At the time of writing, we are a few days away from Game Changer Wrestling & Co’s Collective 3-day indie wrestling extravaganza. Wrestling and Violence are once again coming to Tampa as The Collective Remix brings us 12 events from the Cuban Club at Ybor City with events from some of the most exciting companies on the indies watchable in person and at home on FITE TV. From Thursday, April 8 to Saturday, April 10, there will be 12 shows highlighting the best and bloodiest in wrestling with a wealth of new and unfamiliar talent to enjoy. Let’s rundown the shows and what to expect.

Thursday 8th July

11 AM EST (4 PM BST): GCW “Jimmy Lloyd’s D-Generation F”

Jimmy Lloyd is once again given the booking power to make a show highlighting the best and hungriest young bulls on the wrestling scene and this year, he has really brought some new guys and girls into the fold. This kicked things off well last year so hopefully, it’ll once again help set the tone and inject the early crowd with excitement. On the cards:

  • Nolan Edward vs Daniel Garcia
  • Jimmy Lloyd vs Starboy Charlie
  • Juicy Finau vs 1 Called Manders
  • Myron Reed vs Dante Leon
  • Jordan Oliver vs Everett Connors
  • Atticus Cogar vs Tre Lamar
  • Skye Blue vs Billie Starkz vs Rok-C
  • JJ Garrett vs Marcus Mathers
  • The Unguided (Matt Vandagriff & Damian Drake) vs YDNB (Charlie Tiger & Ellis Taylor)
  • Gino Medina vs Hijo de Canis Lupis

Scheduled appearances: Ninja Mack, American Beetle

3 PM (8 PM BST): GCW “Acid Cup 3 Day 1”

The Acid Cup is back again. in honour of Trent Acid, this two-day tournament will showcase some of the best on the scene slugging it out against each other in a gruelling tournament to win that cup. The last winner was Chris Dickinson before the world shut down, who from the 16-person field will hold the honours this year? Our opening round matches are as follows:

  • Jordan Oliver vs Edith Surreal
  • Lee Moriarty vs Treehouse Lee
  • Laredo Kid vs Brayden Lee
  • KTB vs Dragon Bane
  • Arez vs Aramis
  • AJ Gray vs Nate Webb
  • Tony Deppen vs Cole Radrick
  • Calvin Tankman vs Colby Corino

8 PM EST (1 AM BST): GCW “Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport 6

Who’s ready for more shoot fighting violence. Josh Barnett has booked another super show off as real as it gets wrestling with a mix of faces new and old. This is for those who want a purer wrestling product. With 12 matches on the card, you’re in for a buffet.

  • Jon Moxley vs Josh Barnett
  • KZT vs Janai Kai
  • SHLAK vs Superbeast
  • Lio Rush vs Yoya
  • Allysin Kay vs Masha Slamovich
  • Alex Coughlin vs Royce Isaacs
  • Rocky Romero vs Chavo Guerrero Jr
  • Matt Makowski vs Heddi Karaoui
  • Bad Dude Tito vs Victor Benjamin
  • Simon Grimm vs Alexander James
  • Chris Dickinson vs Shane Mercer
  • Davey Boy Smith Jr vs KTB

11:59 PM (4.59 PM BST): GCW “For the Culture

To close out Thursday, GCW give AJ Gray the booking reigns to produce a second show celebrating all the POC talent in wrestling. This will be another showcase for all the POC talent you know and love with a lot that goes under the radar too. On this show:

  • Rich Swann vs 2 Cold Scorpio
  • Lio Rush vs Lee Moriarty
  • AJ Gray vs JTG
  • Bryan Keith vs Darius Lockhart
  • Myron Reed vs Ken Broadway vs Calvin Tankman vs Andy Brown
  • Tre Lamar vs Eli Knight
  • PB Smooth vs Jon Davis
  • Mysterious Q vs D-Rogue vs Alpha Zo vs Robert Martyr vs Troy Hollywood vs AC Mack

Official Host: Mega Ran – Thick ‘N Juicy (Faye Jackson & Willow Nightingale) vs Fire ‘N Flava (Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz) has been cancelled due to injury.

