Here we are, the final day. So far, it’s been two days of pure carnage, madness, and excellent wrestling (You can read about DAY 1 and DAY 2 here.) Now we were in for one final day of representation, street fighting, death, and mayhem as Effy, Alex Colon, Unsanctioned Pro, and No Peace Underground all brought their shows to life. This could be the most chaotic, gay, violent, underground day yet so let’s not hang about and dive into the final day of this maniac wrestling weekend.

GCW “EFFY’s Big Gay Brunch

It’s always nice to wake up to Brunch. Especially when that Brunch is a super show of LGBTQ+ talent and allies showing what they can do on another massive stage. EFFY has always managed to book shows that are equal parts wrestling mastery, hilarious comedy, and often raunchy antics. It was going to be a fun way to wake up. Let’s see how it went.

Boy Butter Slippery Scramble: Ashton Starr defeated Jared Evans, Allie Kat, Killian McMurphy, The Whisper & Frontman Jah-C via Scissor Me Timbers on Whisper – It wouldn’t be a GCW show without an opening scramble. As per usual some of the best, brightest, and underappreciated were about to put on a war sponsored by Boy Butter. We got a battle of bitches, shooters, and stars as everyone took their time to shine. We got high spots, mean girls talk and so much more until Ashton Starr got another well-deserved win.

Edith Surreal defeated Devon Monroe via Venus Fly Trap – it’s time for some art. Edith Surreal was back for another bout with a very game opponent. Would the exhibition of intrigue be able to outshine Black Sexcellence? As to be expected of these two, it was an excellent hybrid fight of Surreal’s technical ability looking to completely stop the speed of Monroe. Despite all the heart, Monroe showed, Surreal sadistically destroyed his legs and took the win with Venus Fly Trap. This was an excellently fun match.

JD Drake defeated MV Young via Killer Kick – if I’d drafted a most-hyped list this would have been top five. JD Drake is one of the heaviest hitters around. Now, he had been challenged by the Leader of the MFN Polyam Cult MV Young and things were going to get violent. Young is used to hitting hard but would be able to hit hard enough to phase Drake? This fight went everywhere, got hardcore, and made everyone wince. This kicked so much ass and delivered everything I wanted. Drake got the win but Young had pushed him well beyond the limit.

Soul on a Pole match: EFFY defeated Ace Perry via Soul Grab – Okay, time for a spectacle. EFFY isn’t always nice, sometimes he’s evil and Ace Perry is definitely a victim of that. EFFY took Perry’s soul in the promise of fame but now Perry wants it back and EFFY would grant him it if could reach out and take it. With such high stakes, you knew things were going to get heated. Both guys ended up with bad backs and EFFY straight-up tried to murder Perry on several occasions. EFFY was able to win so Perry brutalised EFFY after the match since his efforts had failed but this had been was a greater lesson from EFFY. He had proved his point and gave Perry his soul back. What a brutal bout with a beautiful resolution.

Parrow’s Twink Hunter Tag Gauntlet: The End (Parrow & Odinson) defeated Petty in Pink (Kenzie Page & Dillon McQueen), Bad Bitchez (Jai Vidal & Parada), Bitcoin Boyz (Eric Taylor & Mikey Montgomery), The Runway (Calvin Couture & Tyler Klein) & Greg Iron & Shane Black via Total Twink Annihilation – Parrow has such a grudge against twinks. Last year it took a whole army to stop him. This year, he’d brought his tag partner Odinson for a tag-team twink hunter gauntlet. EFFY was ready to give Parrow all the twinks The End could handle and it all started with Petty in Pin. When EFFY came to commentary and saw the destruction, he did have to question his choices. The Runway tried to win with a lap dance but that failed when they fought over who could dance on Parrow. The Bitcoin Boyz faired no better and we saw little bitch Greg Iron paired the most (intentionally) annoying guy ever, Shane Black. They were killed off and it was down to the Bad Bitchez to save EFFY from embarrassment. They started strong but once again The End murdered them. EFFY was furious his twinks had been defeated but even he couldn’t deny the pure slaughter The End has just put on. This was a wild ride for sure.

