It’s time for another double dose of trouble as we dig into another two shows of ChocoPro wrestling. These two episodes generated a lot of buzz as a new fighter was stepping into the Chocolate Square, Ayumi Hayashi, Queen of Wasshoi and would be battling across both episodes. Alongside that, we’d see the return of PSYCHO and CHANGO, Chris Brookes continues his Pencil Army membership and a whole host of ChocoPro regulars continue their battles. It was going to be a packed double bill as we dissect six madcap matches. Let’s get into it.

ChocoPro #105

Mei Suruga defeated RinRin via Propellor Pin

Up first was a match between Mei Suruga and RinRin. We’ve seen tensions mounting between the pair and now they were going to fight it out one-on-one. Suruga claimed to not know RinRin too well and hoped this match would show her something. Would the Big Apple best the Sumo Girl RinRin or would RinRin prove to be the better fighter?  Suruga was not happy about being the smallest girl in the fight and was even more unhappy when RinRin threw her away with ease. They went into a technical exchange and Suruga took her down with a crossbody. Suruga yanked her by the hair and threw RinRin by the head. She sent RinRin flying with the windowsill arm-drag and tried to choke her out. Suruga started trying to break an arm and snapped it off the window. RinRin threw her into the wall and bounced her off it with Sumo strikes. She smashed Suruga off the wall again and attacked her with the Sumo arm-breaker, gaining extra leverage pushing off the cameraperson. She tried to do the same with the legs but Suruga threw her off. Suruga bounced her off the wall and hit her with a double chop before attempting Lucifer. RinRin threw her off and dodged a double stomp so Suruga used a roll-through to lock in Lucifer. RinRin threw her into a table and whacked her with her backpack before covering the ring in pompoms. They bombarded each other with pompoms and RinRin knocked down Suruga with Sumo strikes. A crossbody followed but Suruga kicked out and crushed her with a double stomp. The Propellor pin followed and Suruga won the match. RinRin was not happy with the result and I feel we’ll be seeing more of the pair in the future. Based on how this went, I am more than happy to see round 2.

Ayumi Hayashi defeated Chie Koishikawa via Washoi Deathlock

Up next was the moment so many had been waiting for, Ayumi Hayashi of Actwres GirlZ was here in ChocoPro and her first challenger was the hyperactive chopping machine Chie Koishikawa. Hayashi is renowned on the scene for her skills but could she keep up with Koishikawa? Somehow Hayashi seemed to be even more hyper than Koishikawa. The pair traded wrist-locks and both escaped by running or cartwheeling. They battled to a stalemate on the mat and Koishikawa went on a run. They both snapped the other over and Hayashi made Koishikawa dance. She put Koishikawa in the Camel Clutch and made Koishikawa dance again. They fought around the window and Hayashi hammered Koishikawa with chops against the window frame. Koishikawa got revenge with an arm-drag and Demon Chie chased Hayashi around the mat, silencing her before hitting her with a demonic chop. The Muffler came next and a strike battle broke out. They both downed each other with stiff strikes and Hayashi almost took the win with a bridging pin. Koishikawa reversed a taunt into a guillotine and Hayashi reversed a dropkick into a back body drop. She hit a second and tapped out Koishikawa with a Washoi Deathlock. This had been a hard-fought fight but Hayashi had found a way to handle Koishikawa’s speed and put her away. Suruga wasn’t happy about this and stood up to Hayashi at the end of it.

Chon Shiryu & PSYCHO defeated Baliyan Akki & Lulu Pencil via PSYCHO Trap pin on Akki

Last but not least our main event. Chon Shiryu was teaming up with PSYCHO against the ragtag team of Baliyan Akki and Lulu Pencil. Akki wasn’t with his usual partners and instead found himself drafted into the Pencil Army temporarily, could he bring Lulu Pencil a victory? Pencil and PSYCHO started with PSYCHO gaining an early side-headlock. She seemed dead but it was a ruse so she could hit him in the throat. She failed to snap him over and got choked out again. Pencil escaped and the pair tagged. Akki and Shiryu started fast and Shiryu feigned sportsmanship before stomping Akki’s foot. He stretched Akki by the hair and Akki assaulted him with splashes. He tagged and Pencil continued the trend with Pencil splashes. She pencil-rolled to a tag and Shiryu started targeting the shoulder of Akki. He tagged and PSYCHO did the same. He kicked and punched Akki’s arm against the wall and dropped a knee when Akki escaped a double-wrist lock. The duo continued to destroy Akki’s arm, with PSYCHO even throwing Akki out of the window and locking on the armbar as he climbed back through. Pencil tried to help but Shiryu kept her at bay. Akki slugged and kicked it out with PSYCHO and Akki finally escaped with shoulder tackles into a backbreaker. Pencil tried to make her big entrance with clotheslines but PSYCHO caught her by the neck and threw her into the wall. He tagged and Pencil hit Shiryu in the throat as he entered. He kicked away a Stabber and locked on a straightjacket. Pencil whipped him into the wall but he countered her trip into a crush. She finally tripped him down and hit a back elbow drop off a stool. She tagged and Akki came in kicking. He blasted Shiryu with his head kick combo and nailed the Spider. He tried to hit the Namaste splash off the sink but PSYCHO intercepted him.

