Welcome back to Paradigm Pro and the UWFI series. The stakes are high today as Bobby Beverly has staked his whole Paradigm career on getting his Heavy-Hitters title back. This might be the last time we see him in the company if he can’t beat the new champ, Matt Makowski. Alongside that, we’ll see Hardway Heeter look for redemption against his trainer Kerry Awful, Sidney Von Engeland battles Appollo Starr, Isaiah Broner tangles with Dustin Leonard, Big Beef and an Outlaw go to war and Cole Radrick looks to shut Robert Martyr up. There’s a whole lot of fights to get through so let’s get into the action.

A quick reminder of the UWFI rules, you start with the limited number of 15 points. You will lose 1 point for a rope break and multiple points for being knocked down or suplexed. You can only win by knock-out, TKO, submission, and by running your opponent’s points dry. There is a code of conduct to follow despite there being no DQs so any breaks of that code will cost you a point. There must be a winner for each fight.

Hardway Heeter defeated Kerry Awful via Head-Drop Suplex

Up first, was a bit of business. Kerry Awful had found himself embarrassed by the performance of Heeter throughout the series. Awful doesn’t train losers, so now he was going to teach Heeter a lesson. But Awful should know how unpredictable Heeter is and just how hard he could strike. Would this lesson bite Awful in the ass? They locked up and Awful instantly dumped Heeter with a Northern Lights variant. He slapped Heeter and seemed almost surprised when Heeter slapped back just as hard. The fight went to the mat as Awful tried to escape Heeter’s clutches and strikes. He made it up but Heeter got a couple of hard palm strikes in. Awful let Heeter get up, then clubbed him back down and kicked him in the face with a basement dropkick. He trapped Heeter in a grounded front-headlock taunting him to grab the ropes and continued to give him the verbal lashing he’d given his student all match. Awful kicked him in the face again and left him to beat the count. Heeter beat the count and was slugged straight back down with more forearms. Heeter got up again and tanked a short-arm lariat to dump Awful with an Overhead Suplex. He threw Awful with another two varying suplexes and Awful’s lackey threw in the towel. Awful had been beaten after spending all his time belittling Heeter into a frenzy. This had been a really heavy bout with an excellent little story. Heeter helped his teacher back to his feet and we ended things with a hug. Heeter was a killer now in Awful’s eyes.

Appollo Starr defeated Sidney Von Engeland via Poison Suplex

Up next was a battle of funky fresh veteran style taking on British chain grappling as Appollo Starr battled the Dominic Garrini-trained Sidney Von Engeland. Von Engeland had put on a spectacle last time he was on and now he had another chance to show his stuff. We started with lock-ups and mat grappling as the pair seemed to be equally matched and unable to keep an advantage. Starr forced Engeland to the ropes and started trying to throw strikes. Engeland tried to pick his leg but Starr forced him to the ropes again. Engeland temporarily lost his patience and regained his composure to start locking Starr up. Starr attacked Engeland in the ropes so Engeland took Starr down again and ground his forearm into his face. He stretched out Starr and watched as Starr dragged himself to the ropes. Starr beat a ten-count on a slam and got sent crashing back down with a backdrop. Engeland tried to instantly charge again but Starr lit him up with strikes and knocked him loopy with a Gamenguri. Starr went for the kill and wrapped Engeland’s arms up, slugged him in the back of the head, and dumped him into the mat with an arm-trapped T-Bone Suplex. Poison Appollo had come up with an innovative Suplex so I’ll name it after him because it looked nasty. This was a very different style of fight. It was just as much a battle of wits as it was a battle of brute force. Starr is coming for all the smoke in 2021.

Isaiah Broner defeated Dustin Leonard via Knockout Strike

Time for a good old-fashioned styles clash. Boxing was going to meet BJJ as Isaiah Broner, the knockout specialist looked to deal with the submission specialist Dustin Leonard. Was Broner going to prove once again he was the king of the company or would Leonard have him tapping for his life? This started with Leonard trying to takedown Broner as Broner tried to fight him off. It went to the mat and Leonard forced Broner to the ropes with a heel hook. Leonard picked the leg again and tried for a kneebar as Broner tried to stand. Leonard transitioned to an ankle lock and forced Broner to the ropes again. The pair locked up again and Broner tried to slam Leonard into the mat but once again Leonard worked around it and tried to hook on a Kimura Lock. Broner really had to fight up as Leonard wrapped himself like an anaconda around his arm and instantly wrapped around his leg again as Broner stood up. Broner grabbed the ropes a third time and we got a final reset. Leonard looked to rush into another leg pick but Broner had it scouted and blasted him with a knockout strike. Broner had shown he was more than capable of defence in this fight but as commentary claimed, it could have gone so badly had he not had the ropes. This was a tense one since Leonard seemed to have an answer to everything until that one strike KO’ed him. Broner wants Alex Kane next. That would be a crazy fight.

