Right here, right now. What is a Rebellion? A Rebellion always starts in your heart and soul, it’s the process of forgetting everything you know and asking questions about what everything is again. Rebellion is not always pretty, it’s having the ability to stand up for what you believe in no matter the consequences. Do it with purpose, be fearless, don’t be afraid to risk everything to accomplish your dream, regret nothing. Do it with purpose, be fearless, regret nothing, there is only one solution to stand and fight.”
Those sentences are nothing more than the ones of the Cold Open of the first Rebellion ever, in 2019. Over the last five weeks, I reminded you about these perfect lines that brilliantly summed up everything that happened. A roller coaster of months, some
crossovers between companies, with a supposed “dream match” for some. Then, meanwhile, in the Impact Zone, the fear has been growing. The most coveted prize, the World Championship title, could go away and maybe never come back. The reason for a roster to be proud, fight, elevate its game could lose its reason to be the family it is. Despite that fear, the show has been going on. We can say the card was respecting the recipe we love, hardcore, X-Division, Knockouts… Do you realize the Knockouts are representing 2 of the 5 belts the company holds? This is Impact Wrestling.
The major question of this PPV was: where do we go after that? What do you tell your guys if they learn there’s no more Holy Grail to chase? When feuds are coming to an end tonight, what’s next? Are the crossovers meant to become something we will have to get used to?
Three Championships are on the line, a lot of questions marks are on the menu. Who are the survivors and the winners of that great night, from Nashville, in a no-crowd arena? How many “I told you” and “I saw it coming”?  It’s time to find out, but your French Enygma Steph way…

  • A few Live Countdown to Hard To Kill words

After This Is Rebellion, Havok and Rosemary teamed up against Kimber Lee and Susan. I’m not sure they were happy to work together but they won.

  • Three-Way Match for the IMPACT X-Division Championship: Ace Austin (c) w/ Madman Fulton vs TJP vs Josh Alexander

Is there a better way to start a PPV than an X-Division match? The perfect modern classic only Impact Wrestling can deliver. And also the exclamation point of a series of insane matches we have had the chance to watch over the last few weeks. If Ace Austin desperately wanted to retain the title, and with that stipulation, he had Madman Fulton by his side, he had to face not only a desperate former Champion but also a very talented and focused New Kid on The Block (the right stuff… sorry). That was meant to be the Match of the Night, at least mine. Of course, it was.

They circled to start and then do some scrambling before Josh hit some chops on Ace and shoulder-tackled him to the ground. Josh went for an anklelock attempt, countered. TJP locked him into an Octopus, countered. Ace got sent outside, TJP connected with a hurricanrana on Alexander, sending him out too. TJP hit a springboard sliding dropkick to Josh, then Ace hit a kick to TJP and one to Alexander. TJP got back in the ring for a dropkick on Ace and put him in the corner for a boot in his face. TJP went off the ropes but Josh took him down, TJP was out, Ace kicked Josh over the ring and dove on both of them with his classic Fosbury Flip.

Austin took a bow, then rolled TJP in. He stalked TJP and ran in, ate a boot and decked him. Austin connected with a wristlock, then got his card out but the ref stopped him. Ace argued with the ref, TJP recovered and got Ace on his shoulders. Josh broke it up and Ace sent TJP into the corner shoulder-first, Alexander with a waist lock but Ace grabbed the ropes. Alexander pulled him free and hit his 3 Amigos, German suplexes, and bridged the last. Josh went for a Divine Intervention but TJP broke it up, Ace kicked both men and then charged in but Josh ducked and TJP monkey-flipped him into Josh. Austin got free and hit a springboard kick to Alexander. TJP came in with a hard kick to Austin, went up top but Ace cut him off. Ace went up but Josh ran in and stopped them both, Josh hit a double superplex.

