Welcome back to ChocoPro Wrestling. Today is a real battle of the baddies as we’d see multiple villains take centre-stage. Black Komanechi looks to prove that even if they don’t get a tag title shot this season, they deserve one by beating the evil branch of the Pencil Army. A literal devilish performer makes her debut into the Chocolate Square as Waka Tsukiyama takes on Chie Koishikawa. Plus, in the main event, we’ll see Baliyan Akki fly solo today and look to best one of the Best Bros’ upcoming opponents in PSYCHO. Let’s see who came out on top today.

Black Komanechi (Antonio Honda & Tokiko Kirihara) defeated Pencil Army Dark (Lulu Pencil & Minoru Fujita w/Emi Sakura) via Cradle trap pin on Pencil

Up first was Black Komanechi in all their devious toy-based violence taking on another devious faction in the Pencil Army Dark. Honda and Kirihara were out to prove they were a worthy tag team and Pencil wanted to get a win in the name of Chris Brookes. Which team would get what they want and what would they do to get it? Kirihara and Pencil opened with a battle of wrist control and Kirihara took control with a headlock until Fujita punched Kirihara in the head. The pair tagged out and Honda brought the fight to Fujita. They jaw-jacked, then Fujita lured Honda into a pose and hit him in the throat. Sakura the Pencil Army cheerleader distracted Akki and Fujita attacked Honda with a pencil. The Pencil Army continued to stab him in the throat and Pencil drew a cat on his back with a giant pencil. Honda called for a timeout and hit Pencil in the throat with a timeout strike as an act of vengeance. It was time for fun as Honda hit Pencil with his hat and bounced a flying fist off her chin. He tagged and Kirihara made Pencil dizzy by spinning her with her staff. He threatened to hit Pencil with a honey bottle but instead did an impromptu advert for it instead. He tagged and Kirihara tried to kick Pencil against the wall but she missed and got tripped into a back elbow drop. Pencil tagged and Fujita brought Kirihara crashing down with chops. He dropped her with a backbreaker and dropped himself down with a falling Pencil attack into a Pencil Roll.

He whipped her into the wall but missed a follow-up wall splash and Kirihara repeatedly slammed him into it. She charged him into it again to knock him down for the dancing foot stomp but didn’t get the win as Sakura distracted the ref. Fujita tanked a kick to land a clothesline and both tagged again. Pencil nailed Honda with the stomps and chops, then tried for a clothesline that didn’t even faze Honda. He even made sure to let her know by comparing her clotheslines to bug touches for the camera. He caught a third into a spinning neckbreaker and we got the dancing jab fight as everyone tried to hit dancing elbows. Black Komanechi won the exchange and Honda hit Pencil, Sakura, and himself with a whacky hammer. Fujita beat him down with knees and threw him across the ring with an Exploder so Pencil could hit the Stabber. Sakura interfered to save Pencil from a double fan attack and took each other out with the fans instead whilst trying to hit Honda and Kirihara. The miscommunication continued as Fujita nailed Sakura and Pencil with a double clothesline. Honda called for the finish but Pencil turned it into a Tornado DDT. He reversed a roll-up into a cradle and stole the win. You might not like their tactics but Black Komanechi had just bested another dirty tactic team. They were slowly but surely racking up wins and if this trend continued, they’d be no denying them a title shot.