Big Beef Gnarls Garvin defeated Ron Bass Jr via Saito Suplex

You ever look at a fight and just think, “damn.” That right here is that fight for me. Two massive hoss fighters were about to throw down and probably kill each other in the process. This was going to hit hard and fast since both guys are very heavy hitters. It’s rare someone is bigger than Beef but Ron Bass Jr had a height and weight advantage over him. These two started by throwing hands and Beef hit Bass so hard it stunned him enough to hit a rolling German. Beef relentlessly kept on Bass until he rolled into the ropes and the ref pulled Beef away. Bass got his revenge with a slew of uppercuts into a short-arm lariat that sent Beef sprawling into the mat. The two went wild with strikes and Beef once again knocked Bass loopy with shots to the face before dropping him into the mat with a Saito Suplex. Bass couldn’t beat the ten-count and Beef had just slain a giant. This had been a fast and furious battle of the big men with both throwing horrific KO blows. Big Beef had been the stronger and crazy in this bout and had pummelled Bass into submission. Just when you think Beef couldn’t get any scarier, he manages something like this… J-Rose just had to remind Beef he hadn’t beaten Lord Crewe. Guess what’s happening next week?

Cole Radrick defeated Robert Martyr via KO Forearm

What happens when someone feels they have a whole ton to prove? You get a match like this. Robert Martyr has been burning his way through UWFI with wins and losses alike. There’s one name he’s been continuously calling out and someone that will shake his hand when all is said and done. That person is Cole Radrick. Now, it was time for that match. Things got heated quickly as Radrick shocked Martyr with a leg kick, verbally lashed him, and started throwing hands. Martyr fought back and told Radrick to bring it so Radrick scooped him up and smashed him into the mat with a takedown. He rained down blows and threw Martyr with a barrage of various suplexes. Radrick went after Martyr again but Martyr was ready and started striking back, dumping Radrick with a Backdrop Driver. He dropped Radrick again with a German and the two traded more heavy hands. Radrick kneed Martyr to a pulp and put him down again with a roundhouse kick. Radrick woke up the dazed Martyr and ate another barrage of vicious palm strikes before knocking him out with a heavy forearm. This was pretty much the most heated fight of the night. It was a sprint of heavy strikes and trash-talking. These two beat the hell out of each other and Martyr got his handshake after pushing through so much abuse. Respect is earned and Martyr had earned it. He ended the segment by reinforcing how the upcoming UWFI Middleweight belt is made for him. Let’s hope he gets through the tournament for it then.

Heavy-Hitters Title vs Career: Bobby Beverly defeated Matt Makowski (w/Filthy Tom Lawlor & Dominic Garrini) via Knockout Strike

Last but not least, the main event. Bobby Beverly has never quite been the same since he lost the Heavy-Hitters title. Now, he was putting it all on the line to get it back. If he couldn’t beat the new champion, Matt Makowski, he’d leave Paradigm forever. Could this new 44OH! fuelled push to reclaim him the prize he had held so dear bear fruit or was it goodbye forever?  The Bev instantly ducked a kick and dumped Makowski on his head with a Saito Suplex. Makowski fought out of a second and hit Beverly with one. Beverly tanked a flurry of palm strikes and dropped Makowski with another Saito. Makowski did the same and tried for another running kick but Beverly bailed outside. He finally returned to the ring and Makowski floored him with a high leg lariat. Beverly beat the count but got struck back down with an insane barrage of palm strikes and continued to strike at Beverly on the mat. Makowski charged for the killing blow but Beverly was just cognizant enough to pull one knockout strike and end Makowski there and then. He had reclaimed his title and kept his career intact but Team Filthy were not happy. Beverly tanked an immeasurable amount of damage in this fight and Lawlor and Garrini piled on even more. Matthew Justice made the save again and he challenged Team Filthy to a UWFI tag match. The Lifers were back for one final time and they were going to end the season with a bang against Team Filthy. Congratulations Bobby Beverly on the title win but your work is not over yet.

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