Welcome back to Paradigm Pro and the UWFI division. This week we’ll see the UWFI regulars and three new fighters entering the division. Austin Connelly will battle Hardway Heeter, Flash Thompson battles Yoya, Isaiah Broner tackles the debuting Damyan Tangra, Dominic Garrini gets a taste of trash as trash can, Derek Neil returns to put down the debuting Outlaw Ron Bass Jr and in our main event, Jordan Blade has one of her hardest battles yet as Max the Impaler makes their UWFI debut. Plus, I’m adding in a bonus match for the IWTV Showcase of the Independents so let’s get into it.

A quick reminder of the UWFI rules, you start with the limited number of 15 points. You will lose 1 point for a rope break and multiple points for being knocked down or suplexed. You can only win by knock-out, TKO, submission, and by running your opponent’s points dry. There is a code of conduct to follow despite there being no DQs so any breaks of that code will cost you a point. There must be a winner for each fight.

Austin Connelly defeated Hardway Heeter via Buckle Gutwrench Suplex

Up first was the Mad Dog Austin Connelly being unleashed on another opponent. The specialist of pain absorption was going against a fellow heavy hitter in the Hardway Heeter. These two were going to hit hard and get hit harder until one was left standing. Connelly charged like a mad dog and tanked a knee to pummel Heeter in the corner. He continued the assault on the mat and Heeter dragged him back up by the head. He struck Connelly’s back and Connelly slammed him into the mat to break the headlock. Connelly gave Heeter a second round of corner pummelling and got fired up from Heeter smashing him in the jaw with forearms. He downed Heeter with a forearm to the face and tossed him into the buckles with a Gutwrench Suplex. Heeter couldn’t beat the 10-count and the match was given to Connelly. He had rabidly beaten down his opponent and claimed a win under UWFI. The Mad Dog is definitely living up to his name and seems to be becoming more of a threat. Heeter insulted him post-match and the ref had to drag Connelly away before he killed Heeter with his chain. Things got even worse as Kerry Awful came out and chewed Heeter out for embarrassing him.

Yoya defeated Flash Thompson via Rear-Naked Choke.

Next up was a clash of styles. We’d have the Golden Gloves master of the Kneebar taking on the fast and furious MMA style of Yoya. Thompson had a height advantage but there is a saying that the bigger you are the harder you fall. Things started cagey as the pair felt each other out with quick strikes. Things got technical as Thompson tried to use his size to control Yoya on the mat, then slammed it into the mat. Yoya got up and kicked at Thompson’s legs. That had some effect but he changed tactics and leaped at Thompson for an armbar. Thompson stomped free and locked up with Yoya before locking in that devastating kneebar. Yoya forced a rope break but his Judo throw was blocked and Thompson slammed him again with a belly to belly. He drove his knees into Yoya’s midsection and forced him to the ropes again. Thompson tried striking out at Yoya again but Yoya smashed him in the mouth with a jumping knee. Thompson returned fire with a punch to the face and Yoya hopped on his back to avoid falling over. Yoya locked on the choke and hammered Thompson in the side of the head until he collapsed to the mat and tapped out to the choke. Thompson disputed the decision but it didn’t matter. Yoya had overcome the odds and taking the win in a clever fashion. We’ll call him Yoya the Giant Slaying Heavyweight from now on.

Isaiah Broner defeated Damyan Tangra via Back Elbow KO

The King was back in the UWFI ring next as he looked to live up to his name and get himself another victory. His target today, the debuting Damyan Tangra. We know what Broner is capable of and how quickly he can knock someone out but what was The Mad Scientist Tangra going to bring? There was a cagey stand-off to start as the pair traded leg kicks and Tangra showed an early striking advantage. Tangra continued to strike quickly and tried for a Guillotine but Broner was too strong and threw him off to the mat. The pair tried to strike out again and Tangra went to the mat to try and pick a leg or arm. Broner withstood and tossed him away again. Tangra continued to kick the legs but Broner trapped him in a corner with palm strikes so he escaped into another Guillotine on Broner. They traded more heavy shots and Broner took Tangra to a knee with a liver punch. Tangra rocked Broner with head kicks but couldn’t knock him down. He attempted a German but Broner threw him off and ended him with a back elbow. Tangra had rocked Broner but he couldn’t cut down the King and fell to that lethal back elbow. It was definitely a strong debut for him though. Post-match, Broner continued to talk about running this bitch and beating all-comers. Would you like to tell him any different?

