It’s back. The UWFI Contenders Series is back to entertain once again with another season of stripped-back pure fighting violence. Across the next few weeks, we’ll see the UWFI Division of Paradigm explode with new faces and deadly regulars. In today’s episode, we’ll see, AKIRA get a shot at the Heavy Hitters Title, Jordan Blade vs Austin Connelly, Derek Neil vs Gary Jay, and much more leading to the main event of UWFI master Dominic Garrini against the force of pure chaos, Matthew Justice. Let’s get into the fight night.

A quick reminder of the UWFI rules, you start with the limited number of 15 points. You will lose 1 point for a rope break and multiple points for being knocked down or suplexed. You can only win by knock-out, TKO, submission, and by running your opponent’s points dry. There is a code of conduct to follow despite there being no DQs so any breaks of that code will cost you a point. There must be a winner for each fight.

Heavy Hitters Title: Hoodfoot Mo Atlas defeated AKIRA via Charging Club KO

The first fight of the season was going to be a big one. The Catch x Death Samurai, the break-out star of UWFI was getting his shot at the Heavy Hitters Title. This may sound good but that also meant he had to fight one of the deadliest strikers in Paradigm, the Hoodfoot. They started with quick strikes and kicks to feel the other out and the pair battled for mat control. They battled for grounded strikes and slowly reset to their feet. AKIRA found the advantage on the mat and started locking up Hoodfoot with a bevvy of holds whilst Atlas tried to reversed and re-direct his body, eventually using a rope-break to avoid a Triangle. AKIRA downed Hoodfoot again with a vicious liver kick and watched him try to beat the 10-count. Hoodfoot found his feet and tried to strike back at AKIRA, who was demanding the blows. AKIRA delivered in kind and knocked the Hoodfoot down again with a barrage of kicks and knees. Hoodfoot got up again and dumped AKIRA with a Saito and smacked him in the jaw to score a knockdown with a backdrop driver. AKIRA upped the aggression and came at Hoodfoot again, throwing him over for grounded elbows. Hoodfoot used the ropes to avoid a rear-naked choke and clubbed a charging AKIRA with a knockout blow for the win. Hoodfoot had taken a beating here but once again, he proved that even if he was down, he wasn’t out, picking a moment to strike and leaving AKIRA’s jaw on the mat. This was an amazing fight and one that showcased just how dangerous AKIRA is within this rule-set.

Robert Martyr defeated Nick King via Lockjaw

Next up was the return of the mat bully. The outspoken Robert Martyr took the first season by storm, demanding people pay attention to him. Now he was back to make sure that attention stuck around. His first opponent, the Heavy Hitters scramble fighter and martial arts trained Nick King. They started with a technical scramble for limb control until the ref pulled the pair away from the ropes. The pair continued to grapple as King temporarily got Martyr on his back until another reset was made. King took control again and took away some of Martyr’s points with a deadlift German. King avoided more grappling with a rope break but this reset would prove costly as Martyr stomped his foot and dropped him on his head with a German. Martyr didn’t let it end there and hooked and arm and locked King’s head in place to win with a submission he calls Lockjaw. King definitely gave Martyr a fight but Martyr proved the code of conduct means nothing if breaking it will help him. That submission looked horrifying so I’m not surprised King tapped instantly.  He ended the segment by calling out Cole Radrick, explaining that once they fight, he’ll see that he is hungrier, faster, and better than him.

Isaiah Broner defeated Flash Thompson (w/Forgotten Fight Team) via Ground and Pound Ref Stoppage

Time for a battle between two of the most outspoken in Paradigm. Flash Thompson, the Golden Gloves boxer and Forgotten Fight Team mouthpiece was taking on the man who tried to make Paradigm and the heavy-hitters division his bitch, Isaiah Broner. This could be a very blink and you’d miss it affair. Broner mauled Thompson with strikes, overpowering him and forcing Thompson to take him to the ropes. Thompson tried to kick out but Broner just smacked him in the face for it. The pair teed off on each other with more strikes and Broner took Thompson to the mat and hammered away at him until the ref stopped the match. This really was a blink and you’d miss its action. Both men hit each other hard and Broner took a quick win by completely overpowering Thompson. That is how you make a statement. He was going to be interviewed when Flash and Bobby Beverly jumped Broner as once again, Forgotten Fight Team are the sorest of losers. However, Beverly was jumping sides again, proudly displaying the logo of 44OH! and sacking off the Forgotten Fight Team.

