Welcome back to ChocoPro wrestling. The gang is back off to the HEAT-UP dojo for another show of in and out of ring madness. We’d have three matches ready to show off ChocoPro and HEAT-UP talent at their best in the signature dojo. Only, there was going to be an unexpected casualty in the main event. In this episode we’d see, Mei Suruga battle Sayaka, RinRin, and TAMURA take on Black Komanechi and Tetsuya Izuchi team with Chie Koishikawa against the odd-couple team of Minoru Fujita and Baliyan Akki. Could these legendary foes co-exist or would it all come crashing down? Let’s get into the action.

Mei Suruga defeated Sayaka via Propellor Pin

Up first was a challenge for the returning Sayaka. Her welcome back challenges continued with a one-on-one bout with the Big Apple Mei Suruga. The problem for her was, Mei Suruga has been embracing her goblin side more and more so it wasn’t going to be a clean fight. They started with a lock-up and battled for mat control. Sayaka took control and bounced Suruga off the buckles, taking her on a full tour of the ring. Suruga took her on a ride with the flying arm-drag and mashed Sayaka’s face into the corner. A slugging contest broke out and Suruga snapped Sayaka’s arm over the ropes. She trapped Sayaka in the ropes and choked her out, adding extra flare by flapping her wings and hitting a flying dropkick. The Kawaii pin followed but wasn’t enough and the pair fought over a slam. Sayaka nailed the slam and locked in a Boston Crab but Suruga made the ropes. She nearly took a cocky Suruga out with a running crossbody and tried for the bow and arrow, choosing to use a Cloverleaf when that failed. Suruga stunned her with a jump scare and rolled Sayaka into Lucifer. She made the ropes so Suruga continued to punish her with a springboard double chop. Suruga rammed Sayaka into the corner but made an ill-fated charge and gotten driven into the buckles with a Gory bomb, then tripped into a roll-up. The forearms came out again and Suruga had to fight out of the rolling bridging cover. Suruga once again stunned Sayaka with a corner dropkick and slammed her into the mat for a springboard double stomp. The Propellor Pin followed and Sayaka stayed down for three. It had been a competitive bout but Suruga was just too tough and too crafty for Sayaka to handle. It was an excellent test for her to take though as she continues to prove there is no ring rust.

Black Komanechi (Antonio Honda & Tokiko Kirihara) defeated TAMURA & RinRin via Whacky Hammer roll-up

Up next was Black Komanechi trying to prove they deserved an Asia Dream tag title shot. Their trip to those titles would have roadblocks and the first was the new team of HEAT-UP leader TAMURA and RinRin. Could they overcome this team or would they lose their title aspirations before they’d even begun? We had TamTam, RinRin, and now Fish-Fish to add to the collection as the pair made their entrance. There were going to be a lot of props in play here, well if ref Suruga hadn’t ordered them all to be thrown away. Kirihara and TAMURA started by getting technical and after a tense corner standoff, both tagged out. Honda instantly took the fight to RinRin with a wrist slap and the two fought for wrist control. Honda escaped a hammerlock and RinRin knocked him down with a gut punch. Honda fired back with the timeout strike and choked out RinRin with his headband. Honda tagged and the pair assaulted RinRin with party blowers. Kirihara snapped RinRin’s legs with the dancing leg breaker and Honda attacked her with more toys. They continued to bully her until she could escape and bring in a hyper TAMURA. He broke Honda’s knee and used him as a weapon against Kirihara. He scored a near-fall with a basement dropkick and continued to work Honda’s knee with a figure-four. Honda made the ropes so TAMURA kicked out his leg and went for the kill but Honda distracted him and the ref for a nutcracker. He continued to destroy TAMURA’s, even creating a spider-walk nutcracker that looked terrifying. Kirihara went back to traditional wrestling and smashed TAMURA against the buckles before launching him with a Judo throw. The grinding stomp followed but TAMURA was able to escape a Cobra Twist and a striking battle broke out.

