The other massive show for ICW that wasn’t part of the Pit-Fighter tournament was Volume 12. Originally meant to be held at the Pawn Shop for one final huzzah, stormy weather forced it inside. It may have dampened the ground but it didn’t dampen the mood as everyone was ready to celebrate the grand finale of the Showcase of the Independents. Much like Volume 11, this was going to be a stacked card of old grudges and new-blood mixing together to put on one last show to end the Pawn Shop run with a bang all leading to the main event that would change the course of the company going forward.

Fights, Camera, Action

Nolan Edward Defeated Dan Maff via Liability Headbutts 

Up first was sure to be a stiff one. One of the most vicious fights in Pit-Fighter came from this pair. Now they were going to do Round 2 in the chains. Dan Maff is an absolute monster whilst Nolan Edward was looking to prove he’d learned and become even more indestructible than last time. Would he be able to best the beast in Maff? Edward tried to start with a cheap shot and railed on Maff with forearms but Maff just whipped him into the chains. Maff beat him around ringside and Edward kicked Maff from the stage. He crashed through the fan seats and Edward jumped him with more forearms. The brawling continued as Maff got angrier and chopped Edward around the venue, even fighting on the bar, where Maff threw him to the floor. He then tried to repeat history by throwing Edward into another wall and a pillar. This was merciless as Maff just massacred Edward around the venue. Edward escaped a powerbomb and tried to fly but Maff chopped him out of the air. They returned to the ring and Maff decapitated Edward with a Rainmaker. Edward tried to fight back but Maff just downed him with another line. He followed up with the Burning Hammer but Edward somehow kicked out. He hit Edward with a second and Edward still kicked out. Maff was beyond stunned by this and tried to spear Edward through a door but Edward leaped over and Maff put himself through. The Liability headbutt followed and Edward scored a two. He hit two more in bewilderment and picked up the win. He had finally beaten Dan Maff. Edward was already burning bright and now he’d just blown up a propane tank in the fire. Maff was impressed and everyone was happy after a monster of an opening match.

Orin Veidt defeated Bobby Beverly via Glass Block Cradle Shock

Next up was the first swing of the 44OH! axe in ICW for Bobby Beverly. The newest member of the group was taking his first trip into the chains against the Wizard King and Ironman Orin Veidt. Would Beverly be successful in his first outing or was Veidt going to put him down? Either way, it was going to be rough as there were a knife and saw boards to fall on. After some early technicality, Beverly showed off his heavy strikes. They fought around the ring and Veidt crashed through fan seats. A barfight broke out and Veidt elbowed Beverly out of his seat, then into the fan’s seats. He was pelted with even more chairs and hammered a gusset into his arm after Beverly thought he got the upper hand. He smashed Beverly’s leg with more chairs and the Bev gave Veidt a gusset and a Butterfly Suplex after pelting another chair at him. Veidt smashed a gusset into Beverly’s head and one into his own to prove he’s a crazy bastard. They traded headbutts and Beverly booted Veidt over with a PK. Veidt quickly got his revenge by slamming Beverly onto a knifeboard and driving him further into it with a senton. Veidt drew even more blood out of Beverly with knives to the head and dragged out the saw-board. He charged but Beverly tripped him onto the board and hammered him into it with a chair. He stabbed another saw into Veidt’s head and drove another into his mouth with a chair shot. He then flattened the chair with a Saito and Veidt’s body. They danced around a door and Veidt downed Beverly with a clothesline. He set up the door and worked over Beverly’s head with a saw. He dragged Beverly to the door and Beverly put him through it with a twisting Suplex. Beverly sensed the end was near and grabbed a tube block. Veidt kicked to freedom and put Beverly through the tubes with Cradle Shock and took the win. Beverly may have not succeeded here but he showed out hard against Veidt. He may be 44OH! but he kicks ass. This match rocked and Veidt scored a nice win. 44OH! Fucked count: 1

Neil Diamond Cutter defeated Tank (w/Reverend Dan “The Dragon” Wilson) via Strip Bundle Honey Badger Splash

