Welcome to Camp Leapfrog. The pro-wrestling summer camp of wackiness was about to get a dose of seriousness as a resident camper and former MMA Pro Matt Makowski was bringing a new type of fight, FrogSport. He’d been attacked by CB and Nova at training and left a scroll summoning him to make this violent tourney. FrogSport had begun with a series of free first-round matches and now we were going into the big show. Alongside the remaining rounds of the tournament, we’d have the Open Swim Pre-show, a Soviet Deathmatch between Edith Surreal and Masha Slamovich, and a tag team extravaganza to get through. It was a packed time at camp so let’s get into the action.

Round 1 Results

These are all free to watch on the IWTV Facebook page and I’d highly recommend them. The results of the matches are as follows:

  • Yoya defeated Boomer Hatfield via Ground and Pound KO – An excellent little bout where MMA met catch wrestling. Both guys showed out with the Shooterweight getting the win.
  • Jordan Blade defeated Molly McCoy via Ankle Breaker – Grit met submission sniping as both put on a sprint of heavy hits and submissions. McCoy put up a good fight but Blade trapped them and tapped them out.
  • Violence defeated Bonez via Ankle Kick KO – This was another nice little bout where strikes met submissions with a very surprising end. Violence had outstruck the Voodoo master and taken a flash KO.
  • Matt Makowski defeated Blaxstrom via Chaos Theory Armbar – The Tattooed Torture Expert got paired up against the man on the marquee, Matt Makowski. Both guys have heavy qualifications so this one was going to get technical. This was by far the most evenly-contested match so far as both guys went strike for strike and hold for hold until Makowski got his famous armbar on.
  • Darius Carter defeated Abby Jane via Cross Armbreaker – Oh Abby, I’m sorry you drew Darius. You put so much work in but it’s always a coin toss against the All-father. She really took the fight to Carter with her Kung Fun but Carter broke her elbow and tapped her out.

  • Saber Dorado defeated Nolo Kitano via Kneebar – This was going to be a battle of the ancestors. Both guys channel the power of those who came before them when they fight and now, they would collide for the ultimate honour. These two meshed perfectly and need another fight in the future. Dorado gets the round-1 win.
  • Janai Kai defeated Big Callux via Tornado Kick – Time for the big one. Big Callux was here and he was out to prove the small weaklings couldn’t beat him. However, Janai Kai was here to disprove that in the most epic of ways. This was a Big Callux match as he tried to best Kai at her own game until Kai bust out something iconic, the Johnny Cage/JCVD splits nut punch. From there, she went kick crazy and put down the big man.
  • Travis Huckabee defeated Jay Lyon via Stretch Muffler – Travis Huckabee had a very rabid challenger to beat here as he was in the ring with a Lyon. The Golden Grappler wants to fight a bear but for now, he would have to contend with Lyon. The match wasn’t a cakewalk as Lyon tried to strike out Huckabee but the precision of Huckabee saw him through.

Open Swim 

Miles Millennium defeated Kamen MK via Twister Tap – Up first in the tadpole matches was Myles Millennium of the goons taking on your friendly neighbourhood indie wrestler Kamen MK. This was a nice little technical bout as Miles tapped out MK with a Twister. MK was broken by Miles with the goon getting the win.

Athrun Amada defeated Eel O’Neal via DQ – The next tadpole match was Eel O’Neal of the DMV taking on the reborn Athrun Amada. How would this rebirth differ and would he become another chapter of the African-American Horror Story? This was another nice clash of styles as O’Neal tried to tie up Amada and use up his rope breaks. Amada got a good showing but O’Neal really did try to destroy his legs. This technical masterclass was thrown out because O’Neal would rather be DQ’ed than tap out to the Border City Stretch. O’Neal tried to be a dick post-match but Amada took him out with Downfall.

Maximillian ZERO defeated CC Boost via Powerbomb KO – The Open Swim ended with a grudge match. CC Boost had caused the unmasking of ZERO and unwittingly unleashed wrestling’s newest man-crush. Now ZERO wanted revenge and if he bested Boost here, he’d be a Frogsport alternate. ZERO completely dominated Boost here and KO’ed him with a Powerbomb. It’s a good day to be Maximillian ZERO.

