Welcome back to Timebomb. The no-ring company was back in the dojo for another four-part show of pain. There’d be more blood, guts, weapons, and wrestling on display as the company produced its second YouTube show. This time we’d see, Devon Monroe battle the Arachnoid Blair Onyx, The Carver kills the newly debuting Badger Briggs, Matthew Justice goes to war with Damon Spriggle and Dominic Garrini gets a shot at the Timebomb Heavyweight Title in an actual wrestling match against Orin Veidt. This was going to be a big show of no ring no rules violence as that main event could shake the company to its very foundations if the pure wrestler Garrini could dispatch the Wizard King as the face of the company. Let’s get into the violence.

Devon Monroe defeated Blair Onyx via Thumbtack STO and Bug Spray

Up first was a battle of the young and hungry. Devon Monroe has taken part in no-ring fights before and was one of Timebomb’s favourite twinks but was he ready to do battle with close friend and Arachnoid, Blair Onyx? The basement was ready for a fight and they’d be the first two to grace it tonight. Monroe was prepared as he had bug spray at the ready. He opted not to use it and the pair started with chain wrestling. Onyx avoided the wall and Black Sexcellence to score multiple pinning near-falls. The pair traded move escapes and Monroe smashed Onyx in the face with a high knee. He threw her into the wall and gave her a chair across the back. He crashed it down on her back again and covered the chair in bug spray. They danced around the chair until Onyx caught Monroe out of a Cazadora and dumped him onto it with a wheelbarrow facebuster. That got two so she bounced Monroe off the walls and hit him with a sliding clothesline. She continued to walk all over Monroe and beat him down with more stomps and clubs before winding him with a spider walk senton. Once again, she only got two so she insulted the ref in Russian and locked on an even more spiderlike Muta Lock. Monroe broke free and hit high to score a two-count with an inside cradle. He dumped Onyx on her head with a DDT and upped the ante by pulling out a taser. Onyx booted away the taser and a forearm battle broke out as the pair screamed bitch at each other. Onyx pulled another spider pose and slammed Monroe into the mat with a flatliner into the Arachnid lock. Monroe turned it into a roll-up and forced her to break the hold. Onyx got pissed and covered the mat in tacks. They arched around the tacks until Monroe got the better of the exchange and dumped Onyx into the tacks with an STO. Monroe sprayed her with the bug spray for good measure and got the three-count. This was an excellent opening bout of stiff striking, plunder shots and bug spray. Definitely, a fun way to debut Blair Onyx.

The Carver defeated Badger Briggs via Plastic Bag Suffocation

Up next was another Timebomb snuff film as the Carver returned from Cutter’s Alley to take another victim. This time he was going to be murdering the newly debuting Badger Briggs. She showed no fear in the many worn faces of The Carver but she’d soon see why you shouldn’t mess with a potential serial killer. Briggs instantly ducked under Carver and tried to lock on a rear-naked choke but Carver knocked her against the wall and cracked her in the face, then off the guardrail. He let her take a couple of swings, then downed her with a stiff headbutt. The beatdown continued on the mat as Carver wildly unloaded more headbutts and elbows. He dragged Briggs up and lawn-darted her into the wall, then adorned her with the face of another victim. He danced with a nearly unconscious Briggs and unintentionally fired her up. He let her throw more forearms, then slapped her back to the mat. He snuffed out any last flame with the Flesh Eater curb stomp and suffocated her with a plastic bag until she passed out. The Carver had claimed another victim in rapid fashion and even attacked the referee by throwing a road sign at him. He was ready to rampage when Duke Cornell stood up to the monster and made him an offer. The Carver accepted this deal with the devil and carted away Briggs’ body. Cornell later released a video teasing Timebomb for being broken and how he was going to be the one to rebuild them in his vision after The Carver scorches the Earth. They sealed this new partnership by choking Badger out again and leaving her behind in the dirt.

Matthew Justice defeated Damon Spriggle via Barbed-wire Door-VD

Well, the Timebomb Dojo was about to be hit by a hurricane. Wrestling’s most humble, Damon Spriggle was about to face off against another hardcore vet in the one-man militia Matthew Justice. This fight already had no ring but could the walls of the dojo really contain Matthew Justice and his world of plunder? They opened with forearms and chops as they descended the circles of striking. They duelled with skate decks and Justice slammed his into Spriggle’s back. He let Spriggle do the same and bounced Spriggle off the wall. They duelled with 2x4s and Justice broke Spriggle’s weapon, then jammed his into Spriggle’s gut and back. He made things worse by stabbing Spriggle in the head with a splinter and set up another duel, this time it was with chairs. Once again, Spriggle lost the duel so Justice punished him with a flurry of chair shots. Spriggle tanked them and hit Justice with a clothesline through another chair. He unloaded on Justice with elbows and was talked into smashing him with more chair shots.  Justice wasn’t quite so eager for the chair-powered kicks that followed and the trash can kicks to the head. Justice shook of the assault and threw Spriggle through a guardrail into the crowd. He pelted Spriggle with chairs and crushed him under a makeshift table. The tubes came out as he smashed a bundle across Spriggle’s back and thudded a paint can off his head. He stomped the guardrail into his back and scored a two-count with an implant DDT onto the trashcan. He tried to stake Spriggle like a vampire with another splinter of wood and attacked him with a broom. He postured to the camera and hit Spriggle with the trashcan once again. He dragged out a plastic catering table and after failing at a game of catch the bottle, chugged a Bud Light. He slammed Spriggle off the table and took the fight to the outside.

