Welcome back to ChocoPro. We’re doing things a bit differently this time is not on my side. We’re going to celebrate parts two- and three of this 3-day ChocoPro extravaganza in a 2-in-1 piece. For ChocoPro #102, we’ll see two more chaotic matches between ChocoPro regulars and one special guest who followed along from the last episode. Lulu Pencil will battle the Ice Warrior, Hagane Shinno and RinRin will team with TAMURA against the Best Bros. In ChocoPro #103, Sayuri will team with Baliyan Akki to continue her feud with Chie Koishikawa as the pair battle the Egg Tarts and Mei Suruga goes one-on-one with Antonio Honda. We have two shows and four matches to get through, so let’s get into the action.

ChocoPro #102

Hagane Shinno defeated Lulu Pencil via Boston Crab

Up first was a singles match no one was ready for. Lulu Pencil was going to do battle with Hagane Shinno in a match that could see Pencil score the biggest upset ever or get really hurt from horrific kicks. Who would win in this epic fight? The pair shook hands and Shinno took the fight to the mat. He crushed Pencil on the mat and sent her back down with a kick block. He teased Pencil with more kicks and trapped Pencil in a headlock after she tried to submit him. Pencil escaped and tried to trap Shinno with a head-scissor but he kicked her off. Shinno kneed her down and got caught into the Pencil Crab. She upped the ante with a back elbow off a stool and nailed the Stabber. She escaped a slam attempt but Shinno chopped her down with a stiff leg kick. He cracked her with another chest kick and tried to slam her into a wall. Pencil was able to escape because cameraperson Sakura handed her a giant pencil to stab him in the back. She then undid all that hard work by trying for a lariat. Shinno caught one of her attempts into an armbar and Sakura interfered again to help Pencil. She fell and the camera fell with her, showing a very confused ref Suruga. Shinno confronted Sakura so Pencil used the distraction to stab Shinno in the back again. She trapped him in La Magistral but Shinno kicked out and caught her dropkick into a Boston Crab. Sakura tried to interfere again but Shinno was prepared and kicked her down. The fighting continued off-screen as Sakura recovered and we caught sight of a Stabber connecting in the mirror. Pencil landed a clothesline and attempted another dropkick but Shinno caught it into the Crab again and stared down Sakura as Pencil tapped out. Cheaters never win and even with the two-on-one odds, Shinno found a way to best the scheming Pencil army. Sakura is a genius though as all the camera tricks and interaction really made this match fun.

Best Bros (Baliyan Akki & Mei Suruga) defeated RinRin & TAMURA via Propellor Pin on RinRin

Our main event for #102 was TAMURA returning to the Chocolate Square to team up with RinRin against the aces of ChocoPro the Best Bros. TAMURA has yet to lose in his battles with ChocoPro, (mainly because he keeps punching people in the gut) would he upset the Best Bros here? Suruga and TAMURA started as TAMURA did his best to weird Suruga out. They locked up and he dragged Mei to the glass wall, threatening a gut punch. They continued the technical work but TAMURA wound up Suruga by dropkicking her into the wall. Suruga gave him a jump scare and hit him with the window-sill arm-drag. TAMURA did the same and hit her with a brain chop. TAMURA tagged and RinRin came after Suruga. A test of strength went Suruga’s way and RinRin threw Suruga by the head. The pair exchanged body scissors and Suruga tried for the Kawaii pin. Akki dived over a slammed RinRin and Suruga to nail TAMURA with a crossbody and RinRIn rammed him into the wall before tagging out. TAMURA took on a Sumo pose and nailed Akki with a gut punch. He continued the gut punches against the wall and held out Akki’s arm for a double stomp. RinRin continued to work the arm with a Sumo arm-lock and Hammerlocked it for an assisted arm breaker. TAMURA continued to punish his arm, headbutting and punching it against the wall. Akki blocked an arm-drag and broke TAMURA across his knee. He tagged and Suruga bounced him off the wall, then tripped him into a near-fall fold-up pin. She blasted him with a wall-run crossbody and brought Akki back in so he beat him down further. Tamura dodged a kick and punched Akki in the arm again. He taunted so Akki hit the wall-run head kick. The Spider followed and a chop battle broke out. TAMURA locked on an armbar and Suruga desperately tried to break the hold but TAMURA wouldn’t budge. TAMURA eventually let go of Akki and tried to break Suruga in half with a choke. Akki woke up but TAMURA was ready to pummel him with more kicks.

Best Bros nailed him with the rolling Swanton combo and Suruga slammed him into the mat. RinRin saved him from doom by throwing Akki down from the window and the pair threw pompoms at a sink-trapped Suruga. TAMURA caught Suruga out of the air, turned her against Akki, and kicked in Akki again. RinRin knocked Suruga down with Sumo chops and went to work on Suruga’s legs with a Sumo leg-lock, bridging it into a Muta Lock. Suruga blocked more strikes and rolled RinRin into Lucifer. TAMURA made the save and the pair hit Suruga with a posing double Ace Crusher. A Suplex battle broke out and TAMURA knocked away Akki with a forearm and winded Suruga with a gut punch so RinRin could flatten her with a crossbody. Akki made the save and threw Suruga into a Hurricanrana on TAMURA. Akki held him down as RinRin tried to roll up Suruga. She fought these off, bounced RinRin off the wall, and tripped her into the Propellor pin for the win. Suruga has now won two main events in a row and she wanted everyone to know about it. They’d been taken to the limit by TAMURA and RinRIn but as always Best Bros found a way to win. They rounded out a shorter, fun episode of ChocoPro full of creativity.