Dark Sheik defeated AC Mack via Roll-Up – Here we go, time for another masterclass in wrestling. AC Mack, the loudmouth, and Dark Sheik were about to go to war. Mack had already pissed everyone off by getting his hands on a mic and Sheik was prepared to match his attitude. The match that followed was vicious. Mack was on another gear and Sheik was going all-out to try and match him. The pair both showed out and kicked out of killing blows until a roll-up war sealed the deal for Sheik. Damn, this was fun to watch.

Pup Collar Match: AJ Gray defeated Billy Dixon via Chain Wrapped Lariat – Last but not least the main event. Billy Dixon has felt disrespected by Gray since the last Brunch and now he was going to get some revenge by trying to beat Gray in a pup collar match. Dixon had taken Gray’s moment at For the Culture, was Gray about to do the same to Dixon? This was going to go hard as we had tubes and chairs to go alongside that collar. Dixon fought with a crimson mask and brought that same level of brutality on Gray. This was brutal. This took the grudge match feel to a new level as Dixon and Gray tried to kill each other. It was sick as hell and one amazing main event. Billy Dixon is tough as hell and deserves all the respect in the world. What a way to open the day. Once again the Brunch proved to be an all-you-can-eat buffet of wrestling. So fun, so alive, and further proof this talent needs to be EVERYWHERE.

GCW “Planet Death

To those who know my work, it should be no surprise that this is my most-hyped show of the weekend. Alex Colon is the best deathmatch wrestler in America and now he’d been given the reins on a new show, Planet Death. It was going to be deathmatch delights and grudge fights galore as Colon produced the ultimate celebration of deathmatch wrestling, all hosted by the life of the violence party, Markus Crane. It was going to be violent, bloody, and extreme, so let’s get into the fun.

Markus Crane defeated Kit Osbourne via Mr. Plow’s Snowplow – Kit Osbourne invaded the show shit talking when Markus Crane made his triumphant return to wrestling following brain surgery to tank some bundle breaks and murder Kit Osbourne in a couple of minutes. It was short but it was sweet and it was so great to see Kit Osbourne appear just to be murdered by Crane in his happy place.

Bundles Deathmatch: SHLAK defeated Nolan Edward via Sit-Out Tube Bomb – Welcome to the meat grinder Nolan Edward. SHLAK is a beast in the glass and now he was going to give Nolan Edward a baptism by bundles. It was going to get bloody. Both guys took instant tubes and SHLAK really tried to make Edward suffer. Edward lived up to his no flinch moniker but it wasn’t quite enough as you can’t flinch when you’re dead and that’s what SHLAK was trying to achieve. SHLAK was more technical here than he was at Bloodsport and it really paid off. This was an excellent massacre from the pair.

Glass Pane Timebomb Showcase: Orin Veidt defeated Ricky Noren & Damon Spriggle via Glassault Driver on Spriggle – Next up was the big Timebomb Showcase as Damon Spriggle and Ricky Noren got to make their big GCW debuts against a familiar foe, Orin Veidt. There were glass panes all around the ring and you can bet they’d be sharp shards by the end of the match. They started with gusset chops and descended into glass breaking, blood painting, glass drivers, and knife boards. The wind ruined a couple of spots and the action was messy but I found this fun and Orin Veidt scored the win with an Assault Driver onto Noren and a glass pane. It wasn’t perfect but it was a fun little glass-fest.

Hardcore War: Mad Man Pondo defeated Matthew Justice via Cinderblock to the head – This was going to be wild. The one-man militia was going to get the fight of his life as he took on one of deathmatch wrestling’s icons, Mad Man Pondo. It would be a board-breaking, stage-diving plunder fest of epic proportions. This was an old-school brawl with Justice diving from the fire escape. Justice took several sick shots but kept coming back like a maniac until Pondo put him down with a cinderblock to the head. This was wild and went everywhere. It’s nice to see Pondo still being celebrated and kicking ass.