We got a view of Fargo as the duo fought in the alley outside the Dojo. Spriggle finally got back into the fight and bounced Justice from wall to fence before breaking the trash can across his head again. He tried to get cocky so Justice threw him into the fence and ran him into a trashcan-covered bollard. He paid homage to Chainsaw Charlie and Cactus Jack by tossing Spriggle against a dumpster and Spriggle did the same after a headbutt. More fence shots followed and Justice dragged Spriggle back into the dungeon, giving the cameraman the MTV Cribs: Violence Edition tour. He brought Spriggle back to life and got bounced off the wall as thanks. He bent the table with Justice’s body and a Saito, then broke it fully with a second. More chairs flew and Justice speared Spriggle onto the guardrail. That got two so Justice set up a barbed-wire door and brutalised Spriggle with chair shots before ending the match with a DVD through the door. Justice really did make Spriggle look like a monster here. This was another awakening for Spriggle as Veidt introduced him to the world of glass, now Justice had introduced him to the world of plunder and brawling. This was barbarism at its best and a whole ton of fun.

Timebomb Heavyweight Title: Dominic Garrini defeated Orin Veidt via Striking Rear-Naked Choke

Last but not least, the main event. Dominic Garrini had come out after Veidt’s last bloodbath at the end of As Real as it Gets and challenged him to a pure wrestling match. No plunder, no glass, just good old-fashioned wrestling. Veidt wanted to prove he could hang with Garrini when it comes to grappling, would that bite him in the ass? Garrini instantly took the fight to the mat but Veidt worked his way up and teased small joint manipulation before twisting Garrini’s ankle. Garrini escaped a leg lock and picked an ankle too, giving Veidt a quick kick as he let go. They reset and once again Veidt went to the hands as Garrini lassoed around his legs. He took Veidt down and the pair traded palm strikes. Veidt was able to lock up Garrini’s legs again and Garrini locked up Veidt’s fingers. Both reached a stalemate and Veidt gave Garrini a swift leg kick before the reset. Garrini didn’t rise so Veidt stomped down as Garrini kicked up. Garrini nearly ripped Veidt’s arm out of the socket with a Bicep Slicer and both guys fell into ankle locks and kneebars. A seated strike exchange broke out and Veidt rolled into a half-crab. Garrini rolled into a leg trap as Veidt desperately tried to fight it off. Garrini climbed onto Veidt’s back and Veidt fought him off to deliver a barrage of midsection stomps. The two slugged it out and Veidt tried to fire-up off of Garrini’s chest kicks and chops. Both guys woke up off a chop battle and Garrini kicked Veidt in the thigh and the elbow. Veidt kicked down Garrini but Garrini turned it into a seated Abdominal Stretch and Veidt chopped Garrini into a double-wrist lock. A battle of arm-control broke out and Veidt once again hammered down blows on a grounded Garrini. They reset and once again threw bombs at one another before Garrini trapped Veidt in an ankle lock. Veidt did the same to Garrini and more strikes were exchanged. Both tried to break the other’s leg and Garrini stunned Veidt with kicks to the ear. They both hit more bombs and Veidt tried to break Garrini’s knee again. Garrini trapped Veidt in a Guillotine and kicked it into a Rear-Naked Choke with added heel strikes. Veidt passed out and Garrini had a new scalp for his collection as well as the Timebomb Heavyweight Championship.

This match was an absolute technical showcase. Anyone who says deathmatch wrestlers can’t wrestle needs to watch Veidt’s performance here. He kept up with Garrini for most of this match, only falling at the last hurdle to a choke. This was pure wrestling intensity between two masters of the craft. Timebomb is entering a new era under the Bone Collector and things are going to change. The Dojo has is no more as Garrini will only wrestle in a ring now within a venue. No more basement violence and Kevin Ku will be there at the next show as per the demand of Dominic Garrini. Expect no more title deathmatches by decree of the new champion. Things are going to get interesting. As it stands, Timebomb knocked it out of the park once again. They upped the production value but kept that same gritty style of fighting with copious amounts of wrestling and plunder-based violence. This is definitely going to be a company to keep an eye on in the coming months. Also, don’t forget the show is free to watch below and if they’ve set up a donation link here.

All images courtesy of Timebomb, Ash Dabbath, IsThisWrestling Video courtesy of Timebomb YouTube

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