Welcome to the grand finale of season 6. We’ve followed the ChocoPro roster through its ups and downs throughout the past season as fighters have risen and fallen, legacies have been made and we saw the company celebrate its 100th show. Throughout that, one team has been continuously tested, the Asia Dream Tag Team Champions the Best Bros. In this finale, they would face their biggest challenge yet in PSYCHO and CHANGO. Would the Best Bros see of this fiendish duo or would those titles fall to someone else? Alongside that, we’d see Pencil Army back in action against Ayumi Hayashi and Sayaka and Chie Koishikawa battling Minoru Fujita. Let’s get into the action.

Ayumi Hayashi & Sayaka defeated Pencil Army (Lulu Pencil & Emi Sakura) via Wasshoi Deathlock on Pencil

Up first was the return of Washoi to ChocoPro. Ayumi Hayashi was back and she was teaming up with Sayaka against the Pencil Army. Sayaka was still deep in her return run and Emi Sakura was returning to action after a little time away to heal her shoulder. Was the Pencil Army ready to battle the powers of Wasshoi, especially as it was Pencil’s 100th match? Pencil and Hayashi started with a battle of wrist-locks and technical skill. Hayashi took control and with Sayaka’s aid attempted to throw Pencil out the window. Sakura made the save and overpowered the pair when they tried to lift her. She gave her evil laugh and Team Washoi whipped her into the wall. They tried to hype up the chops but Sakura wasn’t having it and swatted both away. Sayaka was tagged in and Pencil started a strike battle but instantly regretted it when Sayaka knocked her down with one forearm. Pencil tried again but the same result occurred and Sakura got a forearm too. She tried for the bow and arrow but Sakura spiked her in the throat. Sakura flattened Sayaka with a Pencil roll and showed she was back to full health with push-ups. She tagged out and Pencil launched a targeted barrage of Riverdance kicks and strikes to the ankles. She tried for a slam but Sayaka struck free and slammed her into the mat. She tagged out and Hayashi made Pencil dance. Sakura saved Pencil again and Pencil whipped Hayashi into the wall then took out her knees with a rolling dropkick. Sakura assaulted Hayashi with Riverdance kicks and tried to charge but Hayashi dropkicked her into the wall and hit her musical chops.

Sakura lost her temper and crushed Hayashi’s head in the window. She tried to double-team with Pencil but Hayashi scared Pencil with a shout and rolled Sakura into her. Team Wasshoi hit double dropkicks and Pencil Army hit double La Magistral to set up for a double Stabber. Sakaya made the save by stopping Sakura and Hayashi reversed Pencil. Sakura threw Sayaka out of the window and locked on a Dragon Sleeper on Hayashi then dropped her down so Pencil could hit a Stabber. We got a roll-up war between Hayashi and Pencil with Pencil nearly winning with a Crucifix after being thrown with a Wasshoi toss. Hayashi hit a shoulder breaker on both Pencil Army members and Sayaka took out Sakura and her partner with dropkicks. Another roll-up war broke out and Team Wasshoi locked both Sakura and Pencil in submissions with Hayashi picking up the win with the Wasshoi Deathlock. This had been a really fun and competitive tag bout with Hayashi getting to show off even more of her varied offence and Sayaka getting a big win. Pencil continues to show signs of improvement even if she can’t get the win and Sakura kept it all moving smoothly. It really did end up being quite the perfect opener. Everyone seems to be getting angry at Pencil for always losing as both Chris Brookes and Emi Sakura have lashed out at her.

Minoru Fujita defeated Chie Koishikawa via Leapfrog Sunset Flip

Next up was something much more high-energy. Ayumi Hayashi might be energetic but she isn’t hyperactive. It was time for the Hyperactive Chopping Machine herself, Chie Koishikawa to take to the stage. She got a big win of Waka Tsukiyama yesterday but she was in for an even bigger challenge today as she went one-on-one with Minoru Fujita. Could she chop down Fujita to end the season on her biggest win yet? Neither would let go of the handshake and Koishikawa forced Fujita off the mat with a lock-up. Fujita made her pay with a wrist-lock and Koishikawa did the same before going for an early guillotine. They continued to trade technical holds until finally reaching a stalemate on a head-scissor. Koishikawa tried to get in Fujita’s face so he trampled her foot and the pair traded snapmares. Koishikawa hit the rolling leg drop and chopped Fujita into the bow and arrow. Fujita retorted by throwing Koishikawa by the arm and snapping it into the mat. He continued to mangle her arm and tried to make her tap with a double wrist-lock. Koishikawa tried to yank at Fujita’s belt so he stood on her face and attempted to slam her. Koishikawa wiggled free and gave Fujita mat burn then took a kick into the wall. Fujita taunted Let’s Combine (a throwback to when Ryuichi Sekine visited ChocoPro, he also had a purple Saiyan tail in honour of him) but Koishikawa swam to safety and tried to hide behind a table. Fujita just hit her through it and continued to pursue her but it was a ruse and she attacked him with the table. Koishikawa tried to go for a chop but Fujita blocked it and snapped her fingers. He tried to drop a knee on her hand but Koishikawa dodged and chopped him down.

