If WWE President & Chief Revenue Officer Nick Khan recently stated that Ronda Rousey would be “coming back at a certain point in time,” despite no specifics given and her contract now expired (it expired on April 10), he probably didn’t know at that time Ronda Rousey is currently 4 months pregnant and expecting her first child. The “Baddest baby on the planet” is due around September 22. Rousey and her husband Travis Brown announced the news a new YouTube video this morning (since removed).

Rousey’s video gives an inside look at the January doctor’s appointment where she found out that they were expecting. She teased that there is “definitely much more to the story” that they will be telling later. They also teased that there will be a gender reveal to come soon, and it was indicated that they already know what the gender is. Rousey thanked everyone for the well-wishes and positivity that got them to this point.

Rousey has been away from WWE since working the WrestleMania 35 main event in 2019, with Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair. In Season 9 of Total Divas, she confesses the struggle for her to be at the same time a mother and a wrestler. She ended up taking time away from WWE so that she and Browne could expand their family.

When we asked Stephanie McMahon about wrestlers being pregnant, she said, “as women take more centre stage, whether it’s in programming and business and life, children are a huge part of our lives. To be able to celebrate that (Becky Lynch and Lacey Evans’ pregnancies), a lot of times when women are in business or in any working capacity, they maybe haven’t been treated the best in terms of when you get pregnant it’s like, ‘oh, great, now I’m gonna lose this person for x number of months, and ‘oh man, that’s a knock against that person or whatever that might be’.”

She added, “I think that we need to be able to establish norms or re-establish norms across business, sports, media, etc., any working capacity because having children is a part of life. It’s actually quite a gift that we are able to have children, and that needs to be celebrated and recognized. I think tides are just really turning.” Lacey Evans is expecting to give birth by the end of the summer when Becky Lynch is expected to be back in the ring soon, after giving birth to a daughter in early December.

All pics and videos courtesy of WWE