Welcome to the next MLW special event. After weeks and weeks of build, we’re finally at the blow-off point for this Injustice vs CONTRA war. Myron Reed, Jordan Oliver, and Calvin Tankman have their targets and will now battle for pride, revenge, and gold to take them down once and for all. Across this hour we’ll see Jordan Oliver try to get revenge on Simon Gotch, Myron Reed would look to embarrass Daivari the way Daivari embarrassed him, and the main event where Calvin Tankman looks to shock the world and dethrone Jacob Fatu. It’s going to get wild so let’s get into the action.

Jordan Oliver defeated Simon Gotch via Clout Cutter

The opening package subsided to Gotch’s music taking over the feed and the first match being thrown into action. Gotch has bested Oliver every time they’ve been in the ring together. Could Oliver finally get that win back and avenge fallen Injustice member Kotto Brazil? The pair locked up and battled to control a limb, Oliver going for the head and Gotch looking to pick the ankles. Gotch got an early Deathlock but Oliver countered tried to go for Gotch’s legs. Gotch wasn’t having this and trapped Oliver in a side chin-lock. The pair rolled to the ropes and Gotch departed the hold with a knee to the jaw. Gotch continued to work like an octopus and trapped Oliver in a grounded, limb-trapped abdominal stretch. Oliver tried to escape and pick an ankle again but Gotch sent him to the apron with headbutts. They both danced around the apron, countering the other until Gotch knocked Oliver on his back again by forearming him out of a Clout Cutter attempt. Oliver kicked out at one so Gotch took his bandana as a knuckle protector and unloaded fists on Oliver’s forehead, then used it to choke Oliver in a chin-lock. Gotch murdered Oliver in the corner and kicked Oliver back to the mat as Oliver tried to get his fire back with forearms. Gotch tried for a double wrist-lock so Oliver rolled to the outside. He followed Oliver outside and Suplexed him onto the floor. Back in-ring, Gotch tried to focus on the back but Oliver started returning fire with more elbows. Things got dirty as Gotch bit down on Oliver’s hand and smashed him in the head with another stiff kick. He tried to go for a slam but Oliver initially elbowed free and reversed the second attempt into a DDT. A slugfest broke out and both guys got rocked by running strikes. Gotch threw Oliver into the corner and dodged a Clout Cutter into a choke. Oliver rolled up Gotch and leapt to the second Rope to hit the Clout Cutter and knock out Gotch’s lights. Oliver had finally beaten Gotch but it had been far from easy. He was constantly fighting from below as Gotch beat him down from pillar to post. Heart and grit got him through and speed got him the big win. What an opening contest and what a way to give Injustice the first point on the scoreboard.

Myron Reed defeated Daivari via No Cap Splash

Up next, the battle of the middleweights as Myron Reed looks to make Daivari suffer for embarrassing him at his lowest moment. This was about more than a chest protector; this was a matter of pride.  These two wasted no time and threw hands instantly. Reed sent Daivari scrambling to the outside and followed him out with a dive. He beat Daivari around the outside but got too comfortable so Daivari reversed his whip and sent Reed flying into the production wall. Daivari got mean and tossed Reed back into the ring after beating and choking him against the wall. He continued to abuse Reed’s back and dumped him back outside. This would prove to be his undoing as Reed reversed a piledriver attempt into a back body drop onto the floor. Reed scaled a wall and leapt onto Daivari with a crossbody, sending both of them crashing to the floor again. He missed a second splash in-ring and crashed down on his knee. Daivari instantly tried to break it further and a Figure Four was quickly applied. Reed made the ropes and managed to counter a Suplex into the StunDog Millionaire. He was able to hit a clothesline combo and dropped Daivari with the rope bounce slam. Daivari crawled to the ropes but Reed stalked him with a guillotine leg drop and a slingshot leg drop back in. Daivari tanked it and brought Reed back to the mat with a powerslam. He removed Reed’s chest protector and adorned it himself. He slammed Reed into the mat and went up top but Reed dodged the Frog Splash and ripped the chest protector off Daivari to nail him with a Clout Cutter. The No Cap Splash followed and Injustice was two-for-two. He had gotten his justice, tanking that leg damage to turn Daivari’s cockiness against him. The Young Goat is back on the winning board after a physical bout that takes Injustice to 2-0 over CONTRA.

Between the matches:

  • Josef Samael delivered another speech to the Injustice infidels mocking the expression Never Say Never and mocking Injustice’s chances in their war with CONTRA.
  • We got the exciting news that MLW will be working with DragonGate Japan. The gate has been opened to MLW and this could lead to a whole load of exciting matches down the line. Personally, I want to see Eita just mess with people on the roster. With big projects teased, the possibilities are potentially endless.
  •  Alex Hammerstone commented on the dream match coming against Mil Muertes after the Man of 1000 Deaths had stolen his belt. Hammerstone was going to bury Muertes and re-take his title in two weeks’ time.
  • We got an exclusive back and forth interview hosted by Alicia Atout between the “Caribbean Champion” Richard Holliday and Gino Medina. Medina was bored of the “flirting” between the pair and listened to Holliday’s tirade of abuse and joined in with Atout on mocking Holliday. Once the bickering was over, Alicia Atout announced Gino Medina was getting a Caribbean Title shot on April 14.

MLW World Heavyweight Title: Jacob Fatu (w/Daivari) defeated Calvin Tankman via Step-Up Moonsault.

Last but not least, the main event. One of MLW’s biggest title fights ever as the Samoan Werewolf Jacob Fatu was defending his title against his largest challenger yet, Calvin Tankman. Both guys are athletic powerhouses and both were going to tear the roof of the place in their battle for MLW’s richest prize. The pair started with powerful lock-ups and went into a shoulder tackle battle. Tankman sent Fatu to the outside and Daivari gave him a pep talk. Tankman unloaded fists to his face but ran into a back elbow and took a stiff chop from Fatu. Tankman picked up the pace and launched Fatu with a jumping arm-drag. Fatu didn’t want to be outdone and smashed into Tankman with a springboard crossbody into a kip-up. He struck down Tankman and caught him off the ropes into a Samoan Drop. That got two so Fatu got crafty and choked out Tankman with his wrist tape. Tankman remained defiant and tried to meet Fatu strike for strike but Fatu kept hitting him in the throat. Tankman slumped in the corner and Fatu crushed him with a massive cannonball and blasted him with another superkick. He applied the nerve hold and downed Tankman with a running back elbow. Tankman powered up and a slugfest broke out. The pair threw bombs and Tankman flattened Fatu with another massive pounce. It didn’t end there as Fatu bailed and Tankman rushed him with a Suicide Dive. Tankman kept the athleticism going with a Running Shooting Star Press but Fatu managed to kick out. He tried for a cutter but Fatu escaped and kicked Tankman in the side of the head. Again, not to be outdone, Fatu hit Tankman with a handspring Moonsault and taunted. Tankman was unfazed and threw Fatu into the air for a pop-up back elbow into a backbreaker and clothesline. Fatu again willed himself out so Tankman prepared for the kill-shot. Daivari interfered and was swatted away but Fatu had a flag in hand and drove the metal pole into his head. The step-up Moonsault followed and once again CONTRA had won the day.

That might just be my favourite title defence since the battle against LA Park. Tankman pushed Fatu beyond his limits and it was only down to shenanigans with a flag pole that Fatu walked away the champion. Tankman had his number and showed off the full arsenal of athletic excellence he possesses. This was the dynamic hoss fight you all wanted between the pair and the violence was off the charts. Tankman is CONTRA’s greatest threat and the fact he had to cheat to win proves that. This isn’t the last we’ll see between the pair, I hope. Injustice won tonight 2-1 but alas, they go home title-less as Daivari helped Fatu retain his title. Next week, we’re going underground again so prepare for some old-school MLW fun. See you then.

All images courtesy of MLW, Video courtesy of MLW YouTube

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