Welcome back to DDT and another Chris Brookes produced all-English show. The past two have been roaring successes as Brookes continues to show he is a booking genius alongside his wrestling talent. Now for the third one, he’s gone even madder and more nostalgic. On this card, we’ll see Chris Brookes defend his newly won DDT Extreme Title against the monstrous Mecha Mummy. We’ll see the return of MEN’S Teioh as he forms a new MEN’S club with Makoto Oishi and Hagane Shinno against the 37KAMIINA and Keigo Nakamura, then in the main event, Baliyan Akki, the ace of ChocoPro would get another shot at a DDT veteran as he took on HARASHIMA. It was going to be a wild ride as Chris Brookes tried to put on his biggest show yet. Would it all go to plan? Let’s find out now.

DDT Extreme Title: Chris Brookes (w/Masahiro Takanashi) defeated Mecha Mummy (w/Mad Scientist) via Kid’s Pool Rocket Punch

Up first was the booker himself taking on the nefarious Mecha Mummy. It doesn’t get more extreme than a fight with Mecha Mummy and considering his foe had already hijacked the show’s broadcast with the help of a mad scientist (who looked a lot like Shota…) and now they wanted to make him Mecha Brookes. He’d come prepared with a water gun and was flanked by Masahiro Takanashi. Brookes didn’t like being disrespected on the handshake and attacked Mecha Mummy from behind. The ref wouldn’t let Brookes instantly murder him with water due to COVID concerns but the Mummy was prepared anyway with a face shield. Mecha Mummy winded him with a punch and broke Brookes’ water gun in front of his eyes. He stomped Brookes down and drilled him with a corner hip attack into a DDT. A knee drop followed as Mecha Mummy had Brookes in trouble. His metal chest protector dulled Brookes’ chops and he applied his rocket punch to bonk Brookes on the head. He missed the launch though and Brookes kicked him into the corner senton combo. He put Mecha Mummy into the Octopus but he powered out so Brookes used the rocket punch against him. He tried to Suplex Mecha Mummy onto the rocket punch but he was overpowered and slammed onto the giant fist. Brookes bailed to the outside so Mecha Mummy attached his wing unit and tried to dive but Brookes dragged him under the ropes. Brookes put on the rocket punch and dived onto Mecha Mummy. The Mummy kicked out so Brookes filled up a kid’s pool with water. Mecha Mummy used the distraction to grab some cold spray and sprayed into Brookes’ eyes blinding him. They fought to the stage and danced around a castle of chairs until Mecha Mummy slammed him onto the stage and put him onto a pushcart and pushed him into the chairs.

He threw Brookes back in the ring, re-attached his wing unit, and climbed to the top. He dived but Brookes kneed him out of the air. He followed up with the rope-hung neckbreaker and used Mecha Mummy’s wings for a diving headbutt. Mecha Mummy countered the Shoop Cutter with powder to the eyes and nailed Brookes in the face with a rocket punch. A vicious clothesline followed and Brookes was stomped back outside. Mecha Mummy tried to drown Brookes in the pool and locked on a choke but Brookes broke free so he gave him a drill to the gut. Takanashi came to Brookes’ aid by throwing a beer in Mecha Mummy’s face and Brookes launched a rocket punch that sent him into the pool. Mecha Mummy short-circuited and Brookes got the pin on his writhing foe. Brookes had survived his encounter with Mecha Mummy with a little help from his friends and a lot of water. As you can expect, this wasn’t the most serious match but it was funny as hell. Things weren’t over there as Mecha Mummy attacked post-match. Some strange music hit and Mokujin Ken made his way to the fight. He stared down Mecha Mummy and the two robots got into a scrap. The action got so intense it broke the camera feed. I think we now may know one of the matches for the 4th Produce show…

MEN’S Club (MEN’S Teioh, Hagane Shinno & Makoto Oishi) defeated 37KAMIINA (MAO & Yuki Ueno) & Keigo Nakamura via Three-man Miracle Ecstasy on Nakamura

Up next was a treat for all fans of mid 90s Japanese wrestling as MEN’S Teioh was back in action for DDT and he was bringing a MEN’S Club of Hagane Shinno and Makoto Oishi with him. His opponents? None of than the 37KAMIINA and the DDT Young Lion Keigo Nakamura, the strongest green boy. This might just be the most unpredictable match on the card as it could spill anywhere and I just didn’t know what to expect. Also, much to the internet’s shock, this may just be the most Hagane Shinno has ever smiled in a match. Teioh started against MAO where the pair traded lock-ups. We got many entertaining escapes and the pair tagged to Ueno and Shinno. Another lock-up war broke out and the pace picked up as the two went counter happy. Oishi and Nakamura took up the fight and after sending Oishi to the outside, Nakamura teased a dive but changed his mind. Teioh attacked and everyone started fighting everyone under the Lucha style tag rules. They continued to keep the movements fast and the action faster as Oishi showed off the world’s largest collection of arm-drags. Teioh threw everyone with arm-drags as he got a bit too carried away. Everyone tried to attack Teioh and he sent them all flying with a swipe. The MEN’S Club battled over who got to pose with Teioh after shoulder tackles and hit a three-man shoulder tackle so they could all pose. Oishi became a victim to a 37KAMIINA tackle and the pair posed over him, then batted away Teioh when he mocked their pose. They worked over Oishi with axe-handles and Nakamura tried to win with a Camel Clutch.