ChocoPro #103

Egg Tarts (Chie Koishikawa & Hagane Shinno) defeated Sayuri & Baliyan Akki via Ankle Lock on Sayuri

The opening match for our second show would see the Egg Tarts in action as Sayuri and Koishikawa wanted to continue chopping each other. Akki and Shinno had been brought into this battle meaning we’d get to see another round between them too. Who would win in this ever-growing war between these two rivalling parties? Shinno and Akki opened the action and battled over submissions in a lock-up and on the mat. They tagged out so Sayuri and Koishikawa had a battle of the wrist-locks. Sayuri cut off her run with a roll-up and started the chops early. She dragged Koishikawa back to Akki and he locked in the Namaste Stretch. He tied her up in further knots and brought in Sayuri who made her presence felt with a chop. The pair continued to bully Koishikawa until Shinno interfered and Koishikawa chopped and dropkicked her way to freedom. Shinno tagged in and we got a round of intense back and forth striking and kicking. Akki nailed his signature combo and crushed Shinno with the Spider. Shinno escaped a Suplex and blasted Akki with knees, then caught Akki as he tried to roll away from Demon Chie and got thudded with a double demon chop.

Koishikawa continued their assault on Akki with another dropkick and locked on a Guillotine. She chopped him down when he escaped and scored a near-fall with a diving double chop. The Muffler came next but Akki rolled her up and caught another dropkick into a backbreaker. He gave her a final splash and tagged to Sayuri. She rushed in with a Yakuza kick and hit Koishikawa with the rolling wall slams. A chop battle broke out as Sayuri unleashed waves of Kunai-edge chops to counter Koishikawa’s. A double chop put her down and Koishikawa once again went for the Muffler. Akki broke the hold so Koishikawa finally tagged out. Sayuri took the fight to Shinno and reversed a slam into a cradle. She locked on a Sleeper and snapped him off the window for a ninja magic Yakuza kick. She followed up with the wall-run takeover and Akki saved her from a reversal armbar. Akki booted Shinno in the head and Sayuri locked on a crucifix armbar. Koishikawa helped Shinno escaped and dropkicked Akki out the window. She followed him out and Shinno murdered Sayuri with a knee. She chopped free of an armbar but Shinno caught her dropkick into an ankle lock and tapped Sayuri out. It had been a valiant effort that proved to be another showcase for both Sayuri and Koishikawa as Shinno and Akki kept the wheels turning. It was an excellent effort from everyone involved and another tease in these heated feuds.

Antonio Honda defeated Mei Suruga via Window Ledge roll-up

Last, but not least our second main event. Two ChocoPro OG’s were about to fight again. Mei Suruga and Antonio Honda have been in ChocoPro for a long time and now it was time to lock horns again. Honda is always the crafty, comedic villain in his matches but would he turn it up here since he was in the main event? The first shock of the match came as Honda actually shook hands with Suruga. They teased a lock-up and Honda slapped himself to remind him that he was Suruga’s enemy this time. They both kept trying to do the Apple Honey pose and Honda hurt his hand missing a fist drop. Suruga tried to Kawaii pose next to him so he dragged her by the hair. Honda nearly gave up to a Hammerlock and ate the Window-sill arm-drag. They both Kawaii posed and Honda gave Suruga a palm reading, promising a bright future but it was all a ruse so he could slap her on the wrist. He continued to mash the wrist and used Suruga’s hair for an impression. He used the window to crush Suruga and repeatedly hammered her in the gut. He continued to push this weak spot with a gutbuster and locked on a half crab. Suruga got her revenge with a wall-run crossbody and bounced Honda off the wall. After some counterwork, Suruga locked on the bridging deathlock but Honda escaped by slapping her wrist again. He countered the sponsor sign attack with another gut punch and attached the sign to his head for a sign-powered headbutt.

After more sponsor attacks, it was time was a dancing jab off that went way too long as both were lost in the trance of dance. Honda nailed the bionic elbow but Suruga locked on a sleeper and Honda nearly passed out. It was then that Gon appeared to save Honda from doom by nibbling at Suruga’s arm. Gon was about to attack when Suruga sang him to sleep so Honda put her to sleep with a Japanese lullaby. Everyone fell asleep and Shinno tried to wake everyone up. They both work up cranky and slugged it out until Honda downed Suruga with a superkick. She rebounded with the Super-Mei punch and dropkicked his teeth out. She crushed him further with a double-stomp off the sink and tried for the electric-chair pin but Honda knocked her against the wall and dropped her with a wheelbarrow German. Honda kept throwing punches as Suruga kept attempting roll-ups. Suruga accidentally took out the ref and had her chest caved in with a devastating chop. Suruga fired back a slam and hit the high roll-up but Shinno was still recovering. She argued with Shinno and turned Honda’s Gon attack on himself but he was still crafty and rolled Mei up with his feet on the window-ledge to win. Between luck and cunning, Honda had managed to steal a win over Mei Suruga after a nice fun bout of comedic laughs. He used the win to set up a title match for the Asia Dream Tag Titles for Black Komanechi. Except, Emi Sakura wouldn’t allow it. Black Komanechi will have a chance to prove their worth against RinRin and TAMURA and we’ll see Suruga in another singles match as she faces Sayaka. The next show will also feature a Chocolate Square appearance for another HEAT-UP guy as Tetsuya Izuchi teams up with Chie Koishikawa against Baliyan Akki and Minoru Fujita. It’s going to be a wild show next week.

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move, FlyingVTrigger, Chie Koishikawa, Sayuri Videos courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube