Impact Plus monthly special events have shown us they can become some interesting game-changers in the IMPACT routine. From the classic weekly shows and 4 PPVs a year system, we now have a monthly addition when a title can change hands, feuds can find an end or a beginning.
Of course, Hardcore Justice is all about weapons, tools, toys, depending on how you want to call them. It’s all about hurting your opponent, show the worst of yourself. To quote Prince (the singer…), let’s go crazy, let’s get nuts…
Tonight, Tommy Dreamer presents a card of his own, full of unorthodox and strange stipulations. This is hardcore, ladies and gentlemen… Let’s dig into it. 

IMPACT X-Division Champion Ace Austin & Madman Fulton vs TJP & Fallah Bahh vs Josh Alexander & Petey Williams

If you read my reviews, again and again, you know I jumped off my seat when I saw Petey Williams. A true TNA Original, the Master of the Canadian Destroyer (no, it’s not Adam Cole, and even less Bad Bunny…), a fantastic wrestler. When we knew Fallah Bahh would be TJP’s tag team partner and Fulton work with Austin, Josh Alexander teased a surprise that really was a great one.

Fallah kicked things off with Alexander as they traded big strikes. Petey got the tag, as did TJP. Petey hit a smooth tilt-a-whirl headscissors and a jumping hurricanrana. They had a nice technical exchange with TJP locking in an abdominal stretch. Ace Austin got the tag, working on TJP. These two showed great chemistry, as usual, as TJP brought in Fallah. Fulton snatched Fallah from the apron and stopped their offence. Ace and Fulton worked together to stun Fallah. Fallah got an advantage but Petey tagged in and hit a big delayed flatliner. He tagged in the Walking Weapon and together hit a Codebreaker/German Suplex combo on Ace. Fulton ragdolled Alexander, allowing Ace and Madman to continue the control. Ace hit a leg drop that clashed with the nose of Alexander.

Ace got flipped with a snap powerslam as Josh looked for the tag. TJP hit a tornado DDT out of the corner, followed by a double team combo on Fulton. TJP slammed Ace and hit a Mamba Splash as Josh got a tag. Ace attempted a helicopter kick but got cracked with a jab from Josh. Petey locked in a sharpshooter with Josh sealing an ankle lock on Fulton. This allowed TJP to hop onto Ace and Petey as Fallah crashed through them. Ace looked for The Fold but ate a pop-up bomb as Fulton saved him. Fulton double-chokeslammed Josh and Petey with TJP on his back. Fallah took him out as Josh and TJP were legal. Fallah splashed Ace with TJ on his back. Petey caught TJP with a Canadian Destroyer and baited Fallah on a splash. He tried to hit the Canadian Destroyer Fallah but that didn’t work. Josh locked him in an ankle lock, Fallah tapped out.

There was nothing better to open any kind of show than a match like this. Petey and Josh found their pace very easily and I can’t wait to see more from them in the future. Match of the Night, for sure, even if Petey didn’t hit the Oh Canada. I was utterly disappointed that, for his comeback, he didn’t unload a nice little Bumcracker… Just for me…

Chairly Legal Match – Mahabali Shera vs Hernandez

All chairs legal… Ok, I take it. Both teamed up with Rohit Raju and we will have to ask them if they appreciated the experience or not. They clashed in the centre. Shera showed fire as he hit a shoulder block on Hernandez. Shera got confident but Hernandez threw him onto the ropes. He fetched the first chair of the evening but Shera stepped on it. Shera powerslammed Hernandez onto the chair. Hernandez smacked a chair on Shera’s back and set three up on the ramp. Shera kicked a seated Hernandez off the chair as he gained control. Shera set up two chairs facing each other as Hernandez powerslammed him through that.

Hernandez tossed Shera into a wedged chair, he aimed to repeat the process. Hernandez started clobbering him on the mat but Shera showed some fight. Shera hit a big spinebuster and started using the chairs on the outside, but got sent into the post. A pool of chairs was created as Shera superplexed Hernandez onto it. Out of nowhere, Rohit Raju came outta nowhere and smacked Hernandez with a chair, allowing Shera to pin Hernandez. Rohit raised the arm of Shera, claiming him as his henchman.

That was fun, of course, because there were weapons. Then, chairs don’t mean no fight. A weapon is not a medium, not a reason. It’s easy to create mayhem for the backs and the heads… That remains a wrestling match, at least a little. Now, if Raju claimed Shera as his man, has Shera agreed to be so? I hope Rohit didn’t mistake himself because surviving the wrath of Shera… We’ll see that in the coming weeks…

Meanwhile, at the Swinger’s Palace…

Sabin and Storm were playing when XXXL came to bother them. They wanted a match. James Storm wasn’t able to go to the ring at the moment. He proposed a Drinking Game match, where they will drink and then have a match. Cardona came in, Swinger provoked him. MAAAAAAAAAATCH TIMMMMMMME! Dreamer booked Swinger in a Crate American Bash.

Doc Gallows w/ Karl Anderson vs Black Taurus w/ Crazzy Steve & Rosemary

Classic big men match, not really my cup of tea as you all know. If you remember well, The Good Brothers and Decay beefed last month about some locker room space. Decay were kind enough to welcome them in theirs when the others didn’t. Taurus ducked a big boot and went off on Gallows. Taurus hit a crossbody and got clotheslined. Gallows battered Taurus and sent him outside. Gallows nailed a bicycle kick as he taunted Crazzy Steve. Taurus tried to fight back but Gallows connected with an uppercut.

Gallows sent Taurus over the barricade outside and followed him. Gallows continued to neutralize the normally explosive Taurus with a chinlock and a standing leg drop. Gallows blocked a comeback with a big splash and a powerslam, but Taurus hit a corkscrew and a 619. A missile dropkick sent him down as Taurus just started to have momentum. Taurus was distracted by Karl Anderson, who was taken out by Steve. Gallows hit a superkick and a choke bomb for the win. Taurus was outpowered in that match and Anderson interfered. Next match, please…

Meanwhile, backstage…

A Violent By Design message for all of us. Violence is the only way to destroy the pillars of Impact Wrestling that Dreamer, Swann, Mack and Edwards are. Believe in violence, worship it, use it, live it. The world belongs to VBD.

Crate American Bash Match – Johnny Swinger vs Matt Cardona

Fanny bag time (remember that Fanny pays for the drinks…), a crate in each corner of the ring and each crate has an item in it. Swinger stopped Cardona to go for the crate as he complained about Cardona grabbing his tights. Cardona went for a straight to the face, but Swinger waved it off. Swinger hit the arm drag and strutted as his Swingerellas cheered him on. Cardona hit a strut of his own as he floored Swinger. Swinger showed his crafty veteran style with a beautiful NutCracker as he stopped him in once more. Swinger opened the first crate with a Scott Hall pic in it (very WCW…).

Cardona forced him to drop it outside where we got a close-up. Swinger picked things back up, sending Cardona to the barricade outside. Swinger went for the second box, Cardona moved it but Swinger tossed him from the second rope. Swinger opened the second crate, featuring a rat trap snapping to his fingers. Cardona hit a big dropkick from the top, sending Swinger into the corner. Cardona elbowed him. Swinger was lifeless as Cardona looked to inflict more punishment. Swinger baited him again but both heads collided. Cardona hit up the next crate and closed it, happy. Swinger dug in the remaining crate and found brass knuckles. He looked to use them but got hit with a Rough Ryder for a Cardona victory. Cardona took his unused crate and walked off. Call me crazy, but I liked it. Swinger never fails to entertain. Look at his face below…

Meanwhile, at the Swinger’s Palace…

James Storm was lucky and the drinking game continued…

Do you have a match, Mr Callihan? 

Unannounced but always appreciated… Callihan took credit for exposing Trey Miguel’s passion, well lack of passion. He was here to set an example and will fight someone. He put out an open challenge to anyone backstage.

Sami Callihan vs Sam Beale

Trey Miguel’s trainee made his return if we could call it so. Callihan pump-kicked him off the ropes and twist-suplexed him. Callihan manipulated the fingers of Beale, tossing him outside to follow. He invited Beale to hit him as he threw him on the floor. Beale made his way back, which Callihan applauded. Beale attempted some roll-ups but got stuck with a clothesline. Callihan nailed the 23 Enigma piledriver for the win. Next match, please…

Hardcore Blindfold Match – Jake Something vs Brian Myers

Weapons allowed but masks on the faces… Tommy Dreamer has strange ideas sometimes… Sacks were secured around both men’s heads as we began our mass, sorry I meant silent arena blindfold match.

After a bit of hide-and-seek, Jake located Myers who fell outside. He found a trash can lid as Jake followed and got bashed. Myers whacked him with a baton of sorts. Myers continued his flow back in the ring, with Jake grounded. Myers hit a flatliner and went for the cover but hooked the leg with Jake laying on his stomach. Jake hit a huge sit-out deadlift powerbomb and clotheslined Myers, not letting go after each. Myers dragged the ref into Jake, lifted his mask and kicked him in the face (very professional, as always). Cardona appeared with the crate from earlier. Cardona slid the crate to Jake. He smacked Myers with the crate, revealing action figures inside. Myers was pinned, thanks to Cardona and the action figures. That was fun and it continued the feud between Cardona and Myers. Next match, please…

Meanwhile, backstage…

Team Dreamer was passionate, with Swann showing insane energy (one Red Bull at a time, Richie…).

