Butch vs Gore and A Billy Dixon Joint present one of the greatest tournaments to ever grace your TVs and PC Screens as 7 of the best LGBTQ+ talents are about to go to war for the honour of holding the inaugural Cassandro Cup. For those unaware, Cassandro is one of the most well-known Exotico wrestlers on the planet and an inspiration to LGBTQ+ wrestlers everywhere. He was finally getting some of the appreciation he deserves in the form of the tournament. Alongside that, we’d see Billy Dixon defend the Chocolate City Title against Darius Carter, the Kings of the District try to kill Team Bussy, MV Young against Devon Monroe, and the Britney Spears Invitational elimination match. Let’s get into this stacked card.

First Round Match: Ashton Starr defeated Jared Evans via Starr Shooter

The first match of the night went to Starr-fire Ashton Starr taken on the outspoken Blacklisted Prince Jared Evans to bag the first semi-final spot of the tournament. Both guys could strike hard and trash-talk harder so this was going to be fun. They opened with a nice mix of Lucha Libre-style agility from Evans and Starr’s powerful bitch-slap game. Starr’s mean streak came out and the verbal abuse just continued to rise throughout. Evans was knocked off his game by an Alabama Slam and became a punching bag for a very nasty Starr. Evans continued to try and fight up but Starr would be ready to slap, knee, or insult him back down. The pair traded verbal barbs over a chin-lock and Evans made Starr pay by reversing a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker into a flatliner. Evans survived a slap-fest and made a kicking comeback before scoring a near-fall with a diving crossbody. The two both took nasty shots to the head and tempers flared as Evans tried to rope walk again and ended up in the Starr Shooter. Evans got revenge with a top rope Hurricanrana but it wasn’t enough to keep Starr down. He followed up with a double springboard Moonsault but Starr turned the pin into a crucifix. Starr got angrier and smashed Evans into the mat with powerbombs but Evans turned a third into a Code Red. Starr shook this off, hit a final devastating powerbomb, and won with a kicking Starr Shooter. This was an impressive opener and a real showcase for Evans who showed off way more than I’d seen of him in prior matches. Starr was the meaner contender and came away with the first televised win of the tournament.

First Round Match: Edith Surreal defeated Erica Leigh via Venus Flytrap

Up next was the former Still Life with Apricots and Pears, Edith Surreal taking on the Gummy Bear Kid Erica Leigh. Surreal is well-known for being a tournament warrior so she had the natural advantage going into this one but could Leigh pull off the upset? The pair started technically as the pair transitioned through multiple lock-ups and holds. Leigh took the advantage with a knee from the ropes and dumped Surreal into the mat with a pumphandle powerslam. She continued to drive Surreal into the mat but couldn’t get above a two-count. Leigh continued to get meaner as she tried to break the spirit and body of Surreal with elbows and kicks. Leigh tied Surreal into a knot but couldn’t get her to submit as Surreal escaped into a nasty head and arm stretch. They battled over roll-ups and Surreal struck back with a basement dropkick. Surreal went to work on Leigh’s legs and another pinfall war broke out as Leigh escaped a choke. Surreal locked on the Venus Flytrap and with all the leg damage done, Leigh couldn’t do anything but tap. This had been a very personal fight as good friends made better enemies and Leigh tried to beat Surreal at her own game. It led to an excellent technical showcase between two amazing wrestlers. Pure wrestling creativity at its finest.

First Round Match: Killian McMurphy defeated Molly McCoy via Rear-Naked Choke

The final first-round match was between two opponents who know each other rather well. Molly McCoy or as they’re also known Theysey Jones have been on opposite sides of the ring multiple times with varying results. With neither having help here, who was going to be the ultimate fighter in the battle of the Shooter vs the Grittiest? McMurphy started things by running his mouth and dodging McCoy before taking the low road in lock-ups. McCoy was smart though and didn’t fall for a shoulder tackle ploy, opting to trip up McMurphy, then sending him flying with a shoulder tackle. McMurphy flew again but recovered by dodging a cannonball and punching McCoy repeatedly in the head. McMurphy continued to leisurely break down McCoy’s arms whilst throwing in some liberal rule-breaking holds and freely running his mouth. He applauded himself over a Snap Suplex and nearly fell to a Sunset Flip from McCoy. He kicked McCoy away and went right back to the arms. This trend continued until McCoy floored him with a massive clothesline. McMurphy bought himself some freedom with an overhead belly to belly. She wouldn’t quit though and tried to lock on the Gory Special but McMurphy was able to wiggle free and locked on a rear-naked choke. McCoy tapped and McMurphy took the final semi-final spot. This had been a very loud match full of heart and shoot-style excellence. I imagine a lot of people groaned when McMurphy went through but he proved to be the ultimate foil to McCoy’s heart and smash-mouth style.

