Welcome back to ChocoPro Wrestling. We’ve left the Chocolate Square this time to go and play elsewhere as, in the post-100 glow, ChocoPro has joined a collaboration event with HEAT-UP. We’ll be treated to four matches from the HEAT-UP Dojo as ChocoPro and HEAT-UP talent collide. Plus, they actually had a ring this time! We’ll see Emi Sakura and Sayuri team up against Chie Koishikawa and RinRin, Daisuke Kanehira vs SHINGO, TAMURA vs Lulu Pencil, and Best Bros returning to tag team action against Hiroshi Watanabe and Tetsuya Izuchi. This is going to be a wild card with a whole load of new faces so let’s get into the action.

Emi Sakura & Sayuri defeated Chie Koishikawa & RinRin via Vader Bomb on RinRin

Up first was a ninja and a queen going to war with the hyperactive chopping machine and MC RinRin. It was an all ChocoPro opener just to remind you what chaos you were getting yourself into. Sakura had always wanted to be a ninja and now she was getting her chance. Sayuri and RinRin began with a technical exchange and a roll-up war. They tagged and Sakura tried to take Koishikawa on a technical trip but Koishikawa took her on a run. Koishikawa snapped Sakura around the ring and tagged in RinRin to do the same. The quick tags and snapmares continued and Koishikawa hit a rolling senton into a double-team bow and arrow. The submission chain continued with a Boston Crab as Sakura dragged herself to the ropes. The pair attacked Sakura with giant pompoms and RinRin stomped down Sakura’s back. Sakura withstood the Sumo slaps but RinRIn drove her into the corner and tried for a slam but Sakura broke free and slammed RinRin into the mat. Sayuri was tagged in and quickly went after RinRin with a chop and the rolling corner slams. She tried to take a quick win with Crucifixes but RinRin wouldn’t stay down. Sayuri kept chopping and unloaded a whole clip of Kunai-edge chops. RinRin slapped back and tagged in Koishikawa, who chased Sayuri around the ring with demon chops, trapping her in the corner to deliver the sadistic chop. She trapped Sayuri in a Guillotine and ate the Yakuza kick from Sayuri as the ninja went on a pinfall spree. She tagged and Sakura made Koishikawa pay for the back-work earlier. She stomped down Koishikawa but it wasn’t enough to dampen her energy and she quickly came back with more chops. She dropkicked to freedom and tagged out.

Sakura fought off both and crushed both with a corner crossbody. She climbed to the top and tuned up the band for a failed Vader Bomb as both sat up despite Sayuri’s interference. RinRin tried to win with a quick armbar but Sakura made the ropes. The pair hit Sakura with a diving stomp to the arm and RinRin knocked her down with Sumo chops. Sakura was trapped in an armbar/muffler combo but Sayuri saved her. RinRin took Sakura out with a diving crossbody but Sakura kicked out. Sakura reversed a slam into Smash Mouth but Koishikawa was ready to make the save with a diving X chop. Sakura wouldn’t fall so RinRin tried to roll her up again but only got two. RinRin continued to keep control by reversing a Tiger Driver into a sleeper hold but once again Sakura made the ropes and Sayuri took double knees to RinRin. Sakura hit the underhook backbreaker and ended the match with the Vader Bomb. The rookies had gone all-out against their teacher but once again Sakura proved why she’s the boss and elevated Sayuri in the process. This was an excellent opener with all the great tag action you expect from ChocoPro.

Daisuke Kanehira defeated SHINGO via Cobra Twist

Up next was the MMA trained fight of HEAT-UP, Kanehira taking on the company’s rookie, SHINGO. This was going to be an excellent chance for SHINGO to prove himself to a whole new audience but it would not be easy against someone like Kanehira, one-half of the current HEAT-UP tag champs. The pair locked up and dragged each other towards the ropes until SHINGO forced a break. There was no clean break as SHINGO laid in an elbow, then laid in several more at Kanehira’s beckoning. Kanehira shoved him back and applied a strong headlock, grinding down the cocky rookie. SHINGO tried to fight up but Kanehira knocked him back to the mat with shoulder tackles and chopped out his soul in the corner. He followed up with a lariat and the pair fought over a Suplex. Kanehira dodged a dropkick but SHINGO caught him with a misdirection second and booted him in the corner. He knocked Kanehira down with a shoulder tackle and leaped at him with a jumping dropkick. Kanehiro fought off certain doom and ran into a spear from SHINGO. He fought out of a second Torture Rack and locked SHINGO in an abdominal stretch. SHINGO escaped and hit a second pair of spears. Kanehira dodged a final spear attempt and SHINGO crashed hard into the corner and kneed SHINGO in the head. He dumped SHINGO on his head with a backdrop and gave him another knee to the face. SHINGO wouldn’t stay down so Kanehira tapped him out with a Cobra Twist. This proved to be an excellent showing for the rookie but alas, his confidence and inexperience got the better of him and Kanehira made him pay. Kanehira gave him praise for his performance, if he keeps going the future looks bright.