She continued to smash him with chops and dropkicked him back to the mat. She went on a run and tried for a second dropkick but Fujita dropped her with a flying clothesline. He tried to choke her out but she escaped and tried to choke him out with the Guillotine. Koishikawa nailed the flying X chop and delivered horrific chop after horrific chop but couldn’t keep Fujita down so she went for the muffler. He battled out and tried to tap her out with an ankle lock. She escaped so he dropkicked her in the back of the head and the pair struck it out hard. Fujita got the better of the exchange, leapfrogged over, and won with a Sunset Flip trap. This was awesome. Both fighters were pushed to their limit as Koishikawa used some new tricks to try and break the deathmatch veteran. Fujita always finds a way to entertain and I appreciate the Sekine tributes. Hopefully, I hope these two have a round-two match next season that hits even harder. Both Fujita and Koishikawa could easily steal the season 6 MVP award.

Best Bros (Baliyan Akki & Mei Suruga) defeated PSYCHO & CHANGO via Best Bros Pin Trap on PSYCHO

Last but not least, our final main event of season 6. PSYCHO and CHANGO have been quite the troublemakers since ChocoPro #100. Now, after terrorising the Best Bros, they find themselves with an Asia Dream tag title shot. PSYCHO had bested Akki in singles action but who would win in the battle of the units? We got no sportsmanship and CHANGO started with a quick technical exchange against Akki. CHANGO tried to use some sneaky tricks and the pair both tried for kicks. They reached a stalemate and the pair tagged out. Suruga quickly tried to use her normal tricks but PSYCHO answered her jump-scare with a gut punch. He tried to do that again but she answered it with a wrist slap and took him for the ride. Well tried to, he caught her into a slam and broke her on the mat. Suruga escaped more slams and took PSYCHO on the ride with a multitude of arm-drags. Both teams tried to stop wall charges and Best Bros gave PSYCHO and CHANGO a meeting of the minds. Suruga ended up going for multiple pins as she turned their kick-outs into crossbodies. PSYCHO gave CHANGO a slap to wake him up and Best Bros beat down PSYCHO. Suruga went for the Bridging Deathlock but CHANGO made the save by making her headbutt the belt. Suruga tasted a double team beating and CHANGO took his time slamming her into the wall and the mat for a senton. She got her to escape with the Best Bros crossbody combo and Akki beat down both foes with a multitude of strikes. PSYCHO saved CHANGO from the Spider and slammed Suruga into the firing line as PSYCHO threw Akki off of the wall onto her. CHANGO crushed both with a senton and both started pulling at Akki’s hair. We saw more double-team from the duo on Akki and CHANGO fired Akki up just to down him with another nasty chop into a diving double chop. He desperately kept striking at Akki but couldn’t keep him down.

The double-team shenanigans continued as PSYCHO and CHANGO continued to bully Akki. He tried to fight back but the pair just stomped him back down or in CHANGO’s case threw water bottles at him. PSYCHO flattened him with a flipping leg drop and tried to choke him out. Akki escaped and slugged back, throwing CHANGO out of the window and nailing PSYCHO with a wall-run head kick but couldn’t tag as CHANGO dragged Suruga out of the front door and into the street. The pair tried to return to work on a staggered Akki but he took both out with a dropkick and finally got the tag. Suruga ran CHANGO into the wall but PSYCHO put the block on a second attempt and threw her out of the window. Suruga slammed his arm in the window and took both out diving from the window. She finally bounced PSYCHO off the wall and tried to lock on Lucifer but PSYCHO countered into a flipping neckbreaker. CHANGO took over and violently threw Suruga into the wall. He dumped her with a swinging sleeper slam and tried to choke her out. Suruga got a blind tag and tricked CHANGO into the rolling Swanton combo then Akki gave CHANGO some deadly chops. Best Bros continued the murder with a double chop backbreaker but CHANGO reversed the impact into a roll-up. PSYCHO saved CHANGO from the bridging Deathlock with an eye gouge but Suruga used this as a way to tie both of them up at the legs. Akki dropped Suruga onto both for double stomps and both applied submissions to their trapped opponents. This didn’t win them the match though and the pair tried to catch CHANGO and PSYCHO with double diving roll-ups. This also didn’t work so they hit double wall-run cross-bodies and CHANGO bit free of a slam attempt by Akki to blast him with a Scissors Kick. PSYCHO took over with double knees and snapped Akki’s neck over his knee. Both guys went reversal mad and Akki locked on an ankle lock.

He escaped the double-arm choke with a pin attempt and killed PSYCHO with a knee. Akki continued to hammer PSYCHO with devastating strikes and dropkicked him into a slam. Akki tied him in a knot for another Suruga double stomp but ate PSYCHO’s knees off the Namaste Splash and a double Scissors Kick. Akki escaped a double slam with a Frankensteiner and flipped PSYCHO into a pinning trap. CHANGO made the save so Suruga took him out with a Super Mei Punch and Akki kicked him out of the window. PSYCHO fought both off single-handedly but Akki ran him into a spinebuster. The pair went for double splashes but CHANGO sprayed both with hairspray. PSYCHO hit the sliding Shoten but only got two so they downed Akki with the double-team cutter. Suruga made the save and fought off both but CHANGO grabbed her and PSYCHO punched her in the throat. CHANGO got knocked outside and Akki saved her from the double-team cutter to trap PSYCHO in a Best Bros pin trap. The Best Bros had taken on their biggest challenge yet and come out on top after 27 minutes of torture. It had taken every bit of resilience they had and every trick, but they’d done it. PSYCHO and CHANGO knew they’d been beaten and handed back the titles fairly. That ends season 6 but we’ll be back here again soon enough for the start of season 7 as Best Bros battle Black Komanechi for the Asia Dream Titles. it’s been a wild season and I hope you’ll all join me for the next one come the 29th of April.

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move, Dogu, FlyingVTrigger, Chie Koishikawa, Video courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube