Welcome back to ChocoPro Wrestling. This is the final show before the big ChocoPro #100 two-day event. Best Bros continue to take main event slots as they continued to do battle with Emi Sakura and whatever partner she comes up with next. This time it was Minoru Fujita. Alongside that, we’ll see Kaori Yoneyama return to team up with Lulu Pencil against Chie Koishikawa and Yuna Mizumori in the opening contest. This show would be the decider for some of the final matches to be added to the prestigious #100 event, so let’s get into the action.

Lulu Pencil & Kaori Yoneyama defeated Chie Koishikawa & Yuna Mizumori via Roll-Up on Koishikawa

Up first was what I could only describe as a battle of the hyperactive and the not so hyper as Kaori Yoneyama, the new Pure-J open weight champion and Chie Koishikawa found themselves on opposite sides of the mat once again. Yoneyama was teaming with the head of the Pencil Army, Lulu Pencil, and Koishikawa was teaming up with the Tropical Powerhouse, Yuna Mizumori. This was going to get wild. Koishikawa had already snubbed Mizumori of the squat goal’s song, would that come back to bite her during the match? They both jumped Yoneyama to start the match as Koishikawa dropkicked her down for a splash. Mizumori continued to beat down Yoneyama but Koishikawa shunted her aside to get some licks in too. Mizumori locked in a crab and Koishikawa worked to keep Pencil away. She threw Yoneyama into the wall again and mashed with a snap Papaya Mango charge. Yoneyama grew tired of this treatment and threw Mizumori across the mat by her hair. She put Mizumori in the Camel Clutch but Koishikawa made the save and dragged Mizumori out of the match. Demon Chie came out but Mizumori put a stop to it and went back to stomping Yoneyama. Koishikawa locked in a guillotine and took Yoneyama on a run. Mizumori came in to save Koishikawa from a Hammerlock and dumped her back on the mat with a low splash. Mizumori locked in the Tropical Crab and once again, Koishikawa chopped away Pencil, then turned on her partner to lock in her own submission on Yoneyama. She hit a rolling leg drop and trapped Yoneyama in the bow and arrow. Yoneyama rolled up Koishikawa and finally got her freedom from the match. Pencil tried to come in hot with clotheslines but Koishikawa tanked them so she dropkicked her knee for a back elbow drop. Koishikawa chopped him back down but got tripped into a Pencil Roll and reversed a chop battle into an arm-drag. Koishikawa finally made a proper tag and Mizumori came in to assault Pencil with multiple splashes.

Pencil gave her the stomps and chops, then swam out of a slam attempt to stick a sponsor sign to Mizumori’s face. Pencil once again hit a successful Stabber after kicking away a reversal and tagged in Yoneyama. She tried to come out hot but Mizumori reversed her whip into a Coconut Crush and flattened her with another splash. Yoneyama escaped the wall-run splash but missed the sole butt and got flattened by a lariat. Yoneyama pushed Mizumori into a tag and Koishikawa thanked her with chops and a dropkick. Pencil made the save and the pair chopped down Koishikawa. They hit dual stabbers but Mizumori broke up the pin. Mizumori reversed the chop down and launched both into each other for an X chop. Koishikawa fired off another chop and locked in the Muffler, then collided with Pencil. Yoneyama avoided a double disaster and bounced Koishikawa off Mizumori for a roll-up win. The lack of teamwork between Koishikawa and Mizumori cost them here as when they worked together things went damn well but it wasn’t enough and Yoneyama was able to use that to her advantage. She now goes into the big #100 tag match with two wins over Koishikawa. Mizumori also secured herself another #100 match by attacking Yoneyama. This earned her a shot at that Pure-J title.

