Welcome to the season 1 finale of No Hook. These past six weeks have been a roller coaster of mystery, magic, and madness mixed in with audio chaos, technical mishaps, and excellent wrestling. Now it was time to bring them to a boil as everything the roster has worked towards comes to a head. Nolan Edward battles Sandra Moone in a loser leaves town match, Don’t Die Miles finally gets his title shot against Myron Reed and we’ll get more from the Forgotten Fight Team, Awesome Odyssey, the magic elbow pad, and Ken Broadway’s chain, let’s get into the action.

The Forgotten Fight Team (Flash Thompson & Sam Beale) defeated Awesome Odyssey (Jack Andrews & Chris Copeland) via Butterscotch Bomb on Andrews

Awesome Odyssey has had a rough time throughout the series. They lost to EMS, they lost in the battle royal and now they were fighting The Forgotten Fight Team, another faction who have struggled to get anything going. The Permanator Beale started the action getting the better of Andrews as he out-powered and gave him his usual brand of disrespect. Andrews dropkicked to freedom and the Odyssey hit a stunner/assisted flatliner combo. Thompson tagged in and got the same double-team treatment from multiple flashy combos until Beale and Thompson caught both out of double dives and introduced them to the ringside furniture. Thompson went to work bullying Andrews as Beale shouted insults from his corner. Forgotten Fight Team showed their double-team prowess as Thompson tripped Andrews into Beale’s step-up senton. Copeland got attacked and rushed Beale but got tossed to the outside and Andrews was trapped again. Thompson continued to maul him and Beale continued to mock until Andrews popped Thompson out of a roll-up into a superkick. Copeland came in hot and took out both Beale and Thompson before sending Thompson into Beale with a dropkick and nearly broke his neck with a sling blade. Beale saved Thompson from a spear pin and ate a superkick. He rolled out and the Odyssey hit a swinging cutter/frog splash combo on Thompson for a two-count. Beale killed Andrews with a spinebuster, then the Forgot Fight Team got rid of Copeland with a double Uranage and ended things with a Butterfly Suplex Bomb on Andrews or as they called it the Butterscotch. Forgotten Fight Team finally got their mojo back and once again despite their strongest efforts, Awesome Odyssey was going home the losers. Maybe they should have accepted Myron Reed’s offer…

Charles Mason defeated Hardway Heeter via Guillotine Choke

Next up was a battle of sociopath vs psychopath. Charles Mason, the suffocation savant was battling the Hardway Heeter in singles action. Things were going to get nasty. Mason had been accused of attacking Heeter and now the match had been made to make up for it. Mason continued to be the villain by hiding something in his kneepad and using the distraction to ambush Heeter in the corner. Heeter dodged another kick and chopped the soul out of Mason before beating the hell out of him. The fight broke to the outside and Mason blinded Heeter with his own jacket and threw him into a ring post. Mason used that KO blow to continue punishing Heeter and refused to let Heeter wake up off his forearms by raking the eyes. He refused to let Heeter breathe by going for the ankle and winding him with a backdrop. Heeter finally came back into it with a vicious forearm and dragged Mason into a powerbomb. A vicious strike exchange broke out and Mason regained by pulling Heeter’s beard and floored him with a clothesline. They fought on the top rope and Mason sent Heeter crashing down with a double stomp to the back of the head. Mason locked on the Guillotine but Heeter chopped free and the pair got into a seated forearm exchange. The Guillotine was reapplied but Heeter slipped free and flipped off Mason so Mason bit his finger and choked the last bit of life out of Heeter. Mason had claimed yet another victim and won via his favourite method, asphyxiation. Heeter had made him lose his composure and beat the hell out of him but alas, everyone falls when you take away their ability to breathe.

Ken Broadway’s Title Chain: Ken Broadway defeated Kayla Kassidy via Cashflow Kick

So, he might have stolen the chain but technically owning it means you own it so Ken Broadway put his title chain on the line against the baddest bitch Kayla Kassidy as she had answered his open challenge and wasn’t Calvin Tankman. This would be Kassidy’s second attempt at the chain and next attempt at a title, though this time I doubt there’d be any insulting serenading. Broadway was not intimidated by Kassidy and made this very clear. Kassidy retorted this by mocking him to the camera and forearming the hell out of him into a hurricanrana. Broadway bailed and got kicked back to the floor with a low dropkick. She tried to do the same again but Broadway trapped her in the ring apron and dragged her across the ring edge. Kassidy did not appreciate being pinned and bitchslapped Broadway hard. He responded in kind by forearming her in the back and bounced her off the turnbuckles. He choked her out on the ropes and slammed her into the mat for a cocky pin. Kassidy kicked back but Broadway rolled her into a cravat and drove a knee into her back. The fight went to the top rope and Kassidy slapped Broadway down and hit a crossbody. Broadway rolled through and drove her into the mat with a Michinoku Driver. The Cashflow Kick came next and that was that. Kassidy had given Broadway a fight and more stinging insults but it wasn’t enough to put away the chain holder.