So, Neil Diamond Cutter got a funny hand here. He was originally meant to face the Old-Timer Jeff King and ended up facing a different deathmatch icon in the Strong Style Psycho and grizzled old bastard, Tank. Would Cutter be able to best the old-school style of Tank or would he be run over? Tank instantly punched Cutter in the head and buried a gusset in there too. He lit Cutter up with headbutts and slammed him onto a mousetrap chair. He continued to assault Cutter with strikes and stomped a skateboard onto Cutter’s hand. He smashed in Cutter’s back and balls with a bottlecap bat and took a barbed-wire 2×4 to his head. Cutter hit him in the balls and started taking out Tank’s legs with the 2×4 but Tank booted him back down and took the 2×4 to Cutter’s groin. Tank set up a spoon and tube board and Cutter battered him with the 2×4 again. Tank once again shook it off and powerbombed Cutter onto the spoons. Cutter tried for another low blow but Tank caught it and pulled a fork out of his boot and jabbed it in his head and down his back. Cutter beat Tank down with a spoon and forearms then carved into Tank’s head. He hit the step-up senton with a skateboard and Tank snapped Cutter off another chair. He threw himself through a carpet-strip door as Cutter dodged a cannonball and put Cutter through a second with a backpack cannonball. Wilson attacked him with a goat skull and Tank chokeslammed him through a massive tube block. Cutter avoided further doom with a cutter and won the match with a Honey Badger Splash on a strip bundle. Cutter had been through hell and come out the other side as he once again proved, you can’t keep a honey badger down. Even if you’re a terrifying deathmatch veteran that hits like a freight train. This was fun, fuckery-fuelled goodness.

Satu Jinn defeated Ruben Steel via Fuckery Pile Uranage

The rematch fever was back as another of the gnarliest Pit-Fights got its rematch in the chains. Satu Jinn and Ruben Steel put on a barnburner in the cage, now it was time to make a second bout of bloody magic in the chains. Jinn started fast by slamming Steel through a duo of doors and tried to smash him with an oar but Steel twisted his nipples and smashed him with the oar, hammering the gusset side into his back. He gave Jinn a caning and used it for a Russian Leg Sweep whilst that oar was still in Jinn’s back. Steel broke two cap bats over him and Jinn reversed a table cutter to not only break the table but headbutt a bat of Steel’s head. He suplexed Steel into the mat and nailed him with a diving headbutt, then stabbed a gusset into his head and pec. Steel retorted with barbed-wire kendo and gusset-covered 2×4 to the chest and back. Steel took it one step further with a barbed-wire ukulele to the head and Jinn returned in kind with a sickle to the head. Both guys continued to strike it out and Jinn slammed Steel through a table. He took the barbed-wire kendo stick to Steel and Steel hammered a Kenzan into Jinn’s head. This just pissed Jinn off and he lit up Steel with palm strikes. He slammed Steel onto a chair and tried to Uranage Steel onto more chairs but Steel bit free into a Tornado DDT onto them. Jinn dumped Steel on a gusset board and we got a water jug duel. Jinn won the duel and smashed a tack-covered jug into Steel’s back. He set up another door and Steel put him through it with a bulldog. Steel made a fuckery pile but Jinn downed him with a lariat and dumped him through it with a Uranage for the win. This was wild. Just two men beating the shit out of each other with all sorts of fuckery to a horrifying degree. Jinn fought with a cut-up’s hand and Kenzaned head like the monster he is and Steel stayed resilient to the end.

Damon Spriggle defeated Alex Ocean (w/Riley Madison) via Brandon Kirk

Opportunity knocks and Damon Spriggle answered the door. The manic schedule had taken its toll on Brandon Kirk which meant Alex Ocean was down an opponent. Sensing a chance to be humble, Fame hit the speakers and Damon Spriggle entered the chains for the first time. Could he score an upset against Ocean or was he destined for 2K1 Bomb-shaped doom? They locked up and Ocean sent Spriggle into a barbed-wire door and a slap fight broke out. Ocean suplexed him to the mat and tossed him through the barbed-wire door. Ocean beat him with door parts and gave him a double stomp to the chest. He pummelled Spriggle with plunder bats and dumped him outside for a dive. He collided with Spriggle and fell to the floor, hard. Spriggle tried to take out Madison but Ocean was right on him and threw him into a ring post. He tossed Spriggle back into the ring but took too long checking on Madison and Spriggle made him pay with a bat to the back. He wound up for a big cookie sheet swing, then stopped and just bopped it off Ocean’s head. Spriggle went for round 2 with the bat and hammered away at Ocean with a chair and his forearm. Ocean downed Spriggle with a lethal lariat and suplexed Spriggle onto a chair. Spriggle dumped him through a door with a Saito and tried to piledrive Ocean through a tube contraption but Ocean was dead weight. Spriggle forearmed him down and suplexed him onto the remaining tubes. He tried to set up a table but a passionate fan distracted him and Ocean put him through it with a DVD. Ocean grabbed cinderblocks and put a super bundle on top. He drove Spriggle onto both with a piledriver and when Spriggle kicked out, set up a glass pane and rolled him underneath. Ocean climbed to the top but Brandon Kirk reappeared and threw Ocean through the glass and downed him with a lariat, then threw Spriggle on him. Spriggle got the win and Kirk got to deliver a big fuck you to Alex Ocean as Kasey took out Madison. Spriggle just got the upset of a lifetime as he not only won his ICW NHB debut but he’ll claim he did it on his own. It gave us a decent if sometimes messy match.