TJP and Josh traded shots as Madman tended to Ace and kicked Josh. He went after TJP but got sent through the ropes. Alexander ran at TJP but got sent over the ropes to the floor, Ace went up but TJP tripped him into the Tree of Woe. TJP connected with a Mamba Splash on Ace, Alexander broke it up and went for the ankle lock. TJP countered, but he locked it back in. TJP continued with a kneebar reversal, Josh got another ankle lock on Ace. Josh kicked TJP off and maintained the lock, he slapped Ace in the head a couple of times. TJP came in and locked in an Octopus while Ace rolled free and went in for a mousetrap pin.

TJP jumped over a charging Ace and kicked him, then Josh, and both of his opponents were in the corner. Double face wash, he came off the ropes and kicked both men in the head. Fulton with a trip to TJP, Ace hit the Fold, Josh broke the count and hit the Divine Intervention, TJP broke it up at 2.99. TJP got sent outside, Josh decked Ace a couple of times, got him on the shoulders and went up but Ace kicked his way out. Ace went for a new move but Josh turned it into an ankle lock. TJP connected with a Mamba Splash to Josh. Fulton broke the pin attempt by pulling TJP off Josh. Alexander with another ankle lock, Ace got out but Josh hit the Divine Intervention piledriver for the win.

If you blinked, it was over. What a fantastic match and a fresh winner. I even felt in D’Lo Brown and Matt Striker’s voices some bits of happiness… I looked at Josh Alexander holding that belt, completely numb, and I remembered a story he told me when we chatted recently. “Often when really good things happen, I don’t tend to believe them right up until like the moment they’re actually coming true.” I think after a few hours, he was celebrating. Matches like this, moments like this, they make us remember why we love wrestling. Just amazing…

Backstage, we get Eric Young in front of Violent By Design talking about how he’s still steering the ship and that someone has their chance to make their mark and do what they’re capable of. Eric Young then started to talk to a way taller person than him…

  • Violent by Design (?, Rhino, Cody Deaner & Joe Doering) w/ Eric Young vs Eddie Edwards, Willie Mack, Chris Sabin & James Storm

Despite having a torn ACL, Eric Young was there. He sat down to enjoy the action from the ramp. D’Lo Brown called Eddie Edwards the heartbeat of Impact Wrestling. After all the flowers Eddie has received over the last few days, please send him some vases now… Match #1001 for The Cowboy James Storm, absolutely undeniable. When it comes to who would replace Eric Young, the “size” factor I told you before obviously led us to think the rumours of the afternoon were true. And they were true. W. Morrisey, fka Caz XL, fka Big Cass, was on the Impact Zone (if you look at the gif below, the size difference is suddenly very noticeable).

Doering and Edwards started off, and Edwards got backed into the corner. Rhino and Sabin tagged in, the faces took over and Deaner got tagged in for the heels, charging in and getting thrown by Eddie who was in now. Storm then tagged in and manhandled Deaner, throwing him into the corner so Morrissey could tag in. Storm and Morrissey stared down, Storm hit a couple of shots, Morrissey took control with punches and strikes. He set Storm on the turnbuckle, knocked him down and then decked one of the faces while Storm was rolled back into the ring. Storm nailed Storm in the corner and tagged in Deaner, who boot-choked Storm in the corner. Doering in, Storm into the ropes ate a big crossbody.

Rhino in now hit a big clothesline and then wrenched in Storm’s neck. Storm back up to his feet tried to elbow out but Rhino replied with a big forearm. Storm into the corner, Rhino charged in but Storm replied with a boot-up and a neckbreaker to Rhino. Willie Mack and Deaner both got tagged in, Mack was in and sent Doering out. Deaner was in, hit a big leg drop to Deaner and then a sit-out spinebuster. Sabin in, Deaner managed to fight back, he got Sabin on the top but got knocked down, Sabin connected with a big dive onto the heels on the outside and Eddie followed up, Mack continued with a cannonball. Deaner got hit with several leaping moves, Mack made the pin but Morrissey broke it up and took all the faces out.