Pick Your Poison four corners of death Tag: Jimmy Lloyd & Jason Gory defeated G-Raver & Brandon Kirk via Super Bundle Tombstone to Kirk – Grudge match time. G-Raver and Jimmy Lloyd’s blood feud was about to escalate as they brought up the other’s past as tag partners. Kirk hates Lloyd and Gory used to team with G-Raver. This was going to get personal. There was definitely a lot of pain as everyone got a whole array of deathmatch tools used on them. Gory and Raver were taken out by a plunder contraption and weedwhacker so Kirk battled Lloyd and took the L. Lloyd is now 2-1 against Raver so it’ll be curious to see what happens next.

Cinderblock and Skewers: MASADA vs Eric Ryan (w/Bobby Beverly) ends in SGC Takeover – It was skewers time. Eric Ryan was about to get his chance at continuing 44OH!’s dismantling of the ultraviolent icon MASADA. Cogar had bested him yesterday, would Ryan prove to be an outlet for revenge? The answer was yes as MASADA brutalised Ryan from pillar to post as Ryan turned the cinderblocks against him. This had some 44OH! shenanigans but apart from the ending stretch was mostly just MASADA and Ryan beating the shit out of each other. Which is exactly what you wanted.

SGC (EFFY, Nate Webb & Mance Warner) defeated 44OH! (Atticus Cogar, Gregory Iron & Bobby Beverly) via Bitch Roll-up on Iron– SGC were taking over as 44OH! just didn’t want to leave MASADA alone. The last match randomly ended and we got a six-man street fight instead. This was more plunder-powered chaos with EFFY and co being the heroes to save the show from the 44OH! scum. Webb dealt with Iron, EFFY tangled with Cogar and Mance found common ground with the Bev over a barfight. It all got rather chaotic until EFFY put a stop to it all by rolling up Iron.

AJ Gray Open Challenge: AJ Gray defeated Conor Claxton via Barbed-Wire Emerald Flowsion – AJ Gray had sadly lost his opponent for today’s show (get well soon AKIRA) and now he was pissed. He issued an open challenge and Conor Claxton answered. We all know how hard Gray likes to hit, well, he was meeting someone with the same mindset. These two thudded each other with their hands, staples, and plunder galore as Claxton matched Gray’s level of barbarism. Gray really upped the ante with syringes to the hands and won the match with a barbed-wire door Emerald Flowsion. It was an excellent little return to normalcy after the 44OH! shenanigans.

Danny Havoc Tribute Double Glass Crush deathmatch for the new Ultraviolent Title: Alex Colon defeated Lucky 13 via Glass Pane Spanish Fly – Time for the main event. The producer of the whole show and emperor of Planet Death, Alex Colon was taking on the deathmatch veteran Lucky 13 in a bloodbath tribute to the fallen warrior Danny Havoc. This was going to go hard and kick all the ass. Neither would allow any less. Plus, there were the added stakes of being the first-ever GCW Ultraviolent champion. Things got very damn violent and very damn intense as Colon nearly got impaled and the pair went tube crazy. Markus Crane lurked around the ring and threw in the occasional bit of plunder as these two took each other to hell. This was a bell-to-bell masterclass in deathmatch athleticism by two masters of the craft. This ended the show on a great note and adds a whole new dynamic to GCW shows as there is a second title up for grabs. Thus, ended a roller coaster of a show with really great highs and some questionable lows but overall, turned out to be a good enough time. I do hope GCW pulls the trigger on more deathmatch shows and for one final time, welcome back Markus Crane!

Unsanctioned Pro “Fuelled by Spite

Time for our next guest company as Unsanctioned Pro brought us Fuelled by Spite. This was going to show the rough and ready wrestling Unsanctioned was known for to a whole new audience under the setting sun of Florida. We’d have Unsanctioned regulars, hungry young talent getting a chance to shine, street fights, and more. With all the craziness we’d seen so far, how were they going to up the ante even further? Let’s find out.