The pair attacked Akki in the window and Shiryu levelled him with a flying Yakuza kick. Akki tried to fight back but PSYCHO countered into a wall smash and swinging Flatliner. He nearly choked out Akki but Akki broke free again and smashed PSYCHO with a head kick and splashed him again. He launched Pencil into a Stabber on PSYCHO but Shiryu broke up the pin. PSYCHO stunned Akki with a step-up enzuigiri and Akki caught the scissors kick into a backbreaker. PSYCHO blocked the Namaste Splash and nearly stole the win with La Magistral. He used Suruga as a weapon and tripped Akki into a unique leg-trap pin. Akki was furious but Suruga was adamant with her decision. PSYCHO has now also stated his tag title intentions. Pencil wasn’t happy with the loss either and she challenged PSYCHO to challenge the real Pencil Army. We’d see the outcome of that soon.

ChocoPro #106

Baliyan Akki defeated Chie Koishikawa via Leglock

Our second show opened with something rapid. It would be Baliyan Akki taking on the hyperactive chopping machine Chie Koishikawa. Every time these two are in a match together, they always nail it. What new tricks would Koishikawa have to use against Akki this time? The pair opened with a technical exchange and Akki fought to keep mat control with a side headlock. He continued to stretch out Koishikawa and Koishikawa tried to choke him out. They reach a stalemate and Akki went right on back to bending limbs and tying her in knots. Koishikawa chopped him down from the window and Akki reversed a roll-up into a bow and arrow. He continued to try and break her back with a stretch and she fought her way out of multiple backbreaker attempts. The chops came out and Koishikawa created some separation with a dropkick. Akki caught a demonic chop into an armbar and started a chop fight that made everyone in attendance wince. Akki finally nailed the backbreaker and ate nothing but knees on the Spider. She blasted Akki with more stiff chops and trapped him in an armbar. She chopped Akki into a guillotine and escaped doom with an arm-drag into the muffler. Akki reversed a second muffler into a roll-up and locked on a leglock for the win. We had seen a much more sadistic side to Akki this time. There was no playfulness, just cold, calculated violence. Koishikawa had still taken him to the limit but this was very much a different Akki to normal. It did provide an excellent opener though.

Mei Suruga defeated Ayumi Hayashi via Propellor Pin

So, we ready for an ace battle? Things got heated between the pair at the end of Hayashi’s #105 match so they had been put in a match together. This was going to be incredibly unpredictable as Suruga is crafty as hell when she wants to be. Would Hayashi upset one of the ChocoPro favourites on her own turf? Hayashi started out by winding Suruga up with Washoi chants but it just saw her get rolled up. The pair went into a frantic technical exchange and Hayashi cartwheeled out of a hair throw. Hayashi snapped her over and locked on a body-scissor, trying to make Suruga dance but Suruga reversed into the Kawaii pin. Suruga began to work on dismantling Hayashi’s arm and locked on the Full Nelson. She locked on Lucifer and tried to drive her into a table but Akki blocked it. Suruga whipped her at it but Hayashi rebounded off it into an arm-drag. She chopped Suruga against the wall and the pair both reversed submission attempts. The pair traded roll-ups and Suruga locked on her bridging Deathlock. Suruga rammed her into the wall when she escaped and blasted her with the double chop. Hayashi kicked away Suruga-shaped doom and stunned Suruga into a bridge with Washoi sponsor signs chants before slapping her in the head with the signs. She threw Suruga with a low fireman’s throw and locked on the Washoi Deathlock. Suruga wouldn’t give up so she tried something different but Suruga once again escaped and the pair fought over backslides. The pair both fought out of pins and Suruga jump-scared Hayashi into a double stomp. The propellor pin followed and Suruga had scored a win over Hayashi. She made Suruga dance before collapsing to the mat in frustration. Suruga showed her respect to Hayashi after the match but they couldn’t be friends because the pair work better as rivals. Hayashi understood this and I hope we see a beautiful rivalry in the future. if this was just Fight One, bring on the next one.