Jordan Blade defeated Austin Connelly via Ankle Lock

Oh, this was going to be a good one. Jordan Blade, the ankle-breaker and all-around dangerous fighter taking on Mad Dog Austin Connelly, a man impervious to pain and almost zombie-like in his ability to unflinchingly absorb and dish out punishment. This was going to be a violent one. Connelly instantly charged, picked a leg, and pummelled Blade with elbows, forcing the ref to interject. Blade tried to do the same but Connelly kicked her off and smashed her in the face with a forearm then rained down more blows. The pair collided again and this time Blade got the advantage smashing Connelly with elbows and knees, busting Connelly open but somehow only helping to power him up further. More hard shots flew and Blade locked in the Ankle Breaker for the first time. Connelly forearmed free but the Ankle Lock followed and Connelly had no choice but to tap out. Bloody hell this fight was rough. Connelly is completely devastating once you unleash him but Blade was able to weather the storm and almost snap Connelly’s ankle. It was a deadly fight between two deadly fighters. Real recognised real and Connelly left peacefully. Blade laid down a gauntlet to Max the Impaler to end the segment.

Also, following the fight, Filthy Tom Lawlor announced a new member to Team Filthy, Matt Makowski. As an MMA fighter turned wrestler, Makowski fits right in with Lawlor’s band of fighters. Makowski demanded the Hoodfoot and will get him soon. Alas, so will Bobby Beverly who couldn’t stay away from his old title, and Lexus Montez, who also wants a shot. With enemies on all sides, Hoodfoot is going to be busy.

Derek Neil defeated Gary Jay via Spinning Back-fist

Who’s ready to see some of the most sickening strikes in pro-wrestling? Gary Jay, the Stiff Robo Ginger, and the King’s Road Slayer Derek Neil are two of the heaviest hitters in this series. Both guys have very little in the way of quit and both will happily leave your jaw in pieces. I’d have been surprised if either man left in one piece here. Neil instantly started strong with a powerbomb and mauled Jay in the corner with palm strikes. The two struck the hell out of each other after the reset and Neil launched Jay with a release Northern Lights. Another strike battle broke out and both guys traded knockout blows. Strikes turned to headbutts as both guys just unleashed on the other. Both guys were knocked silly until Neil tanked a barrage of rolling elbows to win with a spinning back-fist. This was the most wince-inducing fight so far. It was just sickening strike after sickening strike. By far one of the most visceral fights so far and definitely one both guys felt the day after. Ouch just ouch.

Matthew Justice defeated Dominic Garrini via Ref Stoppage

Last but not least, the main event. A true clash of styles as order and discipline met pure chaos. Dominic Garrini is the man that helped get the UWFI division off the ground. If anyone was more suited for this division, it was Garrini. Now, he was going to fight in his home turf against a man who’s found a spot amongst the order, Matthew Justice. Would it be chaos or order that won the day? After a spill to the ropes to start, the pair went into a grounded exchange as Garrini went to lock Justice up and Justice wanted to elbow Garrini to death. The pair reached a stalemate so Garrini tried to beckon Justice back to the mat. Justice sacrificed points to keep Garrini off him as the fight went through more standing and mat-based battles and shocked Garrini with a Gator Roll. Justice continued to shock with a Guillotine and managed to keep out of Garrini’s clutches as he fought to mount. Garrini locked on a side choke but Justice slipped free and punished Garrini with elbows to the temple. The elbows continued to rain down but Garrini found his way onto Justice’s back and forced him to the ropes again. The fight reset again and the pair started striking. Garrini tried to go low but Justice caught him in the face with a knee and swarmed Garrini with knees and elbows until the ref stopped the match. This was an upset win here. No offence to Justice but this is Garrini’s playground. He made the rules work for him and managed to best Garrini at his own game. This rocked and Team Filthy was left with a black eye. They attacked Justice post-match because again, sore losers and Lawlor crossed the boss a second time. We’ll see the fallout from that next week as the UWFI action continues.

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