ScrambleMania: Billie Starkz defeated Zach Thomas, The Whisper, Ron Bass Jr, Rob Killjoy, Yoya & Freddie Hudson via Tombstone on Yoya – As per Collective rules, we opened the show with a scramble. This time it would some people who hadn’t been seen the whole time and were now getting their spotlight. It was going to be an excellent showcase for the over-looked. Ron Bass Jr was, by far and away, the biggest threat in the match though as he was about to double the size of everyone else there. Once people worked around that, this was a packed scramble. Everyone had their killer moments and at multiple times, I was sure people had died. This is an amazing way to set the tone.

Robert Martyr defeated MV Young via Single Arm Camel Clutch – Robert Martyr had himself another singles contest to contend to. This time he was dealing with the leader of the MF’N Polyam Cult, MV Young. This was going to get interesting. Could the Poisoned Youth best Young? This got very ugly as they brawled around the crowd and kicked the hell out of each other. This was a fight, pure and simple. Stiff, physical, and wince-inducing. Martyr took a pasting but was able to score a shock submission and win. Young wasn’t happy with this and killed him post-match.

Lord Crewe defeated PB Smooth via Door Spear – Oh lord this one was going to hurt. Lord Crewe is the bare-knuckle berserker and he loves to scrap. He was going against a giant here in PB Smooth. Who was going to leave this one alive? Much like the last match, this one got nasty. They beat the hell out of each other after a technical start and after turning a chair against Crewe, Smooth got to work dismantling Crewe. Things got even uglier so Smooth turned to a door. Crewe used that door against him and stole the win. This was a vicious, slow-burn slugfest.

Lexus Montez defeated Charlie Tiger via Sliced Bread – After a gruelling schedule, Jordan Oliver had sent fellow Young, Dumb N Broke member Charlie Tiger to fight the King of Sport, Lexus Montez in his place. Now we’d see two bruisers battle it out and probably try to knock the other out. This ended up being an excellent showcase of what Charlie Tiger can do. He was blowing minds with his powerful and aggressive offence, really pushing Montez to work from below. Much like the other matches, this really hit hard and carried on the gritty tone the show was going for.

Cole Radrick defeated Jake Something via Cracker Jack Bomb – Well, this one was going to be tough to call. Cole Radrick is pretty much the ultimate example of someone who never says die. That Wildheart will keep beating until someone rips it out. The problem is, he’s facing Jake Something, someone who very much excels at ripping people apart. Something wasn’t here to play around with either, he threw Radrick around and went straight for the doors. He straight-up murdered Radrick with those too but you can’t keep the Wildheart down. Things continued to escalate as both men refused to give up until Radrick went wild and pelted Something with everything in the ring and got that three-count with a Cracker Jack Bomb. This one really hit differently.

Street Fight: Hoodfoot defeated Casanova Valentine via Barbed-Wire Omega Driver – Y’all like violence? It was time for a street fight. Not just any street fight though, this was a hoss street fight. Hoodfoot had answered Casanova Valentine’s challenge and now we had this belter of a match. This started outside and proceeded to brawl the ringside area using anything and everything as weapons. We got beers, barfights, and broken chairs as these two rocked the place like a hurricane. This was pure unadulterated violence with more WTF moments than anything that preceded it. When conventional means wouldn’t do the job, Hoodfoot used barbed wire to put down Valentine. They wanted to make a modern-day classic and they definitely achieved it.

Alex Colon vs Conor Claxton ended in mutual disappearance – Conor Claxton came out after the smoke cleared and demanded everyone’s attention. He called out Alex Colon and Colon answered. The pair just tried to kill each other. It wasn’t pretty, it was just a violent fight between two guys who hate each other. That’s not a bad thing either, it was perfect for the tone they wanted to set. Both ended up bloody messes amongst bloody plunder and broken bodies. Colon ended up just trying to suffocate Claxton and took the fight to the streets, kicking the shit out of each other in an elevator. They reappeared even worse for wear and Colon used Claxton’s hair like a cable tie. The pair disappeared again and never returned. It’s safe to assume they just fought into the streets until No Peace started.