Friday 9th July

11 AM EST: GCW “Allie Kat’s Real Hot Girl Shit

Day 2 starts off with Allie Kat waking the audience up with some Real Hot Girl Shit. Originally starting as a block on Fight Forever, it has now been given its own standalone show as part of The Collective. The name implies it is all about showcasing the female talent of the indie scene in matches put together by Allie Kat and will be the home for Faye Jackson’s Grey Sweatpants Battle Royal. She has booked:

  • Allie Kat vs Billie Starkz
  • Brooke Valentine vs Willow Nightingale
  • Tasha Steelz vs Trish Adora
  • Edith Surreal vs Lady Frost
  • Davienne vs Erica Leigh
  • Holidead vs Dark Sheik
  • Allysin Kay vs Jordynne Grace
  • Faye Jackson’s Grey Sweatpants Battle Royal: JTG, Rickey Shane Page, PB Smooth, Lee Moriarty, Daniel Garcia, KC Navarro, Devon Monroe, Eel O’Neil, Mysterious Q, D-Rogue, and Hoodfoot announced so far.

This battle royal is for charity and can be donated here.

3 PM EST: GCW “Acid Cup 3 Day 2

This will be rounds two and three from the Acid Cup 3 where everyone who made it through round one will continue to murder each other in the name of Trent Acid. The winner will be crowned on this show. Alas, we won’t know the matches for this one until the day before when we’ll know who in the field of competitors is still standing.

8 PM EST: 44OH Presents “RSPring Break” formerly Joey Janela’s Spring Break

Thanks to Chris Dickinson, this event is no longer under Joey Janela’s control and now belongs to 44OH! and Rickey Shane Page. 44OH! have had a laugh at Janela’s expense undoing things he’d put in place but have also booked some insanely good-looking matches so they aren’t all bad. Just mostly. This will also be the battleground on which RSP defends his GCW World Championship against Nick Gage again. In this show:

  • GCW World Championship: Rickey Shane Page vs Nick Gage
  • Battle of the skewers: Atticus Cogar vs MASADA
  • “Blackheart” Lio Rush vs Jordan Oliver
  • Starboy Charlie vs Billie Starkz
  • Joey Janela vs Chris Dickinson
  • Gringo Loco, Black Taurus & Arez vs Laredo Kid, Dragon Bane & Aramis
  • Brunch vs Bitch: EFFY vs Gregory Iron
  • Rich Swann vs Lee Moriarty
  • 44OH! have assured us there will be no Clusterfuck match this year. Please shed a tear for all the missed opportunities.
  • Special appearance: Virgil (who is now unbanned)

11:59 PM: Violence X Suffering: “Lucid Dreams

VxS Wrestling has been given the closing rights to Friday and has used the time to book more wild and cross-generational dream matches. There are some weird and wonderful sights to enjoy here as VxS does what they do best. Here we’ll see:

  • Lio Rush vs Low Ki
  • No DQ: JTG vs Dr. Cube
  • Ace Battle: Jordan Oliver vs Jimmy Lloyd
  • Pure Rules: AJ Gray vs Daniel Garcia
  • Brian Cage vs Chris Dickinson
  • Lucha Rules: 2 Cold Scorpio vs Eli Everfly
  • Tony Deppen vs Jack Evans
  • Also announced: Myron Reed, Dante Leon & Ken Broadway

Saturday, April 10th

11 AM: GCW “EFFY’s Big Gay Brunch

Saturday starts with another special representation event with EFFY’s Big Gay Brunch. We’ll start our day with a healthy brunch of all the best LGBTQ+ wrestlers and allies in a mass of fun bouts and wrestling showcases for a lot of talent that goes under the radar with some very interesting twists. What has EFFY put together this time?