Morrissey pulled Deaner to the corner and tagged himself in, beat on some guys but got sent to the outside when Mack pulled the rope down. Morrissey wasn’t done yet though when chaos emerged on the outside. Mack went for a dive but Morrissey decked him coming through the ropes. Deaner up on the top turnbuckles but Sabin cut him off and superplexed Deaner onto all the others. Everyone was down. Mack and Doering ended up in the ring, Mack hit a Stunner on Doering who rolled out of the ring. Morrissey came in, Mack and Morrissey stared at each other. Morrissey countered a Stunner attempt, Mack off the ropes ate a big boot. Morrissey decided not to go for the cover and hit a swinging sidewalk slam for the win.

After the match, Morrissey continued to manhandle Mack until the referee convinced him to stop. Morrissey remained in the middle of the ring when the other members of VBD were with Eric Young at the top of the ramp. He had a nice smile when he made his way to the ring but Morrissey seems to hide his game. Eric Young probably let the wolf get into the fold but, at the same time, he so epitomizes the idea of Violent By Design. Good match, nice teamwork from the faces. Classic match but that worked.

  • Brian Myers vs Matt Cardona

This match was all about a matter of professionalism and how you define it. When Myers has developed his own and pretty unique definition of it, Cardona remained the nice, smiling guy who defends another vision of professionalism. They have known each other for 18 years, they trained together, they debuted together, they won together. But Myers decided there could only have one Sheriff in the Impact Zone.

They faced off with arms outstretched to start, Cardona offered the handshake and Myers replied with a middle finger. He flipped him off so Matt decked in and takes control. Cardona went for the Reboot, but Myers slipped out of the ring and then hung Matt on the ropes. Myers got Matt outside the ring, he went for a suplex but Matt dropped it into a neckbreaker. Cardona sent Myers over the guardrail and rolled in and backed out. Cardona went for Myers and nearly hit a production guy, Myers took the moment to take control and beat on Cardona. Back in the ring, Myers locked in a submission. Cardona stunned Myers with a jawbreaker but Myers was able to slide out of the ring and tripped Matt hard. He got a couple of elbow drops. Myers locked in a side headlock and Cardona fit out but got slammed into the corner. He got Matt on the top and talked trash, only to get nailed by Matt who followed with a dropkick off the second.

Cardona went up and hit an elbow on a charging Myers, he hit a couple of clotheslines and turned a back body drop attempt into a knee drop. Cardona went for the Reboot, Myers slid out but Cardona hit the reboot through the ropes. Cardona hit the Radio Silence to Myers on the ramp and both men were down. Cardona up first rolled Myers into the ring, but Myers rolled his way quickly back out. Myers managed to take Cardona down as he slid out, then hit a big Spear on the outside. Myers rolled Cardona in, went up top, and hit a big elbow drop off the top. Myers went for a suplex, Cardona slid out for a double underhook, Myers countered and Cardona turned it into an Impaler. Cardona charged at Myers in the corner but Matt got his feet up. Cardona did a leapfrog but came down on his knee roughly. The ref checked on him and other officials came down to take a look. Myers offered Cardona a hand, Matt took it, Myers hit a clothesline and a forearm for the win.
Myers was professional in his own way from the beginning to the end. I doubt Cardona’s injury is fake because of the way they wrapped the match up. Honestly, it is sad because that was a really good match.

Backstage, Tony Khan was there with AEW people including Tony Schiavone, Jerry Lynn and Aubrey Edwards. They were telling Gia Miller how excited they were when D’Amore came in with Brian Hebner. Khan was sceptical about Hebner’s integrity considering his family history. We now had two refs for the match.

  • IMPACT Knockouts Tag Team Championship Match: Fire ‘N Flava (c) vs Jordynne Grace & Rachael Ellering w/ Jazz

Jazz was in the challengers’ corner. Steelz and Ellering got things started. Ellering worked over Steelz, Hogan tagged in but Ellering overpowered her. Hogan looked for a side headlock and just got picked up with ease. Grace got in the ring and just tossed Hogan like she was nothing, then whipped her into the corner. Grace got double-teamed though to slow her down with a double superkick and a double suplex. Steelz connected with a running uppercut in the corner, Graces dropped down. Hogan continued with a sliding kick to the face. Grace was on the wrong side and was kept down on the mat. Misstep by the champs, Grace planted Hogan down to the mat. Grace slowly made it over to her corner, Ellering tagged in, hit a jumping elbow and a jumping forearm in the corner on Hogan. She knocked Steelz to the floor. Back to Hogan, she hit an STO, and then a second rope spinning leg drop. Ellering asked Grace if she’s good to get back in the match, Grace tagged in and hit a big splash. She then hit a senton down on Hogan as she was draped over Ellering’s knees.

Champs were thrown into the corner but ended up on the apron, both hit kicks to the head and dropkicks. They went for a double suplex on Grace, she suplexes them both. Grace lift Steelz up and over the apron, Steelz looked like she wanted to hit a cutter on Ellering while going down, but barely got her. Grace connected with a big suicide dive to the outside. Hogan then splashed down on both Grace and Ellering. Very rough looking spots. Ellering tagged in, Steelz pulled Grace out to the floor. Hogan hit a thrust kick. Ellering hit a big sit-out powerbomb for the win.
Something went wrong at a moment and it prevented us from a great match and the birth of a great team. I can’t wait for the rematch and all the matches that will follow to really appreciate the potential of “Rhapsody in Blue,” as Matt Striker called them.

  • Last Man Standing Match: Sami Callihan vs Trey Miguel

Trey Miguel knew he was entering the lion’s den. He would get out of it totally different, that’s exactly what happened. Trey hit a front dropkick to start, went in but Sami caught him and chucked him out of the ring. Sami grabbed Trey as he got up and bodyslammed him on the concrete. Trey up and Sami got him on his shoulders, Trey slipped out and ran, he almost got thrown into the ring post but avoided it and hit a Sliced Bread #2 on the floor. Trey into the ring came out and hit a 619 kick. Trey back in dove through the ropes but Sami moved and Trey hit the guardrail hard. Sami went in with a knife-edge chop. Sami slammed past the barricade to the floor then slipped over the guardrail. He went into the back and came out with a production cart, rolling it at Trey but Trey moved. Trey goes for a hurricanrana, but Sami caught him and powerbombed him onto the cart. Sami grabbed a chain and started to punish Trey with it. He shouted in Trey’s face and Miguel grabbed his jaw. Sami took back control and jammed a wrench into Trey’s jaw.

Sami threw a chair into Trey’s head, pulled out a table and rolled Trey into the ring. Trey grabbed a chair as Sami made his way in, he got slammed back down head-first into the chair. Sami put Trey’s head on a chair and went to hit Trey with the wrench, but Trey moved. Trey hit a Scorpion Kick and he slammed Sami back-first into the chairs. Trey set up a table as Sami begged off. Trey went to suplex him onto the upside-down table, Sami reversed, they jockeyed for position and Sami bodyslammed Trey into the leg crossbar. Sami threw a chair at Trey, ate another in his face, Sami set up the table and was going up top after having to walk around. Sami hit a piledriver through a non-breaking table.

Sami grabbed the ring steps and set them up, then went under the ring for another table. Sami went for a piledriver onto the steps and Trey strangled his eyes. He went for a suplex and Sami grabbed Trey by the crotch and hit a piledriver onto the steps. Sami put Trey under the steps and sit on it, and the ref counts to 9 cause Trey slipped out. Trey hit a cutter to Sami from the apron through the table and both men were down! The count hit 10, Trey is up but Sami not (he tried but he slid).

The Last Man Standing was not the best stipulation, but it was hardcore. Sami lost because of his sweat, which is not a loss. So rematch?

