Welcome back to MLW Fusion. This week it’s going to be a mix of Lucha Libre and no holds barred fighting as more stars of MLW look to cement their status as star-killers, CONTRA-killers, and settle a grudge that’s older than the pandemic. In this week’s episode, we’ll see Gino Medina vs Zenshi, Gringo Loco vs Mil Muertes, Calvin Tankman look to destroy the Sentai Death Squad and the main event chain ropes tag match that will see Violence is Forever finally battle the Von Erichs despite Filthy Tom Lawlor’s absence. Let’s get into the action.

Gino Medina defeated Zenshi via Question Mark Kick

Up first was Gino Medina continuing his mission to re-establish himself as one of the big players in MLW. He’d seen of Gringo Loco, now it was time to put another Luchador out as he ended up in the ring with Zenshi. Medina has been caring less about Mamacitas and more about ass-kicking as of late, Zenshi was about to learn that here. The pair locked up and Medina easily threw Zenshi aside and walked to the ropes. Another technical exchange broke out and Zenshi took control of Medina’s headlock and sent him to the outside with a cartwheel dropkick. The pair danced around slingshots and dives until Zenshi was posing in the ring at Medina. The action kicked off again as Medina beatdown Zenshi in the corner and Zenshi reversed a powerslam into a Hurricanrana and standing Moonsault. Zenshi once again tried to slingshot in but Medina got his knees up and went back to chopping down the Chilean Luchador. He ground down Zenshi with head and chin-locks before slugging it out and cutting off his comeback with an elbow to the back of the head. Medina took Zenshi to the top and tried to unmask him but Zenshi elbowed back and took out Medina with a cannonball senton into the float-over slam. He dodged the 540 kick and tanked Medina pulling at his mask again to nail a Pele Kick and took the momentum from a kick-out to hit a handspring crossbody. He launched back into the ring with a slingshot corkscrew senton and got caught out of the air into a lawn dart. Medina charged but Zenshi dodged and clipped him with another kick. Medina collapsed into a mask-pulling roll-up and smashed Zenshi in the back of the head with the Question Mark Kick for the win. Medina tanked another tough opponent here and ended the match with one hell of a bang. That kick is lethal and he is using it to devastating effect. This was an excellent match and Medina gets one step closer to Richard Holliday and the Caribbean Title.

Mil Muertes (w/Salina de la Renta) defeated Gringo Loco via Straight to Hell

Next was a big clash of styles. Mil Muertes the Azteca Underground Juggernaut was against the Base God Luchador Supreme Gringo Loco. This was going to be an odd one as Loco has the speed advantage but also felt like someone who wouldn’t be at such a size disadvantage. The match opened with chops and Loco showed off some athleticism before Muertes speared him out of his boots and pummelled him on the mat. The beatdown continued around the ring as the ref was powerless to stop anything. Muertes hit Loco so hard his head-wrap came off and dumped him to the outside for more punishment. Loco got his chance to strike when Muertes clotheslined the ring-post. He hammered Muertes with chops and forearms but Muertes caught him out of a charge into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. The beatdown returned to the ring again and Muertes brutalised Loco with reckless abandon. Even Salina got in on the beating by pulling Loco’s beard before Muertes decapitated him on the bottom rope. Loco dodged another charge and caught Muertes with a corkscrew cannonball. He kicked down Muertes and drove him into the mat with a sliding cutter. Muertes sat back up and destroyed Loco with a chokeslam, then caught him off the ropes into a powerslam. Salina called for blood so he sent Loco to her so she could choke him on the ropes. The pair got into an elbow battle and Muertes caught Loco out of the air and sent him Straight to Hell for the win. Loco had outlasted other opponents who had battled the Man of 1000 Deaths but he too hadn’t come up successful. No one has managed to stop this Monster so far as he continued his reign of terror.

Calvin Tankman defeated The Sentai Death Squad Soldier Zad via Hidden Blade Elbow

Calvin Tankman is a monster. We’ve seen what he can do in the ring, what he could do to Fatu so I find it kind of funny that CONTRA thought one Sentai Death Squad member was going to have any effect on him at all. Tankman was about to eat this CONTRA cannon fodder for breakfast. Zad was about to feel the full might of Heavyweight Hustle. They opened with chops vs slugs as the CONTRA big man tried to match Tankman’s power. The intensity of the strikes ratcheted up and Tankman launched Zad with a pounce. The spinebuster/hidden blade combo followed and that was that. He didn’t even need to use the Tankman Driver. Fatu, Gotch, and Daivari all came out to intimidate Tankman but he didn’t care and just dived over the ropes onto the CONTRA trio. Injustice came out to even the odds and the segment ended with a massive brawl with Daivari eating the Tankman Driver. CONTRA should be scared; a monster is coming for them.

