Welcome back to ChocoPro Wrestling. The road to #100 continues with another show of tag team madness and hard-hitting singles bouts. There was a hectic collection of rivalries and new bouts on offer today. In today’s episode we’ll see, Lulu Pencil vs Sawasdee Kamen, Hagane Shinno vs Yuna Mizumori, and the Best Bros taking on the Hyperactive Queens. There was a lot of action to get into and more hype to build so let’s get into the action.

Sawasdee Kamen defeated Lulu Pencil via Leg Capture Cradle

This was the first time Sawasdee Kamen had graced the chocolate square. It was by no means his first time in the company but he was used to a ring and ropes, how would he do against Lulu Pencil when he just had a mat to work on? The pair started with lock-ups that didn’t go Pencil’s way. Kamen controlled Pencil on the mat and trapped her in multiple headlocks. He went to the fingers and caught Pencil’s trip into a roll-up. Pencil chopped back but Kamen was not impressed so she tried again with the stomp and chop combo, this time succeeding in causing Kamen some pain. She whipped Kamen into the wall and dropkicked both his knees but couldn’t get him up for a slam and he tried for another pin. Kamen stomped away and dropkicked her into the head. He sent her to the wall for double knees but Pencil fell away and Kamen further damaged his knees off the wall. Pencil kept going to the knees but Kamen kept battering her away with back slaps. He punched her in the head to set up for a splash but Pencil got her knees up and crushed him with a Pencil Roll. She climbed to the top and dragged Kamen into the window frame. She hit the Stabber after kicking away Kamen’s knees and locked in the Octopus. Kamen escaped so she tried to hammer him with lariats but he caught it into a Full Nelson. She escaped and scored a near-fall with a Gedo Clutch. She signalled for the end and tried for the Octopus again but Kamen caught it into an inside cradle and stole the win. Pencil showed many signs of improvement here but once again, it just wasn’t enough to beat someone as crafty as Kamen.

Hagane Shinno defeated Yuna Mizumori via Fold-Up Pin

Who’s ready for a proper battle. It was time for the Ice Warrior to meet the Tropical Powerhouse as Hagane Shinno and Yuna Mizumori went to war. After missing out on her match last show, Mizumori was ready to kill. After a tense stare-down, the pair danced around kicks and went into a technical exchange. The pair reached a stalemate and started stalking each other again. A second lock-up saw a similar result so the pair traded shoulder tackles. Mizumori kicked Shinno out of the window and started beating him up on the outside. Shinno answered back with a sickening chop and the pair continued to battle outside despite referee Akki’s protests. Shinno bounced Mizumori off the wall outside and swaggered back in as Akki rushed to check on Mizumori. She returned to the studio via a senton through the window and crushed Shinno with a splash. The assault continued with a wall charge and Coconut Crush, then Shinno half-countered the Tropical Splash by rolling onto his side. Shinno unleashed his kicks and tried to take a second to breathe. The trading continued and Shinno drove all the air out of Mizumori with a double knee drop. He continued to stalk and strike as Mizumori tried to fire up. Every time she nearly got to her feet she was cruelly kicked back down again. Mizumori finally caught one of these kicks, headbutted Shinno in the midsection, and downed him with a shoulder block. She continued with another splash and the handstand splash but couldn’t keep Shinno down. A roll-up war broke out and Mizumori locked on a crab. A slug vs chop battle broke out until Shinno booted her in the face and nailed the standing moonsault. The pair fought over a slam that Mizumori won and she scored another near-fall with a diving shoulder block. Shinno caught a lariat into an armbar and tried to KO Mizumori before eating a second lariat. He reversed another wall-run splash and caught Mizumori out of a charge into a fold-up pin for the win. This wasn’t the result Mizumori wanted but my god did she take Shinno to the limit and put on one hell of a match here. This was a fight and was fun as hell.