FrogSport Main Show

Quarter-Final: Yoya defeated Jordan Blade via Busaiku Knee

The main card opened with a shooting masterclass. It was the Shooterweight Yoya taking on the Ankle Breaker Jordan Blade. Either fighter was a favourite here as both were perfectly suited for the tournament. These matches had ten-minute time limits so there was more than enough time to kill an opponent. Yoya opened the match by being a dick and taunting Blade’s qualifications. Bad idea Yoya… Blade mauled him in the corner so he jumped on her back for a Sleeper. Blade threw him off and the pair battled on the mat. Blade brought Yoya back to his feet and started trash-talking back as he apologised before slamming him back into the mat with a belly-to-belly. Yoya tried to elbow free but Blade just kept hold and threw him overhead. She tried to choke him out on the mat and pick an arm but he twisted out and gave her even more disrespect. Both traded ankle locks and Yoya lit Blade up with strikes before ending her with a Busaiku Knee. This was a vicious opener for the show and a nice mix of mat and strike work. Blade is a killer but Yoya proved to be the more opportunistic striker.

Quarter-Final: Matt Makowski defeated Violence via Dominator Choke

Next up was knockout vs tap-out as the striking Jiu-jitsu specialist Violence took it to Matt Makowski. This was going to be a fight as both guys would bring their all. They started with strikes and clinched around the ring. Both bounced around the ropes and Makowski took the fight to the mat with a belly-to-belly. They reached a stalemate fighting over mat control and reset the fight. The strikes and kicks came back out but Violence caught a kick into an STO and tried for more submission holds. The technical trading began again as Violence tried to tie up Makowski but Makowski was able to gain side control and tried for a Rear-Naked Choke. Violence escaped and tried for the same choke but Makowski struck free and tried for the armbar but Violence tripped him into a flattened Crab. Violence blocked the Chaos Theory so Makowski dumped him on his head with a Saito and dropped him again with a Dominator into a trapped choke. This was another excellent fight with Violence pushing Makowski out of his comfort zone.

Quarter-Final: Darius Carter defeated Saber Dorado via Back of the Head Boot

Honour is a valuable thing but what do you do when you come across an opponent who has no care for it? Saber Dorado was about to find out as he took on the All-Father Darius Carter. It would be villainous catch-as-catch-can meets Dorado’s unique meshing of styles. Dorado opened with some mind games but Carter wasn’t playing and picked an ankle to twist. Dorado reversed into an ankle lock and Carter elbowed his way back into control and an elevated Figure Four. Carter kept bending joints and twisting limbs but couldn’t stop Dorado from getting another leglock. The fight reset and Dorado baited Carter into an inverted grounded headlock. Carter Gator Rolled to freedom and locked on an arm-trapped bow and arrow. He transitioned to a half crab but Dorado escaped into an arm breaker and armbar. Dorado was starting to get the better of Carter so he found an equaliser, an eye poke. Dorado staggered back into the corner and Carter destroyed his knee in the ropes. He did the same with the turnbuckle and tried to remove Dorado’s mask. Dorado kicked free and sent Carter flying with a Hurricanrana. He knocked Carter loopy with a shining wizard and dropped him on his head with a basement DDT. He tried to lock up Carter but another battle of leg control broke out and as Dorado had victory in sight, Carter fought up, removed his mask, and kicked him in the head for the win. This has been a drag-out hotly contested battle of wits and wills as Dorado fell to the villainy of Carter.

Quarter-Final: Janai Kai defeated Travis Huckabee via Head Kick KO

Okay, this one was going to be good. The striking savant Janai Kai was going one-on-one with the Golden Grappler Travis Huckabee to claim the last semi-final spot. Huckabee tried to mock Kai’s kicking style so kai put a stop to that with a nasty chest kick. The kicks kept coming so Huckabee caught a kick and snapped the leg. He stunned Kai with a forearm and started twisting up her legs. The two traded kicks and Huckabee muscled Kai into a Butterfly Suplex. Kai shocked Huckabee with a triangle but he turned it into a one-armed powerbomb and put on a kneebar. Kai unloaded on him with strikes but he managed to break free and lock up the legs again. Kai kicked free of the Muffler and Huckabee smashed her head into the mat with a straightjacket knee. He locked in a bearhug but Kai broke free, swept him to the mat, and killed him off with a vicious snap head kick. This was another fight where will outplayed wits. Huckabee had tried to keep Kai away from her deadliest weapons, her kicks but she had found a way to survive and knock his lights out.