Well, it would have but TAMURA punched her in the gut instead. Kirihara kicked the soul out of him and TAMURA punched, then elbowed his way to freedom. RinRin attacked Kirihara with pompoms and the pair hit her with a double-team bulldog. Kirihara fired up and slammed RinRin off multiple turnbuckles and brought in Honda to choke her out. The dancing jab off followed as everyone rushed to hit dancing elbows. Chaos reigned as RinRin tried to break Honda’s arms and Honda tried to us Gon. RinRin nearly won with a sleeper when Kirihara distracted the ref and Honda hit her in the head with a whacky hammer. He quickly rolled her up and Black Komanechi got the win. It had been a tough fight but they handled the gut punches well and are one step closer to a title shot.

Baliyan Akki & Minoru Fujita defeated Chie Koishikawa & Tetsuya Izuchi via Deathlock on Koishikawa

Last but not least the main event. Baliyan Akki would team up with a man he respected but also one who had tried to kill him mere weeks ago, Minoru Fujita. They were going to take on one half of the HEAT-UP Tag Champs, Tetsuya Izuchi, and the hyperactive chopping machine, Chie Koishikawa. Which odd couple tag team would pick up the win and what would be destroyed in the process. Izuchi seemed to be amused by Koishikawa’s energy and let her start against Fujita. We got a battle for wrist control and Koishikawa took Fujita on a run. She chopped down Fujita and hit the rolling senton into the bow and arrow. Fujita reversed into a crossbody and the pair tagged out. Akki and Izuchi got into a heated counter exchange and Akki started dropping knees. The fight broke to the outside and Akki ate an apron kick. Akki broke free from the chops and teamwork to tag out and Fujita hammered down Koishikawa before killing himself on the ropes. The fight went outside again and they fought around the gym area where Koishikawa knocked into a wall with a punching bag. Fujita fell into the wall and left a hole in the wall with his arm. That was the unexpected casualty of this match. TAMURA was crying on the floor over the damage whilst Fujita was cry-laughing. Fujita and Akki went back to work on Koishikawa as they bullied her with splashes, holds, and more until she dropkicked her way to freedom. Izuchi exploded into the match and wrecked Fujita with dropkicks, then suplexed him into the mat. Fujita picked an ankle and wrenched it for all it was worth. Fujita got distracted ignoring a tag from Akki and took a forearm from Izuchi. Fujita tried to go for his nose but Izuchi continued to keep him away with forearms. Fujita finally nailed the nose-breaker and a running elbow train began. Fujita scored the knockdown and dropped Izuchi on his face with a flatliner.

He made the tag and Akki continued the torture of Izuchi with shoulder tackles and broke him in half with a backbreaker. He went coast to coast with a dropkick and signalled for the Namaste Splash when from completely out of frame Fujita splashed Izuchi. Akki was confused by Fujita’s attempted double-team so Izuchi tried for a roll-up and kicked Akki’s head off. He crushed Akki with a Fisherman Buster and Koishikawa chopped his soul out. Fujita was chopped away and Koishikawa combo’ed her chops with Izuchi’s kicks. They tried to do the same to Fujita but he caught Izuchi’s kick and Dragon Screwed him in the ropes. Koishikawa nearly sealed the deal on her own but Akki refused to stay down after a dropkick. Demon Chie emerged and killed Akki with a demonic chop, then she quickly locked on the Muffler. He was able to roll through and apply his Deathlock, forcing Koishikawa to tap out. This was pure wrestling chaos with a dash of unexpected slapstick comedy. It was a wild ride, hit hard and really told the story of Fujita and Akki struggling to work together. It was a worthy main event and ended the show on a high note. Come back soon for more ChocoPro goodness as we have two more shows this weekend with new debuts and exciting match-ups. See you then!

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move, Chie Koishikawa, FlyingVTrigger, video courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube

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