Dominic Garrini (w/Tom Lawlor & Matt Makowski) defeated Ron “The Shooter” Mathis (w/Fully Licensed Manager Bruce Grey) via Leg-Scissor Choke

So, this should be a squash match, right? Ronnie the Shooter Mathis might have picked up a win over Nick King but there was no way his trash as trash can was going to stand up to the UWF-Icon Dominic Garrini. Not to doubt his skill, just, it’s Garrini the master of this. The pair locked up and after Mathis attempted a choke, Garrini easily countered and slammed him into the mat. Garrini quickly locked in an armbar and Mathis scurried to the ropes. Mathis attempted a slam but Garrini picked a leg and forced Mathis to the ropes again with a kneebar. Mathis took Garrini to the mat with a side-headlock after the pair dodged kicks but again Garrini quickly countered and tried to choke out Mathis prompting yet another rope breaker. Garrini continued to humour Mathis and nearly locked on a double wrist-lock but Mathis broke free. Garrini got cocky and Mathis scored a knockdown with a forearm. A knuckle-lock kick fight broke out and Mathis just to say dodged a roundhouse kick to the mouth. The fight went to the mat and Mathis actually trapped Garrini in a choke. Garrini escaped and punished Mathis with knees to the ribs. He nearly knocked Mathis out with knees to the head but Mathis found the ropes again. Garrini tossed Mathis to the mat again and choked out Mathis with a leg-scissor for the win. Mathis had lasted way longer than expected and actually landed some offence against Garrini. Maybe Ronnie the Shooter isn’t a total fantasy but he couldn’t win here against someone as experienced and deadly as Garrini. Filthy Tom Lawlor rounded off the segment by challenging Matthew Justice again and Justice ran out and attacked. This backfired though as Team Filthy mauled him until Bobby Beverly came out to attack Makowski.

Derek Neal defeated Ron Bass Jr via Ground and Pound TKO

This fight scares me. Derek Neal and Ron Bass Jr are both big guys with heavy hands. This might be the outlaw’s big debut but he had really drawn the short straw here against the King’s Road Slayer. He might be one of the biggest men in the fight but Neal was not going to make it easy. Neal started by trying to pick a leg but Bass held on and smashed Neal away with elbows. A strike battle broke out and the pair rocked each other with palm strikes and lariats. Bass clotheslined Neal to the mat and scored a second knockdown with a barrage of lethal European Uppercuts, one of which was direct to the back of the head. Neal pulled himself up and launched Bass with a big boot and hammered him down to the ground and continued to hammer away until the ref called for the bell. Bass had a very dominant performance here but he had gotten a bit complacent and Neal made him pay for it. This had been short but it was a vicious as hell exchange. Both men are a big threat in this division.

Max the Impaler defeated Jordan Blade via Wasteland Knee into Ground and Pound

Last but not least, the main event. Max the Impaler was stepping out of the wasteland to enter the UWFI Thunderdome once again. Their opponent, the Ankle Breaker Jordan Blade. This was going to get wild as Blade would have to use all her technical tools to keep Max down and out. Max lives only to hurt people so this division was perfect for them. Max started strong by locking up with Blade and throwing her down like nothing. Blade fired back with stiff strikes and instantly picked the leg of Max, forcing them to the ropes. Blade struck again but Max took her down with a double leg and hammered away at Blade’s head. Blade reversed the mount and did the same thing with palm strikes. The two battled around the mat and Blade tried to lock on a triangle. Max powerbombed free and Blade fought back from the corner to jump into an armbar on Max. They landed another takedown but Blade was ready to attempt the triangle again. She avoided a second powerbomb and forced Max to the ropes again with another armbar. Blade tried for the ankle again but Max was ready to counter and pushed the hold away to deliver more grounded strikes. Max tried for a choke but Blade fought them away and also delivered another barrage of grounded strikes. Blade went to the ankle again fought up, delivered a lethal knee to the face, and pummelled Blade until the ref stopped the match. This had been intense. Max is a force to be reckoned with in a wrestling ring and I’m glad to have finally been able to review one of their matches. They had the perfect opponent in Jordan Blade who tried to work around their savage style and smarts. It proved an excellent main event and hopefully won’t be the last time we see Max in the UWFI series. I may just get my wish as Alex Kane wants to give Max all of that work.

(Bonus Match) Dominic Garrini defeated Robert Martyr via Bully Choke

Okay as a bonus, I’m adding Robert Martyr vs Dominic Garrini from the Family Reunion Part 1 show as Paradigm brought their UWFI rules to the Mania marathon and the Poisoned Youth had stepped up to the UWF-Icon. Martyr wanted a test; he was about to get one. Garrini instantly forced Martyr to rope break and continued to wrap up Martyr until he had to grab the ropes again. Martyr stunned Garrini with a headbutt and tried to wrap him up too but Garrini shifted out and dumped Martyr with a German. He launched Martyr with a Headlock Suplex when he got up and applied a double wrist-lock. Martyr freed himself and started elbowing Garrini in the head. Garrini rolled into a full mount and rained down palm strikes. Martyr tried for a double wrist-lock but Garrini got on a Cross Armbreaker and Martyr was forced to grab the ropes again. He got up pissed and took Garrini down with a single-leg submission and threw more palm strikes whilst trash talking. Garrini knocked him loopy with a bitchslap and pummelled Martyr into a neck crank. Martyr slammed him down and locked on a crossface chicken wing forcing Garrini to use his first rope break. A palm strike battle broke out and Martyr forced Garrini into a corner before launching him with a Headlock Suplex. Garrini got pissed off and struck Martyr down, dumped him with a German, and ended things with the Bully Choke. Garrini had bested the Mat Bully but it had not been easy. Martyr had really given it his all here and put on a good show but it wasn’t quite enough this time.

All images courtesy of Paradigm, MySkewedView, SirLARIATO