6-Knockout Weapons Match to determine the #1 contender for the Knockouts Championship at Rebellion – Tenille Dashwood w/ Kaleb with a K vs Havok vs Susie vs Rosemary vs Alisha Edwards vs Jordynne Grace

Will girls have fun where the men failed to? For the moment, the PPV had not really been a walk on the wild side… Susan came out, not looking forward to the match. Su Yung’s music hit as she appeared and took out Susan. Tenille bailed immediately as Jordynne charged Lish.

Rosemary, Havok, and Su appeared to form an alliance but Su broke it. Havok and Rosemary traded big shots and both fell. Jordynne clubbed Lish as Tenille got involved from outside. Kaleb missed with a frying pan, and Tenille sent her into the steps. Alisha stapled Tenille on the rear as everyone returned to the ring. Tenille surrendered as Kaleb saved her. Lish stapled his chest, and the rest of the Knockouts beat him down. Jordynne hit a spinebuster on Tenille, as Alisha hit a huge tilt-a-whirl tornado DDT. Su Yung cannonballed Kaleb outside. Havok crushed Lish with a leg drop. Jordynne compacted Lish onto a trash can but Su entered.

Su wedged a chair in the corner and sent Jordynne face first. Rosemary appeared behind Su with a rope. They chopped Havok’s head off with it, as Rosemary dragged in Su with a Spear. Rosemary found a bag under the ring, which she revealed to be thumbtacks. She emptied these onto the floor and grabbed Lish. Lish reversed Rosemary’s attempt and both fell onto the thumbtacks. Lish found a kendo stick and bashed Rosemary (if Eddie has Kenny, does Lish have a Kelly? You have four hours…).

Su applied a Mandible Claw and dragged her away. Havok landed a big roundhouse kick on Jordynne back in the ring, but Nevaeh appeared and tossed some powder into Havok’s face. Jordynne crushed Havok with a Vader Bomb, but Kaleb dragged her out and superkicked her. Tenille slid in for the pin and win. This was a pretty wild match that turned out well. Su’s return was pretty cool and will hopefully freshen things a bit. Tenille’s win was genuinely shocking.

Meanwhile, at the Swinger’s Palace…

Acey Baby has exceeded his limit. Larry D must know when their match in, and Storm revealed that they’re next. Storm searched for a ping pong ball so they could play beer pong. Everyone failed as Storm darted Larry in the face with the ball. They tossed Larry over the table and got hyped. Not sure Swinger paid insurance for that…

Title vs Career Hardcore Match – IMPACT Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo vs Jazz

Like D’Lo Brown summed it up so well, was it going to be the last match of Jazz or the first match of the reign of Jazz? Jazz landed a spinning back kick early on but Deonna quickly snatched the arm. Deonna took a break as Jazz kicked things up a notch. Deonna slingshot her on the rope, gaining the upper hand. Deonna was relentless on the arm, setting up her Fujiwara Armbar. Jazz was taking a beating but continued to fight on. Deonna trapped Jazz in the ropes and delivered a dropkick to the arm of Jazz.

Deonna crashed outside, with Jazz following. Now riding momentum, Jazz fetched some weapons. Jazz hit an X-Factor, Deonna replied with a Side Russian Leg Sweep and maintained the wrist control for a submission, but Jazz found the ropes. Deonna grabbed the belt, but Jazz stopped her with a Samoan Drop. Jazz used a steel chair, sending her headfirst with a DDT. Jazz locked the arms of Deonna, but she reversed and hit two pump kicks and a rolling exploder. Deonna hit her with the Queen’s Gambit piledriver to end the career of Jazz.

There’s no pleasure in watching one of the greatest women wrestlers of all time retire. But we can thank Impact Wrestling and Tommy Dreamer for preventing this moment from happening earlier. They gave her a new chance, a new place to express herself and do what she has also done best, kick some asses. I’ve always been a huge fan of Jazz because she was not like the other girls at a time when women wrestling was synonymous with eye-candies time. She has always been strong, fierce, and beautiful. When I look at the picture below, I see a young lady who, I think, wasn’t even born when Jazz made her debut in ECW. Jordynne Grace is epitomizing everything Jazz has embodied over the last 25 years. May she be as successful as Jazz was…

Meanwhile, backstage…

Tommy Dreamer was on the ground. Dr Ross checked him, not clearing him for action. Eddie, Rich and Willie were there. D’Amore came in asking them to go to the ring.