Semi-Final: Matt Makowski defeated Yoya via Splash Mountain Kneebar

How do you get people hyped for the semi-finals? With a training montage set to a chiptune version of Best Around of course. Our fighters were onto their third fight of the tournament with Makowski and Yoya up first. These two had very similar styles and experience but Makowski definitely had a height advantage, would that secure him the win over the cocky Yoya? He had 15 minutes to find out. We started with cagey striking and Yoya escaped the Dominator into a rebound German. The pair battled for mat control as they both picked ankles and reached a stalemate. The fight reset and Makowski kicked out Yoya’s leg before taking him down into a kneebar. They fought up and Makowski took Yoya over with an emphatic Butterfly Suplex. Yoya returned fire with a basement dropkick but Makowski picked the ankle again. They both got to their feet again and Makowski drove Yoya into the corner with a flying forearm, then mauled him against the buckles. Yoya reversed into a hip toss and the mat battle begun again as both went to each other’s ankles a second time. Yoya fought out of a Sharpshooter and took Makowski over with a Saito. He followed up with a high knee and tried for an armbar but Makowski fought him off. He dropped Yoya with a one-armed slam and ended him with a Splash Mountain Kneebar. Once again, Makowski had been pushed to his limits by his opponent but had come out on top. Yoya had given everything but just couldn’t trap Makowski. What a fight.

Semi-Final: Darius Carter defeated Janai Kai via Double Armbar Trap

Our other semi-final saw the battle of good and evil continue as Janai Kai became the next fighter to try and rid the camp of Darius Carter and his sociopathic trophy collecting. He was determined to impose his will on the camp but I doubt you can do that if you get your head kicked off. Kai even had the support of Big Callux here. Kai tried to kick him down and Carter tried to break her legs. Carter did not enjoy getting kicked so he took her down into a half crab. He transitioned to a Deathlock and continued to move from limb to limb. He even dragged her up just to drop her across his knee. Kai struck back so Carter trapped her arm and dragged her into a triangle. Kai struck free again and trapped Carter in a Rear-Naked Choke. Carter clubbed free and went right back to the legs. Kai got mean and laid in the stomps and kicked at his back but a high kick was caught into a knee breaker and went right back to the crab. He continued to wrap limbs and club the back as Kai’s fire would not go out. Kai started to pummel him again so, much like he did with Dorado, he went to the eyes. He couldn’t keep her locked down though and found himself blocking more ground and pound as Kai gave it everything she had. The momentum continued to shift as desperation took hold and the fight reset a final time. Kai tried to kick and Carter tried to block. Kai unloaded a barrage of kicks onto Carter but the KO kick was caught and wrapped her up like a pretzel to take the win, claiming her headband as a prize. Carter had overthrown another camper and was one step closer to FrogSport supremacy. It hadn’t been easy though as Kai had taken him on a thirteen-minute plus hard-hitting bout.

Soviet Deathmatch: Edith Surreal defeated Masha Slamovich via White Knight Driver to Chair

After a match like that, you need a holiday. How about a trip to Russia for a Soviet Deathmatch? Edith Surreal was looking for vengeance after Masha Slamovich had ruined her art lesson and ruthlessly attacked her. No distance was too far for this goal. This was going to get vicious, ugly, and very cold from the snow. This went from a technical war to a slugfest to something much more violent. The tone changed from wrestling war to hardcore war as Slamovich spat vodka into the eyes of Surreal. She bounced a chair of Surreal’s back and got tripped into another submission. Slamovich struck free and wedged the chair in the buckles. Surreal reversed the whip and launched Slamovich into the chair. Slamovich was busted open but as defiant as ever and dragged her way back into the match. Surreal made the cut worse with repeated blows and a shining wizard before slamming her face-first into the mat with a diving bulldog. They fought on the apron and Surreal sent them both into the snow with a DVD. Slamovich hit Surreal with the chair again and the pair continued to battle in the snow. Surreal cracked Slamovich with a soda and threw her through another chair, then dragged Slamovich down a driveway. Slamovich fought back and hit the White Knight Driver into a snow pile. She set up a door, set Surreal on it, and did the super sane thing of jumping off a roof to put her through it.