Ken Broadway’s Title Chain V2: Jody the Wrestler defeated Ken Broadway via German Suplex Elbow

Broadway stood victorious when another player entered the game. Jody came out and asked for a title vs title match. Broadway had no idea who he was or what he possessed so he accepted since he could always use more gold. He attacked Jody from behind and stomped the life out of him. He continued to beat the hell out of Jody with punches, chokes, and elbows. There was no mercy, Broadway was pissed. He even threw the elbow pad away so Jody couldn’t use his superpower. Calvin Tankman returned to trash talk Broadway so Jody scurried to retrieve his elbow pad and hit an elbow to the face. But it didn’t work… it was soft as shit. He tried multiple times to score a KO elbow but the elbow pad wasn’t working. Broadway kicked him down and Jody raised the stakes promising to make Broadway the first Graphouse champion and to set himself on fire. Broadway accepted the terms and the bell rang again. Jody tripped Broadway into the Fameasser and scored a two-count. Jody missed the elbow strike and got caught with an enzuigiri. Broadway went for a deadlift German but Jody elbowed him and the pair collapsed. Jody was on top and got the pin, taking the chain and Broadway’s pride. He legged it as Tankman was waiting to kick his ass and take the chain. Tankman is coming for everyone. The hooded figure caught up with Jody later and reprimanded him for giving away the elbow pad’s power and revealed their identity as someone close to the project, King.

Paradigm Pro Heavyweight Title: Myron Reed (w/Nikeem Avent) defeated Don’t Die Miles via Captain Crunch

Now, this one is an interesting one. Myron Reed didn’t really want to work these tapings. He didn’t want what he considered a challenge so he gave himself a loophole. He picked Don’t Die Miles as his one and only challenger, he’d work no matches unless Miles was directly involved. Miles has since proven how wrongly Reed had thought of him by beating challengers left and right and pinning him last week. Now was his big chance to earn that title. He just had to beat Reed again. Sounds way easier than it would be though. Miles shot off like he was fired out of a cannon and he took out Avent with a dive. The pace stayed high as he clipped Reed with an enzuigiri and ran the ropes for a dropkick. He continued to assault Reed with dropkicks and Reed caught him out of the air and drilled him with a Yakuza kick. From there Reed methodically ground down Miles with a knee in the back and countered a cutter into a fireman’s carry slam and a low dropkick. Miles kicked out so Reed stomped the soul out of him. He snapped Miles with a Suplex and tried for a choke but Miles fought back and dodged a leg drop to hit a springboard cutter. They both beat a KO count and Miles caught Reed with a split-up kick, then delivered another head kick into the rolling X-Factor. Reed suckered Miles in and dropped him across the ropes before driving him into the mat with a rope bounce bomb. The pair fought to the apron where a slugfest broke out and Miles went for a kill-shot with an apron cutter. He took out Avent again with the Trouble in Paradise and climbed to the top for the Shooting Star Press but Awesome Odyssey saved Reed and watched as Reed killed Miles with Captain Crunch. This was all going so well for Miles until a deal with the devil got proven and his win was stolen from him. What an awesome title match. This showed how much of a natural underdog Miles is and how much of a dick Myron Reed is when he wants to be. I loved it.

Loser Leaves Town: Sandra Moone defeated Nolan Edward via Moonstruck Barrage KO

What the hell has happened to Nolan Edward over the course of this series? He has become a rabid, vicious monster and somehow become even more self-destructive. Now, he was fighting for his Paradigm career against the Master of Sub-Space, Sandra Moone. This match came after the supposed main event and the stream takedown to end the season on a shocking note. Moone tried to be nice about all this so Edward kicked her in the chest. Moone did not take this well and threw Edward with a pair of arm-drags and pawed him into an armbar. The pair went back and forth before Moone sent Edward into the corner with a shotgun dropkick. She pummelled him with corner punches and scored a near-fall with a sunset flip. Moone went back to the arm but Edward overpowered her into a one-armed powerbomb. Edward went for a pin but Moone went straight back to the arm again. He hit her with another one-arm bomb for another two-count and whipped her with his elbow pad. The pair struck it out and went counter for counter until Moone made Edward eat her space dust and bounced him off the buckles into the bulldog. That got two and Edward reintroduced Moone into the mat with a Northern Lights. He stomped her hand and yanked her hair but it didn’t demoralise her and she struck back hard. Edward hit back harder and unleashed Miss Hyde as she fired off with clotheslines. She rocked him with a back elbow and dropped him on his head with a DDT. She launched him back across the ring with a missile dropkick and followed with a second dropkick. That got two and Edward caught her into a Blue Thunder Bomb, then hit the Bazooka into the turnbuckle. Moone used Edward’s Liability headbutt against him and followed up with Moonstruck into a forearm barrage for the win. Moone had just rid Paradigm of Nolan Edward. He left his rabbit foot in the ring and left.

That ended that. No Hook season 1 is over but the mystery remains as Wheeler Yuta was revealed to be the person behind most of the weirdness. He’d hacked Glitch and left a whole series of mysterious clues to defame Glitch and J-Rose the whole time. The interrogator was back and laying into J-Rose for the chaos he had caused to Paradigm through the series and really tried to dampen the happy ending J-Rose has found. He stepped down as director and killed off the No Hook project before it could do any more damage. The interrogator wasn’t going to let that happen and instead appointed a co-director to handle the business side of the next project. Kerry Awful. That is going to be wild. But next on our Paradigm review series will be series two of the UWFI Rules series starting next week! As long as Paradigm keeps making content, I’m going to keep reviewing it.

All images courtesy of Paradigm Twitter, Dorrixariana, Jocay19, Nolan Edward

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