TAMURA defeated Lulu Pencil via PK

Who wants a battle between two leaders? It would be the commander of Pencil Army, Lulu Pencil battling the leader of HEAT-UP Tamura. This was sure to be a fight that would give us a tour of the entire HEAT-UP dojo as both fighters are fans of brawling and rule-bending. TAMURA removed his Gundam helmet and refused a handshake before the action got underway. They battled over chants and TAMURA kicked Pencil in the shin. They locked up and TAMURA folded Pencil like an accordion until Pencil made the ropes. The fight spilled to the outside and TAMURA took Pencil on a tour of the dojo, forcing her to run on a treadmill until she fell off, blinded her with a light, and trapped her under a 20kg weight bar. He dragged her backstage and showed her the men’s room, then banged her head off the toilet door. They battled into the shower and TAMURA choked out Pencil with a showerhead. They finally returned to the ring and TAMURA continued to bully Pencil in the corner. He tried for another corner whip but Pencil held on and threw him into the buckles. She dropkicked his knees and crashed into those same knees off a failed stabber. TAMURA threw a tantrum and stomped down Pencil. She tripped him up, hit the flick kick, and crushed him under a Pencil Roll. TAMURA threw her off and but Pencil was straight back on him with a rain of forearms. TAMURA answered back with a gut punch but it still didn’t keep her down and she hammered him with even more forearms. TAMURA punched her in the gut again and Pencil dodged a sliding lariat to hit a series of roll-ups and a Stabber from the top rope. She struggled to throw a clothesline and after all the build-up, TAMURA floored her with a clothesline and hit the PK for the win. Pencil had taken the fight to this dirty fighter but it hadn’t been enough as TAMURA won on his home turf. It was a blast to watch and another mix of wrestling and comedy done right. TAMURA is such a dick when he comes to ChocoPro.

Best Bros (Baliyan Akki & Mei Suruga) defeated Hiroshi Watanabe & Tetsuya Izuchi via Propellor Pin on Watanabe

Last but not least, the main event. The Asia Dream Tag Champs were looking to rebound after failing their solo efforts at ChocoPro #100 with a win together over the veteran Watanabe and the other half of the HEAT-UP Tag Champs Tetsuya Izuchi. Were Best Bros going to get back on their winning ways or would this new team score an upset? The teams shook hands and Watanabe started the action with Akki. The pair tried for different holds and Watanabe showed off his bridging strength before chopping Akki down for a leg snap. They both tagged and Izuchi mocked Suruga’s height with a test of strength. Suruga bridged out of his grasp and launched him with a springboard arm-drag. He was flattened by the Best Bros Crossbody combo and sent Akki to the outside for an apron PK. He tagged Watanabe back in and they both went to work on Akki, trying to snap his spine. The quick tags and abuse continued through stomps, slams, and holds with Watanabe getting a near-fall with a swinging neckbreaker. Every limb of Akki continued to be broken until Izuchi started a striking bout and Akki answered back hard with his jumping kick combo. He made the tag to Suruga and she tried to dropkick Izuchi to death but Watanabe kicked her in the back. They tried to double-team but Suruga took both of them out with kicks into a ram and arm-drag/head-scissor combo. She kicked Watanabe to the outside and gave him a face, then left Izuchi to Akki. The pair slugged it out again and Akki pummelled Izuchi in the corner.

He was whipped over the ropes but it didn’t stop him punt kicking Watanabe and catching Izuchi with a slingshot dropkick. Akki got a tad overzealous and took out Ref Sakura as he ran for a corner knee. He climbed to the top for the Namaste Splash but Izuchi brought him crashing back down for a kicking contest. Akki smashed Izuchi in the face with a high kick and locked on the Deathlock. The two continued to trade until Izuchi dropkicked to freedom. Watanabe came back out swinging and dropped Akki over his knee for a backbreaker. Akki fought out of a piledriver and tanked Watanabe’s strikes to drop him with a backbreaker too. Akki made the tag and worked with Suruga to hit the double-chop powerslam. Suruga followed up with a springboard double stomp and tried for Lucifer. Watanabe escaped and stunned Suruga with a foot version of a bell clap. Suruga was straight back on him with the bridging Deathlock and rolled Watanabe into the Swanton combo. Akki took out Izuchi and Suruga slugged it out with Watanabe before ducking his jabs and stealing the win with the Propellor pin. That ended the show on a high note for Best Bros and ChocoPro as Suruga taken the win over a veteran and one-half of the HEAT-UP tag champs. Be sure to come back again tomorrow for all the action from Volumes #102 and #103 when the action returns to the Chocolate Square. This was a fun excursion to HEAT-UP and TAMURA follows them back for a war in the Chocolate Square. HEAT-UP is also on YouTube which you can watch HERE.

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move, FlyingVTrigger, Dogu Video courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube

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