SHLAK vs Shane Mercer ends in no contest

Did someone say Kaiju fight? That is exactly what was up next as the Iron Demon met Public Animal Number One. Mercer and SHLAK were about to tear each other apart in the most gratuitous display of uncontrollable violence yet. The pair collided and Mercer threw SHLAK off or into the fuckery doors around the ring. SHLAK did the same as one of the doors refused to break until he’d thrown Mercer through it twice. These two continued to lock up around the ring, savagely dragging each other everywhere. Mercer tossed SHLAK with a German and SHLAK did the same. Mercer tossed SHLAK with a T-Bone and SHLAK did the same. Mercer gave SHLAK a scoop slam and SHLAK did the same. Mercer gave SHLAK an X-Plex and SHLAK did the same, falling into a strip door from the effort. They traded lariats and headbutts as they continued to strike at one another with reckless abandon. Both guys continued to hit each other until both collapsed from exhaustion and the ref called for a double knockout. These two had beaten the other into exhaustion and the ref didn’t think they could continue. This wasn’t the result people expected but it was certainly interesting. The starter has been shown with the main course hopefully to follow soon.

Atticus Cogar defeated Reed Bentley via Neon Tube Fall

Back to the rematches as Atticus Cogar and Reed Bentley went for round whatever. Cogar had destroyed Bentley’s winning streak and now, Bentley was going to destroy Cogar’s body, again. Cogar was riding the high of toppling MASADA elsewhere, was he about to topple Bentley again too? Bentley snuck up on Cogar during his entrance and smashed him into a pole. He murdered Cogar in-ring and Cogar kicked back. Cogar attacked with a parking sign and stabbed Bentley’s arm with carpet strips. They fought around the ring and Cogar took another trip into the pole. Bentley rained down chairs and Bentley got whipped and slammed through even more. Cogar tortured Bentley with a gusset and Bentley bashed him in with another tack-jug before grinding a barbed-wire bat into his head. He ran a chair into Cogar’s throat and Cogar returned fire with a skewer bat. He plucked some out and gave Bentley his first dose of skewers, quickly adding a second and posing with them. Bentley smashed Cogar off the apron and battered an interfering Bobby Beverly with a forearm as Jinn dragged him away. Cogar tried to win with a dirty roll-up but Bentley kicked out. He broke more strips on Bentley and carved him up with a barbed-wire bat. He continued to bully Bentley with multiple bits of fuckery until Cogar got too cocky and Bentley beat him back. He KO’ed Cogar with rolling elbows and covered the ring in tacks. Cogar was lying in wait though and drove Bentley into the tacks with an Air Raid Crash. He set up another fuckery door and Bentley drove him through it with a Regal-plex. He withstood a pin and hit Cogar with the Tiger Driller but still couldn’t end it. He was in shock and charged Cogar, throwing himself through a door. Bentley got the skewerperkick and kicked out, making Cogar worry. He set up a neon tube contraption and pushed Bentley to the top. Bentley fought free and set up another Tiger Driller but the 44OH! bitch Gregory Iron came out and pushed Bentley through the tubes. Bentley was out and Cogar took the win. Once again, Cogar had stolen another win over Bentley but this time, he’d had help. If it hadn’t been for Iron this would have been a different story. As per usual, result aside, this match ruled. Cogar plus Reject equals an amazing match. Fuck 44OH! count: 1

ICW American Deathmatch Title: John Wayne Murdoch defeated Eric Ryan via Bare Board Brainbuster

