So, let’s preface this by being honest. This probably wasn’t the best event I’ll ever review. It was a weirdly off tournament of questionable booking, questionable wrestling and some hilariously all over the place commentary as Lodi of Raven’s Flock commentated the disaster, he was seeing in front of him. But within this tournament, there were some actual moments of good wrestling and good fun. Instead of going through the whole tournament, trying to ignore the crap bits let’s just focus on the bits that were actually worth watching for the wrestling. Colt 45 was one of the most underrated deathmatch guys on the scene and this tournament was full of guys who respected him in a company that he had called home. So, let’s honour his memory with the good that came from this cup.

AKIRA defeated Stockade via Sudden Death

Leading up to this point there had been some good moments of plunder-based wrestling fun. Justin Fireball proved to be an entertaining deathmatch party animal, Raven Havok and JW Dalton had been a fairly enjoyable gusset-fest with the first glass pane break with a cool double stomp finish. Nothing had properly hit the spot yet though. Enter the two most-known and most-appreciated guys in the whole tournament, Stockade and AKIRA. They were about to show everyone how it’s done. These two opened with a technical exchange, much to Lodi’s shock and we got a nasty exchange of kicks. A stiff chop-fest broke out. Stockade tried for a slam but AKIRA wriggled free and downed him with a Pele Kick. He continued to rush down Stockade with a Tiger Feint Kick and dragged him into a ring post with a Cravat. AKIRA tried for a Dragon Screw but Stockade wasn’t having it and pelted him in the head with a chair. Stockade continued to maul AKIRA with hard strikes and plunder shots but an attempted drop toe hold was reversed and Stockade ate steel chair. AKIRA went back to the leg and destroyed Stockade’s knee with a vicious duo of falling Dragon Screws. He tried for an ankle lock but swatted him away with chair shots to the back.

Stockade came back hard with a chair-assisted cannonball but AKIRA came right back at him with a corner trip and more chops. He quickly hit a face wash and leapt at Stockade with a hesitation dropkick. AKIRA missed a diving senton and Stockade capitalised with a shotgun dropkick to the jaw. He set up some chairs and dragged AKIRA outside for a ring-in powerbomb. After putting down some resistance, AKIRA was sent crashing through the chairs. AKIRA kicked out so Stockade grabbed a table and smashed AKIRA onto it. Stockade missed the Swanton, crashing through the table and earning himself a chair to face dropkick. Kawada kicks followed and Akira tried for a sleeper. Stockade threw him off but AKIRA was straight back with Sudden Death for the win. These two put on a plunder-match clinic and mixed excellent wrestling with excellent plunder awareness. It was a great way to end the first round after a mixed bag of matches.

Raven Havok defeated Justin Fireball via Double Stomp to Chair

Round 2 time and I can’t not cover a Justin Fireball match. As XWW’s Hardcore Champion I wanted to give the hardcore party animal a full-match review. He was going to have to get through Raven Havok if he wanted to make that final. We started with a handshake and Fireball started with an educational side-headlock as he talked about how was controlling Havok before dragging him into a DDT. He mauled Havok in the corner and dropped him with a Stalling Suplex. Havok kneed his way to freedom and gave Fireball double knees in the corner. He nailed Fireball with an apron DDT and continued to pummel him with forearms. Fireball downed Havok and himself with a clothesline, then hammered Havok with a chair. He powerbombed him on to the chair and tried for a lazy cover so Havok hit him in the balls. The tubes came out and Havok broke them over Fireball’s back before carving into his head. He tried to fire up but Fireball smashed the broken glass over him and punt-kneed him back to the mat. He broke the leftover tubes on Havok and charged a corner-trapped Havok but he just ran into Havok’s boot. He smashed Fireball off of a seated chair and ended the match with a double stomp onto Fireball and the chair. This was a fine little match; I enjoy Fireball’s character and humour as it gave this match a bit more flavour amongst the violence. Havok progresses to the final.

Final: Raven Havok defeated AKIRA & Terry Houston via Glass Pane Crucifix

How do you prove you’re the toughest SOB in this tournament? By gate-crashing the second semi-final match and making it a triple-threat final because you could fight either winner. That’s what Raven Havok did as he re-emerged after winning his match. AKIRA and Houston were fine with this and we got a tube-filled triple-threat final. Havok was instantly thrown through a block of tubes and AKIRA carved up Houston. The tube warfare continued as Houston smashed back and cut into AKIRA with broken glass. AKIRA picked a leg and headbutted another tube into Houston, then gave Havok a tube kick to the back. He dragged Havok to the ropes and carved a tube into his back as Houston staggered across and carved up AKIRA as he carved up Havok. The tubes continued to break as all three men assaulted the other with tubes. AKIRA got the best of the tubes as he dropkicked both opponents into a cluster of tubes. Neither man would stay down so he kept attacking them with tubes and a sanitiser dispenser until Havok clobbered him with a tube. Houston continued to get the worst of it as Havok pushed a syringe through his cheek and AKIRA gave him another head kick. AKIRA went tube crazy on Havok and reversed a whip to send him flying into a glass pane. He chopped away Houston and dragged Havok through the broken glass with a Cravat, ordering the cameraman to follow the carnage. Havok wouldn’t quit so AKIRA dragged his back through the glass and once again, got rid of Houston. This time with a gusset to the head.

He set up a glass pane and smashed Houston with tubes because he still wouldn’t stay out and Suplexed Havok through a chair. He gave both men more tubes and looked to end Havok with a tube double stomp but Havok moved and broke tubes into AKIRA with double knees. The pair worked to throw Houston out again and AKIRA nearly stole the win with a Meteora reversal. He locked on a choke and threw Havok through more tubes with a Sleeper Suplex. Houston tried to steal the win so AKIRA gave him more tubes and the pair slugged it out. He tried to hit AKIRA with a tube but AKIRA nailed him with a Pele Kick and blasted the tube with a boot. Houston kicked low to avoid Sudden Death and Havok put both men through a glass pane with a Crucifix Bomb. Havok got the pin on Houston and claimed the Colt 45 Memorial Cup. This match summed up the whole tournament perfectly. It was a violent car crash. Was it pretty? No. Was it the chaotic mess you’d want from a tournament like this? Mostly. I didn’t review every match but I did try to highlight the good here. The second half of this tournament kicked into another gear and offered something fun. It’s an inexpensive show on FITE to honour one of the fallen warriors in the deathmatch game. I’d say it’s worth the pick-up if you want to see something that will at least bewilder you.

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