CHANGO & PSYCHO defeated Pencil Army (Chris Brookes & Lulu Pencil) via Torture Rack on Pencil

Last but not least, our main event. Pencil Army was back in force as Chris Brookes returned to aid his commander against the evil forces of PSYCHO and CHANGO. These two raised hell at episode 100, how would they fare against Pencil Army’s top team (don’t tell Sakura I said that)? Brookes and PSYCHO started with PSYCHO showing off his technical skills against the Octopus. Pencil ordered Brookes to keep fighting and he got into a technical round 2. PSYCHO shocked everyone by treading on Brookes’ pink hat and Brookes made him pay by locking him in a Kawaii stretch and flattening his hair with the hat. Pencil tagged in and was instantly reversed into a wrist-lock. Brookes regained control and Pencil instantly wanted to tag in again. The same thing happened again and Pencil instantly tapped out. PSYCHO trapped them both in a double choke, then tagged out to CHANGO, who wanted to fight Pencil. She was too injured to fight though… wait no she was faking and struck him in the throat. She begged forgiveness for being so sneaky, then hit him in the throat again. Brookes tried to aid in a double Suplex but Pencil wasn’t strong enough to raise CHANGO. They did manage a double hip-toss into a wishbone though. Brookes launched Pencil into a splash and dumped her on CHANGO a second time when he kicked her off. He used Pencil as a jousting pole on PSYCHO but CHANGO caught it and turned it into a face crusher. PSYCHO attacked Brookes from behind and the pair crushed him with a double-team arm-drag. From here, PSYCHO and CHANGO began to nastily break down Pencil, really working her back. They hit a window variant of the Tarantula and bent her in half with a double-team backbreaker. Pencil eventually reversed a wall whip and sent CHANGO into the wall, then dropkicked his knees.

Brookes dropkicked into the match and hit a nose breaker into the Shoop Cutter through the window. CHANGO reversed the Praying Mantis Bomb and tried to smash the front window with Brookes’ body but he turned the whip into an Octopus. CHANGO bit free of a brainbuster and blasted Brookes with a scissors kick. He tagged and PSYCHO went right after Brookes’ knees, hitting a flying Dragon Screw from the window. He locked on a Figure Four and got a crossface on Pencil when she tried to break the hold. Brookes escaped and dodged a Scissors Kick and tied PSYCHO in a knot. Pencil Army hit a double stomp/chop combo and a double clothesline that did more damage to Pencil than anyone else. PSYCHO got rid of Brookes with a double roll dropkick and CHANGO slammed Pencil into the wall and the mat. He applied a half crab but Brookes broke it up and assisted Pencil in hitting a clothesline. Brookes put CHANGO on his arse and threw Pencil into the pin but it still wasn’t enough. PYSCHO and CHANGO tried for the Magic Killer but Brookes turned into a Pencil Tornado DDT. He blasted CHANGO in the back with a Pencil and played puppeteer so Pencil could nail a slam. Pencil Army hit a Splash/Senton combo and tried to hang CHANGO from the window but CHANGO slipped through and sprayed hair-spray in his eyes. PSYCHO and CHANGO stretched Brookes from window to window and used him as a weapon on Pencil. They killed Brookes off with dual Scissor kicks and threw Suruga into Pencil so they could nail her in the eyes with hairspray too. CHANGO put Pencil in the Torture Rack and she tapped out.

PSYCHO and CHANGO had once again BS’ed their way to another win by using hairspray as their main weapon. They had held their own against Pencil Army and managed to avoid most of Brookes’ traps but still, it had been an outside weapon that got them the win. Pencil continues to improve and I think Brookes will eventually get her the win she so desperately craves, even if he spends most of their matches throwing her into moves. I’m not sure he’ll be in it much longer though as he is getting very tired of losing. It was an excellent fight to watch though and I will always want more PSYCHO and CHANGO in ChocoPro. Next time we prepare for another new debut as the devilish Waka Tsukiyama has her first ChocoPro match against Chie Koishikawa, Pencil Army Dark battle Black Komanechi and Baliyan Akki goes one-on-one with PSYCHO. It’s going to just get wilder in the Chocolate Square.

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move, Chie Koishikawa, FlyingVTrigger Videos courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube

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