Chie Koishikawa defeated Waka Tsukiyama via Flying X Chop

Next was the ChocoPro debut of the devilish Waka Tsukiyama from the Actwres GirlZ. She was taking the trip to the Chocolate Square and had been paired against the Hyperactive Chopping Machine Chie Koishikawa. Would the AWG rookie be able to best Koishikawa or would Koishikawa pick up another win? Tsukiyama attacked instantly and pummelled Koishikawa with forearms. The pair dodged around head and wrist-locks and Koishikawa took Tsukiyama on the run before locking in the bow and arrow. She dragged Tsukiyama around the mat and locked in a Boston Crab. She transitioned to a single-leg crab and applied a Guillotine when Tsukiyama forced a break. Demon Chie came out and Tsukiyama tried to roll away to safety. Koishikawa dragged her up the wall but missed the wall chop and Tsukiyama tried for a quick roll-up. She locked on a double armbar on Koishikawa and trapped her in another painful stretch when she escaped. Tsukiyama kicked her to the floor and Koishikawa rebounded by locking on the Guillotine again. After an agonisingly long time in the choke, Tsukiyama played dead and tricked Koishikawa into another roll-up. She sent Koishikawa flying with a dropkick and found herself on the run from Koishikawa’s chops once again. Tsukiyama grabbed her arms again and locked in the double arm lock again. She tried for another roll-up but Koishikawa wouldn’t stay down. Koishikawa finally nailed the demon chop and continued to assault Tsukiyama until the flying X Chop kept her down for three. Koishikawa could not believe her victory and had definitely put in the work to get it. Tsukiyama had put up one hell of a fight but it wasn’t a winning one today.

PSYCHO defeated Baliyan Akki via PSYCHO Cutter

Last but not least, the main event. PSYCHO had an early chance to mess with the Best Bros before their big season finale title shot by beating up Baliyan Akki. This was going to set the tone for tomorrow’s main event as whoever won here had the psychological advantage going in. Regardless of the winner, this match was going to kick ass. Akki refused to be sportsmanlike and the pair started with a strong lock-up. Akki gave PSYCHO a clean break and the pair got technical with PSYCHO taking an advantage. The pair battled around submissions to a stalemate and tried for a test of strength. PSYCHO won and went back to trying to wrap up Akki. PSYCHO feigned sportsmanship and Akki fell for it, getting trapped in an armlock and pin. Things sped up and Akki went to work on PSYCHO’s legs. This became Akki’s main focus as he found a whole load of creative ways to punish PSYCHO. He tried for a knee breaker but PSYCHO was able to counter it into a headlock arm breaker. PSYCHO had found his target and continued to give Akki the same treatment Akki had given his legs. Akki avoided certain doom by reversing a hammerlock wall-assisted arm breaker and slammed PSYCHO off the wall. PSYCHO dragged Akki to the outside and used the window to further break his arm with a window dropkick. Akki tried to apply a sleeper through the window but PSYCHO reversed it into an armbar. A strike/kick battle broke out and Akki landed his patented combo. PSYCHO fired by with an enzuigiri and Akki tripped him into a splash. The Spider followed and Akki went back to the legs for an ankle lock. PSYCHO spun into an arm kick and nailed Akki with a Dragonrana. He missed a wall dropkick and Akki made him pay with a jump-scare backbreaker. PSYCHO knocked him out of the Namaste Splash and dropped him across the window for a choking arm twister. They continued to pummel each other silly until Akki knocked PSYCHO silly with a head kick and another reversal chain went into play.

Akki applied his Deathlock and PSYCHO took out ref Sakura after trying to use her as a weapon. They continued to fight as everyone attended to Sakura and Akki looked primed to win with the Namaste Splash when CHANGO sprayed hairspray into his eyes outside. PSYCHO took advantage with a sliding Shoten and ended the match with one hell of a unique finish I’ll call the PSYCHO cutter. PSYCHO and CHANGO had stolen the win here by being sneaky villains and picked up a psychological victory over Akki as he was going into tomorrow’s title match with a loss over his challengers. It was all to play for tomorrow as we enter the season 6 finale. Can Best Bros beat PSYCHO and CHANGO to maintain their titles? Alongside that, we’ll see the Pencil Army back in action as Lulu Pencil and Emi Sakura battle Sayaka and Miss Washoi herself Ayumi Hayashi and we will see Chie Koishikawa go one-on-one with Minoru Fujita. Be sure to be back tomorrow to read all about it.

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move, Chie Koishikawa, Yuna Mizumori, FlyingVTrigger, Video courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube

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