Welcome back to MLW Fusion. Today’s episode sees Azteca Underground try to show their dominance by not only having Mil Muertes fight Parrow but also by taking the main event spot once again as Los Parks defend the MLW World Tag Team Titles against Myron Reed and Jordan Oliver of Injustice. Alongside these, Lio Rush looks to show he’s a fighting champion by taking on whoever answered the open contract he posted last week in the opening match and we’re meant to see Bu Ku Dao stand up for himself against TJP. Let’s see how those played out and get into the action.

MLW Middleweight Championship: Lio Rush defeated Brian Pillman Jr via Final Hour

Up first, we find out who accepted the open challenge contract from Lio Rush. It was none other than the man who cut so much weight to challenge for the title before, Flying Brian Pillman Jr. He was about to take his second shot at the belt but would his chances be any better against Rush than they were again Reed? They started with a series of lock-ups and Pillman played to his strength advantage. He continued to display this advantage through a shoulder tackle exchange and tanked a sneak attack from Rush to decapitate him with a dropkick. Rush picked up the pace and caught Pillman off-guard with a misdirection head-scissor and tried to do the same on the floor but Pillman caught him and tried to Powerbomb him. Rush fought free and stunned Pillman with an apron PK, then kicked him again for an Asai moonsault. He tried for a quick pin and methodically kicked at Pillman. This didn’t go down well and Rush had to escape certain doom with a Cazadora into a leaping elbow. The pair battled on the mat and Rush assaulted Pillman with cross-faces. Pillman powered up off more horrific kicks and caught Rush off the ropes with a powerslam. Pillman chopped at Rush and put him on his back with a series of nasty clotheslines. Rush escaped a Stalling Suplex but quickly got rocked again by a straight punch. He went for a springboard but Rush sent him crashing to the floor with a handspring kick. Pillman charged but Rush ducked another clothesline and powerslam to nail Pillman in the face with a spin kick. Rush climbed to the top to end it but Pillman rocked him with an uppercut and drove Rush to the mat with a Superplex. Both men landed hard and struggled to their feet before Rush tried for a roll-up and caught Pillman with the Come up. The Final Hour followed and Rush had put away another challenger. Pillman had made him work here but once again, Rush came away with his hand raised. This became one hell of a competitive opener and a whole lot of fun to watch.

Mil Muertes (w/Salina de la Renta) defeated Parrow via Straight to Hell

How about a meeting of the monsters? Parrow the one-man wrecking machine was coming for the man of 1000 deaths and the servant of Azteca Underground, Mil Muertes. This was going to be a proper heavyweight bout but could Parrow topple Muertes like no one else has been able to? The pair started with a shunting contest and refused to budge on shoulder tackles. Parrow got the advantage with jabs but Muertes dropkicked his knee and DDTed him into the mat. Muertes assaulted Parrow with forearms and rammed him into the corner to smash his head off the turnbuckles. The ref tried to break up a chain of corner clotheslines but Muertes scared him off and the pair took their fight to the floor. They brawled and Muertes regained control by biting into Parrow and bouncing him off the technical area. He finally threw Parrow back into the ring and Parrow charged, crushing him in the corner and slamming him to the mat for a senton. The pair punched it out and Parrow ran into a powerslam from Muertes. Parrow charged again but Muertes dodged and Parrow collided with the turnbuckles, then fell into Straight to Hell. Parrow had damaged Muertes but he was unable to get the win over this supernatural monster. It was a big man bout with a lot of big shots but Muertes came away the winner here.

Between the matches:

  • Alex Hammerstone addressed how he seemed to be playing continuous games with people. He insulted Azteca Underground, then openly stated he wants to fight Mil Muertes, the man who stole his title. He even gave him a title shot. Mads Krügger was not done haunting Hammerstone, sending another taunting video to his rival.
  • The Von Erichs once again laid into Filthy Tom Lawlor and promised to give him the disciplining his daddy never gave him. They wanted to fight and left the ball in Lawlor’s court. He answered their challenge later in the show by making a 3 on 3 chain match between Team Filthy and The Von Erichs with ACH.
  • MLW aired an expose on Azteca Underground, doing a deep-dive on their website and aired an interview with Salina de la Renta as she propped up Mil Muertes and the violence of the company she represents.
  • During Muertes vs Parrow, a video aired showing Bu Ku Dao laid out backstage. Someone had attacked him and MLW would later reveal they had suspended TJP. Their match for the night was cancelled.
  • PWI Top 10: Jordan Oliver, Gino Medina, Myron Reed, Richard Holliday, Mads Krügger, Calvin Tankman, Mil Muertes, Low Ki, Filthy Tom Lawlor and unchanged at number one, Alex Hammerstone
  • Never Say Never matches signed: Myron Reed vs Daivari and Jordan Oliver vs Simon Gotch will join the main event of Calvin Tankman vs Jacob Fatu

MLW World Tag Team Titles: Los Parks (El Hijo de LA Park & LA Park w/Salina de la Renta & LA Park Jr) defeated Injustice (Jordan Oliver & Myron Reed) and CONTRA Unit (Simon Gotch & Daivari) via Spear on Oliver

Things just got a whole lot harder for Injustice once again as CONTRA jumped them earlier in the day. Los Parks joined in this fight and the title match main event was made a triple-threat tag bout. Los Parks like to stack the odds in their favour, would they manage to pull the rug out from under both teams? Oh, and it was no DQ too. The fighting started before the champions had even made it to the ring and CONTRA and Injustice started swinging the second, they saw each other. LA Park made his presence felt by taking everyone out with chair shots to the head and chaos broke out on the outside as everyone attacked everyone. Gotch took a kendo stick to Oliver and got into a standoff with the chair-wielding Park. Reed duelled with Gotch with a kendo stick and Hijo attacked Daivari with a pizza tray. LA Park Jr jumped Gotch and Injustice from under the ring until Gotch caned him in the head. Hijo and Jr attacked Gotch and Oliver as Reed and Daivari battled in the ring. Reed scored a near fall with a Matrix escape kick but Hijo was waiting and broke it up. Hijo broke another chair over Reed and Los Parks continued to abuse everyone. Oliver battled Jr and took another chair shot from Hijo.

Daivari started beating down Hijo as Gotch pulled LA Park back out from under the ring. Park begged for mercy but it was purely a distraction so Hijo could smash him with a kendo stick. Los Parks continued to work over Gotch but Daivari rushed Hijo and beat him down in the corner. Gotch and Park got into a striking bout and Injustice saved Gotch from an abdominal stretch. Injustice took everyone out with double dives and CONTRA dragged them away from the finisher. Oliver was hit by a spike piledriver and nearly won but Hijo rushed the ring again and cracked Daivari in the head with another tray. Hijo took out Gotch and Park got the win with a Spear on Oliver. Once again, Los Parks had used their numbers and the lax rules to not only win the match but dominate most of the action. This was a car crash of a match and I loved it. This is the type of inter-faction chaos I revel in. The best thing is, I’ll get more of it next week in the Team Filthy chain ropes match. See you then.

All images courtesy of MLW Twitter, Video courtesy of MLW YouTube

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