Emi Sakura & Minoru Fujita defeated Best Bros (Baliyan Akki & Mei Suruga) via La Magistral Dragon Sleeper

Last but not least, the main event. Best Bros were once again at war with the armies of Sakura and this time she was with what they dubbed as the Pencil Army B Players, Minoru Fujita. Akki wants to challenge Fujita 1-on-1 at ChocoPro #100, this was his chance to earn that match and was Mei Suruga’s chance to get at Sakura once again. Neither team wasted any time and charged, slugging it out with one another. Fights broke out between Sakura and Suruga and Akki and Fujita as the camera struggled to follow them around the studio. The pair caught Suruga out of a crossbody but it was a ruse for Akki to wipe out both with another. Sakura and Akki struck it out so Akki trapped her on the mat. Sakura bit into his leg as he made a tag but Suruga came in and kicked her away. Best Bros twisted up Sakura’s arms and Akki locked in the Namaste Stretch. They dragged than into a pin and threw Fujita into a wall. Sakura escaped Akki’s clutches with a Hurricanrana and reversed a slam attempt into the twisting facebuster. She tagged out and Fujita came in to beat up Akki. Fujita sent him face-first into the wall and drilled a knee into the back of his head. Akki fought through three exploder attempts and found himself locked in his own Namaste Stretch. He fought free and tried to clip Fujita with a jumping kick but Fujita dodged and planted a knee in his back. A slugfest broke out and Akki dropkicked Fujita’s head off. He ignored Suruga’s tag and found himself in a Cobra Clutch as Fujita escaped a Suplex. Akki sent Fujita flying again with a shoulder block and Suruga finally lost her patience, dragging Akki out of the match and throwing Fujita into a table after a jump-scare. This lapse in teamwork was soon forgotten and Akki threw Suruga into a Rana on Fujita.

He whipped the Best Bros away but Suruga twisted his wrist and drove him into the wall again. She avoided disaster and dropkicked him into the wall again and bounced his head off the bricks. Fujita forearmed free of a double-team attack and caught Suruga out of the air and slammed her across his knee. He picked her up again but she slid onto his back and tried to choke him out. She locked on Lucifer and tried to submit Fujita but Sakura came out of hiding and hoisted Suruga into a Giant Swing slam into the wall. She continued to throw Suruga around and tried to chop her down but Suruga ducked under, bridged out of her grasp, and made the tag for the roll-up Swanton combo. Fujita made the save so Akki slammed him down for the double-double stomp. Sakura and Fujita rolled away and hit combo wall attacks. Fujita threw Sakura onto Akki and helped tune up the band. Suruga dodged the wall and took out both with a wall-run arm-drag and head-scissor. Akki trapped Sakura in the Deathlock and Suruga added Lucifer onto it. Fujita superkicked Akki away and hit Suruga in the gut but didn’t hit hard enough and got launched into a table. Suruga continued to bully Sakura and escaped a Dragon Sleeper to nail both with Supergirl Punches. She tried to climb to the window but Sakura held on. This did her no favours as Suruga just kicked out her leg and gave her a double stomp. She charged again but Sakura caught her into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Suruga trapped her in Lucifer again and Akki slugged it out with Fujita again. Akki downed him with a blue thunder backbreaker and Suruga crushed him further with a double stomp off the sink. The Namaste splash followed but Sakura was the legal person in the match. Sakura lashed out at both with chops and dropkicked Suruga away. She dropped Suruga with the underhook backbreaker and locked in the Dragon Sleeper again. Akki kicked Sakura out of a second but they missed the Best Bros sault and Sakura tapped out Suruga with a La Magistral Dragon Sleeper. Just like that, Best Bros had been beaten by their arch-nemesis. Suruga was heartbroken but at the end of the day here, the better team won. Sakura is a cunning veteran and scored a big win after another tag epic.

Despite the loss, Akki still got his massive match with Fujita. The pair will clash for legacy and the Super Asia Champion Belt at ChocoPro #100 Day 2. The road to #100 is over as far as shows go. We know what will be on Days one and two and can now look forward to seeing those shows in a few days’ time. As it stands the match list for Day One is:

  • Pure-J Open Weight Title: Yuna Mizumori vs Kaori Yoneyama
  • Asia Dream Tag Titles: Best Bros vs Emi Sakura & Minoru Fujita
  • Lulu Pencil & Chris Brookes vs Antonio Honda & Tokiko Kirihara
  • Sayaka & Sayaka Obihiro vs Sayuri & Chon Shiryu
  • Egg Tarts vs PSYCHO & CHANGO

So, be sure to stay tuned to Gatoh Move’s YouTube to watch the madness and stay tuned to SteelChair to read all about the carnage afterwards. ChocoPro #100 is going to be a celebration of all the company’s wackiness, talent, and damn good wrestling.

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move, Chie Koishikawa, FlyingVTrigger, Video courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube

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