Welcome back to ChocoPro Wrestling. It’s been a year since the company formed meaning it’s time for celebrations. How do wrestlers celebrate? With more wrestling of course. Two days of hectic ChocoPro wrestling with faces new and old to be exact. In today’s bumper episode we’ll see Best Bros defend the Asia Dream Tag Titles against Minoru Fujita and Emi Sakura, Sayaka return to action alongside Sayaka Obihiro against Sayuri and Chon Shiryu, Egg Tarts vs PSYCHO and CHANGO, Chris Brookes proves to the world he is Pencil Army against Black Komanechi and the main event where Yuna Mizumori battles Kaori Yoneyama for the Pure-J Open Weight Title. Let’s get into the action.

Asia Dream Tag Titles: Best Bros (Baliyan Akki & Mei Suruga) defeated Emi Sakura & Minoru Fujita via Dolphin Press on Sakura

Up first was the next defence of the Asia Dream Tag Titles. Emi Sakura and Minoru Fujita had bested the Best Bros on ChocoPro #99 so now, they were taking a swing at taking those belts for themselves. Could lightning strike twice or would the Best Bros vanquish their challengers this time? Akki and Fujita started the action with a technical exchange and when they reached a stalemate, Sakura and Suruga did the same in a more hectic manner with a test of strength. A bridge battle broke out and Sakura ate the Best Bros crossbody combo. Sakura continued to get bullied but Fujita saved her from the Namaste Stretch and Akki lost his concentration and went after Fujita. Sakura fought out of a slam attempt and launched Akki with a Hurricanrana into a dropkick. Fujita continued the Akki beating but Akki caught him in the Deathlock and dropped Suruga onto him with a double stomp. They both broke one of Fujita’s arms and Akki went to the legs. Suruga applied the double armbar but this just seemed to piss off Fujita and he whipped her violently into the wall. Sakura came back in and instantly threw her by the hair then applied the Romero Special. Suruga bridged out of Sakura’s follow-up and threw her by the hair. Akki came back in and assaulted Sakura with the head-kick combo and dropped a knee before going to the top. Sakura turned this into a bridging backbreaker and Fujita hit him with a diving splash. A strike fest broke out until both dazed each other with clotheslines. Akki finally scored a knockdown with another kicking combo and let Suruga have some fun bouncing him off the wall. Suruga locked in the bridging Deathlock but Fujita rolled over and Sakura stomped on her face. Sakura threw her into the wall with a Giant Swing slam and chopped her soul out as another slugfest broke out. The pair forearmed the hell out of each other and Suruga broke free with the Supergirl punch. Fights broke out everywhere as Suruga saved Akki from a tombstone and Best Bros splashed both against the wall. They launched Sakura with a double-team Rana and Akki downed Fujita with another head kick.

Sakura stopped another Namaste Splash by knocking Akki out of a window and dragged Suruga into the Dragon Sleeper. They both hit We Will Rock You and a double-team gut-buster. The double-team continued with an assisted splash that Sakura seemed to regret and would regret even more when Akki dived back through the open window. Akki teed off on both but he was thrown into the wall and forced to dodge another crossbody. He succeeded and snapped Fujita with a backbreaker. He dodged more attempted double-team and used Sakura as a battering ram on Fujita. Suruga saved Akki from an Exploder and trapped Fujita’s leg in the window for the coast to coast. The Luciferian Deathlock followed and they both threw Sakura onto Fujita again. Another four-way fight broke out and both Best Bros escaped Tombstones only to be hit with a double clothesline. Both teams missed finishers and Best Bros hit double wall-run cross-bodies. Suruga battled for Lucifer and escaped a Tiger Driver by tripping Sakura into the wall. A roll-up war broke out and Sakura escaped Lucifer again. Akki hit her with the Namaste Press and Suruga finally nailed the electric chair propellor but Fujita made the save. Fujita dropped Suruga with a DDT and Sakura tried to take the win with the La Magistral sleeper but Akki made the save then kicked both Sakura and Fujita in the head. A wall-run double-stomp came next and Best Bros ended it with the Dolphin Press. The show had opened with its longest match and delivered another tag team epic from the Best Bros and the armies of Sakura. It was a hard-fought fight with a whole load of high spots and a more than worthy way to kick off the celebrations.