The Kings of the District (Jordan Blade & Eel O’Neal) defeated Team Bussy (Allie Kat & EFFY) via Submission on EFFY

With the first-round down, it was time for something different. A tag team bout between the all-business Kings of the District and the fun-loving ass-kickers Team Bussy. Both teams can fight like hell but only one was going to get their hands raised at the end. Before we could get into the action of the match, Faye Jackson had a live mic and she wanted to deliver a personal message to Suge D on behalf of the Creep Squad. She wanted to set up a gang warfare match with Wholesome Gang and left the ball in Suge’s corner. The Kings were having none of the foreplay and attacked Bussy as they danced on the apron. O’Neal and Allie ended up in the ring and Allie showed she could take this seriously with a cartwheel dropkick. EFFY and Blade went to work next to see who was the real daddy in the match. Blade showed ground dominance as EFFY showed Blade a bitchslap and Suplex. Blade just powered-up off it and further struck down EFFY and dropped him with a Fisherman’s Suplex. The Kings continued to work over EFFY as O’Neal showed how manic the African American Horror Story can get. EFFY didn’t take kindly to the arm-breaking attacks and unloaded heavy blows on Blade. He was all business as the Kings had really pissed him off. He got too focused on revenge though and didn’t tag, ending up buried under the Kings attacks once again. EFFY fought his way to freedom again after another hellacious beating and finally made the tag bringing a furious Allie Kat. She ran rough-shot on both Kings and dumped O’Neal onto Blade with a Finlay Roll. Bussy nearly scored the win with the Two-man Power Trip but it wasn’t enough and the Kings murdered them with a double powerbomb into a double dropkick. Everyone got killed until Blade tapped Effy out with something I can’t even name, it was just limbs in all the wrong places. This rocked. Bussy are the ultimate underdogs and meshed well with the raw viciousness of the Kings.

Britney Spears Invitational Elimination Match: Brooke Valentine defeated Ariela Nyx, Corinne Mink, Russell Rogue & Eddy McQueen via Britney Spear to Rogue

This was going to be fun. it was time for a big battle of divas and destroyers in honour of one of pop music’s biggest, Britney Spears. It would be the Queen Bee Brooke Valentine taking on the Legit Hoss Corinne Mink taking on the Answer to your prayers Ariela Nyx taking on Russellmania taking on the Divas champion Eddy McQueen. This was anyone’s match. Fights broke out everywhere and Mink made the first big impact by knocking both McQueen and Rogue down with a double clothesline as the pair bickered. Everyone jumped Mink but they easily knocked everyone away and unloaded on everyone with forearms and punches before getting into a heavy-hitting slugfest with Valentine. Rogue hurt themself attacking Mink and got slammed on Valentine for their troubles. Mink teed off on McQueen with corner punches as McQueen screamed for help. Everyone jumped Mink again and took her out with a powerbomb, eliminating her from the match. Mink wasn’t accepting this and smashed everyone in with an umbrella before buzzing off some of her hair and leaving. Everyone went back to fighting and McQueen stole the pin on Nyx, eliminating her from the tournament. Rouge and McQueen shared a dance, then went after Valentine, forming a temporary alliance. The divas belittled Valentine as they beat her down, giving her a tour of ringside. The teamwork dissolved as a double-team failed and Rogue took advantage with a roll-up on McQueen. Rogue continued to bully Valentine and even ran down the ref for fun. They hit their DDT but it wasn’t enough to keep Valentine down and slowly but surely, the Queen Bee began to fight back. Valentine punched the soul out of Rogue and threw them overhead with a fallaway slam. A discus lariat and spear followed, giving Valentine the win and granting her the right to use Britany Music as an entrance. Everyone showed out here but Valentine proved to be the toughest in the fight.