Backstage, Rich Swann told Gia Miller about how they’re in his house and he’s not letting Omega come into his house and take away his prize and pride.

  • IMPACT World Tag Team Championship Match: FinJuice (c) vs The Good Brothers

Finally the long-awaited rematch… Since No Surrender, Anderson and Gallows have been champing at the bit and waiting for FinJuice to come back from Japan to have a chance to regain the Tag Team titles. NJPW have been very protective and at the same time supportive of the fact their wrestlers were the Champions of a US promotion. NJPW are way more used to cross-promotional work than other promotions are.

Anderson and Finlay locked up to get things started. Back-and-forth action with The Good Brothers using their power advantage to keep down the champs. Gallows hit a big boot on the outside as he continued to work over Finlay. Gallows hit some big hammer elbows and followed it up with a chinlock. Gallows charged in, ate a double boot.

Finlay lept off the second rope and hit an uppercut on Gallows. Anderson tagged in to stop Finlay from tagging in, but he was able to get around Anderson to bring in his partner. Juice connected with a jumping senton on Anderson. He knocked Doc down to the floor, then splashed down on him. Juice gave D’lo Brown a high-five at commentary. Juice connected with some punches, an inverted atomic drop, a kick to the face of Anderson. Robinson continued with a clothesline in the corner and then hit a cannonball senton. Dropkick/side Russian leg sweep combo on Anderson. Then, backbreaker, elbow drop off the second rope combo. Double clothesline sent Gallows hard to the floor. Robinson lifted Anderson up, Gallows shoved Finlay down to the floor. Anderson connected with a cutter on Robinson. Gallows continued with a splash in the corner, a suplex/neckbreaker combo. The Good Brothers looked for Magic Killer, Finlay shoved Anderson out of the ring. Juice connected with the inside cradle for the pinfall victory.

“I’m an IMPACT guy, I want the titles here,” I agree with D’Lo Brown but FinJuice are clearly a tone above the Good Brothers. This match, compared to the No Surrender one, showed it way better. I clearly said when we were all Omega-focused, we didn’t see the tree that was hiding the forest. FinJuice are impressive, they deserve to wear the belts they won without any shenanigan. While The Good Brothers were running to Jacksonville almost every week to help their supposed friend, was their friend there for them? We’ll see how things go but I don’t think the belts will remain undefended. We know where loyalty lies…

Backstage, Gia Miller wanted to talk to Kenny, she had Don Callis who gave an aggrandizing promo in his place talking about how they set all this up. Callis said that Swann considers the talent in the back as his family and he’s going to lose because of that because they won’t help him. He said tonight, he and Omega will execute and leave with both World titles.

  • IMPACT Knockouts Championship Match: Deonna Purrazzo (c) w/ Kimber Lee and Susan vs Tenille Dashwood w/ Kaleb with a K

If it wasn’t to introduce Taylor Wilde, this match had no sense to me. Tenille Dashwood has cheated her way on IMPACT ever since she made her debut.
We started off with some counter wrestling between the two. Tenille got the first pin attempt, Tenille got one of her own. Tenille got Deonna into the ropes and hit a kick. Deonna replied with a Gory lock-in. Deonna was in control now, she kicked at Tenille and then bodyslammed her. Deonna connected with a straight-jacket submission. Deonna kicked Dashwood in the stomach and hit a high knee to the face. Dashwood with a lariat and both women are down. Tenille had Deonna in a waist lock, Deonna reversed.