Chon Shiryu & Sayuri defeated Sayaka & Sayaka Obihiro via Diving Foot stomp to Obihiro

Second, on this monster card was the return of Sayaka. She was teaming up with Sayaka Obihiro to give us a double dose of Sayaka against the Dragon Shinobi Squad of Chon Shiryu and Sayuri. Would Sayaka have a successful return to action or would ChocoPro’s ninjas ruin it? Obihiro and Sayuri began the action with a lock-up war and battled around the wall. Sayuri hit the wall-run takeover and the pair tagged out. Sayaka tried to enter with a dropkick but Shiryu dodged and locked up her wrist. They fought over headlocks and Shiryu went to work on an arm. Sayaka whipped him off the wall and tripped him into a roll-up then continued to try and roll him up. Shiryu knocked her to the mat with a double chop and got kicked out of a bow and arrow attempt by Sayuri. The Shinobi squad bounced both off the wall and rolled them into double chops. Shiryu went back to the chin lock and stomped Sayaka’s face. He brought in Sayuri who locked on the bow and arrow and Shiryu applied a Camel Clutch. Shiryu continued to bully Sayaka until she started to forearm back. Shiryu tanked these and slammed her into the mat again. He climbed to the top but Sayaka pulled his legs and he cracked his tailbone on the window ledge. She slammed him into the mat and finally got the tag to Obihiro. Obihiro unloaded on everyone with chops and the Sayaka’s unloaded on him with double dropkicks. Shiryu dragged Obihiro down from the window and sent her into the mat with a nasty Judo throw. Both tagged out and Sayaka chopped free of a slam attempt. Sayuri dodged a wall forearm and locked on a sleeper through the window. She turned that into a crucifix and hit Sayaka with the rolling wall slams. Sayaka hit her with a big boot and the pair battled over wall whips and roll-ups. Sayaka locked on the Boston Crab but missed a wall dropkick and ate a running Yakuza kick from Sayuri. Shiryu came back in and once again beat down both Sayaka’s. Obihiro re-entered the fray and lit up Shiryu with chops before eating two lots of Kunai edge chops from both Shiryu and Sayuri. Sayaka made the save and the pair hit a rolling chop combo for two. Shiryu got rid of Obihiro with a Gory Bomb into the wall and Sayuri choked out both through the windows. Shiryu dumped Sayaka onto Obihiro with another Gory Bomb and ended the match with a diving foot stomp onto Obihiro. This had been a rough outing for the Sayaka’s but the ring rust was non-existent and it was a fun match to watch.

PSYCHO & CHANGO defeated Egg Tarts (Chie Koishikawa & Hagane Shinno) via Samoan Neckbreaker combo on Koishikawa

This was going to be a wild one. PSYCHO and CHANGO were here and they would be doing battle with the hyperactive apathy of the Egg Tarts. Chie Koishikawa and Hagane Shinno were going to go all-out to celebrate ChocoPro #100. Well, Koishikawa would, Shinno seemed as unphased as ever. Things didn’t start well for CHANGO as Koishikawa ran rings around him and dodged his trip attempts until Shinno intervened and tripped her into a backsplash. Shinno booted away PSYCHO and the Egg Tarts dodged a CHANGO wall knee to beat him down against the wall and let his partner splash him. A lock-up war broke out as CHANGO and Koishikawa copied each other, trying to make the other’s partner tap with double wrist-locks. CHANGO went to the eyes so Shinno whipped him into his partner and booted him in the teeth. CHANGO became the victim of demon Chie as Shinno held him in place for the heavy chop. The double-team was going well until Shinno missed a slam and drove Koishikawa into the mat multiple times as CHANGO kept dodging. PSYCHO made the tag and hit Koishikawa with a walking stomp and hit Shinno with a Russian Leg Sweep and arm-drag senton with CHANGO. He tried to crush Koishikawa’s head and repeatedly punched her in the gut. CHANGO stomped Koishikawa’s hands and crushed her with a jumping senton. He begged not to be chopped again and got thrown with an arm-drag. Koishikawa dropkicked her way to freedom and Shinno came in and killed them both. He went to work on CHANGO’s leg and used him to knock PSYCHO out of the window.

