Welcome back to MLW Fusion. This week it’s time to put up or shut up as Team Filthy get their hands on the Von Erichs in singles action. Ross Von Erich will have to contend with the grappling might of Dominic Garrini whilst Marshall Von Erich goes one-on-one with the mastermind of this whole feud, Filthy Tom Lawlor. Amongst the faction/family feuding, we’ll see Salina de la Renta get another chance with El Jefe as she tries to lead El Hijo de LA Park to victory against Bu Ku Dao. Who was going to be left in good standing at the end of the night and what condition would they be in?

Ross Von Erich (w/Marshall Von Erich) defeated Dominic Garrini (w/Kevin Ku) via Falcon Arrow

After over a year of feuding, we enter another chapter of family vs faction warfare. Team Filthy’s first shot at embarrassing the Von Erichs came at the hands of the Canton Crippler Dominic Garrini. He was against the technical half of the Von Erichs, Ross. Would Garrini put Team Filthy in the lead or would Ross get the big win here? It was time to put that Keiji Mutoh training to work. After some cagey grappling to start, Garrini quickly took Ross to the mat and forced him into the ropes, smirking as the break was made. Ross showed off some of his grappling prowess too but once again, Garrini forced him into the ropes. A battle of the leg locks broke out and the pair continued to trade technical positions and holds. Both got the other down for some full-mount ground and pound, then Garrini nearly locked on the Cross Armbreaker. A stiff slugfest broke out and Ross tanked a spinning back fist to knock down Garrini with a spinning mid kick into a barrage of chest kicks. He followed up with a punt kick but only got two. He went for a Suplex but Garrini reversed it into a Guillotine, forcing Ross to the ropes for the third time. Garrini lit him up with strikes and signalled for the Brainbuster but Ross reversed into a Falcon Arrow variant for the win. The Von Erichs had taken first blood as Ross had found a way to survive the ground-based grappling of Garrini in an interesting technical bout. Both teams had to be dragged away by the refs.

Bu Ku Dao defeated El Hijo de LA Park (w/Salina de la Renta) via Swinging Flatliner

Bu Ku Dao has become a walking upset at the moment. At first glance, he seems like jobber fodder but he’s been kicking ass and taking some high-profile scalps. Now, he could potentially land Salina de la Renta in hot water if he could beat Hijo de LA Park here. This was her final chance with El Jefe. Park opened with a cheap shot and booted Dao into a chin-lock. He beat down Dao around the ring and even used his weight belt as a weapon. He slammed Dao on the wooden stage outside and gave him a vicious bitchslap into a fish-hooked Camel Clutch. He chopped down Dao but couldn’t keep him down. Dao unleashed a comeback combo and planted Park into the mat with a bulldog after smashing Park off his knee. Park bailed so Dao followed with a dive and hit a Crucifix Bomb once the action returned to the ring. Park chopped his way back into the match and crushed Dao with a buckle-hung lungblower. Dao escaped further pain and locked Park in a La Mistica style crossface. Park murdered Dao with another corner enzuigiri and smashed into him with double knees. Dao kicked out so Park cockily put Dao on the top rope and ate the top rope flatliner when he charged. Dao had caused another upset and taken out one of the Parks in the process. He had taken his beating and come away the winner. The real question at the end of this though was what would become of Salina? In a backstage video, Dao once again verbally lashed TJP, promised it was the Bu Ku Dao or die era, and dedicated the win to his parents.

Between the matches:

  • PWI showed off their deep dive on El Jefe and Azteca Underground, unveiling a list of suspects on his identity including names such as Dario Cueto, Konnan, and even the forbidden door himself, Tony Khan.
  • Team Filthy had a group huddle after the first loss as Lawlor tried to keep his temper in check and concocted a plan for the main event. That included meeting with a, particularly corrupt referee… He forced Marshall to take a drug sample too, a sample Marshall passed with flying colours and threw in the face of Lawlor.
  • The Championship committee was further revealed to be comprised of promotors from around the world, including Dragon Gate in Japan and RevPro in the UK. There is another member to be announced but it is under wraps right now. Their work will be seen in the new season.
  • Following the loss to Dao, Salina was trying to leave the building as she was dragged away by a masked man with a bag over her head.

  • Myron Reed spat verbal fire at Lio Rush for missing the Middleweight media event, claiming he was only holding the belt for clout.
  • Alicia Atout had a one-on-one interview with Alex Hammerstone where he talked about the legacy of the Openweight title and how he wants the dream match with Jacob Fatu. He talked about how CONTRA were scared of him and it not being the other way round. Of course, CONTRA had a video response for him they forced into the broadcast. Josef Samael reminded Hammerstone of the MLW coup and how he now controls the fate of the world champion after messing with contracts.

Tom Lawlor (w/Violence is Forever) defeated Marshall Von Erich via Ref Stoppage

Last but not least, the main event. The next stab in the heart for the Von Erichs and Team Filthy as Lawlor wanted to put Marshall on the shelf for good. Marshall was fighting with a bum knee so we all knew what Lawlor was going to go for. He did exactly that opening with a dropkick to the knee and tanking Marshall’s blows to slam it into the mat. The two traded forearms and Lawlor used the ropes to further punish the knee. Marshall looked to have Lawlor in trouble so Lawlor used the ref as a distraction to blast the knee with a chop block. Lawlor continued to trap and stretch out Marshall as he abused the injured limb and anything else he could get his hands on. Marshall struck back and tried for a Suplex but Lawlor put the block on it so Marshall softened him up with front and back clotheslines. VIF distracted the ref and Lawlor took out the injured knee with a wrench. The assault on the knee only intensified from here as Lawlor used every trick in the book to break it whilst quashing any comeback from Marshall. Frustration started to take over as Lawlor unleashed a barrage of elbows and choked out Marshall in the corner. Marshall dodged a corner clothesline and stunned Lawlor with a trio of dropkicks but the knee gave way and Lawlor was right back on him with a knee breaker and Deathlock. We saw, even more, holds used against the leg but Marshall put a stop to it with the Claw, for a few seconds anyway. Lawlor maintained his ankle lock and Marshall used the Claw again to fight to his feet. Lawlor planted Marshall with a huge spinebuster and dragged him back to his feet for a slugfest. Lawlor locked on a Guillotine but once again, Marshall used the Claw to escape and swing Lawlor into a Claw slam.

Lawlor desperately fought out of the claw with a forearm to the knee and locked on a side half crab to the injured leg. Marshall passed out and the match was over. Tom Lawlor had gotten a big win over the Von Erich powerhouse. Team Filthy gave the Von Erichs another beatdown so ACH rushed the ring to make the save and we ended with a six-man brawl. That ended another excellent episode where Lawlor got to show how much of a main-event player he is once again. The match flowed perfectly and Lawlor continually switched up his submission game to leave everyone guessing what the fatal hold would be. It was 1-1 at the end of the night meaning we might just see a six-man war in the near future. Next week is the season finale with the big Rush/Reed 2 Middleweight title fight. Be sure to come back for that.

All images courtesy of MLW Twitter, Video courtesy of MLW YouTube