Second Round Match: Edith Surreal defeated Killian McMurphy via Count Out

It was back to tournament action now as Edith Surreal locked horns with another familiar foe, Killian McMurphy. Both of them had already fought through one intense fight, now it was time for another hard-hitting, technical war between two not-so-happy campers. We got more obnoxious McMurphy trash talk as Surreal wanted to get technical. Surreal started talking back and locked McMurphy in knots, taunting him with some rule-breaking of her own. The strikes came out so Surreal showed some Lucha and tried to follow a bailing McMurphy, only to get faceplanted on the apron. McMurphy introduced Surreal to the ringside furniture and started to work the back in-ring. Surreal tried to lash back but McMurphy went to the eyes and went back to work. The Shooter lived up to his name as he was able to keep submission specialist Surreal locked up and was able to adapt holds on the fly. As expected, McMurphy got too cocky so Surreal went after his knee and dropkicked his chest in. McMurphy bailed again and used the ropes to snap Surreal’s arm before going back to the back with more holds and turnbuckle whips. Surreal found a second wind and swung back at McMurphy, braining him on the canvas with a bulldog. McMurphy bailed but Surreal followed with a dive and the pair battled around ringside. They were both knocked out on the outside so the ref began to count. The count struck 9 and Surreal just to say beat the count as McMurphy continued to suck wind outside. Surreal was given the win by count-out and took the first final spot but was going in battered and bruised because of McMurphy being an excellent wrestler but a sore post-match attacking loser.

Second Round Match: Ashton Starr defeated AC Mack via Starr Shooter

AC Mack had fought his first-round match off-screen but he was hurting. He was about to be hurting a lot more as Ashton Starr was going to try and bulldoze through the fire-spitting loudmouth master of underhanded fighting to make it to the final. Starr let Mack do his intro, then instantly bitchslapped him and started kicking the crap out of him. He reversed a Tornado DDT into a bridging Northern Lights and continued raining down the stomps on Mack. Mack brought Starr crashing down from the top rope and knocked him dizzy with a massive corner dropkick. The fight broke to the outside but this backfired on Mack as Starr hit him with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and hurled him back in the ring. Starr went into another barrage of strikes and bitchslaps as he continued to pile on the pressure. Mack brought the fire back with leg lariats and the Tornado DDT but it wasn’t enough to get three. He tried for Mack 10 but Starr had it scouted and slammed Mack on his face. Scissor Me Timbers quickly followed and Starr made Mack scream in misery before tapping with the Starr Shooter. This was a surprisingly rapid match that gave both a good showing but definitely leaves Starr in the better position going into the final. He was ruthless here as he murdered one of the top seeds in Mack.

MV Young defeated Devon Monroe via Kill the Rich

Once again, we took a break from the tournament with a super-hot singles bout. It would be the Polyam Cult Leader taking on the ultimate Twink in a match that was just oozing charisma. We’d have one hell of a styles clash to enjoy here. Things started quickly as Monroe tried to push his speed advantage but Young was ready to counter. The two went counter for counter until Young blocked a springboard arm-drag and launched Monroe with a duo of Japanese arm-drags into a heavy dropkick. Monroe threw MV over the ropes and took the fight to the streets, showing Young some of that Black Sexcellence. Young took this badly and lashed out around ringside until Monroe reversed him into a Suplex on the stage. Monroe dragged Young back to the ring so Young jumped back over the ropes and kicked him in the teeth. From there, Young methodically beat down Monroe with a variety of moves until Monroe was able to land a sunset flip and counter Young into a nasty DDT. Both guys took a kicking and continued booting each other on the apron. Monroe countered again with a rolling elbow and slammed Young onto the apron by his arm. The two went for a round of forearms and Young crushed Monroe with a head kick into a double stomp. Monroe launched himself off the ropes like a cannonball and clipped Young with a rebound head kick. He landed a crossbody but Young reversed the pinfall into a crossface. Monroe escaped and nailed Taste the Rainbow but it still wasn’t enough. Monroe tried to hit it again but Young countered, launched him with an Exploder, and ended the match with Kill the Rich. Young had racked up another win for the Polyam Cult, putting down a fellow rising star in one hell of a little match. As per Polyam Cult rules, this was an instant 7 stars.