  • Soul on a Pole match: EFFY vs Ace Perry
  • Dark Sheik vs AC Mack
  • Edith Surreal vs Devon Monroe
  • Pup Collar Match: AJ Gray vs Billy Dixon
  • MV Young vs JD Drake
  • Parrow’s Twink Hunter Tag Gauntlet: The End (Parrow & Odinson) vs Petty in Pink (Kenzie Page & Dillon McQueen) vs Bad Bitchez (Jai Vidal & Parada) vs more TBA
  • Boy Butter Slippery Scramble: Jared Evans vs Ashton Starr vs Allie Kat vs Killian McMurphy vs The Whisper vs Frontman Jah
  • Official Host: Pollo Del Mar

3 PM: GCW “Planet Death

Okay, now we’re getting into my territory. GCW gave the best American deathmatch wrestler the keys to his own deathmatch show. He has booked some of the best generational deathmatches, grudge matches, and showcases for talents that just need that chance to shine. The residents of Planet Death are as follows:

  • Eric Ryan vs MASADA
  • Mad Man Pondo vs Matthew Justice
  • SHLAK vs Nolan Edward
  • AJ Gray vs AKIRA
  • Timebomb Showcase: Orin Veidt vs Ricky Noren vs Damon Spriggle
  • Pick Your Poison Tag: Jimmy Lloyd & Jason Gory vs G-Raver & Brandon Kirk
  • Danny Havoc Tribute: Alex Colon vs Lucky 13

Official Host: Markus Crane

7 PM (midnight BST): Unsanctioned Pro “Fueled by Spite

Unsanctioned Pro gets a spot at the Collective this year as it brings its own brand of wrestling violence to Tampa. Fueled by Spite is going to be a chaotic mess of technical bouts and street fights as more under-the-radar talent mix it up alongside those in the spotlight. On this card:

  • PB Smooth vs Lord Crewe
  • Cole Radrick vs Jake Something
  • Street Fight: Casanova Valentine vs Hoodfoot
  • Lexus Montez vs Jordan Oliver
  • Myron Reed vs Tre Lamar
  • ScrambleMania: Sage Philips vs Chris Copeland vs Jack Andrews vs Billie Starkz vs Robert Martyr vs Rob Killjoy vs Freddie Hudson
  • Unsanctioned Pro Heavyweight Title match: Everett Cross vs Aaron Williams

Scheduled to appear: Conor Claxton

11:59 PM: No Peace Underground “Shallow Graves

Last but not least, we end the show with another strong dose of violence. No Peace Underground closes out the Collective with another stint of in-ring ultraviolence as it brings in some new faces alongside its regulars. This one has the least complete card but it does have some interesting names appearing. Announced so far:

  • G-Raver vs Su Yung
  • Bam Sullivan vs Bobby Beverly
  • Mance Warner vs Conor Claxton
  • Alex Colon vs MASADA

Scheduled to appear:

  • Erick Redbeard
  • The End (Parrow & Odinson)
  • The Hustle and the Muscle (Hakim Zane & Karam)
  • Cole Radrick
  • Jimmy Lloyd
  • JJ Garrett
  • Wolfe Taylor
  • Jordan Oliver

As you can see, there is a whole load to do in Tampa. The Collective boasts a diverse mix of representation, wonder, and ultraviolence across its three-day running time. You can get tickets for all these shows through the company’s social media and all shows are available to buy on FITE if you can’t be in Tampa personally. Each show is between £10 and about £15 solo or about £100 for the whole 12-show bundle. There’s a lot here to enjoy, so consider splurging on some indie wrestling this Mania weekend.

All images courtesy of GCW, Alex Colon, EFFY, Allie Kat, Jimmy Lloyd, VxS, Unsanctioned Pro, No Peace Underground, FITE TV

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