He landed the standing moonsault but CHANGO bit free of the Michinoku Driver and flattened him with a reverse DDT. PSYCHO came to pick the bones and used the window to drive Shinno in the wall. He dropped a knee and ate a nasty chest kick from Shinno. He tagged and Koishikawa gave PSYCHO mat burn before dodging roll-up shaped doom. The Egg Tarts beat down both and finally nailed the running slam. She locked in a Guillotine but CHANGO raked Shinno’s eyes and used the ref to break the hold. PSYCHO scooped her up but they couldn’t double-team as Shinno booted CHANGO’s head off and re-applied the Guillotine. Shinno threw CHANGO out the window and sent Koishikawa to the top but CHANGO sprayed hairspray in Koishikawa’s eyes and PSYCHO hit a split neckbreaker on Shinno. They scooped up Koishikawa again and won with the Samoan Neckbreaker combo. This was bloody awesome. CHANGO and PSYCHO are a nice mix of comedic timing and wrestling excellence and matched up perfectly with the Egg Tarts. I hope they make more regular trips to ChocoPro as CHANGO cracked me the hell up.

Black Komanechi (Antonio Honda & Tokiko Kirihara) defeated Pencil Army (Lulu Pencil & Chris Brookes) via Eye-Poke Small Package on Pencil

Now for the moment, you’ve all been waiting for. Chris Brookes in bright pink overalls wielding the DDT Extreme Title as he finally commits to the Pencil Army. Was he going to betray them or was he going to help Lulu Pencil pick up another win? Their opponents, the devious Black Komanechi. Brookes started the hostility by throwing his oversized pencils at Kirihara and Honda. Brookes ran down Kirihara as Pencil bounced off Honda. Brookes knocked him down and Kirihara tried to break his arm. He stabbed her with another pencil and the pair hit her with an assisted Pencil roll/senton combo. Kirihara kicked down Pencil and brought in Honda who slyly hit Pencil with a rubber mallet during a wrist-lock. Pencil reversed and Honda nearly gave up to a hammerlock before calling for a time-out. He hit Pencil with a timeout strike and played the violin with Pencil’s arm using a plastic katana. He stole Pencil’s hat and choked her out with the katana and Kirihara broke her legs with a dancing leg snap. Brookes saved her with the plastic katana and Kirihara hit Pencil in the eye with a party whistle. Honda continued the toy-based trickery with a popping fist and threatened to stab her with a sponsor sign before giving a match-breaking shout-out before stabbing her in the thigh. Pencil whipped Honda into the wall and took out his knees with a rolling dropkick. She made the tag and Brookes hit the stomp/chop combo. He knocked Honda down with a step-up enzuigiri and took out his knees for a Stabber. Honda reversed the Praying Mantis Bomb with a neckbreaker and tagged in Kirihara who bounced him off the wall, letting his screaming face linger in the camera before smashing him into the wall again. She hit the grinding foot-stomp and Brookes started a strike battle. Brookes floored Kirihara with chops and continued to fight back through her kicks. He hit a backbreaker combo and brought in Pencil for a back elbow drop. Pencil continued her assault with a swift kick and tried to crush Kirihara with another Pencil roll.

