Welcome back to Paradigm Pro as we prepare for another hard-hitting episode of UWFI rules fights. On today’s bumper card, we’ll see AKIRA battle Hardway Heeter, Dustin Leonard make his UWFI Contender’s series appearance, Alex Kane battle the Phoenix Kid, Chase Holliday defend the Midwest Territory Chain against another newcomer, a number one contender to the Heavy Hitters title would be decided but who they’d be fighting when they got there would be a mystery as Hoodfoot would have to defend his Heavy Hitters title against Team Filthy’s newest member, Matt Makowski. Let’s get into the violence.

A quick reminder of the UWFI rules, you start with the limited number of 15 points. You will lose 1 point for a rope break and multiple points for being knocked down or suplexed. You can only win by knock-out, TKO, submission, and by running your opponent’s points dry. There is a code of conduct to follow despite there being no DQs so any breaks of that code will cost you a point. There must be a winner for each fight.

AKIRA defeated Hardway Heeter via Kimura-Plex

Up first was a sparring battle between two KOBK members. AKIRA, the UWFI Samurai was looking to rebound after his loss to Hoodfoot and get back to winning matches. His ticket back to that, beating the Hardway Heeter. Heeter started with a series of quick strikes but AKIRA cut him off with a swift kick. He launched Heeter with a Judo throw and began work on his legs. Heeter made the ropes and another battle for ground control broke out as AKIRA tied him up in another knot, this time trapping his arms and legs. Heeter picked an ankle and the pair traded bombs on the mat. AKIRA tanked a backdrop and rolled it through into another arm-breaker but Heeter was in the ropes. AKIRA let Heeter hit him and punished him with kicks when he deemed them not hard enough. He downed Heeter with a headbutt and scored the win with the Kimura-Plex. This was another dominant showing from AKIRA. This was the most focused we’ve seen him and potentially the deadliest. It’s only a matter of time before the division is his.

Dustin Leonard defeated Sidney von Engeland via Ankle Lock

Next up was the Paradigm return for the BJJ Black belt and deadly grappler Dustin Leonard. He was making his UWFI contenders’ debut and he would be doing it against British Chain Wrestler and student of Dom Garrini Sidney von Engeland. They spent the opening stretch fighting over grapples until Engeland grabbed the ropes. The fight went to the mat and Leonard continued to apply the pressure and kept Engeland trapped under him, slapping him in the head to remind him. Engeland fought back and took control of Leonard’s head but Leonard struck free and reached the ropes. Leonard kneed Engeland into submission but once again a rope break paused the action. Engeland was on spaghetti legs but somehow was able to fish-hook Leonard and launch him with an Exploder. He nailed a second but Leonard popped back up so he tried for a third but Leonard wanted this and flipped him into an ankle lock for the win. Leonard looked incredible here but Engeland’s potential and explosive power cannot be ignored. This proved to be an excellent little fight.

Alex Kane defeated Phoenix Kidd via Mark of Kane

Alex Kane was back for round two. After a win over Freddie Hudson last episode, he was hungry for more and ready to give another opponent all that work. That opponent would be Phoenix Kidd, a submission savant and someone who had taken deathmatches by storm. If anyone was prepped for violence it was him. Kidd instantly took to the fight to the mat and tried to tie Kane up as Kane did his best to defend. The fighters found their feet but Kidd was able to dodge Kane’s Suplex attempts and once again trapped him on the mat. Kane tried to muscle his way up but Kidd forced him to use the ropes instead. Kidd mocked Kane, a huge mistake, and got dropped on his head for it. Kidd returned fire with a German but it just fired him up and Kane ended the match with a German into knees into the Mark of Kane. Kidd had definitely brought the fight and the attitude but in the end, the work was just too much for him. Kane wants Isaiah Broner, please Paradigm, make it happen.

Midwest Territory Chain: Chase Holliday defeated Appollo Starr via Back-fist KO

Time for a title match. Chase Holliday, the rightful owner of the Midwest Territory Championship Chain, was going to put it on the line under UWFI rule. His opponent, Appollo Starr, the funky fresh fighter. This was going to be a good one. The pair started with cagey strikes but Starr put a stop to that with a well-placed knee. Holliday hammered him down and the mat game began as Holliday tried to murder Starr with ground and pound. Starr fired back and forced Holliday to make the ropes. Holliday floored Starr with a forearm and Starr looked to break Holliday’s arm. Holliday once again clubbed his way to freedom and caught Starr’s kick to KO him with a back elbow and back-fist. The Beast King had kept his crown after doing battle with a wily veteran with a whole lot of tools in his arsenal. Brute strength and excellent defence had carried Holliday through and allowed him to remind people why he is still the champion.

#1 Contenders bout: Bobby Beverly defeated Lexus Montez via Saito Knockdown

It’s rematch time. Bobby Beverly and Lexus Montez had one of the most controversial matches and now they were going to play it back to determine who would be the number one contender to the Heavy Hitters title. Beverly had thrown the Forgotten Fight Team aside and was now rocking the green of 44OH! Would his new solo status come to cost him? Montez came at him with quick strikes and kicks but Beverly swatted him away with a hard shot and dropped him with a Saito. He tanked a knee from Montez and continued to murder him with some Saitos. Montez couldn’t make the 10-count and Beverly got his win back in drastic fashion. This was a straight-up murder. Beverly wants that title again and if he can’t win it, he’s leaving Paradigm forever.

Heavy Hitters Title: Matt Makowski (w/Garrini & Lawlor) defeated Hoodfoot (w/Chase Holliday) via O’Connor Pop-up Armbar

Last but not least, the main event. Matt Makowski was back from injury and now as part of Team Filthy, he wanted that Heavy Hitters Title. He’d claimed his shot against the Hoodfoot and now he looked to do what no one else could, defeat him and take the title. Hoodfoot brought the strikes early and threw Makowski across the ring. They battled around the ring throwing strikes and kicks at each other, Makowski trying to smash Hoodfoot in the liver. He shifted attention to booting in Hoodfoot’s arm but Hoodfoot wasn’t backing down and flung him with a Saito. Makowski chopped at his leg and locked in a kneebar but Hoodfoot made the ropes. Makowski continued to push the leg and Hoodfoot dropped him on his head again with a Saito. Makowski returned the favour with a backdrop and Hoodfoot tanked a whole load more strikes to the dome to dump Makowski with another backdrop. Makowski made it to his feet and nailed the O’Connor Roll pop-up armbar forcing Hoodfoot to tap and accept his first UWFI defeat. Makowski had done the impossible, drawing on all his MMA experience and grit to trap Hoodfoot in a situation he could smash his way out of. We had a new champ and a whole new set of challenges for anyone who wanted to call that Heavy Hitters title their own. Hoodfoot wanted to be the bigger man with a handshake and Makowski looked like he was going to return it when Garrini and Lawlor jumped Hoodfoot as he watched on in horror.  We’ll no doubt see the fallout next week when we return to the UWFI action.

All images courtesy of Paradigm Pro, MySkewedView

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