Between the matches:

  • Josef Samael opened the show with a tirade against Injustice and how they will be destroyed once and for all at Never Say Never. He also insinuated CONTRA had dark plans for Calvin Tankman tonight. Myron Reed addressed CONTRA too as they took his title grieving process and humiliated him. He was coming for Daivari and was giving him that smoke.
  • Hammerstone vented his frustration at Mil Muertes stealing his title and people believing he had actually beaten Hammerstone for the title instead of beating him for the belt. Come April 14th, he’d have to win it legitimately as Hammerstone laid out the challenge. Salina was videoed accepting the challenge and was escorted away by an Azteca suit as El Jefe was not happy.
  • We got the next hype package for Calvin Tankman as he explained why he does what he does and how he can keep going. Heavyweight Hustle is real and there is no quit, just a man with the drive to do anything for his family.
  • PWI Top 5 Tag Teams: Dirty Blondes, CONTRA Unit’s Simon Gotch and Daivari, Injustice, Violence is Forever and at number one once again, the former champs The Von Erichs.
  • Due to the attack on him last week, Bu Ku Dao is out with injury for 2-3 weeks. TJP has been suspended by the league and fined as he protests his innocence and mocks those wishing Dao well on social media at home.

Chain Ropes Tornado Tag Match: The Von Erichs (Ross & Marshall) defeated Violence is Forever (Kevin Ku & Dominic Garrini w/Filthy Tom Lawlor) via Claw-plex on Garrini

The card is always subject to change. This was originally meant to be a six-man tag match with ACH and Tom Lawlor involved but Lawlor was injured and MLW officials switched it to a standard tag match between the main events two core tag-teams. This no-holds-barred violence was going ahead as the two teams were going to take each other to hell. They wasted no time in slugging it out as all four men charged. Lawlor played cheerleader from ringside as VIF took it to Ross and Marshall. The Von Erichs took control as Marshall slammed Ku and Ross kicked down Garrini. Marshall continued to bully Ku and both reversed a VIF to send both men crashing into the chains. They couldn’t take advantage though as Lawlor dragged both Von Erichs down. Ross hit his head on the way down and Marshall was trapped outside as Lawlor wrapped him up in stray chains. Ross was locked up by Ku and Garrini distracted the ref from Lawlor’s interference. Marshall tried to save Ross from an STF but Garrini was prepared and tied him up in the chains again. Both Von Erichs got a kicking and Marshall teed off on both with forearms as he fought out of more Lawlor interference. Ross kneed Ku in the head and Marshall slammed him onto Garrini. Ross’s knee gave out so Garrini popped him in the jaw and caught Marshall out of a dropkick into a heel hook. Ku cut off Ross with a Guillotine but it wasn’t effective enough and Ross dumped Ku onto Garrini. Everyone was down, then everyone was on their feet slugging it out again. Ross and Ku went into the chains and VIF double-teamed Marshall to crotch him on the chains. The GTS Dragon Suplex followed on Ross but Ross kicked out so Lawlor threw in a pair of brass knuckles. Marshall caught those brass knuckles and smashed both Ku and Garrini in the head. He locked in the claw on Garrini and Ross limped to his feet to end the match with the Claw-plex.

Violence is Forever looked to be the dominant force in the match for so long. With Lawlor on the outside, they’d had all the cards stacked in their favour but sadly, Lawlor was also the reason for their downfall as he gave Marshall the weapon of victory. It was a manic main event and a fun watch but once again it saddens me to see another VIF loss. The show ended with a hype package for Never Say Never that happens next week. That is going to be the ultimate CONTRA vs Injustice showcase as Daivari battles Myron Reed, Simon Gotch battles Jordan Oliver and Calvin Tankman looks to dethrone Jacob Fatu. it’s going to get wild. Stay tuned to SteelChair in the coming days as we have something special coming before the big event.

Major League Wrestling today announced its April 10th event in Philadelphia at the 2300 Arena has been postponed and rescheduled due to the on-going COVID-19 pandemic. All tickets purchased for the originally scheduled date will be honoured. The new date is Saturday, July 10th at the 2300 Arena. If you wish to purchase tickets for the July 10th card, you can do so now at MLW2300.com.

All images courtesy of MLW Twitter, Video courtesy of MLW YouTube  

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