Last but not least our big main event. John Wayne Murdoch looked to avenge his only loss since ICW rebranded as No Holds Barred and destroy another 44OH! member in the process. He was taking on old rival Eric Ryan for the newly-minted American Deathmatch Title in the ultimate deathmatch of fuckery. This was going to get bloody, brutal, and very glassy very quickly. There was no canvas and glass galore, just the right setting for a high-stakes fight. They started technical and tried for quick pins. Ryan covered the ring in broken glass and Murdoch removed his shirt, shit was getting real. The technical wrestling began again only this time, it was in the broken glass on bare flesh. The Duke had Ryan trapped in a side-headlock in a glass pile and was loving it. Murdoch hit the jabs and tried for a tube shot but Ryan kneed it into his gut. Ryan tried for the Snuff Stomp and threw a box of forks at Murdoch. He dropped Murdoch onto the cutlery with a bridging Northern Lights and started carving up Murdoch’s forehead. Ryan stomped down Murdoch and bathed in the crowd’s hatred, then tried for a tube swing but Murdoch reversed it into a bulldog, breaking more tubes on him. He threw a box of steak knives at Ryan and brought Ryan crashing into the pile with a neckbreaker. He carved up Ryan with a knife and took the fight outside. Ryan choked the life out of Murdoch and beat him down in the crowd. Murdoch stabbed back and a bar fight broke out. Ryan took flight across the fan’s seats and got crushed under a chair as Murdoch took a seat. Ryan went back to booting Murdoch in the head and the pair returned to the ring for a tube duel, punching tubes into each other. More fists flew and Murdoch suplexed Ryan into the fuckery pile. He did the same again onto a neon bundle and fought out of the Snuff Stomp, the first person to do so even after Ryan dumped a neon green tube bundle on him. He hit the brainbuster onto the wood and glass and picked up the win, becoming the first-ever ICW American Deathmatch Champion. This was a war, plain and simple. It was violent, intense and anyone’s match until the last second. An excellent match from both guys as the King of ICW finally has a crown. 44OH! Fucked count: 2

Best of the Bloodletting

  • Nolan Edward took one hell of a beating at the hands of Dan Maff. They opened the show with a bang and we saw Maff go out of his way to kill Edward only to fall. Edward has had a slew of star-making performances but this might have been the most manic yet.
  • Bobby Beverly really did show out against Orin Veidt. I know he’s no slouch when it comes to hardcore but he really showed another level here getting down and dirty with Veidt.
  • Tank vs Neil Diamond Cutter was excellent plunder-powered fun where two veterans showed how much they still had to give. Cutter got a hero’s win and Tank got a monster’s bout.
  • Satu Jinn vs Ruben Steel was everything I wanted and more. A barbaric fuckery-fest that saw both guys go hell for leather on each other. Both guys scared the hell out of the crowd and shocked those at home. Jinn even had a bonus for people, (see above.)
  • The Rejects vs 44OH! rivalry yielded two amazing matches here and Cogar vs Bentley and Murdoch vs Ryan were both belters. This feud has left us with so much gold and still has way more to offer as you know 44OH! ain’t going to ignore that title for long.

What comes Next?

  • We need more Bobby Beverly in ICW. He was more than capable of holding his own against the fuckery and pushed Veidt to his limit. 44OH! is always a threat and Beverly could help keep that going. Same with Tank, he is a veteran of the game and a very intimidating presence against anyone in that ring.
  • Ruben Steel and Satu Jinn both showed out in their match, they should hopefully move on to bigger and better things in the company, especially since Jinn has unfinished business with the Duke.
  • So, Brandon Kirk and Alex Ocean look set to feud. Kirk bailed on their match tonight just to fuck Ocean over at the end. Retribution will be due and I foresee a very nasty match between the pair. Plus, Damon Spriggle is now on the scene to potentially piss off all the ICW fans with his humble nature.
  • We now need SHLAK vs Mercer volume 2. The pair managed to knock each other out but I doubt either man is happy with that and will want a more extreme and even more violent encounter at one of the next shows.
  • ICW now has a title for all its deathmatch stars and non-deathmatch stars to go for. Murdoch is the very definition of a fighting champion and is more than likely willing to fight all comers. His matches will now have an extra element of risk and we’ll see just how long the king can keep his crown.

All images courtesy of ICW Twitter, FREEBIRDS Shop, IsThisWrestling, Satu Jinn,  Logan (marth555)

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