OWA State Wrestling Championship: Tre Lamar defeated Myron Reed via Half-Crab – It was time for something a bit more traditional but by no means more grounded. It was time for two of the best high-flyers on the scene to go to war, with a title on the line. Guess what, they 100% nailed it. This was a high-pressure bout of hard strikes and flying with a whole load of intensity. A ref bump led to a low blow and belt shot before Lamar tried to get his win with the Froggy-Bo. It wasn’t enough though; the fire was still there. He continued to fight but Tre Lamar locked on a half-crab and near on broke Reed’s back. It was a valiant effort but dirty tactics and merciless assaults had left Lamar with his title.

Unsanctioned Pro Heavyweight Title match: Everett Cross defeated G-Raver via Tiger Driver – Last but not least, our main event. The God of Drivers Everett Cross would defend his Undisputed Pro Title Heavyweight against a mystery opponent… G-Raver. That title just got a little bit harder to hold onto. This match started traditionally and soon descended into Raver’s rules and twisted machinations. This was such a sadistic match as Raver showed off all his devilish tricks and barbaric moves, really forcing the champ to work. Cross held out and scored the win with a snap Tiger Driver. Raver really showed out here but it wasn’t enough to net him that title. That rounded out what was 100% the sleeper hit of the whole Collective. Excellent matches, excellent atmosphere, and just pure aggression and violence. Seek it out if you can. Unsanctioned really brought it.

No Peace Underground “Shallow Graves

Last but not least, the final show of the Collective. The parting fireworks of blood and violence as No Peace Underground returned to aid GCW in filling out their schedule once more. As the bell tolled midnight, we’d be treated to one final foray into the world of violence as one of the wildest deathmatch companies around was ready to use the spotlight. This would be a special one as No Peace always goes all out on their shows. It might be late at night but they’d keep people awake and in awe… or shock. Let’s get into the final show.

The End (Odinson & Parrow) defeated The Hustle & The Muscle (Jake Something & Rohit Raju) via SuperCollider- As is No Peace tradition, Parrow started the show by killing someone. This time though, it would be The End, so Odinson was in play too, taking on Jake Something and Rohit Raju. No way was this going to be an easy fight. Raju got a live mic and did not endear himself to The End. Something and Parrow brawled around the bar as Odinson played with Raju. This was a straight-up plunder brawl. Something really brought the fight to Parrow and helped Roju kill Odinson. The Hustle and Muscle really adapted to their territory as we got tube and chair duels as Parrow once again bled profusely from the back. Despite the war wounds, The End prevailed and picked up the win with the SuperCollider. This was an excellent opener for sure.

AJ Gray defeated Hardway Heeter via Glass Pane Blue-Eyes White Dragon – Next out was AJ Gray coming to show more of his deathmatch family some love. He’s already had a pup collar match and a deathmatch with Claxton, what was he about to do now? His challenge was answered by Hardway Heeter, a certified psychopath and someone Gray knows rather well. This went to the tubes fast as the pair glassed each other good. We had barbed-wire inflatables enter the mix and brought out the first pane of glass of the night. That proved to be the end and Heeter had to be carried out. Shit got wild and Gray took care of him the second it was over. Hope all is well with him.

Scramble: Wolfe Taylor defeated Cole Radrick, Devon Monroe, JJ Garrett, Jimmy Lloyd & Kevin Blackwood via Face Claw on Garrett – It wouldn’t be a Collective show without a scramble. Wolfe Taylor had taken umbrage with some of the younger stars in the company and now he was going to try and bury some of them. We had a whole wealth of talent in this arena with a whole load of plunder to play with. Blackwood opened by murdering everyone, then the fights broke out everywhere. There was carnage and brawling galore until Taylor was taken out with a tube board and Radrick dove through a door-trapped Lloyd. Everyone went forearm for forearm and Taylor took the win with a nasty face claw. This was wild. It felt like a multi-man fight scene from an action movie with added disastrous effects. What a scramble.

