops, then got into a bow and arrow battle with Koishikawa as the pair locked it in on the other’s partner. Koishikawa wanted Sayuri so she tagged and unleashed the demon Chie, giving her a devilish chop against the wall. The muffler came next and Sayuri ducked a chop into a Crucifix. She kicked Koishikawa down again and tagged out to Shiryu who came in slapping. Koishikawa reversed the Gory bomb and kicked him against the wall and Sakura hit the We Will Rock You. Koishikawa reapplied the muffler but Shiryu reversed and the Dragon Ninja combo took over with a sleeper through the window. Sayuri snapped Koishikawa through the window, setting up for the Gory Bomb. Sakura broke the hold and Koishikawa launched Shiryu back to the mat with an arm-drag. He reversed an X chop and turned it into the Kangaroo Clutch, tapping Koishikawa out. This was awesome, again it was just a proper little tag match with little to no shenanigans. Plus, we got to see the best of Koishikawa and Sayuri once again, with Sayuri actually getting a win.

Best Bros (Baliyan Akki & Mei Suruga) defeated Hardcore Pencil Army (Lulu Pencil & Minoru Fujita) via Lucifer on Pencil

Last but not least, the main event. Best Bros stepping up to bring the fight to the Pencil Army once again. Lulu Pencil and Minoru Fujita were ready for another battle and hopefully their first tag victory. Could they upset Asia Dream Tag Champions? Fujita had his cat bag again so there was the very real possibility that he had the taser again. Akki was trying to be a force for good as Suruga wanted to kill. The teams charged and Best Bros took the advantage, stomping down Pencil Army. Suruga shunted Akki away as she was ready to unleased her full wrath on Pencil Army. She repeatedly smashed Fujita off the wall and hit him with a Supergirl Forearm. She continued to maul him so Akki dragged her away and forcibly tagged her out as Fujita brought in Pencil. A technical battle broke out as Pencil got an early Octopus hold and Suruga piled on to add to the carnage with a double armbar, unknowingly adding further pressure to Akki underneath. The Best Bros applied double submissions to Pencil Army and threw both into each other after tanking another charge. They tried for the crossbody combo but Pencil Army blocked both and posed instead of attacking so Best Bros jumped them again. The punishment on Pencil continued as Akki locked her up and Suruga crushed her in the window, then attacked with a sponsor sign as Akki distracted ref Sakura. Akki let go of his morals and also tried to attack with the sign but Pencil whipped him into the wall and the sign hit Sakura in the eye. Pencil took out both of Akki’s knees and stabbed him up with Pencil attacks. She tagged out and Fujita did the same with heavy-hitting Pencil attacks and drops. He nailed a stabber and locked Akki into a unique torture rack variant before dropping him on his shoulders.

Once again Pencil Army took too much time setting up so Akki attacked and tried for a backbreaker. Fujita broke free and chopped down Akki again, then traded strikes with him. Akki nearly took Fujita’s jaw off with a head kick and tried for the Spider but Fujita dodged and knocked him into the wall. He charged and got caught into a backbreaker for his troubles. They fought over a Suplex and traded shots as Akki stunned Fujita with the wall-run head kick, then dropkicked him in the face. He kipped up and tagged out, tanking a blow from Fujita to assist Suruga with the roll-up Swanton combo. They tried for a second combo but Suruga was the only one to nail her move as Fujita got his knees up on the Namaste Splash. Suruga angrily unloaded on Fujita but he overpowered her and tried a wall charge. She picked his leg and trapped it in the window so Akki could go coast to coast. They went for the double submission but Pencil made the save. They jumped over a Pencil roll but Pencil kicked the pair in the shins. The Pencil Army charged with double clotheslines and Fujita dumped Akki with an Exploder. He tagged out to Pencil and watched as she double stomped Suruga and hit her with a stabber. Suruga kicked out and dragged Pencil into Lucifer. Fujita made the save and Pencil stabbed her with more strikes. They signalled for the kill and Suruga elbowed out of the finisher. Pencil Army started a jousting contest and nailed Akki in the throat, then Fujita threw Pencil onto him. They tried to charge with a table but the Best Bros ducked and Fujita clipped Pencil with it, then got kicked into it. Fujita was hit with an Assisted Hurricanrana, then got dropkicked out of the window. Akki followed with a knee drop and Suruga locked them both outside. A roll-up war broke out and Suruga blasted Pencil with the wall-run double stomp. She locked on Lucifer again and Pencil tapped. The Pencil Army had been vanquished once again by the nastier side of the Best Bros. Once again, this was an amazing tag bout with Suruga showing even more evil energy. This was genuinely great fun.

That had been made the impromptu main event but Yuna Mizumori wasn’t to be ignored. She’d lost another showcase match so she decided the best way to show off was by destroying everyone in the studio. Best Bros may be the aces in the division but Yuna Mizumori is not to be ignored. She made a statement here and she made sure everyone felt it. The road to #100 continues and we see more of the stars demanding places on this special show. We now know Mizumori and Obihiro will take on Shiryu and Sayuri at #100 but as for the next edition, we currently have no clue. ChocoPro always puts on great cards so I’m sure it will be fun. We’ll soon see.

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move Twitter, Sayuri, Dogu, and FlyingVTrigger, Video courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube

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