Hardcore War Match – Violent By Design (Eric Young, Deaner, Joe Doering, & Rhino) vs IMPACT World Champion Rich Swann, Eddie Edwards, Willie Mack, & not Tommy Dreamer

Welcome to the Hardcore Cluedo where every man can reveal before the game which weapon he will use… Eddie and Deaner were our first two entrants, Eddie alone but Deaner with a pipe. Eddie attacked Deaner from behind, not wasting any time. Eddie nailed a belly-to-belly suplex, sending Deaner flying outside. Deaner flew with a chair but Eddie caught him with a chop. Eddie hit his signature backpack stunner as our next entrant was counted down.

“I Lost My Hairbrush” Rhino came down with a billiard cue. Rhino and Deaner used their numbers to batter Eddie. Willie Mack arrived with a chain around his neck and offered some back up for Eddie. Willie brought Kenny to the ring, Eddie suddenly shined. After a few tender words to his beloved kendo stick, Mack tossed Deaner to Eddie with Kenny. Eddie hands Mack a toaster, as Joe Doering came down. No weapon for him, he is one by himself. Deaner tasted the NutToaster, a new one for my collection. Eddie and Mack knocked his cowboy hat off but he responded with a double clothesline. VBD used weapons to neutralize Eddie and Mack in the corners as they waited for their partner, Rich Swann to make his entrance with a table and a street sign.

Deaner shoved Mack’s fingers into the toaster and twisted. Swann hit spinning back kicks and played some guitar with the parking sign. Swann and Eddie got the table as Eric Young’s entrance was counted down. EY came with a hockey stick, shoving Eddie over the guardrail. EY cracked the hockey stick over what was supposed to be Eddie, but instead a guardrail. The clock ticked despite doubt in Dreamer’s appearance. Trey Miguel’s music hit and he entered the ring with a house of fire and a golf club. Trey used his speed to evade Doering but got flattened with a crossbody.

Eddie returned as VBD set up a table in the corner. Eddie sent Doering over the ropes but EY hit a neckbreaker. Rhino lifted Swann up and planted him through the table. EY sit atop the turnbuckle where Swann was placed. Mack followed, as did Eddie. Doering appeared for a triple superplex Tower of Doom. Doering placed Eddie on a table outside but Trey landed a Meteora on Doering on the apron through Eddie and the table below. Mack was cornered by VBD but managed to take out Deaner and Rhino. EY sent Mack into Deaner with a can lid and hit a piledriver (with a torn ACL…) to win the war. This was a good main event with some cool spots at the end. VBD looked strong and EY’s injury was almost unnoticeable.

To be eNYGMAtic…

All That Jazz, a nice musical comedy song title to honour a fabulous wrestler. A killer in the ring, like Roxie and Velma in the musical, but a kind, generous and wonderful human being in real life. They were and they are hardcore. The Knockouts were probably more hardcore than the men in this show. Petey Williams is back, we had an excellent opener, the main event was good, and then… Was it hardcore? Was it justice? There were some funny spots, like the Crate or the Blindfold match, but that was not what I was expecting, due to the name of the show. I work daily with a deathmatch specialist and I think he made me a legit super-hardcore maniac…
Two weeks before Rebellion, Tenille is becoming the new #1 contender and they could have honestly found better (Let’s Get Wilde…). Knowing EY is injured, I still ask myself how he lifted Mack to hit the piledriver. When it comes to the future of VBD, I’m sure things will be alright. Aside from that, the array of question marks I told you about last month is persisting. What is going to happen? What if?
Unlike I said last month, the COVID surge in France pushed my necessary surgery and health break but, sooner than later, I will have to stop for a little while. When? It’s my secret. Right now, I enjoy life as it comes. That’s all I want for the moment. See you on Thursday night, well, maybe…

Hardcore Justice Complete Results:

  • 3-Way Tag Team Match: Josh Alexander & Petey Williams defeated TJP & Fallah Bahh and IMPACT X-Division Champion Ace Austin & Madman Fulton.
  • Chairly Legal Match: Mahabali Shera defeated Hernandez.
  • Doc Gallows defeated Black Taurus.
  • Crate American Bash Match: Matt Cardona defeated Johnny Swinger.
  • Sami Callihan defeated Sam Beale.
  • Hardcore Blindfold Match: Jake Something defeated Brian Myers.
  • 6-Knockout Weapons Match to determine the #1 contender for the Knockouts Championship at Rebellion: Tenille Dashwood w/ Kaleb with a K defeated Havok, Su Yung, Rosemary, Alisha Edwards, and Jordynne Grace.
  • Title vs Career Hardcore Match: IMPACT Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo defeated Jazz.
  • Hardcore War Match: Violent By Design (Eric Young, Deaner, Joe Doering, and Rhino) defeated IMPACT World Champion Rich Swann, Eddie Edwards, Willie Mack, and Trey Miguel

All pics, videos, and screenshots courtesy of Impact Wrestling and AXS TV. Photocollage custom made by @frenchnygma exclusively for @steelchairmag. 

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