That wasn’t enough for Slamovich as she dragged Surreal back towards the ring, hitting her with a can along the way. Surreal kicked out of a second White Knight Driver and tried to get back into the fight but Slamovich put her back down with Surreal’s own Melon Baller. Another door was set up and the pair tried to beat the other into submission as Surreal found a second wind. She tried for a powerbomb but couldn’t hoist Slamovich all the way up and hit an impromptu Gory Bomb. Another fight broke out over powerbombs and Surreal launched Slamovich over the ropes and through the door with a powerbomb. Slamovich hit Surreal with the green mist and bounced a stop sign of her head. Another door was set up and Slamovich drove Surreal through it with another White Knight Driver. Surreal crawled back to the ring and blasted Slamovich with Magenta mist before hitting her with a rope-hung Melon Baller onto a chair. Surreal smashed her in the head with the stop sign and killed Slamovich with her own finisher onto a chair. Surreal had gotten her revenge but this crazy deathmatch had been a rough ride. This was a wild match with a whole lot of fun and a psychotic Slamovich. I want more deathmatches from Masha now.

Devantes & Jet Jaghori defeated Word Famous CB & Ryan Nova via TKO Ground and Pound on Nova

Time for something completely different. We’ve had shoot fights, deathmatches and now it was time for some good old-fashioned tag team wrestling. The Shinobi Shadow Squad World Famous CB and Ryan Nova were back for one night only and about to go to war with Devantes and Jet Jaghori under FrogSport rules. Both teams were fired up and ready to kick ass. Jahgori and Nova started with a fast counter exchange and took the fight to the mat. They battled around the ropes and Jahgori kneed his way into a Rear-Naked Choke. Nova threw Jahgori back into his corner and Devantes tagged in. Nova took the fight to the head buster and trapped him on the ropes. Devantes shoved him back and threw him away like he was nothing. Nova backed of and CB tagged in. He tried to kick down Devantes but Devantes scooped him up, tagged out, and slammed him into the mat so Jahgori could hit a double springboard moonsault. He tried for a pin but it wasn’t allowed under the rules and CB took the fight to the mat. The pair battled over headlocks and CB threw Jahgori with a Saito. He slapped Jahgori back towards the Shinobi corner and Nova tagged himself in for a half and half Suplex. Devantes saved Jahgori from a Koji Clutch and got dropkicked into a Rear-Naked after tagging in. Devantes fought up, nailed Nova with a TKO, and pummelled him on the mat until the ref threw out the match. The Young Bulls had bested the Shinobi Shadow Squad after an impressive showing. This was a nice way to break up the intense action before and the intense action to follow.

Final: Matt Makowski defeated Darius Carter via Spanish Fly Armbreaker

This is it, the one for all the marbles. The final battle of good and evil. Would Matt Makowski be able to justify the marquee position and save the camp from Darius Carter or was Camp Leapfrog about to get a makeover from the All-father? The very soul of the camp was on the line here. Makowski has made everyone tap, Carter has bent the code of conduct to his will to benefit his catch-as-catch-can style. Who was going to be the better fighter here? Within 20 minutes we’d know. Makowski took control early on and forced Carter to fight defensively. Both guys traded holds and momentum as both found the other to be equally matched. Makowski wanted to strike and Carter wanted to keep the match grounded so he would take down Makowski and we’d get another extended grappling session. Both guys avoided early doom and Carter tried to score a pass-out with a Rear-Naked. Makowski fought up and tried for a Kimura lock but Carter went to the ropes and used them to snap Makowski’s knee. Even then, this remained a back-and-forth fight. Neither guy could keep control. One would lock up, the other would strike free. Carter would try to snap various limbs but Makowski always had an answer for it. Makowski looked to have things won by tying Carter into a ball but Carter escaped into an STF. Carter used the ropes again and went to work on Makowski’s arm, stomping in his elbow. Even then, the momentum continued to swing like a pendulum. Neither man could keep control. After a spill to the outside, the pair started throwing in more strikes and Makowski took advantage with a roundhouse kick and slammed Carter into a cutthroat Cross Armbreaker.

Carter stomped free and went back to breaking the arm. The exhausted duo got into a striking fight and Carter broke style to deliver some deadly Muay-Thai knees. As expected, when things didn’t go his way, Carter went to the eyes. He pushed Makowski up to the top rope and rocked him with punches and forearms. He tried for a Suplex but Makowski wriggled free, struck it out again, and hit an almost Spanish Fly style crash into the Cross Armbreaker. Carter instantly tapped and Makowski was declared the winner. He had bested the Big Bad All-Father and claimed wrestling’s new richest prize, The FrogSport Trophy. We ended this wrestling mega show with a happy ending and the show’s namesake proving why the mysterious benefactor had chosen him. Though next comes Thunder Frog.

All images courtesy of Camp Leapfrog Twitter, Tornado Tag Podcast Twitter

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