Erick Redbeard defeated Matthew Justice via Plunder Pile Claw Slam – Okay, time for something you’d have never expected. Erick Redbeard had attack Matthew Justice at a previous event and now, Justice was going to take his pound of flesh in the arena. They opened with a Donkey Kong barrel fight and soon blew everyone’s minds as Redbeard dominated Justice in a way we’d never seen before. This became a Memphis-level F-U fight as the two just smashed plunder into each other. Redbeard even whipped Justice with his belt, choking him like a dog with it. We got the nastiest spot of the night with a belt hangman as Redbeard basically tried to murder him. Just eventually got back into the fight but Redbeard seemed immovable. Minutes later he was standing dominant over a broken Justice. He destroyed Justice but the pair shared mutual respect at the end because real will always respect real. You better be back Erick Redbeard, that was one hell of a debut. Now we need more.

Mance Warner defeated Conor Claxton via Tube kneepad up kneepad down – Brawlers get ready, it’s time to slug it out. We had two tough S.O.Bs in the arena and they were ready to take each other’s head off. Claxton had brought syringes and Mancer had a chain. More choking happened and Mancer introduced Claxton to the big dog eye-poke style of fighting once again. Glass flew and chairs swung as these two just unloaded. We got staples and Claxton’s syringes ended up in his cheeks. Claxton took all that shit but Mancer walked away with the win with the kneepad up kneepad down into a bunch of tubes. These two gave you another classic style brawl with some new-age horror.

G-Raver defeated Su Yung via Bridesmaid’s Bomb – If you receive a rose of an undead bride what do you do? Most would run for their lives. Some weirdos would be the happiest they’ve ever been and some would be ready to do battle. G-Raver was in that third category as he had received Su Yung’s rose and Father James Mitchell had dragged him into a hellish fight. Plus, there was now the added variable of Jamie Senegal as the special guest referee. This was another nasty as all hell fight. Yung had a very unconventional way of hurting Raver and the pair used the usual deathmatch plunder in funs ways as Raver tried to play demon hunter. The bridesmaids came to Yung’s assistance as they set up the tools of torture for her. Yung got the tattoo needles to the head and Raver got the mist. Blinded, Raver tried to fight back but Yung put him through the pane with a Panic Switch. Yung stole Raver’s mask and tried to scythe him but Raver powerbombed onto her bridesmaids for the win. That didn’t end it though as Yung had a mission to do and she was going to fulfil it. She gave Raver the Claw and fed him tacks but he permanently exorcised her with a brainbuster to a tack chair. This was weirder than the matches that preceded it but that gave it a unique flavour and a whole lot of wonderful spots.

MASADA defeated Alex Colon via Barbed-Wire Rolling Door-VD – Last but not least, the last Collective main event. MASADA, the ultraviolent Beast, deathmatch icon taking on the absolute best in the US, Alex Colon. This was the deathmatch battle of the kaiju and it was going to end this whole thing on the highest notes. Colon went straight to a chain and went straight into the F-you-level violence. It was just wall-to-wall brutality as MASADA tried to show Colon, he was still the boss. The skewers came out and MASADA took glee in introducing them as clusters and as a board to Colon’s body. You could also bet MASADA was letting Colon nowhere near them. Both men were pissing blood out of their heads and Colon began to come back so MASADA low-blowed him. Things went from bad to worse as MASADA then picked up the win with a rolling DVD into a barbed-wire door. Colon had taken one hell of a beating but it looked like MASADA wasn’t ready to back out into the shadows just yet. The crowd did Colon his due though. That ended the Collective 2021 and provided one of the absolute best shows of the whole marathon. No Peace is one of my absolute favourite companies and they ended it all with one of their strongest shows. If you like what you’ve read from any of the 12 shows, you can get them all on FITE. A lot of them are really worth the time. Thank you all for reading these past few days and be sure to stick around for more!

All images courtesy of GCW, Unsanctioned Pro, No Peace, Earl Gardner Photography, HeyyImRob, IsThisWrestling, Kayden Wrestling With Unicorns