Chocolate City Title 2 out 3 Falls: Billy Dixon defeated Darius Carter via Roundhouse Kick fall

Our penultimate match was for the Chocolate City Title. Billy Dixon has fought some battles in his time but now he was going 2 out of 3 falls with one of wrestling’s richest prizes Darius Carter to defend his Chocolate City Title, just because Carter wanted to have it for pure spite. This could get very ugly as we’ve seen Dixon try to murder opponents in the past, including Carter. What would it take to keep one of these guys down for two falls considering what they put each other through last time? Carter instantly went after Dixon’s arms and fingers, promising to show him how to wrestle. Dixon wasn’t having this and smashed Carter with strikes, then dumped him outside. The fight went around ringside to the commentary table where Dixon gave Carter a physical and auditorial pummelling, borrowing Scotty Sariti’s headset so the audience could hear him verbally abuse Carter. As the fight reached the ring again, Carter woke up and stomped Dixon’s head into the ring apron. Seconds later, Dixon had scored the first fall by dodging a corner boot and rolling up Carter. Seconds later again, Carter made it 1-1 with a horrifying head kick. Carter gave Dixon a piece of his mind, then maliciously started crippling limbs, continuing to pulverise Dixon’s head especially. He slowly broke every limb of Dixon’s he could whilst gleefully staring into the hard-cam. Dixon wouldn’t quit but that only resulted in him getting hit harder. Carter even used the ring-post on Dixon’s unprotected knee. No matter how hard Carter struck, Dixon wouldn’t stay down. On one good leg, Dixon fought up and started firing back with bionic elbows and dropped Carter on his face with an Unprettier. He might not be able to trash talk but he could still fight, even if he couldn’t keep Carter down. Dixon tried to keep pace but Carter kept countering with double stomps and DDTs. He continued to play with Dixon like he was food and reversed the Bodega Press into a Crab. He transitioned to an STF but Dixon still wouldn’t quit. Another strike fight broke out and Dixon stunned Carter with a roundhouse kick and fell into the pin, scoring the final three-count. Dixon had survived this massacre but it wasn’t over yet…

Some familiar faces from earlier in the night appeared as Carter shook Dixon’s hand. It might as well have been the kiss of death as Molly McCoy, Killian McMurphy and the Kings of the District appeared to surround the ring. Dixon put 2 and 2 together and tried to fight back but he was swarmed by fists and KO’ed with a massive lariat from McMurphy. Carter wanted respect, he found other like-minded people and formed his own group under Dixon’s nose, The Best Business Bureau was here (damn you cease and desist) and they were not playing about. Carter made Dixon pass out from an assisted Figure Four and left Dixon in the middle of the ring with the title he’d retained.

Cassandro Cup Final: Edith Surreal defeated Ashton Starr via Venus Flytrap

Last but not least, the main event. The Cassandro Cup was a stone’s throw away from both of our finalists. It would be one final, vicious bout where Ashton Starr and Edith Surreal would push each other to the limit to hold the honour of being the first Cassandro Cup holder. Starr was definitely in a better position here as Surreal’s back was a direct target of attack. Surreal came in with a game plan and tried to ignore the back pain to damage Starr’s legs. Starr fought her back and broke her with a spear. He focused on the back with stomps, knees, and kicks with laser precision and no mercy. Surreal continued to try and work the leg, sacrificing her own well-being in the process. Starr countered into a nasty body-scissor and Surreal countered that into a knee press. Surreal pushed into full mount and just rained down blows on Starr, showing a new-found ferocity. Surreal caught Starr with running strikes but the misdirection bulldog was caught into a fireman’s carry backbreaker. He locked on the Starr Shooter and fought off Surreal’s attempts at escape. Surreal finally made the ropes so Starr continued to take his frustrations out on her back. Surreal got payback by dropkicking his knee and locking on the Venus Fly Trap. Starr broke free by further smashing the back with clubs and further injured both Surreal and himself with the tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. He tried to hoist her up for the facebuster but Surreal wriggled free and locked on the Venus Flytrap one final time and took the win. Edith Surreal had survived three incredibly tough fights and continued her legacy as a tournament-breaking fighter. She put on one hell of a sprint here with Starr and won as the ultimate underdog.

And that was that. What a monster event eh? Not only was it an amazing event in terms of representation but it serves as a reminder that this talent is available all the damn time. All you have to do is book them. This was the type of wrestling anyone could enjoy. It had heavy-hitters, technical showcases, loudmouths, comedic performers, divas and so much more all across the span of nearly three hours. This was a super show that proved how good the talent pool in LGBTQ+ wrestling is. We need more of these people on more shows. They can do so much more out there. Butch vs Gore and Billy Dixon promoted shows are always special. From Paris is Bumping to the Cassandro Cup. They ain’t stopping there though, 2022 is going to be another big year as there will be a queer wrestler’s royal rumble, Billy Dixon, and EFFY’s High School Reunion Rumble. That is going to be a blast.

All images courtesy of IWTV Twitter, JayLee Photography, Sophiealltimelow, Butch vs Gore, Edith Surreal

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