Deonna connected with a forearm to the head, then a German suplex and another. Tenille managed to hit some back elbows to the head and a butterfly suplex in the corner, a crossbody and another. Tenille was in control, she grabbed Deonna’s arms and stomped her head into the mat. Muta lock by Tenille but Kimber Lee and Susan both got up on the apron. Kaleb yanked Lee off the apron, Dashwood punched Susan. Lee shoved Kaleb into the ring post. Deonna hit a pump kick to put down Dashwood. Deonna hit the spotlight kick, cover, Lee yanked her out of the pin attempt. The referee clearly saw it and didn’t boot anyone. Deonna continued with a DDT on Dashwood. She looked for the Queen’s Gambit, no, Dashwood tried to get back in but got hit with an Exploder suplex. Deonna locked in the Fujiwara armbar, Tenille got out of it. Deonna hit a knife-edge chop to Tenille, and a stomp to the chest. The Queen’s Gambit gave her the win.

After the match, Susan, Deonna, and Kimber beat up Dashwood. Taylor Wilde came out from the back and cleared the ring. She yelled at Deonna who got up on the apron and held up the title. She bailed as Wilde was charging her and headed to the back. Next match, please…

The next PPV will be “Slammiversary” in July 2021 (choose your date carefully, guys…). “Under Siege” and “Against All Odds” will take place on May 15 and June 12 on Impact Plus as iPPVs. Did you see, among the great pics of Nashville, the Australian, Mexican and Canadian flags, as well as Samoa Joe, Chelsea Green, Mickie James, Tetsuya Naito, Kazuchika Okada, and The Great Muta, like me in the “Slammiversary” teaser? Look carefully…

  • Special Announcer, Special Referees, Title vs Title Match: AEW World Champion Kenny Omega w/ Don Callis and The Good Brothers vs IMPACT World Champion Rich Swann w/ Eddie Edwards and Willie Mack

Two referees, a special announcer, 3 AEW executives there, 3 vs 2 at ringside… And me, and me, and me (you couldn’t understand…) Before talking about the match, since Kenny Omega stepped a foot in the Impact Zone, I have champed at the bit. I despise Kenny Omega the same way I despised Shawn Michaels 25 years ago. I will never deny how talented they are, I just can’t stand their attitude, their character and the exposure they are given. That’s what I think. Review after review, I have never tried to convince any of you to follow my example because I have way too much respect for the readers and Impact Wrestling to do that. Some of you felt my resentment but none of you complained about the way I was writing about Kenny Omega. I am a pro and I have remained a pro.

Omega acting very arrogant stepped on Swann when he dropped down to avoid Omega. Omega hit a shot to the face and quickly found the ropes to keep Swann back. Multiple counters, Swann with a feint and a dropkick that sent Omega out to the floor. Swan connected with a phoenix splash to the floor, taking down Omega. Big chop to Omega’s chest. Swann and Omega back in the ring, Swann looked to drop down on his opponent, but nobody home. Omega moved over to the apron and hit a back suplex on the apron. Swann and Omega battled out near the ramp. Omega hit a back body drop that spiked Swann head-first on the apron. In the ring, Omega hit a buckle bomb, a neckbreaker, a backbreaker and kept it locked in over his knee. Big knees to Swann’s side, followed by a shot to the back. Swann trying to fight back with a big counter to the Kotaro crusher followed by a running frog splash. Omega with more shots to the back, but Swann was getting fired up. He slapped Omega a bunch of times but ate a flurry of forearms. Swann continued with a leaping clothesline and a hurricanrana. Omega to the second rope hit a kick to the head and a standing Frankensteiner.

Both ended up on the top turnbuckle, Omega looked for a powerbomb, nope, Swann dropped down and connected with a frog splash off the top. Omega with a V-Trigger and looked for the one-winged angel, but Swann slipped out the back. Omega hit a huge spinning heel kick to the back of Swann’s head. V-trigger crushed Swann in the corner. Swann was put up on the top turnbuckle. Omega followed for the Electric Chair position. Swann dropped down. Each wrestler threw bombs at the other. V-trigger to Swann, snapdragon suplex, and another one. Swann got up and hit a cutter. He looked for a handspring cutter and Omega pulled the referee in front of him to take the cutter. Aubrey Edwards had to take over now.