MAO continued the bullying with the split-legged moonsault and after Shinno interfered, Oishi forearmed to freedom. He tagged Teioh who came out swinging and after tricking MAO into hitting Ueno, dumped him with a powerslam. He dodged a Nakamura splash, that once again crushed MAO and hit Nakamura with a powerslam too. Ueno tried to break up the pin but hit Nakamura with double knees and Teioh got rid of him with a Uranage backbreaker and went back after Nakamura with a Full Nelson Slam. MAO got a spinebuster and Shinno beat the hell out of him but MOA dodged a PK with a Capoeira kick. He tried for a springboard moonsault but Teioh chopped him down. Ueno booted him away with a missile dropkick and another spree of flippy and flying moves kicked off. Nakamura and co took out Oishi with the sauna combo and dropped Nakamura onto him for a headbutt. Shinno killed everyone and kicked Nakamura in the face. Another murder spree kicked off and Teioh slammed down Nakamura with Miracle Ecstasy. 37KAMIINA were sent packing and a three-man Miracle Ecstasy got MEN’S Club the win. This was amazing. It was a continuously fun throwback to the chaotic Michinoku Pro style of tag match whilst helping to celebrate a legend in MEN’S Teioh. Everyone was happy with this match, even if they lost. It was just that fun.

HARASHIMA defeated Baliyan Akki via Somato Double Knee

Last but not least, the main event. HARASHIMA, the arguable ace and one of the most respected veterans in DDT was taking the fight to the ace of ChocoPro, Baliyan Akki. Despite losing to Takeshita last time, Akki had shown out and now he was back for round two against another high-profile opponent. Could he reverse his fortune this time? The pair went into a technical battle, fighting for limb and hold control. HARASHIMA got an early advantage so Akki went to the ropes. A kicking contest broke out and Akki went after HARASHIMA’s legs. He continued to snap at HARASHIMA’s knee and the pair got into a battle of heel holds. HARASHIMA was forced to the ropes and Akki went right back to work on the legs, stomping and splashing at them. HARASHIMA dropped Akki across his knee with a gutbuster and drove the wind for his body with a corner-hung double-stomp. He delivered more stomps to Akki’s ribs and started dropping knees, throwing in a bit of misdirection in with the final one. He tried to snap Akki in half with a Camel Clutch and beat Akki into an abdominal stretch. A chop battle broke out and the pair started throwing slugs. Akki dodged a high kick and nailed his signature combo, dropping HARASHIMA with the head kick. HARASHIMA tried to lash out at the ribs again but Akki made him bail with a Snap Hurricanrana. He followed him out with a tope con Hilo and threw him back in the ring. HARASHIMA dodged a springboard knee and sent Akki into the corner with a John Woo. He followed up with a corner boot and dropped Akki with a Superplex. He kicked the soul out of Akki and Akki gave him the same treatment to his leg, assaulting the injured limb with swift kicks. Akki sent HARASHIMA into the corner again and drilled him with a slingshot dropkick into a corner knee.

He crushed HARASHIMA with a 450 knee drop but it somehow wasn’t enough so he tried for the Namaste Splash and met HARASHIMA’S knees. HARASHIMA tried for the Somato but Akki dodged and HARASHIMA ran himself into the corner. Akki kicked at the leg again and planted a boot right into his face with a thrust kick. HARASHIMA tried for a Gamengiri but Akki caught it into a Deathlock and forced him to the ropes again. Akki tried to dump HARASHIMA with a Fisherman Buster but HARASHIMA powered out and dropped Akki with a Falcon Arrow. The pair slugged to their feet and HARASHIMA told Akki to bring it so the pair threw bombs at each other. Akki tried to go for another head kick but HARASHIMA dodged into a Capoeira kick and drove Akki into the mat with a Poisonrana. The Somato double knees followed and HARASHIMA took the win. He had been driven to the limit and been left with a broken wheel but he had somehow persevered to the win. The pair showed mutual respect and Akki’s stock had been risen again by a second limit-breaking match. That ended another high-quality show of fun, creative and high-impact wrestling. Chris Brookes continues to blow minds with these all-English produce shows and I cannot wait for the next one. We all know there has to be a next one, right?

All images courtesy of ddtpro.com

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