Welcome back to Paradigm Pro. It’s time for more UWFI action as we have five more killer fights to enjoy. Today, we’ll see Yoya battle Cole Radrick, Shooter Ron Mathis returns to battle Nick King, Alex Kane clocks in to fight Freddie Hudson, Kerry Awful comes to conduct business against Aaron Williams, and in the main event, Filthy Tom Lawlor comes to show what Team Filthy is really capable of against Lord Crewe. There’s a lot to enjoy here so let’s get into the action.

A quick reminder of the UWFI rules, you start with the limited number of 15 points. You will lose 1 point for a rope break and multiple points for being knocked down or suplexed. You can only win by knock-out, TKO, submission, and by running your opponent’s points dry. There is a code of conduct to follow despite there being no DQs so any breaks of that code will cost you a point. There must be a winner for each fight.

Cole Radrick defeated Yoya Shooterweight via Cross Armbreaker

Up first it was Cole Radrick making his return to UWFI rules to battle Yoya Shooterweight. There had been a war of words and now, they were going to make it more physical. Yoya shot out of the gate and charged Radrick. They struggled to the corner and Radrick mocked Yoya’s height with a head pat. The speed picked up as Yoya dodged kicks and fought out of Radrick’s leg lock, feeling a graze from a rolling kick. The pair kicked it out again and locked up with Yoya taking Radrick over with a Suplex. Radrick deadlifted Yoya into a T-Bone Suplex and the pair struck/kicked it out again until Yoya nearly KO’ed Radrick with a jumping knee. Radrick beat the count and kicked Yoya to the mat but it didn’t keep Yoya down, it just allowed him to start another grappling session. Yoya managed to lock on a Cross Armbreaker but Radrick sacrificed a point for a rope break. Both guys downed each other with deadly kicks and knees. Yoya was up quickly whilst Radrick took to the count of nine. Yoya was done playing nice and rushed Radrick again but Radrick pummelled Yoya with knee strikes and tossed him overhead with a Butterfly Suplex. He hoisted Yoya up for a one-armed bomb but Yoya was able to slip into a sleeper, then an armbar. Radrick brought him back to the mat, knocked him loose with forearms, and locked on a Cross Armbreaker to win the match. This was a vicious one. Both guys kicked the hell out of each other here and Radrick proved once again why he’s a part of the UWFI division. I bet if Yoya had been facing someone who wasn’t the Wildheart of Indiana here, he’d have come away victorious. Radrick ended the segment by issuing a warning to Robert Martyr.

Ron Mathis (w/Officially Licensed Manager Bruce Grey) defeated Nick King via Rear-Naked Choke

Up next was the return of Ron the Shooter Mathis as he proved that White Trash could fight technically as well as trashy. His opponent, the returning grappler, Nick King in his second match of the season. Would he be able to pick up his first win or would Mathis shock us all again with his shooting skills? King instantly took Mathis down and forced him to the ropes. Mathis tried to flail to victory but King withstood and dropped him on his head with a German. Grey continued to remind Mathis he was a shooter and he finally got some licks in with a forearm into an overhead toss. He followed up with a head and arms Suplex and locked on a Guillotine. Mathis transitioned to a rear-naked choke and King passed out. Somehow, Mathis had scored his first UWFI rules win against a certified grappler and had managed to do it in rapid timing. I don’t quite know what to say here, it was there, then it wasn’t. Mathis is hilarious and now apparently when he’s in the ring, “shoot happens” as you see trash as a trash can style wrestling. Grey issued a challenge to Dom Garrini on Mathis’ behalf and I can imagine that is going to go terribly for him.

Alex Kane defeated Freddie Hudson via Mark of Kane

After that was Alex Kane, the Suplex Assassin making his UWFI series debut to take on the Outlaw, Freddie Hudson. This was going to be a strong bout as you knew Hudson was ready to get that work. Kane tripped Hudson down and forced him to the ropes. Hudson repaid the favour and forced Kane to the mat after jumping on his back. Kane took Hudson to the mat again and Hudson fought up to dump Kane with a backdrop. He tried for a sleeper but Kane crushed him in the corner and launched him with an Exploder. The Mark of Kane followed and Hudson was out. Just like that Kane had swooped in and scored his first UWFI series win against one of Paradigm’s longest-tenured wrestlers. Kane was not impressed and he wanted to send all of Paradigm’s biggest and best to Suplex Island on a one-way trip.

Kerry Awful defeated Aaron Williams via Butterfly Lock

It was business time next. Representing Crux Wrestling, Kerry Awful had come to the UWFI series and his first opponent would be none other than the baddest man alive, Aaron Williams. This was going to be an interesting one for sure. Williams set the tone with a stiff leg kick but Awful caught him and brought him to the mat, trying to get Williams to rope break. Williams didn’t and climbed onto Awful’s back to trap an arm. He taunted Awful and forced him to the ropes so he could take the “coward’s way out.” The fight reset and Williams tried to lay in more kicks but Awful caught his leg, smacked him in the face, and folded him up with a Fisherman’s Suplex. Williams beat the count and joined a knuckle-lock, then went to work with more stiff kicks. Awful held on and tried to decapitate Williams with a clothesline. Williams seemed pissed and tried to take out Awful with elbows to the neck. Awful lost more points taking the coward’s way out and took multiple attempts to get back to his feet before being promptly kicked back down again. He looked to lock in the Muffler but Awful was lurking in wait and trapped Williams in a Butterfly Lock for the win. He had taken the coward’s way out on multiple occasions but in the end, the Businessman got it done. Love him or hate him, Awful will back up the trash he talks about. This was a shock win as Williams had his number for most of this match.

Filthy Tom Lawlor (w/Team Filthy) defeated Lord Crewe via Leg Triangle

Last but not least, the main event. The Bareknuckle Berserker, Lord Crewe was going to do battle with the leader of Team Filthy, Tom Lawlor. This would be a battle of raw violence and striking taking on MMA discipline. Crewe might be hard as nails and hit like a truck but could he keep Lawlor down for the count? The two opened with a striking contest and Lawlor took Crewe to the mat with a double-leg takedown. Lawlor trapped Crewe’s arm and tried for back control into an armbar. Crewe used the ropes to escape and a second strike bout broke out before Crewe was on the mat again. The two grappled around the mat as Lawlor tried to tie Crewe in knots and Crewe kept breaking free with strikes. Crewe started to get the upper hand with more strikes so Lawlor took out his leg and locked on a kneebar, refusing to break the hold no matter how many times Crewe kicked him. Crewe made the ropes and the striking resumed as Crewe “accidentally” (okay, it’s up for debate) kicked Lawlor straight in the balls. He tried to take advantage but Lawlor was right back after his arm. Lawlor had Crewe trapped in a fully-wrapped Hammerlock and was trying to dislocate his shoulder and threw him with a Butterfly Suplex. He tried to submit Crewe with a head-scissor choke but Crewe stomped his way to freedom. He tried to keep swinging but Lawlor tossed him back down with a wrestling takedown and locked on a head and arm triangle. A Cobra clutch slam cut off Crewe’s escape and Crewe had to burn another point on a rope break. Crewe was pissed and struck back hard on the reset but Lawlor defended himself again and had Crewe back on the mat with his arm in jeopardy. Crewe fought to his feet and dumped Lawlor on his head with a German and smashed him with the Cyclone Boot. Lawlor just to say beat the count and Crewe jumped him with more hard strikes, knocking him hard to the mat. Lawlor dodged another forearm strike but his choke attempt was countered and Crewe smashed him in the back of the head. Lawlor was dazed but he was able to lock up Crewe once more and choked him out with a leg triangle for the win. Crewe had beaten ten shades of hell out of Lawlor but it wasn’t enough to derail the veteran instincts of Lawlor. Team Filthy had won the day but it had been far from easy and ludicrously entertaining to watch. He ended the show by calling out Matthew Justice. That fight is going to be ridiculous fun considering Justice ran him out of the building with chairs. Hopefully, we see it soon. Until then, come back again next week for more hard-hitting UWFI action.

All images courtesy of Paradigm, MySkewedView, Filthy Tom Lawlor, Ron Mathis, ThatRoseTattoo

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