Omega with a lariat on Swann then got a chair. Aubrey Edwards took it away from him as he raised it up. Callis was up on the apron. Swann hit a handspring cutter. Omega fired up in the corner, V-Trigger missed, Swann with multiple kicks. Spinning Michinoku Driver. Swann hit a boot in Omega’s face, then headed to the second rope, Phoenix Splash, landed on his feet. Omega with a V-Trigger, one-winged angel, but he ended up going into a german suplex. Omega with a jay driller, a straight knee to Swann’s face, and another one. He wen for a third, Swann dropped down and Omega laughed a bit. Omega for a V-Trigger and Swann looked out. Omega lifted him up, Swann hit some slaps to the head and the body, then a suplex. He went to the second rope for a Phoenix Splash, nobody home. Omega with yet another V-Trigger to the face and the One-Winged Angel. Over.

After the match, Callis celebrated. Both sides checked on their respective wrestlers. Scott D’Amore looked very sad but clapped hands. Omega gathered all of his titles and held them up in celebration.

If only it was a bad match, and it was not. If only Rich Swann made a mistake, and he didn’t. If only there were some cheating or interferences, and there was a few but neglectable. If only things happened the way the IMPACT roster wanted it to, and it didn’t. What will AEW and Kenny Omega do of our belt? The true IMPACT fans were very unhappy on social media yesterday and today. Damn, I understand them. Our family lost one of its most important members, after all.

Edelweiss, edelweiss… I have had this title in mind for at least a month. Not only because I read the Philip K. Dick book because I’m currently watching the TV series. Tonight, there could have been only one winner because one man had the good version of the film, and so the good version of the story. Impact Wrestling is a family, a team, and when you love it, you support it as a whole. It is my family and I’ve been defended it for nearly 4 years. I have asked again and again, what’s next? Now, we know…
Rebellion was 3 great hours of wrestling, even if some things went wrong here and there. There was something fantastic in the way all the matches, despite different, were matching so well. There was something special that kept all the roster together and allowed it to make something great. Despite what could happen, IMPACT stood tall. D’Lo Brown and Matt Striker have become such an important part of the show you can’t watch without listening. They even made me forget the false arena sound I hate so much.

Action wise, the X-Division bout as an opener is always a good choice but what a match it was… This is IMPACT to offer that kind of crazy match with such an innovative spirit. The Last Man Standing was hard but great. I hope Matt Cardona is okay because his match against Brian Myers was a must-see if the injury didn’t happen. Violent By Design are more and more powerful. FinJuice are impressive and I just can’t wait to see them in the Impact Zone soon. 
Once again, as the broken record I am, what is next? Once again, there’s nothing to tell us where we are going. But there’s one man who can help us. Moose, it’s your time now. Control Your Narrative, Perfect Your Repertoire… See you on Thursday for IMPACT, we don’t know yet what is going to happen but I’ll be there because I want to know if I will have to sell my soul or not. ENYGMAtically yours…


Rebellion Full Results:

  • Josh Alexander defeated Ace Austin (c) and TJP to become the new X-Division Champion
  • Violent By Design (Rhino, Deaner, Joe Doering & W. Morrissey) defeated Willie Mack, Eddie Edwards, Cowboy James Storm & Chris Sabin
  • Brian Myers defeated Matt Cardona
  • Jordynne Grace & Rachael Ellering defeated Fire ‘N Flava (c) to become the new IMPACT Knockouts Tag Team Champions
  • Last Man Standing Match: Trey Miguel defeated Sami Callihan
  • FinJuice (c) defeated The Good Brothers to retain the IMPACT World Tag Team Championship
  • Deonna Purrazzo (c) defeated Tenille Dashwood to retain the IMPACT Knockouts Championship
  • AEW Champion Kenny Omega defeated Rich Swann to become the new IMPACT World Champion

All pics, screenshots, and videos courtesy of Impact Wrestling, AXS TV and Fite TV. All photocollage by @frenchnygma exclusively for @steelchairmag.