Kirihara locked in an abdominal stretch and tried to win with a folding cradle but Pencil kicked out. She tagged in Honda and the pair got into a posing battle before Pencil tripped him and hit the stomp/chop combo. Honda completely no-sold her clotheslines so Brookes assisted her by slingshotting her into him. Honda stopped a Pencil joust and a dancing jab battle broke out where everyone got hit by bionic elbows. Gon appeared but Brookes turned him on Kirihara and blinded, Kirihara threw Honda with a Judo throw. Brookes assisted Pencil with a Tornado DDT and nailed the stabber but Kirihara broke up the pin. Pencil Army was thrown into each other and Black Komanechi were both hit each other in the head with their props. Pencil tried to roll-up Honda but Honda poked her in the eyes and trapped her in a small package for the win. The devious Honda had stolen the win from Pencil Army, upsetting Brookes’s big debut with the faction. He teased a betrayal but changed his mind and was supportive of Pencil and helped her away. This was a nice bit of silly fun that turned into a proper tag match as time went on. A nice laugh and another fun outing for Pencil Army.

Pure-J Open Weight Title: Kaori Yoneyama defeated Yuna Mizumori via Roll Up

Last but not least, the main event, Yuna Mizumori has been a destructive force throughout ChocoPro now she was getting the chance to potentially become champion in Pure-J too as Kaori Yoneyama had granted her a shot at the Open Weight Title. They started with Mizumori showing off her power advantage through a series of lock-ups and Yoneyama trying to use her speed but meeting nothing but muscle. Yoneyama turned a slam into a crossbody and chopped down Mizumori before pulling her hair and getting whipped across the mat with a Biel from Mizumori. She tried to crush Yoneyama and splashed her into a Boston Crab. Mizumori catapulted Yoneyama into the wall and continued to use the wall as a weapon until Yoneyama kicked her out of the Papaya Mango charge. Mizumori threw the whole mat at Yoneyama and charged her against the wall. She picked up Yoneyama again but Yoneyama broke free and planted Mizumori on the bare mat with a facebuster. She dragged Mizumori along the window ledge and tried to choke her out with sponsor signs before nearly breaking her in half with a Camel Clutch. She crushed Mizumori under a senton and smashed her off the window ledge again. She put boots on Mizumori and rained down Mongolian chops so she could hit her in the throat. They fought over wall whips and Mizumori leaped off the window ledge to hit a Coconut Crush. Yoneyama knocked her outside and trapped the window on Mizumori’s hair. Yoneyama followed her outside with a diving Mongolian Chop and Mizumori carted her around outside before charging through the curtain and launching Yoneyama into the wall again. She applied the Tropical Crab and had her knee taken out by Yoneyama. She went straight after the injured limb with a kneebar into a senton and continued to lock it up, applying a new hold each time Mizumori escaped. She brought Mizumori crashing down from the window and launched her with a Northern Lights. She crushed Mizumori with a diving senton but got caught out of the air and nailed with a Samoan Drop. The pair slugged it out and Mizumori booted Yoneyama to mat with a dropkick. She turned a Code Red into a Gory Bomb and scored a two-count with a body attack. She scored a second near-fall with a diving shoulder block and a roll-up war broke out. Yoneyama dodged a splash and KO’ed Mizumori with a knee to the back of the head. The pair continued to trade as Mizumori nearly decapitated Yoneyama with a lariat. Mizumori went for the Tropical Splash but Yoneyama caught it into a roll-up and stole the win.

That was one hell of a main event. A back and forth bout of brutal strikes and cunning technique and Yoneyama had to use all her wits to come out on top here. Mizumori had her on the ropes several times but the knee-work cut her power game and let Yoneyama sneak away with the win. this match seemed to have more of a toll on Mizumori than first thought as she is out of day 2. Hopefully, she recovers well and is back soon. As it stands Day 2 will be as follows:

  • Emi Sakura & Lulu Pencil vs Gabai Ji-Chan and Kuishinbo Kamen
  • Sayaka & RinRin vs Emi Sakura & Sayaka Obihiro
  • Egg Tarts vs Chon Shiryu & Sayuri
  • Mei Suruga vs TJPW’s Mizuki
  • Super Asia Title: Minoru Fujita vs Baliyan Akki

It’s going to be another chaotic day of action so be sure to tune in to the Gatoh Move YouTube to watch and come back to SteelChair to read all about it afterwards. See you then.

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move, Sayuri, FlyingVTrigger Video courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube

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