Best Bros (Baliyan Akki & Mei Suruga) defeated Hyperactive Queens (Chie Koishikawa & Emi Sakura) via Double La Magistral on Sakura

Last but not least, the main event. The ever-continuous war of Best Bros vs the Armies of Sakura continued with a battle with the Hyperactive Queens. Not only would Baliyan Akki and Mei Suruga have to deal with the cunning of Sakura, but they would also have to deal with the hyperactive chopping machine Chie Koishikawa. Akki and Koishikawa started with a technical exchange, battling for wrist control and Akki trying his best to keep Koishikawa down. The pair tagged out and Sakura mimicked Koishikawa’s running wrist hold on Suruga. The pair went on a reversal chain and Sakura headbutted Suruga in the back. Akki saved Suruga from Sakura’s bow and arrow but Koishikawa rushed in and applied it before being shooed off. The same thing happened again with Sakura adding a splash into the mix. Koishikawa made the tag and swam away from Suruga after she tried to lock in a crab. Koishikawa accidentally collided with a table and Suruga attacked her with a training pad. She tagged out and Akki applied the Namaste Stretch. Sakura kicked the hold away but Akki just applied a grounded headlock instead. He continued to keep Koishikawa grounded and blocked an arm-drag to chop her to the mat. Suruga tagged back in and nailed a double stomp, then snapped Koishikawa through the window with an arm-drag. She dragged Koishikawa into the window ledge and crushed her arm in the window, once again as Akki protested. Akki tagged back in and got caught with the arm-drag but he dodged the dropkick and splashed her back. Akki went back to the arm but Koishikawa escaped and dropkicked her way to freedom.

Sakura gave him a second dropkick and tripped him for a back rake. She gave him a knee to the back and tried for the wall crossbody but Akki caught her. Sakura wiggled free and drove him into the wall again for a window spin kick. The pair continued to counter as Sakura reversed another backbreaker attempt into a crossbody. Akki applied the Deathlock but Koishikawa broke the hold. Akki booted her into a table and went into a chop battle with Sakura, where she ducked his chops. Akki baited another duck and booted her in the face, then tagged in Suruga who locked in Lucifer. The pair both reversed a wall whip and Suruga downed Sakura with a wall-run crossbody. Sakura reversed a finisher attempt into the twisting facebuster as Koishikawa tried to tune up the band for We Will Rock You. Suruga dodged but Sakura stopped before hitting the wall and Koishikawa dragged Suruga around the mat so she could nail it on a second attempt. Suruga got her knees up a second time and blasted Sakura with a Supergirl Punch but Sakura reversed another charge into a tilt-a-whirl wall slam. Sakura tagged and Koishikawa rushed Suruga with a barrage of chops into the X chop. Suruga tried to stay standing but Koishikawa knocked her down with a back chop and unleashed Demon Chie. Suruga dodged the chops and used Koishikawa’s hair to launch her into the wall. She bounced Koishikawa off the wall again and went for a sponsor sign attack but Sakura knocked her down and crushed her in the window. She stabbed the sign into Suruga’s eyes and Koishikawa prepared a dropkick but Akki was also outside and aided Suruga in dodging the attack and hitting Koishikawa with a double stomp. Koishikawa avoided a dropkick and blasted Suruga against the wall so Sakura could hit the We Will Rock You. Akki saved Suruga from a diving X chop and caught her out of the air for a back chop/backbreaker combo. Suruga damaged both Sakura and Koishikawa then a roll-up war broke out. Sakura tried to get involved so the Best Bros trapped her with a double La Magistral for the win.

Goddamn, this was a fun main event. There were no comedy spots here, it was just pure tag violence. Suruga and Koishikawa went hell for leather on each other again as their little friendly rivalry continues. Everyone showed out here and once again, it wasn’t a power move but a creative pinfall that got them the win. Best Bros were still running strong going into #99 and would see another of the armies of Sakura as she brought in Pencil Army Dark, Minoru Fujita to play. Alongside that, Kaori Yoneyama returns to team up with Lulu Pencil against Chie Koishikawa and Yuna Mizumori. We’re very close to #100 and momentum keeps shifting on a dime for those who are involved with it.

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move, FlyingVTrigger Video courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube

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